FC 24 (FIFA 24) Wishlist

Football Club 24 Wishlist

Write your wishlist & ideas for FIFA 24 (EA SPORTS FC 24) game here. Write about the new features that you think should be included in the upcoming EA Sports Football Club 24 game. Put down your creative ideas that could change the game and share your suggestions by writing them down here.

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58 thoughts on “FC 24 (FIFA 24) Wishlist

  1. I have been playing FIFA since FIFA 05. Online mode is too depressing and toxic to me, so I stick to Career mode. Over the years the career mode has degraded. Year by year the devs have been taking away certain features from us, substituting for poorly thought-out new ones. Certain feats are so bad that I can’t believe they made their way through the decision-making chain of EA Sports. It’s not just one idiot sitting in that studio, it’s a whole hierarchy of them. Sometimes I feel like the devs are hostile towards the players. Here are a few things in Career mode that make me angry:
    1) No way to conveniently search for players. In the past you could search for players IN GAME based on attributes. Somewhere along the way the devs decided that it’s too convenient. Now, in order to perform a simple task of searching for a player with specific attributes I have to use a THIRD-PARTY WEBSITE and a CHEAT ENGINE (and risk getting banned for using a cheat engine in a SINGLE PLAYER MODE). I don’t get their logic. All the player stats are public, I can literally see them in a kick off team edit menu. Just why?
    2) Traits. A half-ass features. Why on earth do I need to see CPU-specific traits on my screen? CPU AI speed dribbling, CPU AI chip shot, CPU AI long passes, CPU AI long shots, CPU slide tackler. “A team player”, a team player, really? It is a team game, of course he is a team player. One club player trait? It’s not of any use to me to know that. BICYCLE KICKS trait? Hahaha. This studio is full of creative individuals. Since beginning from 2024 the series won’t be using “FIFA” in their title, how about changing the studio’s name as well. Here’s a name suggestion – “Not So Creative Assembly”, cause there’s the Creative Assembly one. And why on earth you won’t allow players to gain traits in Manager Career Mode?
    3) Youth Academy. Don’t remember it ever being great. Again, half-hearted poorly designed aspect of the game brough to you by a team of lazy folks. The generated players are bad. A 165 cm tall player with a Power Header, a player with 35 dribbling stat with CPU AI speed dribbler trait, a goalkeeper with Giant Throw-in trait (not GK Long throw in), a player with a 40 crossing with early crosser trait. The UI is not thought out. Why scout reports can’t be in the same place where youth academy is? They are related, right? Youth Scout Report and Youth Academy, Youth Scout Report and Youth Academy, again, Youth Scout Report and Youth Academy. Directly related, right? Then why do I need to go to Transfers-Youth Scout Reports-Scout A, B or C to to see the Scout Report? Even if they were not in the same place, why not introduce a quick way of jumping between the two?
    4) Why do I need to shortlist a player/young player, then go to Transfer Hub/Youth Academy to see full info on them? You are wasting my life with these unnecessary clicks. If only I could see full info on players in the Search for Player and Scout Reports, it would go like this, Pass or Smash? Pass. Next. EXACTLY ZERO CLICKS to check one player and move to the next one. Instead, it goes like this. Smash or Pass. I don’t know, because I only have his photo, and some limited info. Shortlist and see him in Transfer Hub. Realize that he is bad. Go back. Move to the next player. TWO CLICKS to perform a task as simple as checking out a player.
    5) No way of filtering a list of players by age, name of position in Player Search and Scout Report.
    6) Yesterday I tried playing a CM in MLS. And I almost had, what do you call that, photosensitive seizure. Cause the UI for MLS was too bright. I checked the settings, there’s no way to change the UI color. Couldn’t continue cause my eyes could’t take it. Again, great idea, making players not want to play a certain league simply because of a not thought-out decision on UI coloring.

    These are the things that are the most annoying to me. Others not so much.


    Yesterday I tried playing a CM in MLS. And I almost had, what do you call that, photosensitive seizure. Cause the UI for MLS was too bright. I checked the settings, there’s no way to change the UI color. Couldn’t continue cause my eyes could’t take it. Again, great idea, making players not want to play a certain league simply because of a not thought out decision on UI coloring.

  2. we need more multiplayer modes. Like for example fantasy draft mode on fm23 were you can create your first 11 against other oppents. online carrer mode . more turkish stadiums

  3. We need improvement in player career we need to put contract negotiations and if u don’t want to sighn a contract u can be a free agent and social media a player can atlist hv a phone making it real have press conference when u are a man of a march we need a life of real players in career mode fc24

  4. I think a multiplayer career mode, the camp nou, Mozambique and South-Africa in FC 24, Maradna back in FC 24, better options for stadiums creations, a personalized ball, The Eurocup, and better graphics.

  5. As a career-mode fan, I always want more leagues. I am thinking about going to FM 23 but I decided to stay with EA for another year. I think that one way to add leagues is to make a create-a-league. Much like Create-a-club, you can customize it any way you want. The idea I have is that you pick a country to add your league too. For example, if you want to add a 3rd division to Spain you would pick Spain. Then you would customize the league badge, team badges, and ratings/names of each team. For this part, EA should add an image uploader. In NBA2K, you can go onto the website and upload any image on the internet to customize your team. I think we need that in Fifa 24. When choosing the ratings for every team in the new league, all players would just be generic, generated players. After that, you could choose the specific settings for promotion and relegation. Whether that’s having two, three, or even four teams being promoted/relegated. Then if you go into that newly created league, all of your new teams would be in the domestic cups that that country has. I think that this idea would add another level of entertainment to the game. I doubt EA will see this but It would be amazing to have this in the game.

  6. Would love to see all national teams included in fifa24

    Also have an international career mode when you manage your national team separately from a club team. I feel fifa are missing out and are being quite lazy by putting international career mode as a tiny part of club career mode. Thete is no incentive for us to take international offers as we have nothing to do with it if we accept one. Also I don’t know of any club managers who share a job as international manager in rleal .ife.
    So please Fifagods sort out your international career mode.

  7. We love career mode so we love football
    Please include sponsor selection in the game
    When we create a team, in the first years, cheap sponsors and in the following years, according to the progress of the team, expensive and famous sponsors offer cooperation to the team.
    Of course, it is important to note that the name of this sponsor around the football field should also be changed. And sometimes the sponsor buys the name of the stadium. Just like reality

  8. 1. More teams and leagues for both men and women. More competitions, international teams etc.
    2. Youth teams with licensed and original U23 players of clubs as well as youth team competitions like UEFA youth league, fa youth cup, etc and their stadiums.
    3. Beach soccer and original FUTSAL teams.
    4. FIFA Club World Cup.
    5. More commentators and commentary options. Please improve the commentary for the champions league make it seem very realistic like Peter Drury commentaries etc.
    6. VAR.
    7. Even more difficult levels.

    1. ICON’S on career mode !!!!!!!!
      can’t understand why I’m the only one asking that.

      * To play with Henry and Bergkamp at Arsenal
      * With Beckham, Scholes and all Fergie babies in Manchester Unite
      *With Raul, Zidane, R.Carlos, Figo and more at Real Madrid
      * Maldini, Kaka, Seedorf and more at Milan
      * R9 at inter, Shearer at Newcastle

  9. 1. Improve the Fifa Commentary lines we want new lines not the basic ones we already knew, (as for me i think it will be a bit funny if you put a line like ‘MARKING’ if you perform a hard good tackle on a opponent )

    2. There must be an option to change commentators.

    3. Give us the VAR system even if you say it is not necessary, but i think the game will be more realistic than ever.

    4. Put more toxic Celebrations including the Rashford finger celebration.

    1. Pretty please add more content to the player career mode I’ve spent more than 200 hours
      playing player career mode
      •money ( you buy cars houses parties etc)
      •Relationship system ( GF , family, fans , couch , teammates)
      •More Cut-scenes
      •More national teams (Iraq kuwait iran uae)
      • Training session should be made into cut scenes like event.
      • reduce latency (gameplay is kinda of sluggish and slow)
      • Asian cup, African cup, arab cup, Gulf cup, etc…
      • social media app inside career mode where you can interact with fans and taunt rival players , teams and have followers like Instagram.

  10. I would like too different variations of chairman. Example some are patient and others the opposite. Lets say you lose a certain amount of games then like in real life the chairman gives you the sack. Fans get on your back and the press.

    Press Conferences are more intense about your position as boss. While takeovers in some cases mean you lose your job. I would like to see a star rating system so lets see you pick Real Madrid to start a career but given you have one star rating. The board decline meaning you start in lower club or league.

    A trophy room would be nice and showing what history of trophy’s won or runner up

  11. -Referee mode.
    -More licensing on more Leagues (especially lower ones) with the official tables and scorelines.
    -More and better camera options.
    -Fixed bugs on GK’s freekicks.
    -VAR, VAR, VAR according to each League’s terms.
    -Handballs according to the latest official rules.
    -More bargain options (such as players’ co-ownership).
    -Real youth players from official youth teams and better loaning options.
    -Better and changeable weather conditions especially during matches (Please, return sleet as an extra option).
    -More options during press conferences.
    -Realistic injuries during matches (such as added ambulances and stretchers).
    -Ability to change fans’ capacity depending on each match’s seriousness (it’s not logical to watch a sold-out stadium at a friendly match during pre-season).
    -Real cut-scenes from a high altitude camera/drone during matches.
    -Realistic ribbons, flares, choreographies according to each fan club’s colours and tradition.
    -More National Teams like those in FIFA 2002 with plentiful Qualifying Rounds and official tournaments.
    -Greek Superleague please! We’re waiting for too long, we’ve won the Euro 2004 and we’re having 6 new jewelled stadiums since the 2004 Olympics!

    1. Your ideas are absolutely amazing but I’m sure that EA Sports will neglect it.
      I totally agree with everything you just laid down but let’s just wait for the first edition to be released I’m confident it’s going to come with nice features.

  12. I would like to see if you play as say Ajax and Build a talented team and do well. The big clubs come swooning in to sign your players.

    The board in career mode also should be more realistic based on the size of the club. Example of your big club the demand to win trophy’s compared to small club whose board should hope.

    Commentary also need to be be more realistic based on league position . Fighting relegation or heading for play off. Finals

  13. CLASSIC TEAMS: squads from the 2010s, 2000s, 1990s, 1980s, etc., for the top teams in each league.
    ALL-TIME TEAMS: squads for the tops teams in each league that feature the best 11 who ever played for each team.

    1. finally someone with a great idea. love it. that will be amazing. i will also add ICON’S on carrer mode

  14. There should be no limit to the player’s practice and the result of a lot of practice in that person’s game is quite clear.
    We should be able to choose the food plan of our team players
    More work should be done on players’ hand movements so that they do not make mistakes
    And new tactics and exercises should be added to the game
    We must be able to see the games of our opponent team in order to be able to analyze the opponent team
    And the players play better after seeing the game of their opponent team

  15. I would love to see some more player customization options, like for example the sleeve lengths (long sleeves rolled up, 3/4 sleeves, etc.). Also something that a lot of people have wanted is the grip socks that players wear now instead of the outdated ankle tape (players like Mbappe, Neymar, CR7 and many others wear grip socks). And I would love more haircuts and hairstyle options.

  16. Updating the kids every time you win a Champions League you can see on the kids in updates also every time at the end of the season you can see the wall of trophies update you know like Liverpool is one of champions where they have all the trophies and the FIFA club World Cup please

  17. I wish there were classic teams like in nba2k For example Manchester United 2002-03 and playing against Ajax 95-96. It would be incredibly amazing

  18. Yo quiero que pongan mas ligas femeninas , y un motor grafico que toda la gente quieren que ya ultimo fifa23 que salio es el mismo y todos ya estamos cansados ahora quiero que cambien todo y modo carrera femenina.

    I want them to put more women’s leagues, and a graphic engine that all people want that the last fifa23 that came out is the same and we are all tired now I want them to change everything and the women’s career mode.

  19. I would like EA sport fc to consider hading a contract negotiation on player career and manager career you get to choose how much u want them to pay you and if u don’t want to sign a contract as a player u can be a free agent and a press conference with different questions asked not repeated questions I wish EA sport fc can make the game real in player career adding what players do in real life

  20. It’s not like EA would listen to us anyway but here’s my ideas;

    Tattoos, more detailed gloves, more types of shirt sleeves (undershirts rolled up etc) and of course, more hairstyles (that are also more realistic at that).

    Hakimi’s Penguin celebration would be a good addition for EA FC 24, and maybe Messi’s ‘hands to ears’ celebration from the World Cup Quarterfinals (for offline only) would be a nice addition too, given that Messi only has one signature celebration and it’s not even done right. Also, I doubt this will be added, but it would be nice to see at least one or two late goal celebrations where the scorer takes their shirt off.

    This would be a major change to a Manager Career Mode. If this is added, it would work this way—OPTIONALLY, the manager may choose to make the stadium bigger, taller, or renovate it to make it more appealing, have more audience seats, etc. It would cost money of course to make these renovations, and it would take time too, but this would be a nice addition to the game to adjust the stadium to your liking, ESPECIALLY if your team doesn’t have its own stadium, like Barça or Bayern Münich.

    You can already choose your own signature celebration but when you go up to the camera or score a late goal it’s totally random. So, you should be able to choose the following;
    A signature camera celebration to make your character more unique,
    A signature late goal (example, Lewandowski’s, Messi’s, Mbappe’s, Haaland’s late goal celebrations and more) that you can choose for your player so it’s not just one of the random generic ones.

    I personally never liked Volta Football. The Journey, though, was a thrilling story of a young footballer who rose up the ranks to go from MLS nobody all the way to Real Madrid Star. Another story like that, but different and new, especially with the new technology that we would have in the next game, would certainly be fun to play again, especially since it was interactive and you were able to actually choose your story. I have no specific ideas for this yet, but even so, this would be a great addition to EA SPORTS FC 24.

    For so long we have been unable to actually dive to get a penalty in these games. It’s simple. Just add the ability to dive in the penalty box when you aren’t actually fouled.

    And last, but certainly not least,
    Many people have asked for this, and for good reason. A referee career mode would allow you to take on a new career on the pitch which allows you to determine what is a foul, penalty, an offside or a goal, and it would also be the perfect reason to add VAR so you as the referee could check for close calls. Also it would add more realism to the game, since in past games the referee has been unrealistically perfect at making calls on fouls, handballs, penalties, etc.. This time, you would risk making mistakes. The more questionable calls you make, the more suspicious people get of you as a referee, and eventually, you can get fired.

  21. If there is a part for the carrier where we can be assistant coaches, it will be very interesting.
    For example, I coach goalkeepers and train with them.

  22. expand the women’s leagues and women’s teams, put the women’s Champions League mode, because only men are boring, I’m a man but I like to play with women players, the women’s career mode EA itself said it will put, it will be cool to create a female player and being teammates with Alex Morgan, Alisha Lehmann, having the US women’s league, it’s going to be cool, in short: giving more priority to female players

  23. I’d really like to see the feature to add the U-21/23 teams. That way i don’t have to loan the youngsters out or be forced to play with them. Also like to see morocco in career mode (is actually there, but isn’t working properly).

  24. It is better to see the golden shoe and golden glove awarding ceremony when the league ends, and reject it if we want.
    And for the Golden Ball awarding ceremony, it is necessary to see the whole ceremony and skip the whole ceremony with two buttons, or go to the next section. Go to the ball section

    Real futsal leagues and teams should come and the Chinese tactics section will also play in the futsal section

    In my opinion, it should be a mode where we can be the judge and judge and judge with the button

  25. you should be able to choose the players that get called up to the certain nation you are doing a career mode in, for example a psg career mode you choose the french players called up for the wc and euros

  26. Good day, i will like to suggest achange in the rules, where by the player that is fouled, should be the one to take the penalty.

  27. New videos should be added to the game. The video of the referees and the video of entering the field and the goal scene can also be seen from the new cameras. Or a team becomes a champion. It should be about 10 videos and the team will be the champion. Fans and their families also enter the field

    In my opinion, in order for the game to be closer to reality, it is better to have a referee challenge in the game and make it happen so that the referee also uses the card.

    In my opinion, in order to make the game closer to reality, it is better to see the match from outside the stadium when the ball goes out.

    When a team becomes the champion, the referees of that game should also get medals and not only the players should come on the platform, they should come on the platform next to the technical staff and finally throw the head coach up.

  28. In my opinion, it is better to see a simultaneous game in the middle of the game when they scored a goal
    When the ball does not cross the goal line, the referee should announce a goal and accept the goal after seeing the scene on the monitor
    I think VAR should be more realistic
    When you play a lot of careers it becomes very boring and this should be stopped
    More teams and leagues should be added to the game, that’s why I think three teams or leagues of the first draw should be added to the game.

  29. Plz make real sponsors on the kits plz because they look so fake in Create a club
    Make it able in a new season your able to create a New Jersey for every team in your league like in create a club

  30. Hello FIFA, can you tell me why you fear the Albanian people’s eagle? you have made football more political, please, you don’t have to be afraid of the two-headed eagle, only those who try to extinguish the Albanian people can be afraid of him, thank you.

  31. In career mode when you create a club, it would be an amazing feature to work out cooperations with sponsors (fictional companies like they used to have in GRID), which then show up on your clubs jersey. Without sponsors, the jerseys look very artificial and

    1. I want to talk about leagues like the South African league and all that stuff because I’m not seeing my country or any of my clubs in FIFA -ea fc

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