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  1. Why dosent every team have their own stadium. And you could choose the capacity of the stadium. And could there also be season ticket holders and you choose the price of the season tickets and the normal tickets. And choose a sponser to sponser you and you get money of your sponsorships for a win ald lose money for a loss. And can free-kicks be easier because I normally always sky or hit the wall, I have never ever scored from a free-kick. Can ‘keepers actually dive realistic places like bottom and top corners. And it would be cool if there was a mistake like on a wet pitch slip over or mis-kick the ball. Can there also be real injuries like when a defender jumps up to head the ball they could have a bleeding scratch across th eye so he has to go of for treatment or when a forward tries to chase the ball he pulls his hamstring and it shows up flashing at the bottom of the screen. Also every match, if you win more than 1-0 E.G.: 3-2 a member of the acdemy moves up one place and so-on.
    Please consider one of my ideas for FIFA 10 and other FIFA games,
    Yours faithfully

  2. Fifa need to improve manager mode this way:

    + Bring back the Youth Academy and the National Team selection in manager mode.

    + The scouting needs to be more realistic as well instead of 17 year olds with ratings like 86. It’s more realistic to scout a player whose about 15-17 with a rating of about 50-72ish

    + They need to STOP the f**cking League games being played at night, rain or overcast all the time!

    +We should be able to decide the: Age, Country of origin and an exact Position (i.e. ST, RF, RB, CB, LW… etc.), of scouted players.

    + Teams should be able to approach my players who are performing well, it’s unrealistic for a club to have a player who scores about 30 a season and not get approached by other clubs

    +The EEC/EFA final ground should be a REAL and a decent one, not that crappy one with overcast on all the fricking time!

    +Managers should have the option to resign, but this should mean that you won’t have as many jobs available as you do at the start!

    +More boots to choose from!!!

    +A manager at ‘Barcelona’ should have a higher prestige/reputation as a Manager at ‘Barnsley’

    + Testimonials friendlies for retiring players who have been at the club for over 10 years

    +Finally I reckon it would be nice if the game had a feature in manager mode where you can send a scout to keep track of players in your short-list so that you can gauge the performances and be able to decide on whether you sign them or not.

    I’m really hoping that this is all taken into consideration, and if you agree, please repost this to get the message across….Much appreciation.

  3. Hey guys. For me one of the most frustrating things about Manager Mode in Fifa 10 was the weather problems. Virtually every Premier League game was played at night, in the rain, overcast, every condition apart from sunny. Even when playing in La Liga you will get games played during the day, when in real-life they always play at night. In fact, the Athletico Madrid stadium didn’t even have the option to play at night! This problem for me makes the game a hell of a lot less realistic.

    I know it only sounds like a little thing, but it was incredibly frustrating for me and I know a lot of others also.

    I beg EA to allow players to pick the weather BEFORE every Manager Mode game. Just like you can do via ‘Kick Off’. This would easily put an end to all the complaints on these forums regarding weather. There are a lot of massive requests from everyone that want big changes in Fifa 11, but I only really want this little one. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to fix.

    If you really want this change then please comment on the thread, I would also be happy for EA to let us know here what’s happening regarding this aspect of the game.

  4. I think that you should have the ability to dive and depending on how real the dive looks get away with it! Also have the abiliy=ty to argue with the reff about descitions like A to beg, B to shout, X to clap angrily and Y to kick the ball away. Finaly you should be able to wath highlights from other games. much apreaciated

  5. i think you should see the managers alot through the game like on world cup 10. Need to be more reslistic gameplay handball, diving, argueing with the ref and when you get subbed should see him shake hands with manager and rspond eg sit down on bench high 5 with other players or storm of down tunnel if not happy. MAKE THE STADIUMS THE REAL STADIUMS NO FOOTBALL GROUND OR IVY LANE!!.

  6. get rid of the cheapness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 90% of people play 10 man defense longball crap online ,get lucky ie the you tackle them 5 times they still keep the ball usually clean through on goal its rubbish !!!!!! I understand it happens in football but 90% of the time the team who plays better possesion football better passing wins not loses to cheese ,this is the most frustrating and annoying football game ever made!!!!!!!!!! you said last year you would favor the more positive player LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absolute rubbish favors the negative team everytime with 1 long ball counters and basically playing with a ten man defence with 1 superstar upfront doing everything with him rubbish unrealistic and unresponsive ,the amount of times i press shoot and it doesnt do it when clean through is unreal and as I said earlier I tackle 1 guy 5 times and he still ends up with the ball happens WAY TOO MUCH IF you care about the fans sort the damn game play out it is awful at times

  7. O jogo e muito bom mais a jogadores do brasil que sõa melhores que europeis,mais a habilidade desses jogadores com Hernanes,Paulo Henrique,Neymar esses jogadores não chegam perto da habilidade nem de um volante de time frances.E tambem que o proximo fifa vem ter jogadores naormais não igual ao Ibraimovik ele parece o Pele,ele ganha na corrida de todo o mundo,no corpo,ele e um jogador “star” vamos dizer assim a mesma coisa o puyol não ha graça ter ele na zaga porque ninguem passa,se fosse real isso mais não na vida real não vejo tudo isso neles.E so isso,Valeu.

  8. How about next time start by the sixteen teams that get eliminated from the first round play against each other same term as the qualifing sixteen .
    This should give you more interest and also more money
    thank you for listening
    living victoria b.c canada
    home mosta malta

  9. I believe in fifa 11 the following things should be highly prioritised when on the topic of improving the fifa games..
    – Managers getting involved (possibly alex ferguson sat in his chair with his wrigleys 🙂
    -better passing play, build up better
    – manager mode should be 2 or more player
    – be a pro seasons should use the proper schedule for instance fa cup,carling cup,community shield, world cup qualification instead of just the basics.
    -larger range of boots to select from
    – 2 player arena mode( like heads and volleys or cupi)

    -should be able to dive,handball,tug shirt, and push players, although this should not be encouraged it is the common day game and if fifa intend to make fifa 11 surpass 10 by far they need to be realistic
    -possibly injured players sat in the stands watching the game
    – national manager in the stands when performing at club level
    – realistic mistakes, for instance wet conditions should mean a slip or miss kick
    – 1st season of manager mode needs champions league/europa league football
    -better first touch system
    better volleys
    – more acrobatic finishes
    – better celebrations( drogba and malouda drums and guitar)
    edit kits in manager mode to keep an up to date feature in
    change sponsors on shirts
    be a pro should be based on real life travelling to training and back confronting the press and being in the changing rooms before kick off
    edit hairstyles to keep up to date(manager mode)
    should be able to manage englland or other nationals in manager mode
    cup scenarios.. ( premier league title race )

  10. i just have some ideas that might make the game a better one…
    first include the world cup tournament but also the qualification rounds and of course with all national teams
    or u can just add the qualification rounds to your be a pro career mode instead of just the friendly games n also add the leagues cup not just the league…
    but please add all national teams please!!!!!

  11. each season you should be able to change your kit slightly because it isnt fair because im a villa fan but i was newcastle on my manager mode and like i was in champions league still with my championship kit with the championship badges on it — STADIUMS– realistic money like first season man u should be in debt same as all the teams in debt— better crowd graphics if possible and show them lifting cup in wembally like walking up the steps and the captain lifting it. realistic transfers .. please take note of this

  12. add russian league,ukranian league,japanese league,VITALIS LEAGUE

    add the gameplay of fifa world cup 2010

    the fifa ultimate shouldnt had a price for free

    on manager mode extend more the salaries to spend and the direction of clube it gotta be more pacient and more free

    deffinitely you guys should have real celebrations with the cup referees,fireworks and medals put the players getting to the middle of fans to receive the cup in captain hands

  13. In my opinion, for editing or creating a player there should be a selection of size of ankle tape. there should be long size from bottom of feet to the beginning of the shin-pad, medium size, the size you have now and little size from the foot to just over the ankle. Also in creating and editing, we should able to make our own boots and edit other boots, for example changing the colour of the boots adding designs e.t.c. Also in the same category as the others the should be more hair options like shape up, mini- afro with shape up, e.t.c. make our own kit with big sponsors and so on. and sleeve options, 3/4 size should be added.

    Thank you.

  14. They need to put fifa 11 online manager mode it will be better than fut because all the teams are the same but with Fifa online manager they can have gameworlds such as english championship 1 etc or ligue bbva 1. If they add this the matches would have to be a resonable time.Saturday wouldn’t be good beacuse 1/2 of fifa fans go to support thier team at 3′oclock and if its away match they wont make it. so Friday,wednesday,tuesday or sunday

  15. would like there to be a create a player and create team, and lower leagues and when a team gets promoted on manager mode the numbers change style
    ^ all for the psp!

  16. I Think On Fifa 11 EA should add a arena where you can play with friends and practice for online clubs.

  17. i think on FIFA 11 there should be a number of better features :

    – boot updates, so when there are new boots released in real-life, you can get them on the FIFA store on your FIFA 11 game.

    – official cup tournaments in manager mode, e.g. FA Cup, Champions League, EUFA Cup, Community Shield, World Club Cup etc.

    – in manager, when a player is for sale in real life, they should be on the next transfer market in your manager mode

    – player celebrations : a player for example, Steven Gerrard, you should be able to press a button or two for e.g.. R1 + A, and it will perform one of hi celebrations or a number of celebrations.

    – on Be A Pro, you should be able to load your FIFA 10 Be A Pro player and load him onto your FIFA 11 game, so there will be no starting again, but obviously, should have updated kits, but the boots you currently have, should be able to be re selected whenever you want.

    – FIFA 11 Be A Pro should have more achievements to earn.

    – FIFA 11 would be more entertaining if it had fights when there are major tackles or bad tackles. you should also be able to pull on the other teams shirt when running along side or behind them trying to tackle them.

    – the referee’s should be less eager to blow his whistle for nothing more than a little shoulder barge.

    – Arrange own pre-season friendlies.

    – design your own kit and load it into your manager mode/be A pro/tournaments.

    – Frequent club transfer rumors

    – Players swap shirts after european games.

    – Actually see your team lift and parade with the trophy

    – Referee telling players to get up if they’ve gone down too easy.

    – Clips from the bench e.g. manager celebrating or shouting.

    – Awards e.g. PFA player of the year.

    – Different camara frames during celebration (also shaky camera)

    – Other live scores on screen during match e.g. in European games.

    – Create your own team!

    – Clips from the bench e.g. manager celebrating or shouting

  18. you should be able to create your own club and design your own kits,badges,etc…… and u could add real people or created players in fifa to your own club, that would be cool……….

  19. you should be able to go to parties, sign shirts and live life like shopping for takkies,clothes
    ,watches,houses and phones.but best game ever

  20. I would like to see fights fouls tackles yellow and red cards injuries and conservative tackles

  21. i would like to see knock tournaments on line , you could have them starting every few hours max of 32 teams the winers could go into a suppa cup .

  22. i think you should be able to do more volleys and i agree u should be able to dive or hold players shirts

  23. U should be abel to create a team better transfers better referreeing and non profesional leagues like blue square league. Should be Abel to desine my own stadium and should be able to create a new kit evry season or two

  24. need to make the atmosphere ALOT better.. you need to feel more in the game, such as NBA Live does.. and be able to see the coaches… more international teams like trinidad etc.. make the crowd look better, more variety of people and colors, show the fans more like before throw ins and corners and all stoppage plays.. and the managers. make snow and rain more real.. bigger splashes when its raining and ur running.. make the sky more real..



    commentators from that home teams country.. it gets boring listening to martin tyler every game.. mls should def. have this atleast..more up too date play calling too.. it seems like ur making all these passes and the commenators are just not even watching it..

  25. the next one should be called FIFA SIMS
    the next fifa should be called FIFA SIMS so u can buy a house and car and drive to maches and that and buy stuff from shops on it

  26. yellow and red cards fouls injuries conservative tackles fights
    Injuries and fights
    can you put big fights on my fifa 10 for my psp please
    thanks your’s Gary Vaughan
    you should bring lua lua back for pompey

  27. first….there should be a world cup ….and fans need to be realistic. i want to be able to dive…think that would be wicked ….also when a team wins a cup or league …better celebration ..and if you bring a player off hes morale shouldn’t go down. Also i think the we should be able to swap players and give a more realistic offer ….

  28. Classic Players:

    Ability to choose classic players like Pelé, Laudrup, Beckenbauer, Romario, Schmeichel and Maradona etc.

    Would be fun to be able to make a team of your all-time favourites.

  29. you should make a huge list with recorded names like in PES, so you can actualy hear your name be called when playing pro-mode…
    Manager mode you should be able to change clubs, get paid and be manager of your national team , even be able to go to the world cup, nahhh that too much, it would be like the best fifa game ever…lol…but it would decrease the demad for fifa 12,13,…
    another good thing would be able to change shoe,cleats colors… ilke wih vapors … that way you dont have to create any new models, and it would be cool, a greater variety of colors..

  30. I think that on the Classic 11 they should have Romario. Pele, Batistuta, Baggio, Eusebio and Zola

  31. be able to upload your virtual pro with same overall same traits and accsesories

  32. you should be able to swap players and thre should be more injuries to make it more realistic

  33. Make MExico players better and faster I mean comoe on! you even make the USA faster then MExico wat a lie. Cabanas was shot over a year ago, chicharito is way better then 71 overall wow jaja carlos vela more then 76 also hes good, just does not start for arsenal

  34. captains should give armband to vice captain when subed or sent off. the weather conditions should effect gameplay. the animations should be more realistic. THERE SHOULD BE A WORLD CUP FOR CRYS SAKE. players should be rated correctly. manager mode and be a pro should be improved alot. you should be able to change you,re kit after each season in manger mode. there should be a UEFA champions league and europa league. you should be able to manage not only clubs but countries. on be a pro you should be able to be transfered or loaned to a new club. players like rooney and tevez like to wear undershirts so players should be able to do that on fifa 11. you should be able to make you,re own goal celebrations.

  35. In Fifa 10 the crowd was absolutely shocking, in the world cup edition the crowd is a little better but are very static and don’t celabrate with passion and dont make very good noises according to their countries.
    In fifa 11 they should show stewards, camera men, ball boys, police officers etc. walking around instead of standing still which will add realism.
    You should also be able to see your team warming up before the match and during you should see your subs warming up.
    At the start of games it should give you a view of your team coming out of your dressing room and into the tunnel. There should also be the option of creating your favourite teams stadium or doing a download from the playstation or xbox store.
    The main problems with manager mode are the transfer window, the fact you cant see the mangers at the side of the pitch in the tecnical area, also alot more people would buy the game if you could customize your teams strips and player appearence during the season. Also i assume EA are extremely wealthy and i cant see why they dont buy the wrights to use the champs league, europa league, club world championships and international tournies. If they do those things fifa will be the best game ever made and will embaress PES.

  36. players need to get injured more often, the playstation should create more chances as i always find i get 0-0 draws.
    be able to manage countries in manager mode and chose squad
    better scouting mode
    swaping players should be a feature