FIFA 20 Passing Tutorial (Tips, Guide and How to Pass)

FIFA 20 Passing Guide

Learn how to do passing in FIFA 20. Here is a guide for passing techniques at FIFA 20, find out how to master the passing in FIFA 20 and FUT 20 matches.

How to Pass the Ball

Passing is quite easy at FIFA 20, all you need to do is pushing a pass button (X or ▢ or △ / A or X or Y) and choose your passing direction using the left stick (L). This is basically the fundamental of passing.

For advanced passing in FIFA 20, you got to get familiar with all passing controls and methods, which you can find it here:

Passing Techniques and Controls

There are three key types of passing:

  • Short Passing
  • Lob Passing
  • Through Ball

These passing methods have different types which we’re going through each of them here:


Action PlayStation Buttons Xbox Buttons
Ground Pass X A
Lob Pass / Cross X
Low Cross ▢ + ▢ X + X
Through Pass Y
Threaded Through Pass R1 + △ RB + Y
Driven Ground Pass R1 + X RB + A
Lofted Ground Pass X + X A + A
Lofted Through Pass △ + △ Y + Y
Lobbed Through Ball L1 + △ LB + Y
Driven Lobbed Through Pass L1 + R1 + △ LB + RB + Y
Driven Lob Pass/Cross R1 + ▢ RB + X
High Lob / Cross L1 + ▢ LB + X
Flair Pass L2 + X LT + A
Flair Lob L2 + ▢ LT + X
Fake Pass ▢ then X + direction X then A + direction
Dummy a Pass L + no direction + R1 Press and Hold L + no direction + RB Press and Hold

Ground Pass

Short pass is a ground pass that sends the ball to a teammate in a short distance.

Lob Pass (Cross)

Lob pass is a aerial pass that is used to send the ball to a teammate in a high arc and a long distance. This pass method is also used for doing a cross.

Low Cross

By double tapping the Lob Pass button, you can perform a low-range cross when passing the ball into the opponent’s box.

Through Pass

Through pass is a forward pass which travels into an open space through your opponent defenders so your attackers can grab the ball beyond the defenders.

Threaded Through Pass

A through pass which more straight and let the ball bouncing so it brings more perspective to your pass.

Driven Ground Pass

A ground pass which is powered and is faster than a normal ground pass. This type of pass has better accuracy, but your pass receiver needs to put more effort to control it.

Lofted Ground Pass

A short ground pass which flies low and close to the ground in order to avoid the interceptions by defenders.

Lofted Through Pass

A through pass which more straight and let the ball bouncing so it brings more perspective to your pass.

Lobbed Through Pass

A through pass which goes over the head of your opponent’s defenders – technically, a combination of through ball and lob pass.

Driven Lobbed Through Pass

A lobbed through pass which more straight and let the ball bouncing so it brings more perspective to your pass.

Driven Lob Pass/Cross

A lob pass which is has more power and pace than a lob ground pass.

High Lob

A lob pass with more height which can be useful for crossing to bypass your opponent’s defenders and keeper when you have tall strikers.

Flair Pass

A fancy and powerful ground pass which is less accurate than a Driven Pass but more powerful.

Flair Lob

A lob pass with even more height than a high lob pass.

Passing Speed, Strength and Reaction

The speed and strength of your passes are determined by holding the pass buttons. The longer you hold the button, the more strength/pace you’re going to put on the ball. The quicker you press a pass button, the shorter reaction your player will take to pass the ball. For example, for doing an one-touch or 1-2 passing, you just need to do a quick tap on a passing button.

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