FC 24 Ultimate Team Starting Guide

FC 24 Ultimate Team Guide

Here is a beginner’s guide to FC 24 Ultimate Team that instructs you on how to get started in Ultimate Team, especially for users who are new to FC Ultimate Team.

Fire up your FC 24

FC Ultimate Team is an in-game mode in the FC 24 game. So, to play Ultimate Team, you need to know how to start and run your FC 24 first. If you are a beginner, you can follow the FC 24 starting guide to learn how to get the game started.

What is FC 24 Ultimate Team?

The FC Ultimate Team (also known as UT) is a game mode in EA Sports FC that allows you to create and manage your own club to play online and offline games and earn rewards using any FC 24 players and managers, as well as a collection of various types of cards such as club items, staff, and consumables. By playing matches and games in Ultimate Team mode, you’ll be able to get better players and items, so you can improve your club’s strength and budget.

FC Players, Items and How to Get Them

All players, managers, staff, club items, and consumables are available as card items in Ultimate Team. These card items can be gained as rewards by playing games, can be received by opening packs, and can be bought and traded in the online market, which is called the Transfer Market. To buy packs, you need to spend FC 24 coins or FC Points. To buy players or any other cards from the transfer market, you need to spend coins.

Coins can be gained as rewards for playing matches and challenges. You can also earn coins by selling your cards to other users in the market. Points can be only bought from the UT Store.

What is Chemistry?

In Ultimate Team, chemistry is a factor that defines the compatibility of a player in his position with his squad’s formation, his teammates in other positions, and the team manager.

The higher player and team chemistry ratings your squad can score, the better compatibility and relationships you will have amongst your players and manager. The player’s chemistry rates in Ultimate Team are shown as three diamond-shaped icons underneath their cards, where the more diamonds are in blue, the better chemistry the player gets. Learn how the chemistry works in FC 24.

To learn more on Ultimate Team essentials, read the Ultimate Team article.

Getting Prepared and Started

Before jumping into FC 24 Ultimate Team, you may want to learn about how to start FC 24 game. Next, we suggest you to get prepared for FC 24, especially when you are shifting from FIFA 23 to FC 24, so you can carryover your data and progress to FC Ultimate Team.

Follow the In-game Instructions

Now, you can carry on and launch the Ultimate Team from the PLAY tab in the FC 24 main menu. When you launch Ultimate Team for the first time, the system instructs you on how to play and run your club. Just follow the steps to create your club and learn how to play it properly:

Select a Country

The first thing you will need to do in Ultimate Team is choose a country for your starter pack from the country list given. The country you select will put more players from that nationality on your starting squad and will set your players nationality and league preference in the future.

Your First Squad

After choosing a country, the system will give you 22 players plus a loan player who are mostly from the country you chose before. A loan player comes with a limited number of matches (usually a 5-game contract), and when they reach the limitation, they won’t be able to play for your club.

Your Club Identity

Now, you are required to choose your club’s home and away kits from the choices you get. Then you need to choose your club crest from the given collection. Don’t worry; later, you can change your club kit and badge with the ones you got from the game.

Select to Learn & Upgrade or to Play Now

Next, you have the option to either learn and upgrade or start playing a match. We recommend you keep learning and upgrading so that your knowledge of Ultimate Team gets upgraded while your club gets stronger as well.

Complete the Objectives

Here, you will be introduced to the objectives, and you can complete a basic one if you follow the instruction guide. Choose any objective and complete it. Objectives are usually available as a group with breakdowns, where you get rewarded for completing each task as well as the group. Try to complete as much as you can so you can get more prizes.

Claim Rewards and Open Packs

By completing objectives, you’ll notice that you get rewards, and these rewards will go to your club. Pack rewards are stored in the Ultimate Team Store. Go to the store (Ultimate Team Home > Store) and navigate to My Packs. There you can see your gained unclaimed packs.

Do open your packs and claim the items. Upgrade your squad with the players you gained so you can form a stronger team.

Play a Match

Play a match if you haven’t yet. This will help you complete some objectives whilst also allowing you to experience the gameplay. Check out the objectives first, go through them and see if there are any objectives for playing matches and gain some rewards.

We recommend you play a single-player match in the Squad Battles. Squad Battles matches are offline and there are weekly rewards for playing this match mode. Plus, every game you play in the Ultimate Team will give you some coin rewards, which can be used to buy players and items from the Ultimate Team market.

Keep Playing & Exploring

The more matches and challenges you play, the more rewards you gain. This means your club will get more rich by getting more coins and card items. There are many ways to earn rewards and coins in FIFA 23, one of the ways to get good player card is to play SBC (Squad Building Challenges) mode.

Playing online and offline matches will also cause you to earn Match Coins, plus packs as rewards. It also teaches you how to improve your gameplay and work on your players’ chemistry etc.

Try to open FC packs more often and during the promotional events so you get more chance to get special player cards.

Do trade items in the Transfer Market, trading cards there could help you increase your club’s budget and more earn coins. Don’t forget that you can manage your your Ultimate Team club using the FC 24 web app and the companion app so you can access to Ultimate Team using your mobile devices from anywhere.

So, keep playing games, matches, and training in the Ultimate Team to improve your gameplay skills and explore new things. Try the new FC UT Moments mode, which is a new single-player game mode in Ultimate Team. UT Moments contain mini-games with which you can improve your EA FC skills and work on getting the most out of a scenario with a limited time.

If you have a friend who is a football gamer, the FC 24 Ultimate Team Friendlies mode would also be a good idea to play with them in order to improve your skills, especially when playing online multiplayer games.


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