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  1. Love the new improved Scripting Feature makes it completly random who wins.

    The game is no longer made to see hows better its purely RNG based now so the casuals buy more Fifa points.

    Waiting for the new fifa 21 feature Fifa points boost every 100k Fifapoints your players get +1 Permanent Attribute stats gonna be lit

    1. I don’t pass fast enough u made ronaldo shit it’s like very rubbish player is better then him on fifa you don’t give off side properly you actually made fifa 20 shit and rubbish I used to love fifa now you just fucked it up for me it’s shit fix up ea fix it now your gonna lose customers and fuck you for making my team shit you old bitch

  2. Your Game Is The F*** Worst Game Or Should I Say Fifa Ever All These Fouls Against Me And The Moment I Slide And Their Player Runs Into My Fallen Player Its A F*** Penalty Ridiculous!!!! All This Bullshit Of When Someone Shoots And Team Of The Year Ter Stegen Can’t Block But Dive That Ball Right Into Someone Else’s Feet To Score Or The Fact You Tackle Someone And As Soon As You Slide The Ball Off It Lands In Their Feet Again, Please Explain That S***!!!

  3. Your game need to offer more career jobs on career mode. Just finished 10 seasons and need to cool things down with a lower calibre team from a club outside the major leagues or maybe a two/three tier club, but this never happens and you’re stuck with these bigger clubs with unknown generic stars. Come on fifa, don’t make it bored for us.

  4. Your game is crap you only let players that spend money on ultimate team win it not about skill anymore and you make people that ain’t great at the game play the best people so they feel they have to put money into the game to make them self better also your black lives matter is racist it should be all lives matter stop being racist also you should sell the rights the pes it not as good as FIFA graphic wise but at least there not money grabbing bastards like your company

  5. Fifa 20 is by far the worst fifa title ever it hasn’t been great for a few year but this one really does take the biscuit.. what you have done is incorporate fifa street or voltage into the actual game and now we have a ridiculous game full of tricks flicks lag ridiculous goals and the easiest game to score on one twos or running down the line and cutting back for a tap in you have made the game no fun

  6. I mostly play Manager Career mode and I find that once you start promoting youth players to your squad, everything becomes very stale:

    Youth players come in with the same kit setup: shirt tucked and loose, generic white/black boots, no traits (set player specialist, leadership, solid player, injury prone, etc).

    They have no seasonal jersey setup.

    They have no free kick or penalty kick animations assigned. They don’t have goal celebrations assigned.

    They don’t have running styles assigned, that’s content INCLUDED IN THE GAME, it merely needs to be coded in the creation of the youth player!

    The game doesn’t even use commentary for their names. When I play Chelsea, Martin Tyler goes out of his way to tell me whose starting for them but he can’t be bothered to say “Johnson in goal for XYZ team” if that player is youth generated. The stadium announcer doesn’t announce my team at home.

    They don’t develop weak foot or skill move stars.

    There’s a trait in the game called “international reputation”, all the real players in the game have it assigned to them. Youth players start with 1 but it never improves. Why? Using a special program, I was able to increase that number and it actually makes your player “known” on an international level, he shows up in discussion for awards and stuff. You must improve aspects like this! It’s as if someone had all these great ideas but they were halfway implemented.

    It’s very difficult to scout strikers. The vague words of “attacker” and “technically gifted” aren’t good enough. If I want a left footed player from North America, I should be able to scout for one specifically.

    It’s clear the game generates youth players instead of having a set pool of youth players available (similar to NBA 2k). If there was a set pool, it would be fun to scout these youth players and compete to sign them to your academy. Maybe that kid from a Brazilian slum prefers Valencia to Porto’s youth program? Why? Money? Prestige? The coaches history?

    Goalkeepers are generic too. Spruce that up.

    Manager clothing options are ugly and bland looking.

    No trophy case. Entertain me! If a club hasn’t won a trophy in over a decade, the announcer should remark on it. Use all the data the game collects to create a story!

    The gameplay is great but you have many elements that should SURROUND the on-pitch play to make this game complete.

  7. Crap crap.crap. the online heavy hand of code to tip the scale is pathetic and visible. Pure junk. FIFA2020 uses data analysis to predict the winner before you’ve started a game session. As for the lag, when the code probability kicks in. Rubbish.

    Thank your developers for getting me OUT OF FIFA.

  8. Fifa in general is s***, worst community of a game and the gameplay is trash as well. Never play any Fifa game! People that are much better at the game will just demote themselves to play worse players and it makes the game no fun for anybody but the top end of the players. The people are toxic as hell and the game is not enjoyable at all

  9. Worst fifa ever! Everyone’s comments on here are correct so to summarise I played both fifa and pes until 2005 and then fifa ran away with the football games but this year has been single handedly THE WORST fifa I have every played the game play is heartbreakingly awful defending keeping shooting crossing set pieces you name it the refereeing feels like Mike Dean is officiating every game of fifa with the calls that get made as fouls or the offsides the cards its a joke I would happily pull out fifa 98 and play til my hearts content than play this garbage it has awful graphics simple gameplay no ut and most of all its fair

    EA you have broken many fifa fans hearts this year you should genuinely take every penny earned on this game this year and donate it to charity and at least make everyone feel good about buying this abomination of a game

    For the first time in around 17 years I will be converting back to pes and after the experience I’ve had this year wouldn’t be surprised if I never buy ANY ea game ever again

  10. Since UT has become a waste of time can they at least improve Career mode to make the game worth buying another year.

  11. your future championship for 2020 is messed up…. It disconnects whenever it feels like at someone’s inconvenience….so you are telling me that your game isn’t built to withstand a little network lag?
    So sad and hope 2021 won’t be as useless as this one

    1. Fifa 20 sucks. It’s so broken it is 100% rng. Your players wont make runs and they are braindead. Would give this game a 0.5/5

  12. I agree with the people on here complaining about the game play, I am not the worst FIFA player (def not the best) but I have played probably around 20 rival opponents and haven’t won a SINGLE GAME! Instead, I have been FLOGGED, absolutely FLOGGED 90 % of the time by around 6 to 8 goals! It’s not fun at all, what’s worse is that my team that is average 81 rating (not best, but decent) can’t BUY A GOAL, I swear that I have probably hit the post at least 3 – 4 times per rival game, and not kidding probably scored maybe three times out of 20 rival games!…. completely and utterly disgusting….
    FIFA 20 there’s more that I could say but can’t be bothered, only I will say this, you guys owe me and my fellow complainees 20 packs each that contain ACTUALLY GOOD PLAYER’S, I have spent nearly 200 hundred dollars EXTRA buying packs filled with mostly junk (promo packs mind you), how anyone scores a Ronaldo, Messi or Mbappe God only knows….

  13. I will echo most on here and say, this game is pure shite.
    Most aspects of the “realistic football” they claim to have made, is just talk.

    Firstly, i will start with the pros. The graphics are stunning and some of the faces of the more star players are really well done… and thats where it ends

    Defending is woeful…. most of the times there is no cohesion between your defenders… they cannot tackle, they just run around the attackers. they dont track the opposition players, which leads to the attacker just wandering straight through on goal. When you do tackle, you can bet more often than not, the ball will just end up back at the attackers feet or any of their players. Never yours….
    Goodluck trying to defend your goal with heading it out, its broken.. ball just ends up at any other player on their team
    Dont even get me started on the fact i have rated 90 players on my side, who struggle to catch up to weaker teams players
    But down the other end, their defenders run like Usain Bolt and will quickly catch up to the likes of Messi and Ronaldo… nothing but a joke

    Passing is also broken, the game just decides where the ball is going…. my midfield has 2 choices, one player making a run, the other surrounded by defenders, it decides i want to pass to the dude who is surrounded by opposition players, who then promptly gets tackled, cause the players have a turning circle of a god damn bus… and are so damn slow just in movements

    You cannot shoot from the outside of the box anymore…. it will always, always, always get blocked

    The AL can kick a ball from one end to another, side to side but you try doing the same thing and you will lose out 99% of the time

    The fouls and the refs are just plain ridiculous… clean tackles are often deemed as fouls but i get slid from behind or shoved over trying to defend my goal and nothing…. you pretty much breath on them, the ref will call a foul

    I have more disagreements with this game… but im not wasting another thought on a game which caused me to break ANOTHER Xbox controller
    You may say “its just a game” but if you have played this pathetic crap, you will understand

    Please do not buy this! You will regret it

  14. 1) Fix or install more of your Stupid server.
    2) Fix or get rid of your idiotic luck compensation game play.

    Don’t spoil this once beautiful game cos YOU GUYS AT EA make THRASH nowadays.

  15. Lets start this with the positives of the game.
    1. You have the licence for most teams around the world
    2. The game looks nice

    That is all.

    Lets look into the so called “most realistic football game out there”, the number of problems within this game and is absolutely hysterical and you say that this game was made for people to enjoy.

    The passing in this game could not be further away from what an actual football match plays like. (Have the developers of this game actually watched a match). A simple pass will decide that it wants to hail Mary itself to the most random player on the pitch or when the game decides the 2 yard pass you want to make is too easy, hey lets just give it to the opposition.

    The so called chipped through balls could not actually be worse. You would be making the game better if you took this out. The AI has no issue finding the player they need, you try it and oh hey look the player in 20 yards of space is ignored but the man marked by the entire defense now he is the one that you want the ball to go to.

    How has the game gone from having a mechanic that works to having the worst mechanic in a game since PUBG lets you look round corners.

    Moving on from passing as I do not think I have the time to be able to put into words just how disgusting the passing of this game is.

    Onto the shooting . . . why for the love of god can any shot be blocked and scoring from outside the box is basically impossible. What a game off football it happens more than you would think. You shoot its blocked, it roles past the player who shot to an opposition player who just so happens to have the speed of a god. You try to shoot and the defender knows more about the shot that is about to be made before you do.

    Keepers as much as I love to see a great save from a keeper but the amount they make is crazy. It needs dialing down to the point it is realistic.

    I remember when they said that sprint speed would be an essential part of this game. Wonder who came up with these lies, many times have I seen the fastest players on the pitch being caught by what can only be described as the snails of the football world. This is one of the major factors that prevents the game from not being enjoyable but unrealistic.

    EA have created a system of making a decent Fifa game one year and then the following year creating what can only be described as an atrocity to the entire gaming and sporting franchise.

    They say that they listen to what players have to say about the games they put out. If this was true FIFA 20 would not be the pile of steaming dog mess that it is and would be somewhat of a decent game.

    I expect the numbers for FIFA 21 to be low unless they strip the game down to its bare basics and try again.

    Look back at the older games that were great, go back to what was decent within those games, take those aspects and make a game off these, then people would enjoy the game.

    Jesus EA make a decent games

  16. I know Fifa in PC since 95 where every player were identical twins with different skin color to Fifa 96 with a nice commentary and realistic names to first terrible quality 3D graphics to today’s Fifa 20.
    My review is about basic game play and graphics and realism. I don’t play Ultimate or Volta or career etc.
    Graphics are amazing. What do you expect? If your team is a famous one and if your player is a famous player that is. Otherwise Turkish spectators are half African-American or your favorite striker doesn’t even looks like the real character’s far cousin. But if it’s Aguero, but if it is Maradona(Soccer Aid Team) not just faces but even their body movement, their style, they way they hit the ball or dribble is almost identical to real life.
    The progress in this game in terms of AI is disappointing to say the least considering this game’s been around for 25 years! It’s not mistakes, because even in real life players make incredibly stupid mistakes during the play. But in Fifa -you will see what i mean when you play- there are certain mistakes and glitches that there’s no way you can call them realistic or ‘reasonable’ at all.
    Difficulty choice is a joke, there’s almost no difference between Professional and Legendary. From Pre-Professional there is a puzzling huge difference in difficulty which can only be explained by game designer’s incompetency. Also more difficult mode means your team becomes more stupid and imbecile. Also when you switch from Pre-Professional to Professional Messi becomes slower! even an ordinary defender can catch up with him. Makes sense? in Fifa20 it does!
    In order to become an expert in World Class or Legendary modes you need to find the weaknesses of the game. if you think like a real life and just concentrate on improving your skills and speed, good luck. You will just be frustrated. You need to watch YouTube videos and find out how players score in Fifa20. Makes sense? No. This is not a football simulation nor a football arcade, something in between, for fun yes absolutely. If you take it too seriously you will just end up disappointed again and again and again.. after 25 years.

  17. It would be great if you could improve the “Be a Pro” camera mode. There are numerous comments that this camera angle is much more enjoyable as it much more closely mimics real soccer. However, in its current state, it puts you at a significant disadvantage as you cannot see enough of the pitch.

    First, there are few bugs:
    1. In some cases, the camera angle looks directly down on the ball during a goal kick, free kick, or corner. You cannot see ANY of the pitch or any of the other players. This surely must be a bug.
    2. Depending on what side of the pitch you are on, the radar appears upside down. This makes it extremely difficult to use.

    For improvements:
    1. If you allow the height of the camera to increased, this would help tremendously. Currently, in tight situations (1v1 or inside the box), you can’t even see the ball sometimes.
    2. Even at 0, the zoom is much too tight. Please allow the user to zoom out more.

  18. Right let’s get this straight, fifa 20 you are rigged! Nothing but a con, I’m a pretty decent player at fifa normally before fifa 20, but it seems to be my division that I’m in, I should not be playing all of these other teams I’m facing. After a run of 3 games normally I come up against a ridiculous player. Your match making is dreadful. Above all else here’s an example… ;I am waiting on opponent in lobby, they quit and then a new opponent pops up… There name is WELOVEEA (we love ea)… There team rating 95! Fifa 20 you are a con. 3 touches the balls in the net. You need to fix up for fifa 21, your a joke. I’m really considering switching to PRO EVO..

    1. 3 games into another steaming pile of shit that is the Weekend League and I feel like smashing my flat up and throwing my PS4 out of the window.
      Cheers for favouring nasty little fucking virgins every time EA you are a lovely company…not….greedy money grabbing scum!

  19. Hi, I’m a big fan from FIFA 17 and I came to suggest that you can improve on your hand balls. Secondly I came to suggest if you can add tunnel cameras. Thirdly if we can control the warm up before the match , last but not least, please can you make career mode be like gta role play

  20. Arghhhhhhh!!! FUT Transfer Market!
    I’m not a great player, I play fair and work hard for my coins.
    [email protected]#*ing RAGING that I’ve just watched my auction expire and I’m still the lead bidder, only to exit and re-enter to allow the transfer to process, only to discover I’ve been outbid and the auction is now expired!!

  21. In online mode (divisions) , the players are pausing the game in the exact time of its ending , for example if they are losing in the game , they wait for the last minute and hit pause so they can make like a bug in the game , as result , the game stops like picture and if you press any button is waste of time and doesn’t work , you have to restart the game !! , its a bug or something that fifa should fix right away !

  22. I’ve always supported fifa since like fifa 08 and as your paying customers EA you not giving us what we want . The biggest difference you make is to ultimate to team so people can spend more instead of actually improving the game for all who want a football simulator . So to boycott you I will be moving to PES from now on until you fix this broken game. How can speedsters not blow away defenders with their pace (realistically not where it’s far fetched)?How can you have a game where attackers are not making fake/intelligent runs. The pressing needs work to give false space . Lol the new set piece system is good for free kicks but not for penalties. Also when you trying to tackle someone then you have the ball it gets cleared. How do your players pass to the wrong teamates so often? Chipped Through balls and through balls need work on their power meter . Feinting in possesion of the ball needs more work so it can be more effective in the game to keep the game simpler like the way messi feints and beats defenders . So defending needs to feel that momentum harsher when they get the feint wrong . Dribbling needs to be better passing from one foot to the other , flicking the stick timingly to get nutmegs or beat the player needs to work if momentum /pace is on the side of the player who has the ball. Also why does it take forever to find a coop game ? Also why cant I play a friendly 2v2 ?

  23. Don’t buy this garbage game please. Honestly can’t believe I’ve wasted my money on this trash. I only play for career mode and it’s the same as the last 10 years I’ve been playing, only the game-play has gotten significantly worse. I’d rather kill myself then play another second of this steaming pile-of-shit game. I beg of you, DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Okay this is important when it comes to pro clubs
    Eliminate the Captain nobody should be captain on pro clubs People use tactics that only they agree on like overload ball side and drain our energy by halftime and they offside trap and use ultra attacking to ruin the experience everyone should be balanced no captain pleaseeeee

  25. On Player career mode the players in my team keep being played out of position, for example fullbacks playing in central midfield or vice versa, centerbacks playing in central midfield or vice versa. Also when you play an international you don’t get to see the teams and formations, just a long distance view of the pitch. Plus why can’t your player ever be a sub?

  26. My players are constantly moved to position other than the ones they started. CM and LW moved to striker, winger moved to opposite side of field and cm put in its place. I have to waste time out to make change. Anyone else have this problem

  27. I have 89 rated Mendy & am trying to complete the “Winning Wing-Back” & “Maestro Mendy” challenges but despite progressing significantly each progress counter is only showing 1 (i.e 1/4 & 1/10).

    Please contact me by email to advise what is going on. I check the goals & assists after each win & I am not being credited with Mendy’s goals or assists.

  28. Right where to f**** start, EA need to get them selves a giant mirror and have a look at themselves, all you do is add more cards to spunk money out of people who genuinely enjoy playing a football game and enjoy having a good team. Doesn’t bastard matter who I have upfront from drogba to 99 Ronaldo the Van Dijk standard gold card will run him over like a fucking bastard steam train. Your game is wank, your wank, guarantee Fifa 21 is the same but it would be rude not to give EA hundreds every year won’t it.

  29. Be a Pro… [email protected]
    Gosh…. this is by far the worst Player Career in the history of FIFA!!! 2011 gave you playing time if you’re one of the best players in the team. In this 20?? You’ll be ranked at 1 in the whole squad but only play 6 games from August to January?? How is that even normal?? You can spend 5 years at 1 club but never see the captaincy. But I newly signed player will take it. Why don’t we have Leadership as a Trait to be unlock in Be a Pro.??

  30. This game is the worst game I’ve ever seen. From glitches to lootboxes and gambling to the ben yedder alone, I can give you alot of reasons why this game is fucking shit.

    This is the worst game I’ve ever played. When I was playing career mode it was somewhat enjoyable but we all know how it gets pretty boring, but when I started UT I understood how bad this game actually is. The worst thing is obviously, how scripted this game is, penalties and free kicks used to be way better before and all the other reasons that everyone already mentioned. But I also don’t get some players, I started playing UT just about a month ago so 95% of the players I played against have 10 times more expensive teams. I score a goal and skip it but they having players that can just shoot from half pitch and score, after scoring a lucky goal watch the whole thing and waste time at the end if they’re winning wtf is wrong with you? If you’re one of those people I hate you and everything you love everything you’re wearing and all that.
    I used to play to forget about my life stresses for a few hours, but now this game gives me even more stress.

  32. keep getting lagged out on pro clubs,Mainly our any, please sort this out. Also you need to get rid of the momentum mechanics on this game. it makes the game become anyone’s a winner. You cannot dominate the game like you used to. you can’t play possession game either because all of the defenders and midfield run up the pitch as soon as you get into the final 3rd. This is not football, it’s an arcade game.
    the delay on the game is awful aswell. every game since 2014 has been a downward spiral. I think you spend way too much time thinking about how to get money from ut and don’t even care about the game mechanics anymore. As soon as pes gets up to speed you will lose allot of customers.

  33. lol EA your game is so bad its actually laughable. please explain to me why the better team never wins? and if a 75 rated team can beat a 90 rated team what is the point and motivation of getting better players. honestly i paid a tenner for this game and that is still far to much. better off buying a knife and stabbing yourself rather than playing this disgrace i cant even find words to describe. the lag is also worse than on any other game ever. GREAT JOB EA

  34. One of the worst FIFA games I’ve honestly ever played. All the fun has been taken out, especially from ultimate team. Took me nearly 20 games to win my first one as I was constantly up against overpowered teams full of special cards and icons even in division 10 which was ridiculous. 90% of teams I play are still like this when I refuse to give any money to buy packs to the money grabbing suits at EA. The gameplay is shocking, slow and unresponsive. The defending is horrible, a simple through ball as the defenders stand there and look at it roll past to for the attacker to go through 1on 1. Will not be buying the next issue of this money oriented trading card game when the football is not considered a priority.

  35. I don’t understand how an 80 rated team should win against a 90+ rated team with all TOTWM players in Division 10. HOW????!!!?!?!?!? It doesn’t make sense at all. Doesn’t matter if the other player is shit player. But overall stats still overpowers the lower stats. My opponents can literally shoot from anywhere in any position and score. And I can’t score an easy shot. Your algorithm for match ups are so stupid n broken. Fix your shit. If it is easy to earn coins in Fifa I understand. But it’s not. It’s a pay to win game. So fix your shit so it’s a fair game.

  36. This is by far the ***est game that has ever come out. Tackles are useless, the ball just falls back to your opponent. If someone is doing a drag back u cannot tackle them. When i am attacking my opponents defenders are like magnets to my player but when I defend they just move out of the way. Every 5 – 6 passes, at least 1 will go do a different player, the game is scripted and decides who should win (pay to win). Goalkeepers might as well not have hands and are retarted. Heading might as well not exist and sitting back to counter attack is done by like 90% of players cause ea have made it that way. Cant wait for fifa 21 to be the same ****, if it is im not buying it. EA dont deserve a *** cent.

  37. The tackling in this game is a fucking joke. You tackle the opposition and it somehow Becomes a through ball for your opposition

  38. This is a disgrace. It’s an addicting game, I can’t deny that, but this is not football. Nor soccer, nor whatever you want to call it there.

  39. I don’t understand EA money is not probleem right?
    I don’t play in weekend (incl. Friday) because gameplay is so bad. Delay on passing, shooting and all other actions makes it not fun. I don’t buy fifa 21 till probleem is solved.
    And do something against players that drop levels to do easy objectives so frustrating for average players like me
    I play fifa since ‘98 you transfered the game from fun playing too greedy players for better cards. It shoudn’t Be like that. Its no sportsgame anymore but a gamble game

    1. When I buy something and it’s not working I bring it back to the shop or ask for discount.
      EA knows the game is not working at least 50% of the time. There is no sorry or compesation with a nice meta player (pack) or something. All EA does is generate more money from the addicts that spent a lot of money for a chance of a better players.
      EA you should shame. First solve your gameplay and connecties problems and after it’s solved you try to make more money. But NO all efforts go in generate money.
      Maybe.. you get my respect back when there is a significant compesation and a sorry.

      No Fifa 21 for me for the first time in 20 years I will try PES next season

    2. Never see game like this. I pay to have fun not to destroy my pads. In 2 meters square my player can make easy pass wtf. My player have 99 pac but hi isn’t run. It’s game should be make distressed and have same fun but this game the piss u off . Wen the game its coming out. Its nice whit same bag but after u ea start tu fix the bug plus more and more which don’t really need. Like the pass and ecc. Which food all game u can make goll whit the head. U just need run on left and right side du stupid fake shut all ur team it’s out and u take the goll. I’m not like play like this I like play whit pass cros nice action no stupid goll. Please make this game nice it’s boring play the same shit evrey time

  40. Shadows in stadiums. Who’s idea was that? Sack them. Then sort out goalkicks to make it less easy to present the opponent with an open goal.

    Next, friendly mode (against friends). Expand this mode please. Online friend leagues, different game modes, maybe even allow FUT concept teams. It’s not all about making more money, EA

  41. It is the worst fifa ever made. Period. You can never take the ball of Messi and Rondaldo. When you are losing, every loose ball or second ball is always, and I mean ALWAYS, received by the opponent/AI. The losing streak with online gaming is pathetic. I understand you want players to lose. But rather than on skill, the messed up AI decides that for you. Passes over a distance of 2 feet with no opponents around goes to the opposition. How? Even if I were a newbie, a simple ‘x’ pass to a teammate 5 feet from me should pass the ball to the team mate. How is it that when you are on losing streak, passing the ball 5 feet without obstruction goes wrong? I mean that is worst gameplay that games that came out before 2000.

    My humble request. Please do not buy this product. It is a waste of money, time, resources everything (and this is coming from a very long EA fifa fan). I have wasted 60$ on this piece of crap and regretting it everyday.

  42. I am a huge fan of fifa. But fifa 20 is pathetic. It is the worst ever made. I love fifa 05 better than this. Your losing streak algorithm makes no sense. It’s is foolish to the core. Even if you are good at the game, fifa 20 makes sure you get shit at it. Please get your stuff together ea.

  43. I am fed up!!!! This is by far the most disappointing FIFA since FIFA 99 and 98.

    You have a Be A Pro player designed to attack. So he should be played at the Wing or ST… But FIFA 20 places a ST in CDM… it’s such an annoying glitch!!!
    You can’t change a lot number like other FIFA did. Every big team you sign for will bench you despite being the best player in the team with the best form.

    Gone are the guys were you could become Captain of the team as a Player career. FIFA 11 would give you captaincy.

  44. Bought FIFA and played during lockdown. It’s addictive as there’s little for me to do for 12 week, but it’s the worst FIFA I’ve ever bought.

    Developers have let the community down I’m afraid. The ball bounce is over dramatic, it takes players forever to control the ball.

    Be realistic with player pace. I’ve got 99 pace Mo Salah but a bronze player can keep up with him on squad battles? Furthermore, players running the opposite way but instantly catching up defying physics at times!

    The passing is shocking. I’ve tried all setting but the AI intercepts anything they like with super stretchy legs.

    FUT (First year playing)
    EA you need to be fair with SBC’s. People trade in players and end up packing GK after GK which are untradeable! You also pack the same rated 82/83 players giving you false hope of packing an 88 player. Absolute con!!! I’ve lost count the amount of times you have given me: Illarramendi, Martinez (Inter), Willian Jose as apparent star players.

    FUT Packs: Seems to be a game for players who spends multiple hours per day on this to bag quality players. In 12 weeks I constantly end up with GKs of slow midfielders. On the very rare occasion The odd excitement. However, I bet the users buying points get nice packs to keep them spending their cash!

    The gameplay on FUT is very inconsistent or suspect. The stuff mentioned above is ever present.

    Additionally, your claim of built in error definitely favours one team. It’s benefitted and went against me!
    Top rated players missing one on one sitters, open goals but the AI or opposition scoring ridiculous goals or flukes with rebounds. Tackling is very suspicious too. Players make a clean tackle facing the player, yet they still keep the ball? But players make impossible Inch perfect tackles from behind?

    The game smells of elitist and ££££. Spend money on points or be brilliant at the game to bag the big cards.
    I got out my seat once when I got Totssf Salah and a standard De Griezeman but no reward for the hours I’ve put in.

  45. Fifa 20 has been such garbage. Penalties, free kicks, and so much more have been harder to do then on previous fifa’s. Also the interception level of the CPU is ridiculously overpowered and needs to be nerfed on fifa 21. But besides that I have some recommendations for fifa 21. Could you add more songs for premier league, laliga, ligue 1, and Bundesliga teams and their stadiums because it’s kind of dull not having every teams stadiums in there it ruins the experience. And to all liverpool fans, can u plz add the song “allez allez allez” to the crowd on fifa 21 because I want some improvements to the next one. Plz I beg u to just sit down and read this rather than just ignore it.

    1. Don’t ever say FIFA 20 is the worst game it is not a joke just try your best in lockdowns and also I don’t when they put var in the game to those people have mental health

  46. 1. Your Game has too many Restrictions (And some are just Ridiculous)

    2.Your goalkeepers are too overpowered,. And they seem to be programmed to not make any Mistakes, I mean they should sometimes make Errors like Karius or De Gea,. Like drop the ball from a long shot instead of ALWAYS CATCHING IT, YOU KNOW, MAKE YOUR GAME MORE REALISTIC, LIKE PES.!!!


    4. Just improve basic Gameplay it needs improvement.

    1. The game is garbage lol. I’ll beat players who know every move to the game with the simple smart passing game I play. Then I’ll play some trash player and get beat by 5-6 goals just because my players touches are garbage, and all my breakaways are either stopped by an unbeatable keeper or a defender finding magical speed. I Just played some trash player and lost 2-1 bc my players touches were garbage. I had 23 shots on goal and 17 were on target and only 1 goes in? Wow

    2. This game hella trash. Been playing Fifa forever and Fifa 20 is the worst. Dynamic difficulty makes you look stupid when it’s against you and when it’s your favor you don’t even have to control your players. They just shoot and score on their own. F*** EA

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