FC 24 Career Mode Wishlist

FC 24 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 23 career mode? Which features must be added to EA Football Club 24 career mode in your opinion?

Write down your ideas for EA Sports FC Career mode here and share it with the community. Write anything that you think it could significantly improve the Career Mode in the upcoming EA SPORTS Football Club game.

You can also write your general wishlist for EA Sports Football 24 separately here using this link.

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18 thoughts on “FC 24 Career Mode Wishlist

  1. For career mode there should be Liga portugal 2 or team b or under 19 with real life players ( real Madrid b Manchester city b benfica b )
    you could put players in under 19 or b and there should be European portuguese language speakers in it storyline for manager career mode and players mode

  2. Can you please consider implementing the ability to disable Board Objectives for Manager Career mode.
    I’d rather create my own story, than be limited trying to meet and achieve board objectives, which can become quite unrealistic after a few season, like winning trebles etc.

  3. I would really hope there will still be a stand-alone career mode. I think all of the on-line modes, features and developments are fantastic. However I’m in the older generation who have been playing these brilliant EA football games since the mid nineties (never missing a release). I’m sure there are many golden gamers like myself who do not participate on-line and are very happy to be able to enjoy a stand-alone mode. Fingers crossed!

    1. Wishlist:
      – General: more leagues and international teams, customisation to everything: stadiums, uniforms, all. also be able to switch commantary in a lot of languges, VAR scenes, fanatic fans with pyro, flexible tactics.
      – player career mode: halftime scenes, press confrence after game, social media upload things, real contract negotiations scenes, TV interviews to the player.

  4. • U21 teams of your club • U21 teams of country’s • Start a career mode on the date of that moment • Second Dutch league • Huge bids from clubs from Qatar and Saudi Arabia in career mode • Convince players for not ending their career • Players that wants to return to their boy club • Career mode for only the national teams • Nations league • Better Brazilian League with real players

  5. You should add where you could walk around in the city your team is and buy stuff go in places and walk into the stadium before games

  6. نريد أن تكون كرير مود مهنت لاعب تكون في عالم مفتوح اي انك تقدر ان تسير في المدن و شراء الاشياء

  7. I think it will.be very nice if you could just do.like MLB Career, you know buy some stuff and get boost. And the chips earning by playing career mode and then you can buy new gloves, shoes, and more to get buff..

  8. Remove objectives from career mode, it’s impossible to win champions league, league title and fa cup 10 times in a row

  9. – Fc /Fifa 24
    -It would be cool if you as a player can have a contract negotation cut scene just like the manager career have.
    – It would maybe be funnier if you can start a player career as 16 years old.
    – Sometimes in Fifa 23 i wish that i could have interwievs with my player.
    – Maybe it would be nice if you could choose a national team to manage only, from the start
    – In important games like derby and when you have to win it would be nice to have cut scenes in the dressing room where you as a coach can have pep talk before the match and in the halftime break.

    -Fc/Fifa in the future

    -In future player career modes it would be fun if you could play a whole players career. You can begin as a 10 years old kid in a academy for a big club or a fake club. Then you play year after year in the youth until you are that god or old so you play in the u21 teams and maby you can play in the u21 national team and then you can be promoted to the senior team and national team.

    It would also be nice if you can live a life and make career deciding decisions like in The journey. And have
    a world who feel a little bit like in NBA where you can do diffrent things like volta fotball and maby Play Fifa with your friend. And when you retire it would be cool if you could choose to be a expert in tv

    It would bee cool if you could play a career as a referee. And get rating after your decision and view of things. If that came to fifa VAR also would be great

    1. In EA sports FC 24 create a club i would like if u could choose sponsors and get extra money and kit sponsors and other sponsors and u can make your own stadium with plus 200 000 seats like in ultimate team and it should be more detailed in how u work setup trainings signings u can buy personal things and see how u live. I want that u can make a more specific logo and kits and make goalkeepers kits. Online career mode to u challenge your friends that manage other teams. I want that u can buy a manager and assistant manager and manager for every position. I want that in half time or in the end u can have a pep talk with the team and u can see more detailed inside the stadium and u can change prizes in the shop in the stadium and have a trophy cabinet and u can see the top goal scorer of your club. And u can create players while u have started the career mode and u can change their stats how u want in the career mode. And the youth academy needs to be more specific like a league for u 21 and u can have players in your academy from 9 years old and see how they grow and u can create youth academy players. And we need icons in career mode from them when their 19 years old and don’t have so high rating but they have high potential.

  10. What about new Stadiums of the 2nd and 3rd Leagues in carrer Mode? For example Dresden or St.Pauli? So many people want new Stadiums.
    I think this will push the clubspirit and love.
    Or maybe this is an idea for a DLC (10€ or something) that pays the hard of the work 🙂

  11. It could be cool if you could start your player career in a academy or something. And maybe get picked for your national team under 20.

  12. Player career mode Wishlist

    – Transfer offer: – We want to receive more than one Transfer offer to have option for us to chose wich team is beter for us.

    – When we enter in Transfer offer notification, we want to have displayed how many years have the contract to play at the team, bonuses and more, or to chose all of this things into a cinematic transfer negotiation like in manager career mode.

    – Option to be “Free Agent” an receive transfer offers

    – Option to speak with manager if you want to be at the bench or excluded from de squad to recover stamina, etc..

    – We want the salary of the player to have more impact above the player career mode, more realistic things to buy, etc

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