FC 24 Wishlist

Football Club 24 Wishlist

Write your wishlist & ideas for EA FC 24 game here. Write about the new features that you think should be included in the upcoming EA Sports Football Club 24 game. Put down your creative ideas that could change the game and share your suggestions by writing them down here.

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157 thoughts on “FC 24 Wishlist

  1. For player career mode make it so that there isn’t a 15 season limit so that you can retire when you want and then start a manager career mode. Also add contracts (length, wage, renewals) to make it more realistic. When retiring, it would be nice to have a standing ovation or a goodbye memorial. Make objectives less hard, why am I always expected to have a 9 rating every game, not very realistic. One last thing, make it so that your player value doesnt skyrocket straight away to avoid only getting offers from big teams.

  2. In career when editing players there should be a option to Edit hairstyles at least for the players that arent face scanned also i would like to have all boots In the game unlocked cause why not considering theyre allready In the game. Also old features like upgrading stadiums, sponsors etc would make it much more fun to start with less good teams.:)

    1. I agree with this.
      Being able to change hairstyles in youth academy players would be great 🙂

  3. ea please can u add classic teams to the game,similar to nba2k where you are able to play with classic teams offline. imagine being able to use Fergusons United against prime barca with iniesta and xavi.that would get more ppl to play your game when it dies down in the end months like july/august time when they dont want to play FUT anymore.please ea this would be a big W

    1. The best idea ever!! I just imagine it and get excited! EA have the UCL licenced, just do the winners team since 2000, its just 23 teams, its like one extra league.

  4. Something that kept me hooked on PES was the career mode single player mode. In that mode the player is able to request their agent or the club for a transfer to a team they desire and what made it real was depending on the type of player or the quality they had, the club I wanted to join would reject my player until I was a big name of or had some sort of potential. Would be amazing to integrate that into this new game considering player agents are being introduced.

  5. EA should remove gambling frim ultimate team and make the game more skill based not pay to win and should also add classic clubs and golden ages of diffrent clubs like fergosens united or MSN and cruyf barca and even golden times of benfica to the game.

  6. simply i just think that when you finish the game for 90 mins , that if you go to golden goal, that you show only play for the 15 minutes and then go to proper extra time because teams press up FAR to much and thats just my opinion

  7. Ea should add a all time option for clubs. This include there best players and there highest ratings for kick off. Similar to nba. Like for examples staring 11 for real madrid. Gk:callisas cb:sergio ramos and so on. Or they could mix icons with normql players which can be transferred to diffrnt clubs.

  8. I’d love a multi player career mode, that would add more to the difficulty, especially in the transfer market if 2 or 3 players are going for the same players in the window.

  9. FIFA 24 should add extra time and penalty shootout on draw match…It’s so boring to end a draw match.and It’s will be better if they add Bangladesh on fifa24

    1. Da timovi za karijeru imaju više para,da žene se dodaju u ultimejt tim i da se bolji igrači dobiju na početku ultimejt tima

  10. Hello EA.
    Please turn off the autoplay in 2H2 mode..
    And please fix the server problem..
    And please fix network problems

  11. Ea need to put there own stamp on career mode ,it is very repetative and gets boring very quick,
    In my opinion career mode needs to be more like football manager until you get to match day and then it takes you into the expereince ea sports fc matchday,that would be the dream,
    Football manager has it all for managing and ea sports had the gameplay expereince,together would be mind blowing,
    Proper managing with managers able to be hired and fired never forgetting there previous good or bad work for applying for new role,
    Unrealistic player transfers to clubs not worthy of them,drives me mad,
    Also commentary needs to have a wider range of detailed facts,stats for players and clubs for more realistic gameplay experience, if the team or players are not playing wel or vice versa ,commentary should say it out straight and not be so nice about everything,same for underpreforming manager say it out, that could also be co insided with stadium atmosphere,weather the place is rocking of booing,
    Happy or angry fans ,to many unrealistic areas in fifa career mode and commentary is def one of them.
    Thats just a few thoughts from so many,

  12. Hello E.A Sports,
    Please bring back the feature in which you can request funds from the board. Apparently, it’s not possible to acquire extra funds incase where you scout a potential player and you what to buy him/her.

  13. I love career mode but it gets stale quickly. I know it would be difficult but I’d love for career mode to be online where you could play with friends in real time where you could play in the same league as each other to compete and play with each other and to be able to buy players off each other would be hilarious. Just hope it could possibly be done

  14. I’ve played every FIFA since 96 and career mode since it became a thing, the whole online thing, “journey” thing and proclubs means absolutely nothing to me.

    If we could just tweak career mode to include an actual reserve / under 23s squad where you can put players to play that don’t then lose moral and fitness (unless they’re a 1st team regular then moral drops if they’re in the reserves for no reason).

    If we could also edit kits at the end of each season, using the clubs same badge unless you decide to change badge.

    Better preseason where you can choose your own opponents (and drop the whole cup thing as this doesn’t work with the commentary when playing as a lower league club).

    Have a pool of clubs that cand be promoted to the lowest league in each country so the bottom clubs don’t just stay in the league rather than getting relegated

    Thanks for coming to my ted talk

  15. We could play career mode with the squad for each season (Like playing career mode with 2015/16 Barcelona)
    And we really need the journey back.

    1. I have two teams you should add to Rest of the World. They’re two amazing teams and two of the most succesful teams of Africa. Ahly and Zamalek. If teams like Kaizer Chiefs are there you for sure should add those.

  16. It would be great to have sponsorships. Also, just like in the old Fifa Manager, when you start the career, you get 3 random offers to choose from. Much more realistic this way.

  17. The following options could be added:

    Media Interaction: Introduce press conferences and interviews where players can answer questions from the media. Their answers could have an impact on the mood of the team, relations with sponsors and supporters, as well as the image of the player himself.

    Expanded Customization Options: Giving players more options to customize their coach or player, including choices for hairstyles, tattoos, clothing, and other cosmetics.

    Special Events and Challenges: Incorporate special events and time-limited challenges into Career Mode, such as Gala Matches, Friendly Tournaments, or Seasonal Objectives. These events could offer exclusive rewards and unique opportunities for players.

    Club Financial Management: Deepen financial management by allowing players to negotiate sponsorship deals, manage transfer and salary budgets, and make important decisions to maintain the financial balance of the club.

    Improved Player AI: Provide more realistic AI for computer-controlled players to make smarter, more realistic decisions based on their position on the pitch, skill level, and skill level. the situation of the game.

    Expansion of player database: Regularly update the player database with new talent and promising young players from different leagues and regions around the world, to reflect real transfers and new rising stars.
    Stadium Upgrade: Allow players to spend money to upgrade their stadium, adding new facilities such as VIP boxes, souvenir shops, restaurants, additional training grounds, etc. They may also have the option of expanding the stadium to increase seating capacity and improve the general atmosphere of matches.

    Stadium Customization: Providing players with the ability to customize the look of their stadium, choosing different designs, colors, patterns and visual elements to create a unique identity for their club.

    Technology and Data: Integrate more data-driven features, providing players with detailed stats on their team and player performance. This could include information on distances covered, shots on goal, passing percentages, etc. Players could also have access to advanced analysis tools to study the tactical strengths and weaknesses of their team and their opponents.

    Data-Driven Recruiting: Allow players to use data-driven recruiting tools to source new talent. They could filter players based on specific criteria such as stats, technical skills, preferred positions, etc. This would allow for a more strategic approach to recruitment.

    Partnerships and Investments: Giving players the opportunity to establish commercial partnerships with companies and sponsors to generate additional revenue for the club. They could also invest money in other football-related areas, such as the academy, training center, local sports infrastructure, etc.

    Club Reputation: Introducing a club reputation system, where player decisions, performance on the pitch and actions off the pitch would impact the perception and appeal of their club to players, sponsors and supporters.

    Expanded Story Mode: Expand the story mode by providing richer and more immersive storytelling. Players could have more meaningful choices and consequences on their journey, both on and off the pitch. They could also have the opportunity to play with existing characters in the world of football.

    “Legends League” Mode: Introducing a specific game mode where players could form teams with football legends. They could create mixed teams of current players and former stars, and take part in exclusive competitions showcasing icons from the past.

    Online Coach: Introducing an online multiplayer game mode where players could take on the role of coaches and battle each other tactically. They could engage in real-time matches where they could alter tactics, formations, and substitutions to influence the outcome.

    “Career Legacy” mode: Allow players to take control of a historic club and relive iconic moments from his past. They might face specific challenges, such as recreating legendary performances or winning historic trophies.

    Interactive Environments: Make game environments more dynamic and interactive. For example, introducing changing weather conditions, environmental effects such as rain and snow, and realistic audience reactions based on the action on the pitch.

    “Road to Fame” mode: Provide players with the opportunity to create their own player, develop them through different levels of football and pursue a professional career. They could start in lower leagues and progress to world-class clubs.

    Improved Artificial Intelligence: Improve player AI to react more realistically to game situations, make smarter decisions on the pitch, and present a wider variety of playstyles for players. computer-controlled teams.

    Deep Customization: Expand player, team and stadium customization options. Players could have more control over how their players look, more advanced tactical customization options, and the ability to create and customize their own stadiums.

    “Versus the World” mode: Offering massively multiplayer online competitions where players could represent their country

    VAR system: Incorporate the VAR system into FIFA 24 matches. This would allow controversial decisions to be reviewed, such as goals, penalties, offsides, etc. Players could request a VAR review to challenge the referee’s decisions and influence the course of the game.

    Referee Career Mode: Add a career mode dedicated to referees. Players could take on the role of a rookie referee and rise through the ranks to officiate in the biggest competitions. They would be evaluated on their performance on the pitch, their real-time decisions and their ability to handle tricky situations. The Referee Career mode could also include elements of personal development and career management, such as continuing education, promotion and managing relationships with players and club officials.

    I really think these features would add an extra dimension to the gaming experience by giving players the chance to experience football from a different perspective.

  18. I wish that in Career Mode you can choose a second team, you can design your team shirt yourself with a website, etc., there will be automatic updates instead of title updates, etc. The Virtual Assistant Referee comes in all games.

  19. We can create our own league in the career mode, for example, we can create league 1, league 2 and its teams.

  20. I’ld like to see more realistic career, like wages has no function, transfer offers are not realistic and it’s repeating itself, in fifa 23 lot of countries are missing, which makes world cup pretty boring and unnecessary, also i can understand our player development has a limit, but it’s not good to see Mbappe with 98 overall and all you can reach is 96 overall, also definitely need a better contract negotiation, if you transfer somewhere you can stay there as much as you want and it’s not realistic

  21. • Add icon managers
    • More off pitch scenes
    • The old chemistry system
    • Multiplayer career mode
    • Add sponsorship to career mode and ultimate team
    • A claim all objectives button
    • The Journey
    • They should add academy career mode
    • Make it so you can earn FIFA-points in ultimate team
    Plz read this message

  22. Please can we have an online multiplayer career so that you can build a career collaboratively with a friend.


  23. In player career:
    1. Have expiring contracts.
    2. Contract negotiations (wages, buyout classes, years).
    3. More intercontinental transfer offers.

    Manager Career:
    1. Less career objectives per season.
    2. A better free agents tab, after season 1 it’s just filled with youth players and it doens’t go fully down to show the full list.

  24. Multiplayer career mode would be great. The best and most fun way to do this in my opinion is to play one match every real life day. Friends that are also in the league will have to do the same.

    How the cpu plays also needs a lot of attention, it becomes boring and predictable very quickly.

    Make atmospheres more realistic. This used to be quite good on some older fifas, but has had no real and significant changes. The cheering for a goal for example, could be a lot more impressive.

    Stadium builder! This would be such a cool addition. You could make stadiums for clubs that have a fake one.

    Also a make your own club career mode. With a lot of options for making the club, the stadium, the fanbase, crest, shirts, chants, etc.

  25. -There must be a career mode with more than one person on the same device.
    -The number of fans should change according to the team in career mode.
    -Manager and players should have more dynamic relationships.
    – Turkish speaker should come.
    -Player transfers should be more realistic and with different cinematics.
    -When simulating in career mode, instead of looking at the spade from the board, the mode of watching the match should come.

  26. Ultimate team needs new types of cards, like Ballon D’or Icons and UCL icons, Future Icon, Ballon D’or Honorable Mentions, Ballon D’or Champions(top 5), TOTS heroes and icons, TOTY Icons, and maybe a duel at the derby card.

  27. In ea fc 24 please can their be an option to customise players socks so that they are cut and white socks are put underneath as this happens in real life as players usually wear their own personal socks underneath their kit socks to make playing more comfortable and to have more grip

  28. Firstly I believe a play as the referee mode would be a really good addition. Secondly remove the season cap on career mode and add a more in-depth stadium creator to create a team and add the ability to build or move to new stadiums in manager career mode.

  29. Career mode needs:
    1. infinity seasons like pes
    3. Fifa ranking for league and club !! (On strict transfers I’m told that the players I want to buy, want to play in more competitive league and without league ranking it stays like this so u will never buy this player in his prime).

    Just with these 3 changes the game experience will improve much more.

  30. We should be able to play as some of the great managers such as zidane, Alex ferguson, Arsene wenger, rafael benítez and others

  31. A feature should be added to the game so that we can play the World Cups of previous years such as the World Cup 2022, 2018, 1014, etc.

  32. Make a career mode in multiplayer mode
    So if u wanna play a career mode whit ur friend u can play together I same league, just as when u wanna play pro club. You just have to invite the player u wanna play whit and then u can play against the team he/she choose

    Bc my brother in law and i would like to play a career mode together whit me as Wrexham AFC and him as Tranmere Rovers F.C. and we can sell player to each other and stuff like that.

  33. For Player Career mode, please add:

    – contract length.
    Tired of being the best player on my team and unable to move because I’ve become too expensive. At least as a free agent I might get offers

    – contract negotiation cutscene
    Already available for manager career, why not add it for player career??

    – wages used to recover stamina or injuries
    Current wage uses aren’t bad, but after a certain level becomes irrelevant, if players can spend money to recover stamina every week or to recover from injury, wages will continuously be used and matter for a lot longer and contract negotiations become more relevant

  34. Some ideas that I’ve had for a while now I think can make the game feel like the real thing!

    A. I would love if there was a mode in “Kickoff” where towards the end of the European seasons, whether it’s Bundesliga, Premier League etc where we can have scenarios where we can play a match and use the real teams that are battling for promotion, relegation etc. Especially for the English Championship, League One, League two etc including the promotion playoffs, playoff final. Even on the final day of the premier league, Bundesliga season, there could be a “Final Day” mode where all games kick off at the same time. You could take any match you want whether it’s in the Prem, Championship, Bundesliga, La Liga etc and you could play out the final day. You could either be playing for a title, to be promoted, to stay in your league etc. It would make things really exciting! It’s something I’ve wanted to see in this game for a while now!

    B. In Career Mode, I would love if there could be a live table break in. For certain networks on TV, goals will be going on and as the goals go in, the table will change. I think that would definitely make the game more fun and realistic!

    C. If possible, it would be great to have VAR. Even our own referee mode so we can judge and make the calls too!

    I would also say, look at new commentators!

    I would honestly love to hear the likes of Ian Darke, Bill Leslie, Daniel Mann, Rob Hawthorne perhaps. I think they could make the game more interesting!

    Or honestly, go Peter Drury. He is one, if not the best commentators out there.

  35. career mode,

    i think icons should be in careed mode as players,
    it could be massive if we can play with our favorites players
    offline, please ea let us play career mode with icon players

    1. you can already do that. Just download a mod such as “Fifa 23 Career Mode Overhaul”. That adds an icons squad into your game which you can enable from the settings.

  36. What I’d love to see is more immersion in Manager Career Mode. That would include:
    >If you’re not participating in a pre-season tournament, either by choice or not, you should have the option of scheduling friendly matches instead.
    >Preseason matches allowing you to name as much as 11 changes.
    >Adding more realism by having random popups like a player getting an injury in a training session or even pre-match warmup, players telling you that they want to take the offer that the club received and stuff like that.
    >Slightly less time needed for players to learn a new position.
    >Add more depth to the relationship between you and the club’s owner.

  37. Hello team EA !!

    I wish that in player career mode we could

    1 Have contract offer with our roles like ( captain, starter etc )
    2 Be able to register 2 or maximum 3 positions for our player
    3 just a little bit more personnalisation although it is quite good right now

    That’s all thank you for reading if you do

  38. I would like to see the following features in the first EA SPORTS FC
    1 Manager Career mode
    I already know that this mode is in the game but what’s the point of calling it manager career mode if we are the one playing the matchs instead of us watching the players playing the matchs.

    2 Player career mode
    We are meant to be allowed to control only one single player.

    3 VAR
    Adding this feature will make the game look cool

    4 Peter Drury
    This just makes sense, he will be the best commentator for the game

    5 More leagues
    6 More cup competitions
    7 more club and national teams
    8 Addition of a youth team for each clubs and including national teams such as England u23

    9 more Career mode options
    Since football is ‘the beautiful game’ with so many opportunities there should be more career modes other than manager and player. Career mode such as club owner career mode, executive director career mode, assistant manager career mode, club president career mode, etc.

    1. Wishlist
      1. We can travel to our team training facilities and be at our home.( Like footballers life, go to gym , be in your house, have cats, go to training and more.

  39. My player like on nba,brazilian league,southamerican commentary(argentinian and brazilian), copa libertadores with stadiums, more realistic and daily moments on manager career mode

  40. I think EASPORTS FC 24 should allow users to edit real players’ hairstyles
    Online career mode should be included like how nba2k does theirs
    More cutscenes such as players angry after being subbed out
    Realistic additional time during gameplay

  41. – Realistic player prices (promising talents are cheap, transfermarkt values can be used)
    – realistic transfer budgets ( fifa financial fair play)
    – dynamic potential (players may regress when they change team or progress more)
    – team spirit, pressure (wit rival team plays or last matches of season), second leg match pressure or similar team effects…
    – more realistic player position changes ( CB to CDM takes 100weeks…)
    – player position preferences ( right footer wing back can not play on left side as perfect as left. Player can have side or position preferences…)
    – selectable preseason matches
    – no full stadiums for every match
    – stadium effects on players
    – more shoes and home/away chose option
    – better goalkeeper uniforms
    – more and more better team badge creation while new team creation
    – more real face managers and possible managers ( a retired player who is not manager)
    – no Regens and pregens to be more realistic…
    – youth team – U21… no play option maybe but line up selection, more realistic youth academy…
    – multiple scouting option for same country…( for ex. I want to focus my scout as defensive minded and goalkeeper for teams country)
    – more national teams and major tournaments for all world…
    – see messages while simulating on calendar and able to stop
    – better objectives ( why should I sign a player from South America without a reason?)
    – start today option same as 2K NBA series
    – no transfer budget allocation for loan to buy players
    – more realistic player transfer requests ( a good and happy player can request transfer for higher leagues)

  42. I think there should be a online career mode where you can join other people and they can buy people of you..

  43. I think there should be a online career mode where you can join other people and they can buy people of you

  44. 2 You can be able to choose to play with the current team or there prime.
    3 More legends and legends al over the leagues

    1. we really need the greek league absoulutely! noww! maybe the russian league to (i know its probably not good right now …war… but we need it)

      1. Manager career mode-
        Make your office the hub which includes your trophies, manager of the month, awards, etc. Add achievements which may help with in game strategic changes or a half time motivational boost to your players. Different achievements to customize stadium, office, signature reactions on the sideline,ability to negotiate better with transfers. Your salary to purchase upgrades to office, accessories, shorten scouting time.
        More player manager interactions. Manager opportunity to lead interviews talking up a player.

        As many real stadiums as you possibly can. Earning extra money to expand seating after winning so many trophies. Would even pay micro transactions to add stadiums if need be.

        More variety in names,appearances,tattoos, hair for scouted youth. Helps with the longevity of the career mode.

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