FIFA 13 Feedback

FIFA 13 Feedback

Have you played FIFA 13 yet? How did you find the game? Do you want to tell EA Sports how did you like it?

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  1. I love playing fifa 14 especially online. However, what really bugs me is editing teams or adding players from ouside of the team in online head to head mood, By doing that, playing online becomes more fair and fun.
    INSTEAD I suggest making a team of the week from every league and allowing online players to use them with weekly squad update. Each league has it’s official team of the week and I suggest that as a source!

  2. FIFA 13 has been the first version that I truly invested in online play, overall I’ve been playing about 10 years. For me FIFA was always 2-players (coop) and career/seasons was mode of play. Playing FIFA 13 online 2-player (adding guest) against single players 99.9% of the time it quickly became clear that this version was created for the single player and the challenges 2-player creates are exploited by default (even AI). Over time my 2-player game has improved and I still believe it the best way to play the game. Nothing can replace the creativity of teammates (ie other humans) who know each other’s game or compare the goal scored after going end to end with a perfect string of plays while in a state of constant improvisation. I was never a “soccer” fan, yes I’m American, I only recently grown to appreciate the game. Double whammy for me my intro to the sport came via Man U, which makes you largely hated by most of the world. Oh well, again American- used to it! My ability to insult and curse in other languages has greatly improved (special thanks to UK- masters of slang) and of course this is part of the world game and expected of true fans. I would like to see other Coop teams on the next FIFA and modes that allow these teams to play against each (Coop Leauge). Here’s what I’ve learned A (advantages) that might persuade you to grab a friend for your next match.
    *Run interference- well timed blocking and intentional collisions are rarely called fouls and gives your teammate space to work or make a play that leads to a goal
    *Misdirection- a teammate streaking to a corner in full sprint forces opponents to react, while you use the space created and make a run somewhere else
    *Throw ins- throwing to teammate who can be any player and run in any direction (never get intercepted again). This also applys to goal kicks, free kicks, corners
    *Defensive superiority- 2 players playing cooperative defense will overwealm your enemies (they may juke 1, but they can’t account for both and you’ll win the possession (and frustrate opponents). Defeat the give and go with Ronoldo that you see 50 times a game, know is coming but still get beat for automatic goal anywhere within 35 yards of net by blocking predictable run or playing back to position for a crushing slide tackle when he’s most vulnerable (the trusty double slide tackle from 2 directions can give the Dr. on the touch line as much time on air as the commentators. Use X to get in a good position or keep a player contained while teammate comes in for sneak attack or let go of X and turbo in for unexpected slide tackle while your teammate covers for you
    *Offense- you make the run where you want or exploit what’s open (manual throughball allows you drop passes into a space and let your teammate alter his run to get to the ball with room and time, more options to press an attack). Get the ball to the box (it’s probably the easiest scoring position to get to but avoid the 5-8 opposing players who steal or block advance every time when playing alone), knock ball to space or teammate, set up short lob pass, get a quick 1-time pass to get around the wall, get some payback with a give and go for a 1-time shot into an open net or a flying header. A double celebration of your choice for an “in the face” to your opponent

    Wish List
    A combo of buttons that initiates the old soccer riot when you get that opponent who will pass it between goalie and defends for entire second half to get that 1-0 win or the opponent that seems to magically not be effected by the jumpy screen that is somehow jumpy just as you break towards the goal, just as corner kick gets in the air or just when you’re changing directions creating that perfect cut that puts them on goal (Riot nullifies game)

  3. Simply put this game needs work. I am an avid FIFA player and this has been the first year I have more negatives than positives to say. The idea is to spend your money on a game that entertains you. Paying money to watch my players trip over the ball and take 5 seconds to accelerate in any direction after taking a touch is not my idea of enjoyment. The terrible slow defenders catch players such as Robben and Messi in a few steps. Clear corners are called goal kicks. When I chose a team that is rated among the top ten in the world I expect to notice a difference between the best players in the world and the mediocre players who outrun and outplay them. I understand it’s based more on build up and stringing passes together but the fun has been taken out of the game with the weak dribbling and pace of every player. Personally, Ill be suffering through this year playing this game until 15 comes out. I wouldn’t be surprised if I sold my copy and upgraded to playing FIFA 13 for another year.

  4. OK, there is a big huge BUG in your game.

    I am playing SEASON, leading 3 to nothing, its the 80th minute, the opponent quits the game, and I get NO points, NONE, ZERO, how do you explain THIS!!!!!!!

    I am really disappointed with the game, cause its happened too often!

  5. One word FREEZE. Love the game but almost every second time I go into my career mode it freezes either at the main screen (usually when I select squads) or during the game (usually when I hit pause). It’s really frustrating!

  6. I could write at least 100 errors in this game. However, on the Xbox 360 IT IS AN ABSOLUTELY DISGRACE THAT WHEN YOU PAUSE THE GAME, IT ON MANY OCCASIONS FREEZES COMPLETELY ! This happens way to often, and this is unacceptable! Fix it EA, or you shouldnt make games at all.

  7. My team won the league, champions cup and the Spanish cup. The game is in the transfer period now and one of my players feels the team is under performing? so he does not want to sign a new contract. LOL, EA, the AI of the game is laughable, please make it more intelligent. It will be a real joy playing.

  8. I just finished a league in manager mode, my team won the league,champions cup and the spanish cup. It is now in the transfer period and one of my players does not want to sign a new contract because he feels the team is under performing,lol! EA, please work on the AI for the new game, make it realistic!

  9. I love the game overall but I have a few annoyances.

    1. Players fall way too easy when they get tackled; and then there is no urgency to get back up when they fall. Think about it, in real football, if you fall as a forward or striker close to the goal, you will be hustleing to get back up or even try to kick the ball on the ground. There is no sense of urgency at all even if the goal is right there in front of the player.

    2. when a player gets tackled for the ball, his momentum always drives him far away from the ball no matter the circumstance and he always seems to take forever to recover. Again, I think the sense or urgence should be included when he’s right infront of goal with a chance to score, or he feels he’s about to be scored on.

    3. The AI needs some work. I’ve had some situations where my player could easily get the ball and he just stands there until the opponent come and gets it.

  10. I have noticed when I give a through ball to my attackers and he is chasing it down and so is the defender, the defender seals out the attackers by blocking them completely! THAT IS A FREE KICK! defenders are allowed to body play attackers, not step in front of him,clearly holding you back while the ball rolls out of play regardless of the physical ability the attackers has. Please, work on that.

    Another thing, big defenders are slow, my attackers are fast and should be able to out run them easily, in FIFA13 it is not so, very unrealistic, so please, work on that too.

    In the main menu under career, or on top rather, the “CONTINUE CAREER” option is unusable and a waste of data, data that could be used to tweak something important. so, please, dont dissapoint.

    When making a substitution, the same scene is played for every player, that scene where the player points at something and then moves his mouth, another one is when two players are chatting, one ties his boot lace, gets up again and walks on. Rather remove those scenes completely. Keep the ones where they at the line welcoming the next player.

    The squad report in manager mode, after every month my players grow randomly. I want to know why the player grew, there is no detailed feedback that I have control over. please, introduce accomplishments for manager mode too. FIFA 11’s accomplishments was the best!

    The replay theatre screen is way too small, 50! spectacular replays that I want to show someone but then the goals can hardly be seen, especially long shots.

  11. I hope this would be registrated by EA, because there are so many errors in Fifa13 that I just have no intention to buy the next title until now.

    Here are the most annpoying mistakes:
    1. Invisible Players after substitution. In both teams. Invisible forwards scoring and no chance to defend it.
    2. Freezes an Shutdowns at the end of many matches after I choose a rematch.
    3. The Substitution-Display in the Bundesliga sometimes don’t disappear after the sequence and even not after the Game. Only after other Substitions or closing FIFA completely

    The last mistake exists since Release and was never corrected. The other 2 mistakes are new after updates of the game.

    After all I must say something to legendary mode. I have no problem if the enemy is playing good and I’m not. But if I allways get one goal by slapstick in the first 10 Minutes and then all my forwards allways shoots an inch beside the pole, its not harder to fight enemy, but very hard to fight this “random”.

  12. First of all, I’m sorry for my english… That’s polite enough by me, because I can’t even describe how bad this game is and how frustrated I am everytime I play Fifa 13.

    To start it, I must say that EA is such a f****ing liar. I lost an account because my profile got corrupted in EA servers, so they sent my case to EA Studio or Fifa Studio and after 3 months waiting they gave me 10 gold packs (!!!!!???) and not my account back! The reason? I didnt bought directly from Origin, I bought with one of the thousand websites that sell the game by authorization of EA!! The support guy said “we didn’t got your money, so we can’t refund the money to you!”. The weird thing is, everytime I called EA, they said “EA is always good with your players, you’ll be more than well recompensed… and then, 10 packs…

    I had to buy another copy of the game, and then the frustrating start all over again. Chemistry?? I lost way too much coins buying things to have a 100% chemistry squad on all my squads, it’s ok since your squad will play better with 100% chemistry. So, why in the name of GOD some 70% chemistry squads play better than my 100%’s??? Why they keep shooting, running and passing like f****ing beasts if they don’t have the 100% chemistry??

    Connection is another hilarious thing. It shows green, but when the game starts… I don’t need to say anything, everybody suffers from the same s*** problem!

    45″ 90” are the s***tiest thing in the world of games!! It’s like a natural cheat proudly presented by EA and Fifa 13!

    I have so many other things to complain but you know what? EA clearly knows what happens and dont do a single thing to solve it.

    I wont play Fifa 14, as many of my friends also will migrate to PES, and when someone asks me why do I hate this game, I don’t even need to think about, I’ll just play an online game and they will see it!

  13. I played Fifa 13 now for quite some time and want to leave some negative feedback here. I gotta admit, the Fifa series is on a level, that is real high. Its fun to play, it simulates football mostly as i’d expect it, and there is nothing more to add. There just some bugs, that i’d love to be fixed within the next versions. The main points that I was confronted with are:

    1. Online-Mode: Latency-problems of the other players can really destroy the fun, since its affecting both players. I would love, if the game would be aborted in case a specific latency has been reached. Rather that, than playing 15 minutes without having any chance of reaction on both sides.

    2. Strange never seen game-situations:

    a) My goalie kicks the ball half the field, suddenly one header allows the opponent to stand free and alone in front of my goalie. The same happened otherwise, I also made a lot of goals because of that. This is ridiculous, I never saw such situations in a real football game.

    b) Player partly running through my defense, being tackled by 5 defenders in a row, yet still the ball always jumps to him again, without me having any chance. Sometimes makes no sense too.

    c) Sometimes players get out of their defense, so that attackers stand off-side. Problem is, that always just one player keeps standing where he is. That leads for too often to 1on1 situations in front of the goal. Even at high-class teams like Barca or Bayern it happens that a very valuable player keeps standing where he is and destroys the offside trap. I can’t even influence it, since the players move automatically.

    3. The referee often has the same color as one team.

    4. Had a lot of situations where the ball was hit hard towards my goalie, but barely reached the 16-meter-room. My goalie automatically ran out and in the moment the goalie takes on the ball the controls switch to the goalie. That often led to the situation, where i ran into an opponent without having any change to do something else.

    Thats is. Hope my feedback is heard.

  14. my little bro deleted my ultimate team cause he didn’t like the players and now i cant do anything cause he has waste all my money on one player whose contract expired and now i cant delete the account and start again

    key point:remove the limit

  15. Everything you promised to improve had become a lie. For example AI intelligence, I forgot talking your own teammates, keepers standing still and letting shots going 1 mile an hour go in and being unable to pass a ball straight was intelligent. I would point out other flaws such as the referee but I’m sure this comment box wouldn’t be big enough.

  16. This game is by fa e worst FIFA ever made in terms of gameplay absolutely bs some of the stuff that happens. Won’t be buying FIFA 14

  17. 1) Everytime I score an early goal on online season and my opponent quits game how comes I don’t win? It just goes back to the same amount of matches as I had before.

    2) Why does my EAS cut randomly? And it’s always when I’m winning or drawing.. Do something about this, it’s frustrating me on a different level.


  18. Just played a match on fifa where ea have shat on me once again. TOTS Benteke who has 99 strength constantly getting outmuscled by david silva and ramires. Not only that ea have to screw me over some more by letting kompany catch up ramires who is 10 yards infront of kompany.

  19. Referees. Dont get me started. Playing ultimate team, and my striker (Defoe) gets shoved off the ball then slide tackled by his defender, and the ref gives nothing, however I completed a perfect slide tackle and got the ball, and the referee sends off my defender and its a penalty. FIX THIS EA.

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  21. The career mode in Fifa 13 is the worst and most non realistic ever made.
    I had an experience i was SK Brann a norwegian team. I led them to the euro League final and lost to Chelsea, and i thought well okay it was against Chelsea so.. But after my 2 place in euro League i would expect to get a nice amount off money because its euro League and as an norwegian middle club you kind a need the money.
    The amount you get for a 2 place in euro League is
    Pitty 1.000.000 eu
    I think its a joke and waste of time!
    It kind a looses its point of trying to win a Big cup, you get silly 1.000.000 eu for a 2 place.
    Off course you want the title but the most importància thing is the money you get from the tournament and that is a joke!!!
    Hope it will be improoved in FIFA 14

  22. this game is the worst fifa i have ever played its not soccer nor futbol it suks its for people who dont really like soccer and just want to score theres no development of the goals just a bunch of gay passes 40 yards out the refs suk the game suks thanks ea for being the worst company many years in a row you guys blow

  23. This game the worst FIFA what i ever play. The defending a piece of s***, the control as well! This isn’t football game! Physics of the Game is rubbish!And a lot of cheater play in online mode and the ea does not do nothing, protection 0.
    Bravo EA!!

  24. Would be a disgrace if next fifa “fifa 14” hasnt got celtic park in it. It says its going for improved stadiums. The only way to improve that. Not just for the millions of celtic fans but all lover of football. Celtic park should be init

  25. You need to do a better job finding out who deserves the points when someone disconnects (DNF). I can’t tell you how many time I’ll extend my lead late by a fair amount of goals and my opponent will quit, causing me to lose connection as well. I get the DNF, and zero points 50% of the time. If someone is up, chances are they are not trying to force a DNF. Just happened to me now.

  26. I recently bought Fifa 13 for X-Box as I could not find PES 2013 anywhere, I thought I might as well give it a try after a 15 year break hoping to be impressed, I was very disappointed, I will return to PES as soon as I can find a title.

    This is a list of a few things I have noticed in the game that are problematic/wrong/irritating.
    -No matter how many international matches I have played, every match is a debut match.
    -As a player, I would like to be able to request that I be rested, so as to pre-empt an injury that takes me out for 3 months!
    -During a day game, when the 4th official puts up his board and we see the players coming on/going off the field, all of a sudden, it is night time but the stadium lights are off.
    -When there is about to be a substitution, I do not want to have to wait and watch every player mess around before the sub is actually made, I would like to be able to press a button and skip that cut scene if I want to.
    -The referee decisions are somewhat biased towards the AI. If I do a standing tackle on a player, I get blown for it, yet the AI can slide in from behind with 2 feet and keep on going?
    -In career mode, I cannot use the “continue career” option as this will take me to the very first save point I created which was 10 games into a season. Instead I have to create alternate save points and choose to load a career instead.
    -Being “new” to Fifa again, the home menu is frustrating and not very clear cut as to what each menu option opens up for me.
    -During a season, if I happen to have a game on the transfer deadline day, I cannot play that match, it gets simulated. I have to sit there and go through the transfers instead.
    -Along side that, if, as a player only, why cant I just skip the whole day, rather than have to go through it 1 hour at a time? I cant buy or sell players so why make me suffer?
    -Sometimes after scoring goals, I will have a player run in circles like an idiot until he collides with the goal scorer, step aside and run in a circle again…..
    -When I manually change player during a game, the game follows some weird selection system rather than giving me control of the player nearest the ball.
    Many time I have wanted to intercept or make a tackle but I end up getting control of a player on the other side of the screen.

    The game play is great but there are far too many issues that stop the game from being seamless and give a better feel to the overall game experience.
    I suppose you don’t care anymore as you already have my money from purchasing the game but I will be going back to PES unless you can convince me that all of these issues can be fixed!

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