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How you would improve FIFA 15 – Let’s Talk FIFA 15

Have you played EA Sports FIFA 14? What was missing in the game? Do you have any creative ideas for its next version? Write here for us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 15. Share your suggestions and write down your FIFA 15 wish-list here at this page.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams database or FUT in FIFA 15 be like?

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 15 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. Make watching games friends or very important confrontation right from the game. As it is made in the valve DotA 2

  2. There should be a be a pro youngster where you have to work your way up the ranks from the youth academy start from a 7 year old etc. and have to participate in training sessions if you do not do as well you can be dropped on the difficulty of professional and over or semi-pro and over.

  3. I would like to see a full format CAF Champions League, CAF Confedertions Cup, South African Premier League and a few African countries with their leagues represented. Confederations Cup and World Cup in Career Mode. Expansion of Continental club competitions and the World Club Championship. All in Career Mode

  4. I would want to add to Manager mode ,
    when we start Manager mode with a certain club, it should start with a video of that club’s history(short and inspiring), showing last seasons table and what were the ups and downs of the previous season just like a preview of each club we get in real football. This would actually help in getting more attached to football,and newbies to actually know of teams and all.

    Second addition is we should have both options to either choose real managers or create new.
    so if suppose i choose Klopp in arsenal CM, It should show some animations of why Wenger is resigning and all.
    it could be more descriptive with smaller clubs who have multiple managers sacked and would the new manager change anything.

    Third : I know this would be difficult but Youth team updates should be separate at least for big clubs, where U18,U19 player update will help in giving bright talent chance, and updates from the youth coaches should be provided.

    Transition in difficulty levels should be smooth
    i mean from professional to world class their is a Huge gap, and it took me hell lot of time to get going. Although adjusted now That transitions was really frustrating winning 5-0 in professional dif. but losing in world class :-p

  5. I think for 2016 you could have online career mode so a few friends could be a single team each and go though it together

  6. For FIFA 16 with Euro 2016 video game, add UEFA European Qualifiers with all full licenses (kits, logo, teams, stadiums, trophies, graphics, scoreboard, stadiumboards, aabords…)

  7. For Fifa 16 you could add Vanrama Premier, and the lower Scottish Leagues, and allow you to upgrade your stadium degrade it, or build a brand new stadium at anytime depending on how well or badly you are doing. And also allow you to apply for any job you want.

  8. Hey big fan but afew things need to be added in near future fifa…. Career mode, you should have a rival option a manager u just can not bare, when u sign a player, have a real press conference urself as manager sitting with new signing answing multiple choice questions like the way nba games are going, from press and ambitions etc, you should have an option of what Job/ club/ country is your dream job, which means u could get approached by them and press knows of ur desires too, celebrations on winning cups should be more real/different everytime, champion league rights like pes,…. Player mode needs revamp, if ur a sub you should be in ur bib sat with other subs watching, and going for jog/stretch knowing manager gonna put u on, demand more options, wanting to start, skip matches, demand and have press conference and answer multiple l choice questions about ambitions / goals/ wanting to leave club/ what club and why wanting to join another team…. Before match starts u should be able to warm up in drills with team in stadium while fans slowly filling out stadium. If as a player u win a trophy, u should be able to third person celebrate with team and hold trophy etc and even have an in pitch quick multiple choice interview for example how do you feel winning the final etc…. U should have an option to arival who u can’t bare and want to beat him (like messi ronaldo saga) player mode is a great idea but could be so much better please get in contact if you like the way I’m going with this ;))

  9. Interchangeable kits!
    For example when Manchester United play at home they wear red shirts white shorts black socks
    In the champions league it’s red shirts white shorts and white socks
    Away from home in the league but still wearing red shirts black shorts and black socks!!
    They are not the only team to do this and I think it would give the game a bit more of an authentic feel!!

    When are we also going to get managers that look like the real person???

  10. Me and my mate was talking about this the other day. You could do this for fifa 16. You know how they have the match attack cards at the shop. Well fifa could make their own cards with a scratch piece at the back. You scratch it off to reveal a code. You type this code into fifa 16 on the console and the player on the card will join your team on the console

  11. Fifa have licensed Italy’s Serie A match balls and badges which is all good but the thing that has let it down is they not gone all the way with it. I don’t see the point in fully licensing Serie A if you not going to do Serie B to to get a better italian league feel eg Coppa Italia matches you might be Napoli for example 1st cup game is Brescia which a fake logo and kit takes away and realism EA are trying to create. also benefit promotions and relegations.

    EA need to license Serie B not just Serie A.

    1. i think it better just to add to ROW the missing europa and champions league teams and copa libertadores. they could have a south America cup then.

  12. When is the rest of the world teams going to be announced? and also wanted to know why every year the UK is the last to receive the game??

  13. Hello,for years now i want to play with my favorite team,Steaua Bucharest,year by year we are in European competitions,Palmares:
    Romanian Liga 1 Titles (25)
    Romanian Cup titles (21)
    Romanian Super Cup (6)
    Champions Cup `86 (1)
    Europe Super Cup (1)
    I want this team in the Rest of the World category because is one of the strongest team in South-East of Europe!!

  14. If there was one thing I did want u to add in to fifa it would be if u could add a stretcher for people who get injured badly because It would be so realistic and cool. Only if it is a bad one though.

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