FIFA 11 Soundtrack

FIFA 11 Soundtrack

FIFA 11 Soundtrack (in-game songs) complete list. FIFA 11 OST features 33 songs from 34 artists. You can listen to FIFA 11 soundtracks (music tracks) by clicking on the song name links below:

FIFA 11 Soundtrack Playlist

Song Download
Ana Tijoux
Ace of Hz
Around Us
Linkin Park
Can't Sleep
Adrian Lux
Don't Turn The Lights On
El Bombo
ChocQuib Town
El Tigeraso
Fire With Fire
Scissor Sisters
Flash Delirium
Ram Di Dam
I Can Change
LCD Soundsystem
I Can Talk
Two Door Cinema Club
It Only Takes One Night
Dum Dum Girls
Paper Romance
Groove Armada
Record Collection
Mark Ronson (Feat. Simon Le Bon and Wiley)
Rhinestone Eyes
Rules Don't Stop
We Are Scientists
The Pinker Tones
Splitting The Atom
Massive Attack
Sun In My Pocket
The Space Ahead
Tighten Up
The Black Keys
Trick Pony
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Ebony Bones
White Picket Fences
Jump Jump Dance Dance
Dan Black

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92 thoughts on “FIFA 11 Soundtrack

  1. F@cking Amazing soundtrack !! The best. Thank you EA Sports for enlightening me to these different genres of music, and international artists.

  2. hey,
    does anybody know the song on fifa 11 (i dindt find it here)?????? the refrain is like this:
    ooooooooooo oo oooooooo oo oooooooo oo sun goes down oooooo oo (sorry but i dont know everything of the text) it’s a woman who’s singing

    please please let me know if u know this song!!! im searching so much of it!!!


    1. I came here looking for the song which goes like “ooooooooooo oo oooooooo oo oooooooo oo sun goes down and I can’t stop something something…..” too but I can’t find it anywhere……can anyone please let me know the songs name please?

  3. Good Charlotte- Sex on the Radio
    All Time Low- Lost In Sterio
    Everley Brothers- All i have to do is dream
    The Cure- Friday Im In love
    The Vaccines- Post Breakup Sex
    Noah & The Whale- 5 Years Time
    Robyn- Call Your Girlfriend
    Bruno Mars- Lazy Song

  4. MGMT-Kids
    Boxcar Racer- There Is
    Joe Jonas- See No More
    The Strokes- Undercover of Darkness
    Blink 182- Up All Night
    Biffy Clyro- Folding Stars
    30 seconds to mars- This Is War
    Stiff Dylans- Ultraviolet
    U2- Beautiful Day
    Benni Benassi- Satisfaction
    Simple Plan- Jet Lag

  5. Mgmt, two door cinema club and gorillas are all good but they shouldn’t have chosen a new gorillas song. Their new stuff is terrible.

  6. I only know 2 of those songs and i dont like them ! i would love 2 listen to some good songs while going through the menu or fixing my team in manager mode i normally mute the t.v and play my own songs . this is bad

  7. These songs make the game much more than a football game. Perfect soundtrack for a perfect game. Keep up the good work!

  8. Wont go quietly and songs that people actully know. i dont know these songs but they are really good.

  9. i predicted right
    Ana Tijoux- 1977 (CHILE BTW)
    LCD Soundsystem- I can change
    Black Keys- Tighten Up
    Chromeo-Dont Turn The light on

    but should of put
    Broken Social Scene-Forced To Love
    M.I.A-Born Free
    Belanova-Yo Nunca Vi Television
    Latin Bitman- Help Me ft. Fransisca Valenzuela

    other than that all the other songs were good
    like from caribou,Gainsbourg and Maluca

    1. Couldn’t agree more!There is a reason they don’t have the music from Nascar and NHL on it, it’s soccer, soccer is refined in nature. Only competent well rounded people can appreciate all types of music!

  10. Soundtrack to put you to sleep. Really didn’t like it. Only liked the one song Snowflake. And they could have picked a better Linkin Park song than that, had no idea that was them until I came here, I always skipped it. Shame they didn’t use the soundtracks from Nascar or NHL.

  11. they could of at least put in a few songs from the world cup
    shakira – waka waka (official world cup song)
    knaan – waving flag (coke sponserd song)
    dizzee rascal + james corden – shout
    all of them are football based but ON THE GOOD SIDE NO VUVUZELLA’S…hopefully

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