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Have you played EA Sports FIFA 14? What was missing in the game? Do you have any creative ideas for its next version? Write here for us how you would improve EA Sports FIFA 15. Share your suggestions and write down your FIFA 15 wish-list here at this page.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? What should the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams database or FUT in FIFA 15 be like?

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 15 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.

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  1. 1 u21 league 2 edit kit at end of season 3 just be a national team manager. 4 be a free agent. 5 don’t be a manager of any one. 6 Pre season tours/tournaments 7. Story mode. 8. Press conference. 9 kit sponsors offers. 10 create your own stadium,team,boots.ball 11. Become a owner. 12. 30 seasons 13. Pre-season 6 subs. 14. Sky sports news

  2. I’m a current PC user p_aguerre and was PS3 before Rank 70 in world. I think it would be great for guys to be able to play with classic teams not mixed like today as Classic XI wich mixes an unexistent team never made that is totally unreal.
    I think it would be better to have unlocked modes as regards to League or World champions. For instance Juventus of Del Piero, Argentina 86 of Maradona, Holland Euro Cup champlion of Rud Gullit, Germany 90 of Mathaus, france 98 of Zidante, Brazil 94 of Romario etc, existent classic teams that gamers played in those times. That would be great because every player will intend to to unlock more classic teams or pay for them.
    Please take into account that there is a vast majority of players above 30 years that will love to play with those classic and legend teams. this will give the possibility for instance of playimg a match with Napoli of Maradona and Barcelona of Messi and compare.

  3. The idea sounds very unlikely to happen, but I think it would be very cool if maybe in career mode you could be a manager or player from a past season. I think it would be fun to play as a team like Chelsea in the 2004/05 season where players like Gudjohnson, Duff and Makelele were all playing at their prime ✌️

  4. Dynamic weather, the ability to change goalkeeper kits and the ability to choose your own pre-season friendlies, like Fifa08. The ability to con the ref, because let’s be honest it does happen in real world. It would be great to see all those, but if you only added my final request which is QUICKER LOADING times i’d be happy.

  5. Hello. I want leave a suggestion for FIFA16, maybe for FIFA15. First, thanks of a lot to add SüperLig. I waited over 4 years (since FIFA11) for this league of my favourite Club: Besiktas Istanbul. But: it would be nice, if you add a turkish commentary. The best turkish commentary in my mind is: Ercan Taner. This is my suggestion for your nice FIFA Game. I play this game since FIFA 1998! Thanks a lot for this nice game.

  6. Liga 1 (Romania)
    Super League (Grecia)
    Premier League (Ucraina)
    Telekon Cup (friendly tournament)
    more friendly tournament
    make practice in carrer mode
    selling different items with logo of the club
    change equipment every season
    torches, smoke or choreography to fans
    fans song
    street soccer
    Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores, World Cup, European Championship of Africa Cup of Nations
    results if the team is to attract new sponsors
    4 teams to replace the relegated teams from leagues such as the one in Turkey
    Every team to have youth team which you can play in career mode
    in career mode can train and national and club team

  7. For the stadiums , whatever leauges are in FIFA make sure at least 4 teams from the leauge have there own stadium, preferably the 4 biggest.

  8. Please, I’m tired of patronizing your game when you still decided not to include my country Nigeria, even after winning the nations cup, qualifying for the world cup and reaching the knockout stages, one would think that as a sufficient reason to include Nigeria, South Africa has never played in the world cup for a long time and never qualified for it let alone the nations cup unless they were the host. I sense segregation which should be corrected immediately. Also, how can you sell your gaming product to a country and not include the country, via this, you are loosing your customers to PES because even though your gaming is better, sometimes sentiments come in because everyone wants to use his/her country regardless of the much better gaming experience you guys provide. I wonder what would happen if there was no England national team. If the rights cost a lot, still go for it and please put real managers with real faces. Finally, how can a player’s face in his bio stats be different from the gaming face?, please fix it.

  9. I think would be nice in career mode to be able to go intro debt. If u really wanna sign some big players and you’re a few millions short. That would mimic the real life environment of a club..

  10. Hi….
    I would love to see a feature in FIFA were you can play with great teams of the past such as for example,
    Manchester United 1999 team Ajax 1995 team arsenal invincible team etc…

    You could start with just a select few teams an as the series builds on you can get more feedback on teams then make a judgement… You could even enter it into the ea catalouge as accomplishments to give people initiative…

    You could title it classic teams & international teams could also be made like pro Evo did with brasil an France teams but keep the classic teams brasil 1974 or 78 but also include France 98?

    Hope to see this one day

    1. in Active Fans add Riots exactly not only the fans throwing things but fight with the police and another one thing fix the buttons on pc and in the fans add coreo (for all teams) thanks for reading

  11. I will love and wish that ea make a last minute change to put back in the dynamic gameplay camera zoom that was in fifa 13 and not in fifa 14 please

  12. I think in Rest of World teams you should insert FC STEAUA BUCHAREST.
    Please verify that FC STEAUA had participated every single year since 2003 in UEFA Champion’s League groups or EUROPA League groups. Every single year. And in some years they made a good impresion(ex:2 years ago they eliminated Ajax and they were close to eliminate Chelsea) I think participating in this 2 competitions 11 years in a row is a good argument.
    Thank you and please think at this.

    Other teams:Ludogorets-Bulgaria,Dinamo Kiev and Sahtior Donetk – Ukraine
    Partizan Belgrad
    These teams are far better than other no name teams from Rest of world.

  13. I would like more teams like the Classic XI and World XI. Teams like:
    EPL XI
    Serie A XI
    La Liga XI
    Bundesliga XI
    European XI
    South American XI
    African XI
    Asian XI

  14. I think in other teams league you should insert FC STEAUA BUCHAREST.
    Please verify that FC STEAUA had participated every single year since 2003 in UEFA Champion’s League groups or EUROPA League groups. Every single year. And in some years they made a good impresion(ex:2 years ago they eliminated Ajax and they were close to eliminate Chelsea) I think participating in this 2 competitions 11 years in a row is a good argument.
    Thank you and please think at this.

  15. This is my final fifa 15 wishlist ill be back for 16 next,so guys please let my thoughts come in contact with EA. #i would like to see players decline at the age of 34 and start to retire from 35-42#add boots ,hairstyles,hair colours,tight fit shirts to edit player or create player modes,PLEASE #we must be able to see the top goal scorers in other leagues aswell as their cups on career mode#more awards ,players player of the year,BPL player of the year,man utds player of the season,european,south american and world player of the year and goal of the season,PLEASE#Add the leagues Greece,Romania,ukraine,paraguay,peru,uruguay,bolivia and china,PLEASE#add the copa libertadores,recopa sudamericana, Africa cup and club world cup ,PLEASE#add more african countries#capture faces for luis muriel ,luuk and siem de jing ,Anyakov ,witsel ,de bruyne ,Van Aanholt ,jackson martinez ,Zaha ,gaitan ,silvio ,rodrigo ,carlos bacca ,lassoga ,muniain ,susaeta ,alan dzagoev ,mateo kovacic ,mauro icardi ,mattia destro ,stefan de vrij ,kevin strootman ,aymen abdenour ,mangala ,benatia ,alessio cerci ,ljajic ,ranocchia ,taarabt ,will hughes ,zouma ,patrick herrman ,ahmed musa and emenike ,PLEASE#and rangers ,anzhi and dynamo kiev to the rest of the world#add players from the brazil league like pato,ganso,damiao,ronaldinho,dida,rever,julio babtista and more as their copy of fifa 14 ,PLEASE#We need the camera zoom from fifa 13 back in please,we need the gameplay dynamic camera zoom on 20 back in fifa 15 as it was in fifa 13 not in 14 please on all consoles this is a major ask,because I like to see the players closer and more detailed not fifa 14 its to small everyone like it different so where’s the bgger camera then ,PLEASE#i hope to see my new wishes in the game for ps3 and other consoles

  16. Legacy defending for online seasons will be great !
    Romanian league or at least Steaua Bucharest in Rest Of World Teams!

  17. My FIFA 15 Wishlist (Part 4):
    -Rest of World: FC Bunyodkor (Uzbekistan), Buriram United (Thailand), Lokomotiv Tachkent (Uzbekistan), Nasaf Qarshi (Uzbekistan), Muangthong United (Thailand), Chonburi FC (Thailand), Al-Kuwait (Kuwait), Qadsia SC (Kuwait), Shabab Al-Ordon. (Jordan), Al-Suwaiq (Oman), Al Hidd Club (Bahrain), Al-
    Shorta (Irak), Pune FC (India), Tampines Rovers (Singapour), South China AA (Hong Kong), T&T Hanoi (Vietnam), Riffa Club, (Bahrain), Arbil SC (Irak), That Ras (Irak), Safa Beirut (Liban), Nejmeh SC (Liban), Fanja Club (Oman), Al Jaish (Syria), Al Wahdah (Syria), Kitchee SC (Hong Kong), Churchill Brothers (India), Persipura Jayapura (Indonesia), [TBC].
    -Stadiums: Stadium Āzādi ( Esteghlal Tehran, Iran National Team), Tianhe Stadium (Guangzhou Evergrande), Jinan Olympic Stadium (Shandong Luneng
    Taishan) , Steelyard Stadium (Pohang Steelers), Big Crown Stadium (Ulsan Hyundai), Jeonju World Cup
    Stadium (Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors), Seoul Sang-am Stadium (FC Seoul, Korea Republic National Team), Workers Stadium (Beijing Guoan), Etihad Stadium (Melbourne Victory), AAMI Park (Melbourne Victory, Melbourne Heart), Qatar SC Stadium (Qatar SC, Lekhwiya, Al-Sailiya), Hong Kong Stadium (South China AA), [TBC].

  18. My FIFA 15 Wishlist (Part 3):
    -Rest of World: LD Alajuelense (Costa Rica), Deportivo Saprissa (Costa Rica), Real España (Honduras), CD Olimpia (Honduras), CSD Comunicaciones (Guatemala), CSD Municipal (Guatemala), Tauro FC (Panama), Chorrillo FC (Panama), AD Isidro-Metapán (El Salvador), Club Deportivo FAS (El Salvador), Real Estelí FC (Nicaragua), Belmopan Bandits (Belize), Bayamón FC (Puerto Rico), Waterhouse FC (Jamaica), Alpha United FC (Guyana).
    -Stadiums: Estadio Nou Camp (FC León), Estadio Monumental de Lima (Universitario de Deportes, Peru National Team), Estadio Centenario (CA Peñarol, Uruguay National Team), Estadio José Antonio Anzoátegui (Deportivo Anzoátegui), El Monumental (CA River Plate, Argentina National Team), Estadio Único (Estudiantes de La Plata), Estádio do Morumbi (São Paulo FC), Arena Fonte 2014 Nova (EC Bahia), Estádio Beira-Rio 2014 (SC Internacional), Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero (Deportivo Cali), Estadio Olímpico Atahualpa (Universidad Catolica, Ecuador National Team), Estadio Hidalgo (CF Pachuca), Sporting Park (Sporting KC), Red Bull Arena (New York Red Bull), Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium (DC United), Stade Saputo (Impact Montréal), Estadio Juan Ramón Loubriel (Bayamón FC).

  19. FIFA 15 (Japanese Edition: JFA 15):
    Added all in completly and fully license by JFA and AFC (balls, teams, stadiums, trophies, referees, adboards, scoreboard broadcoast graphics, players…):
    -J-League Division 1: 18 teams, 18 stadiums…
    -J-League Division 2: 18 teams, 18 stadiums…
    -Emperor’s Cup: 32 teams= 18 of J1 + 22 of J2)
    -J-League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup (or J-League Division 1 Cup): 18 teams.
    – Fuji Xerox Super Cup
    -AFC Champions League: 32 teams,
    -AFC Cup
    -AFC Presidents Cup

    FIFA 15 (UEFA Edition):
    All competition completly and fully licensed by UEFA (balls, teams, stadiums, trophies, referees, adboards, scoreboard broadcoast graphics, players…):
    -UEFA Champions League (like PES 2015)
    -UEFA Europa League (like PES 2015)
    -UEFA Super Cup (like PES 2015).


  21. Firstly in my opinion I believe that being able to design your own kit at the end of the season would improve the experience of career mode which would make you feel like you’re owning the club.

    Secondly I also think that being able to sign onto a new sponsor for kits eg Adidas and A sponsor of a club such as aon would also make the experience more realistic, this would also make the career mode more interesting and allows you to manage your club in more depth.

    Thirdly I feel that whenever you get promoted from eg sky bet championship into premier league the badge of the league sponsor should change onto the league you’ve been promoted to.

    Finally u need to put new commentators eg chris kamara because they get so boring with same 4 people all the time but worst one in my opinion is Alan alan mcinally

  22. 1.) MORE INTERNATIONAL TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fifa just came out with a game that had all the international team, please put them in the regular fifa game so people can play as their favorite country.

    Every federations tournament should be in the game.

    It would be nice to build up a smaller team and have their stadium grow with them. Also teams with great history but poor stadiums like Aston Villa can get upgraded.

    4.) Kit editor/shirt sponsorship!!!!!!
    Allow the users to develop 3rd/Alternate kits

    Make it more realistic and have interviews. Also rethink the ways accomplishments are gained.

    Have the manager be in charge of the under 20 side. Also, give them the ability to sway younger players with multiple nationalities.

    the only think that should be looked is boots.


    Seriously this has been one of the biggest problems with the game. Adding international manager was huge, but without all the international teams, the feature cant live up to its potential. Teams like Ghana and Japan should be in the game. How many goal celebrations do the Ghanaian team have perform before they get in the game? GHANA MUST BE INCLUDED!!!!!

  23. It’s good that improvements are being made to the gameplay on fifa 15 because fifa 14 on ps4 was very boring in terms of attacking play, too much focus was on defensive play. Career mode in fifa 14 was a disappointment, so much so that I traded in fifa 14 for another game on my ps4. Fifa 15 needs to make it so player stats like finishing, stamina, dribbling etc… increase dramatically depending on their performance in the season, if I use a player to score a lot of goals, their stats should reflect this, it shouldn’t matter how they are rated in real life, anybody who knows football knows any player can improve if they’re still young, look at Gareth Bale for example, nobody knew he would be what he is, Thierry Henry same thing, player development should stop being capped. Virtual pro gameface players on career mode shouldn’t improve only based on achievements, they should improve in the same way I just suggested. It’s only logical because I remember on fifa 2007, Adebayor was rubbish, on fifa 2008 after he had a good season at arsenal, his stats increased dramatically, the difference is only one season, I don’t see why this can’t happen in career mode.

  24. 1- you should be able to change the colour that the ref is wearing. Like let you choose a Fluro yellow one if needs be before the match starts. Sometimes when playing in a black strip and then the ref is black is just annoying. I’m Color blind and sometimes even if the ref is similar I’ll pass the ref the ball. It may sound like it only happens to me but I always laugh when my mate does the same.

    2- you should be able to change the colours or style of the dots on the map at the bottom of the screen. Like I said I’m really Color blind and sometimes if there are red and blue dots on the green background then to me they both look brown at glance. In the old pro evolution you could change the colors of your dots on the map. I have this problem with call of duty as well antil black ops when they gave Color blind option for the mini map.

    3- let you name your custom tactics. I’m pretty sure you used to be able to do this.

    4- you should be able to use your manager/career teams in multi player games. What’s the point in playing all that fifa against the computer to build pride in your squad when you can’t even use them against your mates? Again you could do that in pro ev back in the day. For me me fifa is best played against your mates on the couch. I like fut and online but why not boost the good old fashioned 2 player verses options? Playin against the ai is fun and I love the the manager/ career mode but it’s still just practice for verses against my mates.

    5- have a multi player mode where all your stats are saved. Again from pro evo. Can’t remember what it was called but you made a user name and set up your controls and it was a whole separate game mode where it saved all of your stats so that you could see everything that you had done since you started up. This was awesome in my flat where we all played so much pro ev that it was cool just to see how many fouls overall and who was best at scoring free kicks ect.. Again I’m sure that you have that with the online play but not all of us have ultra fast internet or can be bothered to pay for xbox live or whatever.

    6- Fix all the f***ing obvious glitches and bugs.. There are so many glitches and things wrong with fifa 14 xbox one… I have been playin games since the BBC micro and I’ve never seen so many really obvious glitches in a video game. It really is bad.. I love fifa and I know the producers are under pressure to make a new one every season but s*** at least play test it for more than 10 mins.

    If you can here me ea sports then much love… Oh and why not a second screen option for iPads or smart phones so you can change make substitutions while the ball goes out of play without stoping or pausing the game. Change formation slightly without being really obvious about it in the middle of the game. Make it easy to use on the fly by pressing and dragging the dots to move players or slide up the pressure or aggression on the custom tactics without the other person seeing it. I know the stuff about changing tactics on the d pad but it would just give a bit more flow to the subs and being able to just slightly adjust stuff without the whole ‘sorry now till I just fix up my team now and give away my gameplan…’ Well let’s just say the second screen thing is just an idea but hey I get pretty board at work and I’m a dreamer. Peace

  25. does anyone else find that when playing the computer in a career/be a pro mode that no matter how much pace your player has the computer ALWAYS catches up with you once you play on WORLD CLASS level??
    Its so annoying and unrealistic – harder level should not mean not being able to play on the counter attack with players you specifically bought with high pace and acceleration!!!
    I hope they fix this on FIFA 15.
    also, it may just be me but i find it very difficult to score from free-kicks so i hope they change this also

  26. I think the fact that you don’t have Ibrox stadium on fifa 15 crazy!! There will be all 20 of the premier league teams stadiums on this years game like turf moor upton park the the Britannia which can’t even compeat to Ibrox! ibrox is a Uefa elite 5 star stadium and it has to be on this years game with a capacity of 51000, rangers are a massive club as celtic and deserve to have there stadiums on the game and have the same respect as English clubs but don’t because they play in scotland.

  27. Remove scripting, handicaps, random stupidly lucky shots and annoying 90 minute goals. For example, I was in division 7, having easily won division 8, and all of a sudden all my players were all over the place and the goalie became a @#£%*#. I managed to get to the point where I was 1 point was needed to avoid relegation, and in the last game, I scored a couple of goals. All was going well until… I saved a shot, but the dimwitted goalie deflected the ball into the opposition who scored. That is a feature I hope will be included in “smart goalkeepers”. A ridiculously lucky long shot from an 80 rated player went in, and then he scored a 90 minute corner to put me down a division. I hope FIFA 15 is fairer, or I will join the mass of gamers calling it sh*t.

  28. 1) get lobby back to fifa15 on ps4
    2) work on a new camera which gives the player option to see the field on player’s eyes-first person camera-.
    3) online career mode
    4) being able to create teams and leagues in the game
    5) each player must be able to do some limited dribble cause this is in this way in real football game
    6) make a part in season exactly like real season. 18 or 16 teams. exact times to play etc…

  29. My FIFA 15 Wishlist (Part 2):
    -New teams:
    Rest of World: [Dynamo Kyiv (Ukraine), FK Metalist (Ukraine), FK Dnipro (Ukraine)], [[Club Bolívar (Bolivia), The Strongest (Bolivia), Oriente Petrolero (Bolivia), Emelec (Ecuador), Independiente del Valle (Ecuador), Deportivo Quito (Ecuador), Cerro Porteño (Paraguay), Club Guaraní (Paraguay), Universitario (Peru), Sporting Cristal (Peru), CA Peñarol (Uruguay), Defensor Sporting (Uruguay), Club Nacional (Urugay), Zamora (Venezuela), Deportivo Anzoátegui (Venezuela), Caracas FC (Veneezuela), San José (Bolivia), Jorge Wilstermann (Bolivia), Nacional Potosí (Bolivia), Universitario (Bolivia), Universidad Católica
    (Ecuador), Barcelona SC (Ecuador), Libertad (Paraguay), General Díaz (Paraguay), Deportivo Capiatá (Paraguay), Alianza Lima (Peru), Universidad César Vallejo (Peru), Universidad Técnica de
    Cajamarca (Peru), Inti Gas (Peru), Danubio (Uruguay), River Plate (Uruguay), Rentistas (Uruguay), Caracas (Venezuela), Trujillanos (Venezuela), Deportivo La Guaira
    -New stadiums: [Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán (Sevilla FC), NSC Olimpiski (Dynamo Kyiv), El Madrigal (Villareal CF), Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro for a “Nerrazzuri” (black and blue) team; Internazionale Milano), Parken (FC Kobenavhn), Stade Geoffroy-Guichard (AS Saint-Etienne), Metalist Stadium (FK Metalist), De Grolsch Veste (FC Twente), Dnipro Arena (FK Dnipro), El Riazor (Deportivo Coruña), Estadi Cornellà-El Prat (RCD Espanyol Barcelona), La Rosaleda (Málaga CF), Anoeta (Real Sociedad), Stade Pierre-Mauroy (Lille OSC), Stadium Municipal (Toulouse FC), Stade de la Route de Lorient (Stade rennais), Stade de la Beaujoire – Louis Fonteneau (FC Nantes), Parc des Princes (2014-2016; Paris Saint-Germain)], [[Estadio Hernando Siles (Club Bolívar / Bolivia National Team), Allianz Riviera (OGC Nice), Stade de la Licorne (RC Lens), Mineirão (Cruzeiro), Estadio do Maracanã (Botafogo, Flamengo, Fluminense, Brazil National Team), Arena do Grêmio (Grêmio), Estadio Corona (2009; Santos Laguna)]].

  30. My FIFA 15 Wishlist:
    -New teams:
    Rest of World (Europe): Ludogorets Razgrad (Bulgaria), Steaua Bucarest (Romania), NK Maribor (Slovenia), APOEL Nicosia (Cyprus), Slovan Bratislava (Slovakia), BATE Borisov (Belarus), Sparta Praha (Czech Republic), Debrecen (Hungary), Apollon Limassol (Cyprus), FK Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), FC Astana (Kazakhstan), Dnipro
    Dnipropetrovsk (Ukraine), Maccabi Tel-Aviv (Israel), Hajduk Split (Croatia), Asteras Tripolis (Greece), AEL Limassol (Cyprus), Dynamo Minsk (Belarus), Spartak Trnava (Slovakia), Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia), Qarabağ Ağdam (Azerbaijan), Petrolul Ploieşti (Romania), Zimbru Chișinău (Moldavia), Omonia Nicosia (Cyprus), FK Aktobe (Kazakhstan), Astra Giurgiu (Romania), RNK Split (Croatia), Metalist Kharkiv (Ukraine), Partizan Belgrad (Serbia), Neftchi Baku (Azerbaijan), Shakhtyor Soligorsk (Belarus), Sheriff Tiraspol (Moldavia), HNK Rijeka (Croatia), Zorya Luhansk (Ukraine), Stjarnan Gardabaer (Island).
    -New stadiums:
    Spain: Estadio San Mamés (2013; Athletic Bilbao), Arena Națională (FC Steaua / Romania National Team), Stade Vélodrome (2014-2016; Olympique de Marseille), Celtic Park (Celtic FC), Borussia-Park (Borussia Mönchengladbach), RheinEnergieStadion (1. FC Köln), Commerzbank-Arena (Eintracht Frankfurt), HDI-Arena (Hannover 96), Mercedes-Benz Arena (VfB Stuttgart), Weserstation (SV Werder Bremen), Volkswagen-Arena (VfL Wolfsburg), Stade Maurice Dufrasne (Standard de Liège), Gerhard-Hanappi-
    Stadion (Rapid Wien), Constant Vanden Stock (RSC Anderlecht), Stadio San Paolo (SSC Napoli), Stade Louis II (AS Monaco), Stade de France (Seine Sain-Denis; France National Team), Estadio José Alvalade (Sporting CP), St Jakob Park (FC Basel), Estadio da Luz (SL Benfica)…

  31. 1. Be a Ref
    2. Linesman using Vanishing foam for free kicks
    3. Goal line Technology
    4. Edit Officially licensed kits e.g sponsors , kit make , badge.
    5. Live Manager sackings in Career Mode
    6. Handle stick from fans and the press on Facebook and Twitter in Career Mode
    7.Be a Linesman and know the offside rule
    8. Be a Physio and heal your injured players
    9.Live match commentary from John Motson
    10. Legends Team Peter Schmichael , Sir Bobby Moore (Captain) , Franz Beckenbauer , Nobby Stiles , Roberto Carlos , Zidedine Zidane , Johann Cryuff , Bryan Robson , Sir Stanley Matthews , Deigo Marradona , Mario Kempez subs : George Best , Colin Bell ,Peter Shilton , Sir Geoff Hurst ,Roy Keane reserves: Dino Zoff , Sir Tom Finney , Gary Lineker ,Alan Hansen, Paul Gascoigne
    11. New Goal celebrations Dentist Chair , T Rex , Elephant
    12. Sky sports News live with Geoff Stelling
    13. New Stadium Hillsborough

  32. Personally I would love for the Premier Soccer League (south africa) to be added to fifa 15, the turkish league should also be added too. Another thing I would like is being able to create your own club why did that feature disappear? Since you are done with licencing south american leagues why not turn your focus on african leagues? I don’t expect the PSL to be in fifa 15 maybe we’ll see it in fifa 16. I like the idea of updating your kit along with updating your squads. we would also like to be able to choose our own friendly games or pre season tournaments rather like the international cup or emirates cup. More licenced international teams and additions such as Nigeria, Ghana, Algeria, and Morocco even Serbia should be in fifa 15. In be a pro, your pro should be able to negotiate with other clubs if your contract has 6 months left till expiry and should have the option to renew your contract with your current club I think that’s the most realistic wish for fifa 15.

  33. #our mostly requested tournement the copa libertadores#more south american leagues#add players from the brazil league like Pato, Ganso , Damiao, Juan , lucio , Dida , Fred , Jo ,Rever to the free agents copy the players models of fifa 14 to the game ,because the when we player career mode and manage brazil there will be more players to select for the team#add more awards on career mode #a different cup celebration for ps3 and xbox 360#work on the offsides#more faces for luuk de jong , Benatia , Mangala, destro , siem de jong , riviere , Cabella ,evans ,fernando ,taarabt ,mitroglou,m’villa, johnathon soriano and more#add more scoreboards for each league try and copy the real ones ,or make each league have their own generic one#we should be able to sign free agents and players running out of contract outside the transfer window#we should be able to make more the 3 subs in pre season and be able to choose our own pre season matches#even though the champions league and other are generic you can still add there real names instead of champions cup please # players must be unveiled at stadiums givings us the chance to do trick and juggle with the player for the fans#we must receive messages from the fans tellings us to use certain players or more things#we must be able to take our team to training#players must not decrease at 33 and retire at 29#there must be a players buy back clause ,givings us the option to buy him back in the future#we must receive text from players form the international team aswell#when a players morale is happy he will be hard to sign#more stadiums for bayer leverkusen, hannover ,stuttgart ,galatasary, fenerbache , besiktas, transaspor, zenit , dinamo moskva , lokomotiv, cska moskva , anzhi, celtic , rangers ,sevilla ,real sociadad, athletic bilbao, malaga, fc porto ,benfica ,lisbon, fulham ,cardiff ,red bulls ,seatle sounders , la galaxy, genoa, monaco and south american stadiums# add Anzho machakala to rest of the world and rangers#a clck of 10 minitues ticking down on transfer deadline day and a option to skip the deadline day#a sponsored wolrd cup#more african countries so that we can play the african cup, the same for asia# add back the dynamic camera zoom of fifa 13 please there many admirers and requests for this camera, because it provide the gameplay with more detail and it is zoomed close more intertaining ,this is mainly the last think I want back please EA make us proud as you are doing we need this camera for all consoles and I would like confirmation of this camera by EA sports#my wishlist is for all consoles next gen and old gen ,please I would like ea should read this I spend my time on it ,and I think it can help to make this years fifa the best ever

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