FIFA 13 Feedback

FIFA 13 Feedback
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  1. I would like to see better player facial emotions / animations. The players at the moment all have the same face animations and none of them look real. Just blank expressions. It really takes away from the realism of the game. Also wait times for subs is way to long.

    1. Yes FIFA 13 is no even real there is no handball, u can tripped someone and still no faul, u want to passed to one player and the ball goes the other way, ur player runs slower on rain and ur opponent runs faster, in online they are players who make their team faster then yours and they are the same team, they take the ball off u even when they are down and they are players who just kick the ball back and forth until the time expires, they use cheat codes and they not even good

  2. Fifa13 is a f***ing joke… how the f*** is it that my defenders with good pace run like morons and keep following the ball and showing the way to the opponents defender till he scores… you f***ing dips*** electronic arts game making community…may you burn in hell and your balls are smashed in the weirdest of accidents possible…this game sucks than any other ea fifa games… its built by morons for button smashing and pace abusing english morons who are happy with their f***ing EPL…which by the way wouldnt have been no where if there were no foreign players involved… EPL and Fifa13 style of playing is similar…get the ball to a moron who runs like f***ing fast and then f*** the game play completely… you f***ing sons of b***es in EA community

  3. This years FIFA has been a serious letdown. The navigation of the menus is far to slow in particular and on Career mode frequently freezes and crashes my game. Also pausing just after a free kick or goal kick is given also results in freezing. EA said they would introduce bug fixes but this didnt happen. Got a new disc and the problems kept occurring.

    The new Player Career mode is addictive but terrible, particularly as you are being managed by a seemingly inept manager concerning your game time, poor transfers (often 4 80 above players in the same position), and constantly being rested even though I am at full stamina. This aspect of the game seems entirely rushed, it would be great if it was playable and didnt make me scream inside for being picked for England while 17 playing at Coventry.

    Dont even get me started on Ultimate Team chemistry.

    Overall FIFA 13 seems overly rushed, as a frequent consumer of FIFA games for many years now I sincerely hope this is rectified for next year. Also the jingle after every game on career mode is seriously irritating.

  4. Once again FIFA you have conned me out of money and position cards. I recently bought a RM >> RW for 1,100 on Xbox 360 and you have taken the money but not given me the card, this happened not so long ago as well when I had 40k I placed it on Bronze (Banzia) Buy Now and the money went but the player did not appear why do you keep doing this. I want a f***ing refund on this coz its really annoying, I didn’t buy the £40 game just to get robbed on FUT by it!!!

  5. game is a joke…what is the point of the chemistry on ultimate team as i have a full gold with in form players 100 chem yet constantly get handicapped when playing worse teams with 60-80 chemistry as in my players suddenly can’t pass 5 yards or score but the opposing player can score from stupid angles and aslong as he just smashes the ball forward my defenders controlled by computer will just stand and watch as it lets him run through. moving to PES as fifa is a joke and you can obviously not build the game properly

  6. FIFA shud seriously fix there s*** online… its a complete joke. i know over 50 ppl personally who plays online and not 1 has not complained.. its really frustrating and annoying that its too slow and weird stuff happens that would never happen if you werent playing online yes people have weak internet speed but i dont and it still happens, this has been happening for all the past fifa’s and i hope fifa 14 resolves this problem. IF it doesnt change than screw fifa cuz its a joke playing online. f*** the guy who helped make fifa online

    1. Why not?

      I can’t understand why Jose Enrique isn’t stronger on fifa 13 than strength:79. He should at least go by 90 or more. Along with Yaya Toure he’s the strongest player in the EPL.

  7. Fifa career mode, be a pro, shouldn’t punish the weaker players. When the difficulty is on easy you should still be able to develop a messi like character without needing legendary mode. It’s unfair for weaker player (including me).

  8. I would suggest the following improvements:
    – Fault and penalty events should be more evident, i.e.
    the opponent should at least fall to the ground.
    – There should be a way for the players to control the
    strikers so they are not often in off-side positions.
    – The referee interferes too often in the ball trajectories.
    Pls fix this.
    – There are too many ridiculous auto goals.
    Pls fix.

    Thanks and regards

  9. hello fifa board, i would love for you guys to put back a feature that was in career mode,
    when you would simulate a match and then step in.

  10. This Game F*** ME OFF!!! Oh, look there is a 200cm man in the defence and a 170cm man in the offense… So there is a header duell and know advise how won(Of course the 170cm man)… Than sometimes I just get fouled AS THE LAST MAN and there is not even a free-kick!!! Or in the Career, i get no player sold because on the personal level, the play and the club doesn’t agree!!! Or the sort of dribble of the Computer… it just f— me off!!!

  11. ive been playing fifa since it first started, thats what about 14 years ago so i know what im talking about . there is a numerous of things wrong with this game but i aint got the patience to write it all so iyl stick to a couple. WHY WHEN YOU PLAY THE COMPUTER IT JUST CHEATS ALL THE TIME. EVERY SINGLE DEFLECTION (SECOND BALL) GOES TO THE COMPUTER SIDE ?????? I MEAN EVERY SINGLE TIME. whats the point in playing. im pretty sure that im suppose to be in control of my own team, but it certanly doesnt feel like that. my players seem to do stuff without me even touching my control pad (AND NO IT ISNT AFTER TOUCH) after touch i understand but not when i havent touched the ball for a good few seconds. the control of the ball for premiership players is ridiculous. half the time it just bounces off the player ?? for me the game is 75% spot on. but the % is so blind to see and has been from the very start but no one does anything about it. and like the other lad MATT said in the other blog it doesnt count away goals. i mean what kind of so called football people would make a game with such rules ??????? or is it the plain and simple answer we probably all think AMERICANS MADE THE GAME and clearly do not know everything about football, or sorry SOCCER…… GET IT SORTED OR SALES WILL DROP LIKE A TIMEBOMB………………………………….

  12. I was playing as Liverpool in the Champions Cup quarter final against Real Madrid. First leg was away at Madrid and I lost 4-1 (not my finest hour), however on the second leg where i was at home and i won 3-0 (4-4) agg. So i had 3 home goals and 1 away goal, while Real Madrid had 4 home goals. By the away goal rule i should have gone through, however, Madrid went through, didn’t even go to extra time. I dont quite understand why, even if FIFA 13 does not use the away goal rule, the game should have at least gone to extra time.

  13. I hope there will be more available stadium, as well as the Turkish League and the Argentine league .. it would be great .. if you have a TOTW for each league gets in Ultimate Team and finally, one could add new options cheers.

    sorry for my bad english i use a translator..

  14. I missing in Fifa more national teams….example: Nigeria, Japan, Ukrain…and more. Too few national teams. In fifa 98 before they came into the game you can look the stadium from outside that was great.
    And i miss the real stadium names….example Barceona Camp nou

  15. Well you know playing career mode and got a match coming up. Ohh wait, ive got to matches coming up straight april 1st and april 2nd wonderful i get to play more in a quick succession of time. Anyways if you dont get that i got two games straight after another one on tuesday and then wednesday and theres a week after with 1 game. Why can you guys make one of these two games in that week with one game its so pathetic looking at the game after another. Also your stamina system is s*** if the players stamina isnt 95-99 and they have 2 games in a week their energy bar will be 3 quarters of the way or less its horrible too see.

  16. Okay first of all i do love the gameplay.
    but FIFA should definitely consider improving the textures and models.
    I mean how on earth RAFEAL and Valencia look like that?
    We are paying for the game and i seriously would like models look like actual players.


  18. im sick of playing online seasons for me to be winning 3 or 4 nil and the opponent quits the game and i am left with no points advantage…also i thought i might try it and when i was losing 1 nil i quit and i lost 3 points and a game how is this fair? the only way i can gain points is to beat someone who will stay on until the end?!?!?!?!?

    this is only one of the major problems iv noticed with online play there are many more but will take me all day and a whole lot bigger column to write about it!

  19. Most of the time finding an opponent in the ultimate team freezes and it really pisses me off. Also refree jugdements are bad.

  20. It may have been said but when I have been in career mode and it comes to the end of the season and there are expiring contracts, I will go and renew them and add about 2 years on to the contract and the player will agree but it will come up saying that they haven’t accepted and then at the end of the season it will get rid of the player from my team. It is especially annoying when they are a very good player

    1. It is also annoying since you can’t buy them back and if you don’t have much money you can’t buy them back if it lets you. Very disappointing EA!!!!!

  21. What a pile of s***. The online signs out about 10 times every IF IT CONNECTS! So I can’t build any fifa points up to buy any good stuff from the store. I absolutely destroyed fifa 12 even on legendary, but on 13 I cannot win a game on professional and I mean I cannot. The computers defenders mark my players so tight most of the time they can’t make a run because they’re being blocked, but yet my defenders are about 10 yards away from the nearest player and I always end up goin about 2 – 0 down before half time every game whether it be accrington Stanley or Chelsea I’m playing. It constantly freezes so even if I did win a game I wouldn’t be able to save it on time anyway to keep the wein because it freezes most loading screens. Skill moves barely work against the computer as they are locked onto the ball and follow it wherever it goes so u can barely get passed them at all. Goalies get the ball for the other team and hold for as long as possible which is about 8 seconds and considering a game is about 5 mins a half that’s equivilant to about five minutes in a real time football match. So if you’re losing at the end of the match and they’re goal keeper picks up the ball u can pretty much guarantee the whistle will go by the time he kicks or throws the ball. It’s hardly been updated from fifa 12 bar the fact it’s ten times harder, main menu has had all its colour changed at there’s a different backround. Also there’s the new skill games during waiting times if it doesn’t freeze which all in all are more fun than the actual game. I won’t go into anymore detail but so EA know I’ve sold my copy and bought PES 13. It’s far more updated and fun to play. If EA keep this up I’m sure everyone will be saying PES is better in a couple of years. And I’ve played every version of fifa since 2002. That is all.

    1. Ur moanin how ur struggling on fifa shows ur skill as im findin gameplay fine apart from the servers and the occasional glitches in career mode fix those and the game’s good

    2. Stop complaining, it’s a good game. I always hear people complaining about the servers. i’ve never had a problem with them get your internet fixed and shut up

  22. The game is genuinely terrible at when you’re on ultimate team it freezes all the time, if you are winning like 7-0 and it cuts you out and you lose 3-0 and DNF goes down, and to top it off, MY SISTER can referee better than those on the game, I was the last man on goal and got 2 footed from behind and the ref sticks his arms in front and practically plays on, basically the refs are sh*t and so is the servers. SORT IT OUT. i paid £40 for this game i expect a decent game to play on.

    1. Yeah I agree, I have two footed loads off players and seen the legs go through the player an the ref has done nothing

  23. I play for two seasons and on my way to world..a few weeks before the tournament..the game freezes! How could this thing happen to us? Is there anything i can do so that i wont stuck again? WHAT A LIFE!

  24. So happy that the game freezes when i score a goal… in fact im happy that i pay to play ultimate team and its frozen about 6 times on me… i was especially delighted when i scored in the 90th minute to go 5-0 up and it freezes.. top game play there im so glad il never buy this game again after 6 years of fifa loyalty…

  25. so many bad reviews and comments bwt fifa 13 new straight away after playing the demo it was a load of bollox same has fifa 12 nothin great at all and at that price no way worst fifa i can remember and pro evo 13 miles a head already and that a fact so well done ea f***ing canadian wankers any1 agrees reply bk we cant be all wrong so get ur money bk and buy pro evo 13

  26. I won the league TWICE in player career with two different teams, played EVERY SINGLE GAME and it still wont give me the accomplishments… i have completed almost all of the accomplishments but it still wont unlock Win The League for Dribbling and Ball Control + 2!!! I am a Midfielder and one of them says you have to be a Midfielder/Forward or Forward but the other one does not say anything. WHY WONT IT UNLOCK?!?! I have played hours and hours every day to win the league twice and it wont do anything for me…

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  27. Hi,

    When i want to play a season game, the server most of the time loses connection. What a damm falure.

  28. this game freezing thing during career mode is ridiculous!
    there is a time I can guarantee it will freeze.
    if you use a second controller in career mode to play as the opposing team it will literally freeze when you have finished altering your squads then select ‘play match’.
    my brother and I dont turn the second controller on until the match has started now, which is extremely frustrating as he cant change his squad.
    once we have select sides to play against each other again it will freeze at either full time or after making a substitution.
    these issues seem to often reoccur when playing with a second controller on career mode.

  29. Seriously seasons is just ridiculous, always get stuck in arena/can’t find a game/most of the time when I connect to a game it just disconnects at the start.

    Please sort this out asap I’m getting sick and tired

  30. what a failure. FIFA 13 make someone loosing their passion on FIFA instead of PES. To easy to score on air ball. especially for man city. like s***!!! their striker unmark…always offside position..even more powerful than real madrid? realistic?? bulls***t!!! make all4,5 player on attacking and all 7 player defend when defensive? how to beat man city? to much….to much…FIFA suck!!!

  31. Can’t play seasons just keeps telling me connection to my opponent lost and to be honest it’s getting on my tits happy to sit back and rake in £40 a pop but won’t sort any problems out useless b***s

  32. So many bugs trying to play online in seasons mode…….from “connection failed” constantly… starting the warm up as a different team then it crashes……to being stuck in the warm up and having to restart my Xbox. I honestly think I have less than 50% success finding an opponent in seasons mode….wasting sooooo much time. FIFA 12 never had these issues!

  33. Absolute disgrace, why put a scottish third division side in the game (who have no trophies no history beyond june/july) yet you cant even get the celtic team or third strip correct, plus the disgraceful matchmaking in seasons which puts me/Celtic vrs someone/Lille who are a star better.this is worse than oranges in pro evo

  34. I have been trying out FIFA 13 for aboute a week now, and I am still not sure to give it thumbs up or down yet.. After hundred of hours on fifa 10,11 and 12 this is my opinion of fifa 13 so far..

    The gameplay seems to be more realistic than fifa 12. The collision engine is better, bad passes are harder to catch and it takes more time to send a pass and shoot. In general I feel the gameplay is more realistic…

    1. it is way to easy to score on airball! Players seams to be a little better on vollys, but the can score on hedders from any insane position. Way to imbalanced..
    2. It is also harder to controll the ball as defenders have gotten new shoes the are able to kick the ball out your feet when they shouldn’t.

    3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, the CUTSCENES in the game are back, they are long, and you cant skip them. Suddently in the middle of the game, the CPU team change players, and you HAVE TO whach a 15 sec cutscene. This is the most anoying thing ever…

    4. There is something wrong with the ref. You can break someones leggs, but a lot of random freekicks are given. Sometimes when players dont even touch…

  35. It took me a hour and meny god trying to get on line it plays so slowly and always losing con . Allways played FIFA going to buy pro better game.

  36. Fifa 12 was a giant leap. A beautiful game. Fifa 13,is good but could be much better. I agree with some of you here that the player momentum ,movement and inertia of the demo was better, and general gameplay was better also. If you play the demo several times and go back to the main game you will notice that. As to why EA changed that in the full version is a mystry to me also.

    Another thing which was very enjoyable in Fifa 12 was the virtual pro. it is not offline in Fifa13 !!!!why??
    Not to mention all the bugs.
    EA need to step it up….or ,may be they don’t have the passion anymore.

  37. You guys make Real Madrid soo good that’s retarded and Barcelona so weak that’s unfair and straight out stupid what a fail EA

  38. I really don’t understand how a big company like EA can release a game with so many issues. They still haven’t fixed the problem where people seem to be cloning cards in Ultimate Team. What is the point of playing if others are cheating, its easy to spot who is doing this! Then there is the slow or dead network problems. I have sold and bought players in Ultimate team but ended up not receiving the coins/players! Not going to bother buying FIFA 14, been a long time fan of FIFA games but if they cant produce a quality working title then I might as well try Pro Evo Soccer.

  39. I hope one day, the refs in fifa will be good,

    They are terrible, sometimes ther is a crazy leg breaking tackle, and the ref doesnt do any thing, and when you just push someone,you get a yellow card. i play on Proffesional and its like just to make it harder they ruin the ref.

    also the inpact s***, sometimes when one player tackles , another one falls over him, and then another one and another one and ….

    Those 2 things destroy the game for me, i really hate it, its very frustrating

  40. The demo was better…much better. EA felt somehow that they should make the players skate more!!
    The final game is just more or less the same as Fifa 12.
    EA needs to learn from Konami how to perfect the player movement…not the animations….the MOVEMENTS.

  41. Why did u increase the players momentum ??! The momentum and inertia of the players in the demo was perfect. In fact overall the demo was much better than the final game . Why EA? Why oh why!!!????

  42. I still think there needs to be a set standards of controls for online ranked play. No more full on assisted controls for anything. I’m not a full manual player, I use:

    Player switching – Manual
    Passing – Semi
    Through Ball – Manual
    Shooting – Semi
    Crossing – Manual
    Lob Pass – Manual

    I’m not campaigning for that to be the set standard, but it sure makes you actually know how to play the game…not some douche throwing up ridiculous hail mary passes while being marked by two defenders to ronaldo or messi in stride for a breakaway or the ever so popular running to the corners and swerving the ball directly between the CB’s onto a striker’s head.

    It’s just stupid. Try and put together a logical play as opposed to simply relying on the game to do everything for you. Use your assisted controls in offline play

    Why were both of my comments deleted? I can moderately understand one of them, but the other was not offensive in any way?

    I have been trying to get an online game started for almost an hour!!! What a waste of time! I love fifa, but I don’t want to pay $59.99 for a game that only works some of the time, not fair.

    Make assisted controls only available in unranked games, that is not an unreasonable request. Ranked games should only be for serious players!

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