FIFA 21 Cover

FIFA 21 Cover

The cover star for FIFA 21 is expected to be selected and revealed in August 2020. Here we will have the latest news and images regarding EA Sports FIFA 21 cover and cover stars.

For now, you can vote for FIFA 21 cover star and show EA which footballer should be on upcoming FIFA 21 cover.

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  1. 1/محمد صلاح
    2/سالم الدوسري
    3/سلمان الفرج

  2. I don’t know why all these stupid ppl are voting for players who don’t deserve to be in the cover such as “Mohammed salah” or “Riyad mahrez”. Not just becasue you love that player and he’s from your country means that he deserves to be in the biggest football game cover. in my oppinion non of these two players deserve to be in the cover, indeed, “Leo messi”, “Cristiano ronaldo”, “Neymae junior”, “Mani”,”Son”, “hazard” or even “Kerim benzima” are the best choises for EA Sports to put in the cover since they’re the most effective players in the past year, even though MO Salah won the “Prem legue” with his team “Leeverpool” he wasn’t THAT effective in the football world last year, indeed, all the players i’ve mentioned did. So please, stop voting for a player JUST BECAUSE he is from THE SAME country as you. i’m pretty sure you have something called brain, I’ll be really shocked if EA Sports put Mo Salah or mahrez in there

    1. what the hell you’re talking about, all the players deserve to be in a Cover, the cover dosnt mean (best player) if FIFA should post the best player in their cover, so they should put every year Leo and Cristioano) but they dont, ofcours thats because the cover stay a cover, every player have a chance, if here we love our players, dont ask us to vote for another one, beside this, thats your opinion, premier league is the best shampiona in the eworld, it have more then 5 good teams, every team have good players, not like la ligua they have only 3 teams, or italy they have only 1 or 2 good teams, for me, who win the best player in premier league, he deserve to be in a cover, whats wrong? messi and cristiano they had their chances, and they are old now.. dont ask me for who i should vote, go to fifa and ask them to remove the vote, not us

  3. ياعالم والله ده ظلم انتو شايفين مستوى بطولات صلاح كأس العالم للأندية والحذاء الذهبي وأفضل لاعب أفريقي مرتين وتاني لاعب عالمياََ ٢٠١٨ وهداف الدوري الانجليزي مرتين وأفضل هدف في العالم وجائزة بوشكاش مين رياض جحرز ده اللي بتقارنه بيه حرام عليكم والله

    1. رياض محرز ابهر العالم بفنياته وطريقة تسجيل الاهداف و لكن انا لست بعنصري مثل المصريين يقولون احنا و احنا انا اقول ان محمد صلاح لاعب ممتاز سريع و يستحق الجائزة و لكن انا افضل رياض محرز و سلام عليكم و رحمة الله

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