FC 24 Chemistry System

FC 24 Chemistry

Players can get a maximum of 3 Chemistry points (shown as a diamond symbol), by having teammates with the same Nationality, League & Club in the Starting XI. Take note that players link to and influence the everyone’s Chemistry points in the Starting XI.

Players preferred position will affect the their chemistry. When a player’s preferred position matches with their position in the Starting XI, a maximums chemistry will achieve.

Players with a low Chemistry will still perform to their base attributes.

Team Chemistry
A Team Chemistry is calculated based on the average of players in the Starting IX

FUT 24 adheres to the diamond system, which allows you more freedom and flexibility in assembling your team, resulting in a higher boost with better chemistry rates. 

Each player in the starting lineup is given three diamonds to rank their chemistry and link quality with their teammates. The lowest boost is one green diamond, and the highest boost is three green diamonds. 

The following factors are considered for getting more diamonds in the FC-24 chemistry system:

  • Team Position – In accordance with their primary and secondary preferred positions
  • Nationality
  • Club
  • League


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