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Got FIFA 09? What was missing in the game? Any ideas for the next version? … Share your ideas and suggestion for FIFA 10 here at FIFPlay.

Which features should the next version of FIFA have? Which ones should it not have? How should be the controlling-system, gameplay, players, clubs and teams in future FIFA?

What were the bugs in FIFA 09? Which version of FIFA Series was the best one for you?

Write us your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for EA Sports FIFA 10 in the form given below. We will send your ideas, suggestion and comments regading FIFA to EA Sports developers.


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  1. I love fifa10 ive been playing along time and really feel they have a great game here and the improvements are really worth the upgrades thanks! nice blog!

  2. Please do something about peaple that quits the game if they are losing in ranked quickmatch in Xbox Live , i hate that beeing leading with 5-0 and they quits the game if they lose . that getting me crazy . pls do so if they quit the game if i lead with 5-0 they score will still stand there.

  3. for to better the game, and precise:
    *to place the flags.
    *the news stadiuns.
    *the new master ligue.
    *the news balls, how jabulani.
    *with atadiun of the ligue the chanpions of the UEFA.
    *best image.

  4. in fifa 11,u should be able to select 10 teams u like to manage in the career mode during the start,you should be offered the job during the course of the career mode as soon as u reach the required prestige level,or atleast the leagues u want to manage.

  5. able to select 10 teams u like, before the manager mode,so that during the course of the season u get offered those jobs as u get to their respective manager prestige level

  6. in fifa11 i think they should show the bench and how the the coach gets mad, and when he call the player from the bench make them start warming up and show it when they are warming up. make it more realistic and when your favorite team wins a cup show when they celebrate and when they run around the stadium and hold the cup

  7. I want greek championship in fifa ! Please add it …

  8. There are only a couple of things that Fifa has got wrong, In Be a Pro mode, it needs more realistic features to be able to create your own player, 1st person camera angle to make it feel as though your actually playing and finally put some more realism into the movement of the players. If you compare Fifa 10’s ‘Be a Pro’ mode to PES 2010’s ‘Become a Legend’ then you will see that PES is far superior in its graphics, player creation, camera angles, player movement, and being able to play for an entire career unlike Fifa.

    I was a loyal Fifa player, but when PES upped their game and offered more than Fifa in the ’09 game, i converted to PES, but i know that if Fifa fix the things i said, i would go back.

  9. + Be able to watch the stretcher coming on to the field from the camera that your using, For Example, You watch the stretcher come on the field while the camera is still in Dynamic or Tele.
    + If you do so well as a manager you get offered other jobs, and if you do so well then you get offered national manager.
    + Players getting injured in training or freak accidents
    + Players going partying and not coming to training the following day, so you get to hand out a punishment
    + Be able to dive and if you time it well you can get away with it, time it wrong and you can get a yellow card.
    + Argue with the referee, if a player fouls another player then the captain of the other team can go up to the referee and say: ” Ref, thats the second time hes done that” and try and persuade the ref to hand out a card
    + As a Pro, if you dont play well in an international match, or get sent off, then on the next club game the fans start to boo depending on how bad you played.
    + Real injuries that last more than 3 matches, if its bad he could be out for up to 4 months if its not to bad then 1-2 weeks.
    + A player could be out for a week if hes had a family loss, or his WAG has a child.
    + Form, if a player doesnt play well, his confidence drops and he plays even worse
    + Put the legends, Pele and Maradona into the Classic XI