FC 24 (FIFA 24) Career Mode Wishlist

FIFA 24 Career Mode Wishlist

What was missing in FIFA 23 career mode? Which features must be added to EA Football Club 24 career mode in your opinion?

Write down your ideas for FIFA 24 (EA FC 24) Career mode here and share it with the community. Write anything that you think it could significantly improve the Career Mode in the upcoming EA SPORTS Football Club game.

You can also write your general wishlist for EA Sports Football 24 separately here using this link.

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  1. Player career mode Wishlist

    – Transfer offer: – We want to receive more than one Transfer offer to have option for us to chose wich team is beter for us.

    – When we enter in Transfer offer notification, we want to have displayed how many years have the contract to play at the team, bonuses and more, or to chose all of this things into a cinematic transfer negotiation like in manager career mode.

    – Option to be “Free Agent” an receive transfer offers

    – Option to speak with manager if you want to be at the bench or excluded from de squad to recover stamina, etc..

    – We want the salary of the player to have more impact above the player career mode, more realistic things to buy, etc

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