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  1. DONT BUY THIS GAME OR FIFA 21 UNLESS YOU’RE STUPID THIS! this is my second time writing a review. Having not played the game since my last comment 4 month ago. I tought I would give it another chance see if anything had changed. It hadn’t it is still totally garbage. You should be refunding unhappy customers

  2. I want my money back from this piece of crap. What the hell did you do to FIFA? Why did you had to ruin it like that. The gameplay is a bunch of bull. It doesn’t matter how good your are when the game is decided by the AI. Is incredible frustrating. Maybe there are talented people behind the game development, but it was all wasted on this garbage.

  3. Easily the worst strategic game ever made. Player ratings do not matter at all outside pace and strength in player vs player the only game mode put time in is a greedy casino like ultimate team demonstrating the only intent of the creators and programmers of this game. All “AI” modes are essentially false advertisement as the difference between a 5 star juventus and a 1 star polish farm club will is that the higher difficulty you go the worse strong teams become as they throw bodies forward and become super vulnerable to counter attack while small teams have endless stamina, 35 bodies behind the ball since all players have 99 pace and acceleration, every player has the skill moves and movement of neymar and sancho, including some absolute stunners every game from bottom half clubs not even strikers but CB´s and CDM´s pulling of some amazing rainbow flicks and top bins or a 45 yard screamer, everyone can take being scored on a few of these a season but the propability of conceding 25 goals in one season that would make “this ERAS greatest goals” from when i was born is as the only thing lower then the chance of EA Sports being compitent.
    the fact that this game is repackaged and sold again and again without improvement only statements with words like “improved stat importance” should be investegated by some authorities and the company as a hole should be fined and punished for manipulating and targeting underage kids to play this abomination.

    It is not hard to increase and fix so that the gap between stats on players causes worse players to make more mistakes in their respected shit stats, not every team is suppose to play “tiki-taka we have messi, ronaldo and 3x Rio Ferdinand at the back” some games are suppose to be an easy draw or easier to score 2-3 past than others as teams dont have good defenders or others have a bad front 3. You need actual football knowledge and to implement different playstyles, tactics and manager attributes for the game to be realistic and the game would become playable, cause it really isn’t listen to the feedback cause this will sink your ship at some point. there are only a couple of million programmers out there that could take up creating games at this day and age.

    and for the love of god people have been wanting a career mode where they can play 2 or more friends in the same save, with 18 other computer teams in the fucking league playing for who gets CL football or who wins the league, who wins the Champions league what ever your goal might be. this would atleast remove just watching where the scripted computer is as if you play super well they’ll just make a team go without a draw or a loss for the whole season. ( this is not a farfetched fucking idea there are plenty of games that offer this multiplayer game mode and prove this would be easily doable for a multi billion dollar company.)

    now grow a pair of balls and learn to code cause this is the most ridiculous ****** scripting there is.

  4. This game is always against me. It’s like there’s no ref in this game. It calls my goals offside when in fact they’re not. It gives the other players offside goals. I go for clean tackles and it gets called for a foul. I get dirty tackles and it doesn’t get called for a foul. Gives the other players an extra minute or two of the extra time they already gave so they can either tie the game when I’m winning by a goal or win it when we’re both tied. Gets awarded penalties when I don’t even touch them. I’m tired of this. If this keeps on continuing to happen, I’m not gonna buy anymore FIFA games coming out in the future.

  5. I have wasted lots of my money on this game like a plonker and never got anything good, however today was the last straw. A new prime icon or moments came out. I put 4 of my starting 11 players into the sbc alongside many others. The sbc should cost 400k so u would presume u would hopefully get a player of around the price, however with EA of course i did not. In the prime icon pack i got Ian Wright so i automatically pressumed i was guaranteed a good player to make up for this poor excuse of a player however to my suprise i opened the pack to get a PRIME GK- Lehmann. This twat sells for 100k on a VERY GOOD DAY. These last 2 icon sbcs have cost 650k in total and i got playes combined worth 180k. REALLY!!! Immediately after i got spammed with a black lives matter notification from fifa. This is the most hypocritical bullshit i have ever seen as it says it is disgusting how individuals are singled out and how injustice is horrible yet u target me by giving me disgraceful rewards in packs. Feels like giving me these horrible packs is an injustice. Fuck you EA. Sort this shit out.

  6. You ruined fifa for me… I wish I can go back to pro but that’s shyte too. I’m disappointed. No headers..really???.. woww!! Have you seen the movie inside man?.. daylight robbery.. I kinda rate u still

    1. Totally unrealistic, this game forced you to play football like futsal, good player with a high heading stats and stature can’t even scores a header goal when facing defender that is shorter than him, also long shot is very hard to pull in FIFA-20 even when you have player that have a high shooting stats. Skill moves also very overpowered in this game (just randomly spinning R3 (in PS3) can even make the attacker pass the defender easily (while sprinting over the defender is not an option (even when you have Mbappe), making the player that played this game using reality football logic cannot played this game very well unlike the previous FIFA-19. Near-post goal percentage is so unrealistically high, when logically the one that make sense when you have the opportunity to score a goal is to shot the ball at the far post (but when you aimed at the far post, keeper have a high percentage of saving it that it doesnt make sense). Penalty and free kick is an upgrade, but the overall is bad. I rated this game 6/10 for me.

  7. 3/10, general clunky gameplay, bad team AI in terms of selection for defending and passing. The passes are impossible to get right. If you are playing single player, it still forces you to take free kicks in under 10 seconds, which is bs.

  8. FIfa, YOU SUCK! You just discounted 2 win plays I had in fut champions. Among the lack of creativity, the never ending glitches and never replied complaints about this game, I found very frustrating to be a part of your community. There is no reliability whatsoever in this useless game. No other game, this I know, generates as much frustration as this one. Your lack of response doesn-t surprise me. I just needed to get it out of my system. You lost a loyal customer. Never buying FIFA again. I encourage the dissatisfied people that read this post to do the same.

    1. FIFA don’t even think of their game, I played fit champs and people use the fact that way is som dum, they don’t even think about the fact of removing co op play in fut. I think it’s ok in squad battles, but not in rivals and really not in champs. PLS REMOVE IT!!

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