FIFA 09 Bugs & Glitches (User-Reported)

Have you found a bug in EA Sports FIFA 09 game? – Why don’t you report it to us? We’ll keep track of your bug complaints here at FIFPlay and report them to Electronic Arts’ FIFA developers so they may be fixed.

Simply give us your bug reports in any format – text, saved replay, taken video, or any other – and we’ll post them here for our community to see.

PC Graphics > Rendering – Reported by: Quartiroli Massimiliano

I was playing offline vs CPU – single match. After a replay I found that all my players was suddenly disappeared except my goalkeeper. The CPU goalkeeper started the new action with only CPU players on the field, and they easily scored me. After the goal and the replays my players reappeared.

PC / Offside – Reported by: Sascha P.

There’s a huge bug after the referee decides freekick because one of my players were offside.
after that, i get the freekick and there’s no goalkeeper in goal.
check the link:

Online Mode – Reported by: Jonas De Loore

When you enter a online league of yours (and you see the league table your team is part from) it happens quite often that the buttons select and back do not work, while sort is always working.

When you create a session (ranked match) its quite often not impossible for both of the players to push the “ready to start” button. And quite often you don’t see the shirt of the opponent). From then on when you push back and you restart ‘create session’ I constated that it will not be possible to play online against someone. Quitting online and restarting FIFA 2009 will work.

Another consideration: It happened for me a couple of times a player is pushing alt+escape during online match (while opponent is losing) and so fifa 09 alerts ‘lost connection’. Which makes you’re not winning the game and he’s not losing the game.

FIFA 09 Bug / PS3 / Controlling & Referee – Reported by: Gavin Lewis

One of the main bugs i’ve noticed whilst playing the PS3 version is that when you knock the ball over the top to your front man, whilst you’re sprinting towards the ball along with the oppositions defender, when you come close to the ball, your player starts to sidestep towards the ball and the other player wins the ball easily. This also happens the other way round when the other team does the same and you’re in control of your defender, it’s so frustrating, especially online when you concede a goal like this.

Another bug that one of my friends told me about is that when the ref played him advantage, he went on to score during that advantage but after he scored, the ref pulled it back for a free kick.

Xbox 360 / Be A Pro Offline Season – Reported by: Mark Jones

Whilst playing through the season, players do not return from red card suspensions. First team/real players eventually get replaced by fictitious reserve team players of much less skill. So eventually the 1st team becomes really bad.

I have been playing in the first team of Read Madrid for a season now and the only original players left on the team are Cassillas, Van der Vart and Cannavaro… Everyone else has been replaced by sub 70 reserve team players…

Makes it very hard to meet game objectives, or even score goals, which in turn makes it hard to earn experience to improve your player, which in turn makes it hard to enjoy the Be a Pro season as it goes on…

PC-DVD Version / Goal Bug – Reported by: Olaf

I found this bug in youtube. You can see the ball goes in goal but it doesn’t mean score!!! The ball goes through the bar inside the goal and no score! Watch the video here:


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