FC 24 Wishlist

Football Club 24 Wishlist

Write your wishlist & ideas for EA FC 24 game here. Write about the new features that you think should be included in the upcoming EA Sports Football Club 24 game. Put down your creative ideas that could change the game and share your suggestions by writing them down here.

Please use the form below to discuss your thoughts, suggestions, concepts, and wishlist for EA Sports FC 24, and Ultimate Team. We’ll forward your feedback to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. About off-side fault:
    “Only when the player’s ENTIRE BODY is ahead of the opponent´s body . It is easier for the VAR to detect fraction of space in the video, than to measure a millimeter of advance between the two bodies.



  2. Can you please add for FC 25 the Palestinian International Football Team because despite all the troubles in Palestine they have done very well in the Asian Cup and the World Cup Qualifying. Thank you for listening to my suggestion.

  3. Would add some iconic World Cups as tournaments.

    Perhaps EA could also do something about the dutch commentary. It is just a teanslate of what they say in english, but not true to how our commentators would speak.


  4. Would it be possible for future gaming to have an option where you play at clubs grounds and replicate features such as types of goals and stands etc from the 60/70s?

  5. Hi,

    I think Ultimate Team is missing a Style Card with Speed , Shot and Dribbling.
    If you think this Card is too deadly, it could be a Special card (hard to get), could be called Ultimate or something in reference to the game mode…

    Cheers !

  6. I would like a way to set custom tactics for your ai opponent. So that if your mate uses same tactics you can set it for your ai opp’ and find ways of exploiting it.

  7. Please make a fix for the coaches in career mode for Switch. When you go to fire a coach, it freezes the game, with no option to go forward or back. You must restart the game in order to play again.
    I really need to improve my coaches, so please make an update for this!

  8. Would suggest adding players that retired recently (maybe 2019-2023) as icons or heroes. Some of them i can say are Higuain, Bale, Mandzukic, Buffon, Lichtsteiner, Zlatan and Ozil and many more

  9. I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my admiration for the FIFA video game series and to share some feedback and suggestions regarding FIFA Career Mode, specifically focusing on the new FC24 edition.

    As an avid fan of FIFA, I have thoroughly enjoyed immersing myself in the Player Career Mode of FC24. It offers a unique and engaging experience, allowing players to step into the boots of a professional footballer. However, I believe there is room for enhancement that could make this mode even more realistic and enjoyable.

    Currently, when the coach selects the player to participate in a game, there is no option to decline the opportunity or to start the match as a substitute. I believe it would greatly enhance the gameplay experience if players were given the choice to accept or decline playing in a particular game. This would add an extra layer of realism and decision-making to the career mode, as real-life players sometimes have to manage their fitness and consider their team’s strategy.

    Furthermore, I suggest introducing an option to begin matches as a substitute and then enter the game as a substitute player when the time is right. This would mirror real-life scenarios where players are often brought in off the bench to make a significant impact on the match. This feature would not only enhance the strategic aspect of the game but also provide players with a more authentic football experience.

    I understand that game development involves complex decisions, but I truly believe that these additions would elevate the FC24 gaming experience to a new level of realism and enjoyment.

    Thank you for considering my suggestions. I am eager to see the continuous improvement of FIFA and look forward to the possibility of these features being implemented in future updates.



  10. Hi, I am a HUGE fan of FIFA when I say huge I have FIFA 14-23 and now I’m getting FC 24, I am just writing to you today to make a suggestion that everyone in the game has been asking for and would love it came out!! We would all love if you would add VAR into the game where say it is a possible chance for a red card they would show all of the angles of the foul and you could either have the game/ai make the call if it is a red card or not, or you could have you and the person your playing against like in a 11 decide wether or not you think it is a red card and select your choice!
    That would BE THE GREATEST THING EVER!!! Everyone would love that!

    If you like my suggestion I would love if you could email me back

  11. In career mode add a social media part where the you can upload different goals etc.and grow your following overtime, and post your match highlights

  12. to have the “customise stadium” option to be the same as in MLB The Show 21 and to also add the “customise stadium” to the authentic stadium.

    being able to put text on your create a club crest and way more options and to make it more customisable.

    More control over your youth academy like playing the matches, getting staff for them, managing the team, and to even be a youth academy manager, having age groups like u17 team.

    have the real authentic and scanned training ground of clubs and scan the faces of the staff. Hire staff for your club.

    make your own training drills.

    have new jerseys every season and have full customisation on it.

    i know this is too much but edit the crests in authentic club.

    add atleast 50 more leagues.
    and the national league of england

  13. There’s one tiny detail I would add to manager career mode. Players should have emotions and desires. We should hear from them before selling or refusing an offer from another club. Once they never have a say about this, career mode gets really boring. Isn’t it obvious that a player from a small club would want to join Barcelona after getting an offer? We have no reason to hire/sell players in career mode and it’s absolutely unreal.

  14. Implement an option to toggle off/disable the Board Objectives please.
    I’d rather tell my own story, rather than be limited and fired for not achieving what can often become quite unrealistic a few seasons in, like achieving a treble (UEFA Cup, FA Cup, and Prem title) and additional “busy work” like hiring 3 Asian players etc.

  15. به نظر من وقتی سرمربی را انتخاب میکنیم و بازی میکنیم بازیکن ها را نشان دهید که خداحافظی می‌کنن از فوتبال مثلا من کریستیانو رونالدو را میخرم و چند سال باهاش بازی میکنم و میخواهم خداحافظی آن را ببینم

  16. In manager career mode, the youth academy should change
    -In real life, a team can add a player to the list for just one match, as alvaro rodriguez was in real madrid list for some of games, but at the rest fo the year he was playing in academy
    But in game, you should sign your academy player permanently in order to use him, and if you dont give him minutes, he wont grow
    – the other thing is that in real life, a manager can invite 25 players for a game and use whoever he needs during the match
    But in the game, you only can have 18 players (including 11 starting players and only 7 players on bench), which isn’t enough in my opinion
    -One other thing is that it will be good if we can change our team’s kit for new seasons in career mode, just like the kit setting in making a club.
    -And my last tip is that when a player doesnt play in career mode, he must loss overall, not just giving a minus

  17. Love the game. I would add a few things though.
    – In player and manager career modes add the simulation of buying different homes, cars, types of social life(with cut scenes), and having a family/significant other.
    – In manager and player career mode add contract length and buyout clauses.
    – Add Greek and Russian leagues. Greek for sure.
    – Add Iranian League or at least add Persepolis FC and Esteghlal FC in Rest of World
    – Add upgrades to training facility and stadiums in manager career mode
    – Sponsorship deals in player and club manager career modes.
    – Interviews when player career mode
    – Add the CONCACAF Champions Cup or something with a generic name

    That is all for now lol

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