FIFA 12 is the 19th title in Electronic Arts’ FIFA series of football video games under the EA Sports label. FIFA 12 has been released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PSP, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 2, Windows, Mobile Phone, iPhone, and iPad.

FIFA 12 Release Date
30th September 2011

FIFA 12 Demo
Download FIFA 12 Demo

FIFA 12 Features

  • Player Impact Engine
  • Pro Player Intelligence
  • Tactical Defending
  • Precision Dribbling
  • EA SPORTS Football Club
  • Support Your Club
  • True Injuries
  • New Presentation
  • Easier Navigation and New Interface
  • Complete Authenticity
  • AI Vision Game
  • 3 New Arena
  • New Camera
  • Street Football (3DS)

FIFA 12 Leagues

  • Australia (A-League)
  • Austria (Austrian Football Bundesliga)
  • Belgium – Belgian Pro League
  • Brazil – Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A
  • Czech Republic – Gambrinus liga
  • Denmark – Danish Superliga
  • England – Premier League, Football League Championship, Football League One and Football League Two
  • France – Ligue 1 and Ligue 2
  • Germany – Fußball-Bundesliga and 2. Fussball-Bundesliga
  • Republic of Ireland – League of Ireland Premier Division
  • Italy – Serie A and Serie B
  • South Korea – K-League
  • Mexico – Primera Division de Mexico
  • Netherlands – Eredivisie
  • Norway – Tippeligaen
  • Poland – Ekstraklasa
  • Portugal – Portuguese Liga
  • Russia – Russian Premier League
  • Scotland – Scottish Premier League
  • Spain – La Liga and Segunda Division
  • Sweden – Allsvenskan
  • Switzerland – Swiss Super League
  • Turkey – Süper Lig
  • United States – Major League Soccer
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    21 thoughts on “FIFA 12

    1. Add Morocco’s National team and why not the Moroccan league ! We are thousands of fan over here waiting FIFA each year to get some interest in the African football.

    2. In my opinion you have made the difference in between difficultly levels to much, on semi pro I’m beating everyone 8-0 then with professional (the next level up) its like playing world class!!! Please look at this for FIFA 13 because I’ve been buying fifa’s since 96.

    3. It would be nice to see the Greek league, Cypriot league and a few more europian leagues, for the manager mode, so there’s more teams involved in europian leagues

    4. Ideas for FIFA 13
      • Ask owners for more cash
      • Buy back clauses and release fee clauses
      • Confirm transfers out of transfer window
      • Emergency loans
      • Less big transfers
      • Look at bids made by other clubs for players you’re interested in
      • Other clubs do loan view to permanent moves
      • Player plus cash deals
      • Pre contracts
      • Recommend players to clubs
      • Request an amount of money when a club bids for a player
      • Swap deals
      • Value goes down when in last year of contract
      • International tournaments and friendly’s
      • UEFA license
      Virtual Pro
      • International games
      • Long term contract
      • Transfer in transfer windows
      Manager mode
      • Be an international manager
      • Be international and club manager at one time
      • Long term contract
      • Other clubs change managers every few seasons
      • Resign when you want
      • Talk to other clubs about being there manager
      • Get different brand to make your kit if you want to
      • Get new sponsors if you want to
      • New kit each two seasons
      Youth academy
      • Have a few real life players in the youth academy to begin with
      • Look at other clubs youth academy
      • Poach players from other clubs youth academy

      Player mode
      • Ask for a certain shirt number
      • Ask for higher wage and bonus
      • Hand in transfer request
      • Reply whether rumours are true about your club or not
      • Answer questions from the press
      New leagues
      • Argentinean
      • Greek
      • Turkish
      • Ukrainian
      Scout real players
      • How much it would probably cost you to buy them
      • Other clubs possibly interested
      • Suggested bid
      • Tell you who they are similar to in your squad
      Online career mode with a friend
      • Play matches with friend
      • Send message about key decisions
      • Punish players
      • Reserve match’s
      • Scout real players
      • Trial players

    5. I would like that football party come back in the next fifa. i liked to play with my friends and we enjoyed too much.

    6. Fifa 13 should think about incorporating manager avaters, as i feel they are the only people in the game that are left out of the game. It would be great to have touch line activity from the likes of Mourinho and Wenger and will make the game even more realistic then ever.

    7. I would very much like to see APOEL FC and other Cypriot teams in the next Fifa game. Also I would like to have a story mode optional for the Be a Pro mode something similar to the narrative of GOAL! the movie.

      1. They should wait to see if Rangers survive first. Rangers going under will reduce the amount of work EA has to do by 50% 😉

    8. the tackling is tricky and i find that some shots u take always gets the same save from the keeper and there it would be better if there was hand ball lol but apart from that the best football title around.

      1. It is a super good game, and I have probably played all of the fifa games ever made but the worst issue I am having with this one is that the EA servers are so messed up that you just loose your connection for no reason and specially I am so pissed coz I was about to win a game 2-1 and it was already almost 90 mins and I loose my connection to EA server while my internet is working fine and when I connect it back on, I am the looser… how can that be??? fix this stupid problem, u know.. it is so annoying…

        1. I have the same problem as you where my internet is fine and i get disconnected for no reason and then get signed out of EA i need this problem to get fixed because it is so annoying for me to be winning then disconnect and lose

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