FC 24 Dribbling Guide – How to Dribble in EA Sports FC

FC 24 Dribbling Tutorial

When playing a match in the FC 24 video game, dribbling is essential. In FC 24, you won’t be able to score until you carry the ball and pass your opponent. The better you dribble, the easier it will be to control your game.

Basic Dribbling Moves

To become a pro player in FC 24, you must first master the dribbling controls. The following is a list of basic dribbling manoeuvres and controls in FC 24. Do memorise and get familiarised yourself with these controls. The Practice Arena in FC 24 is a great place to try them out and practise your dribbling.


Action PlayStation Xbox / PC
Move / Dribble / Carry the ball L L
Protect Ball L2 LT
Skill Moves R R
Special Powers (Volta Football only) R1 RB
Simple Skill Moves (Volta Football only) L1 Press and Hold + L + Direction LB Press and Hold + L + Direction
Simple Flicks (Volta Football only) R3 + L + Direction R3 + L + Direction
Taunts (VOLTA FOOTBALL only) L + no direction + R2 Hold Down L + no direction + RT Hold Down
Sprint / Fast Dribble R2 Hold Down + Direction RT Hold Down + Direction
Controlled Sprint R1 Hold Down + Direction RB Hold Down + Direction
Strafe Dribble L1 + L LB + L
Agile Dribble L2 + R2 LT + RT
Orbit Dribble L2 + L1 + L + Direction LT + LB + L + Direction
Let Ball Run R1 Press and Hold + L (Away From Ball) RB Press and Hold + L (Away From Ball)
Shield / Jockey L2 Hold Down + Direction LT Hold Down + Direction
First Touch / Knock-On R2 + R + Flick Twice and Hold Direction RT + R + Flick Twice and Hold Direction
Controlled First Touch / Effort Touch R2 + R (Flick in any Direction) or R + Direction (Hold) RT + R (Flick in any Direction) or R + Direction (Hold)
Stop Ball R2 + no direction RT + no direction
Jostle (Ball In Air) L2 LT
Stop and Face Goal L + no direction + L1 L + no direction + LB
Disguised First Touch R1 Press and Hold + L (Towards Ball) RB Press and Hold + L (Towards Ball)
Set Up Touch R1 + R + Direction (Hold) RB + R + Direction (Hold)
Fake Pass ▢ then X + direction X then A + direction
Fake Shot ◯ then X + direction B then A + direction
Time Your Shot ◯ + ◯ [Timed] B + B [Timed]
Dummy a Pass L + no direction + R1 Press and Hold L + no direction + RB Press and Hold
Trigger Run L1 LB
Call for Support R1 RB
Pass and Go L1 + X LB + A
Pass and Move X or △ or ▢ + R + Direction (Hold) A or Y or X + R + Direction (Hold)
Directional Runs Tap L1 + R or R1 + R (Flick in any Direction) Tap LB + R or RB + R (Flick in any Direction)
Player Lock L + R L + R
Switching (Player Lock) R (Flick in any Direction) R (Flick in any Direction)
Hard Super Cancel L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 LB + RB + LT + RT

Basic Moves

As for basic dribbling, you need to be good at these moves:

  • Carrying the Ball (L stick)
  • Skill Moves (R stick)
  • Protecting the Ball (L2/LT)
  • Fast Dribbling (Holding R2/RT)
  • Controlled Sprint (R1/RB Hold Down + Direction)

To carry the ball and pass your opponent you can just use the L stick. Using the R stick will also help you to do skill moves. Familiarizing yourself with the skill moves will also help you perform the dribbling very well.

The initial step in dribbling is to guard the ball (by pressing the L2/LT button). Sprinting (when moving, hold the R2/RT button) will also help you pass your opponents. Slow dribbling (by holding the L1/LB button) is sometimes necessary to create extra space for yourself to take a shot or pass the ball.

Do More Skill Moves

More skill moves may also be necessary for successful dribbling. Get to know all of the talents and get your fingers used to using them. Keep in mind that the skill movements are classified based on the players’ star moves.

Have More Dribblers in Your Team

The player with the higher dribbling attribute (DRI) will dribble better. Try to have at least two players with a high dribbling rate on your team if you are playing Ultimate Team. Otherwise, choose your best available dribblers in your team for the positions where you need to dribble the ball more often.


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