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Manager Career - EA Sports FC 24

As a manager in EA Sports FC 24 Career mode you can take the reins of your favourite club and control all the managerial and tactical aspects of your team. You will also be responsible for helping the club achieve strategic and business objectives across a variety of categories.

FC 24 Manager Career features a Total Management System that combines two brand-new elements: Tactical Visions and Coaches. Along with that, EA has focused on Match Preparation, with the purpose of allowing you to run your club precisely how you want.

Below is the list of all new features available in the EA Sports FC 24 Manager Career mode

Total Management System

Tactical Vision

Managers can be involved in all important club decisions, whether they implement changes directly or ensure they have the correct people to delegate to. A new manager’s appointment has the potential to fundamentally overhaul a club and its football philosophy.

You are now able to put your own stamp on the game, to shape the identity of your clubs as you take command of them, and to ultimately feel in control of how your team acts on and off the field. Tactical Vision gives you greater control over selecting, adopting, and then perfecting your team’s approach to football.

You can select one of seven tactical real-world and true philosophies for your team to play, ranging from Park the Bus to Gegenpressing. The following Tactical Visions are available:

  • Standard – A balanced approach to the game that focuses on keeping a shape that allows you to stay strong defensively while also posing a danger going forward.
  • Wing Play – When in control, uses the entire width of the pitch, rapidly getting the ball to attacking players near the touchlines and employing overlapping full-backs to add to the threat from those areas.
  • Tiki-Taka is a possession-based play style. Your players are at ease on the ball and use short passing and rotations while waiting for opportunities to play in attackers who have run into channels or openings between opposition defenders.
  • Counter-Attack – The key to this type of play is low risk and a low block. Players defend the penalty area before rapidly moving the ball forward with attackers ready to sprint into gaps behind the opposing defensive line.
  • Gegenpressing – A high press is the foundation of this technique. Your team strives to win the ball back in the opponent’s third as much as possible, taking advantage of turnovers to create goal-scoring opportunities before the opposition can get back into shape.
  • Kick & Rush – A strong and athletic style of play allows your players to frequently skip the middle, sending the ball forward fast to your powerful forwards who can exploit space behind defenders and battle for second balls and knockdowns.
  • Park the Bus – Your team’s game is built around strong, unwavering defense. Out of possession, you are constantly disciplined and well-organized, frequently deploying a very low block, strangling opponents’ assaults before reclaiming the ball and attempting to push forward yourself.

Tactical Visions are created by combining Tactics and Player Instruction presets. Because weEAwanted to allow for player freedom within each Tactical Vision, most of the options are extremely configurable. However, there are defining settings for each Tactical Vision that cannot be changed.

For example, you can not play Counter-Attacking football until your Chance Creation is set to Forward Runs, and you can not engage in Wing Play unless your wingers are set to be extremely wide on the pitch. If you do not wish to use any of the seven Tactical Visions, you may always make a Custom set up, which is also where players who change the defining parameter of an existing Tactical Vision will go.

Any Tactical Vision in the game can be applied to any configuration. It is up to you, as the Manager, to evaluate which combination works best for your team’s strengths and limitations. Tactical Vision also functions independently of Game Plans, so you can have one vision that rules them all or assign a different vision to each plan (e.g., Ultra-Defensive to Park The Bus, Defensive to Counter-Attack, Balanced to Tiki-Taka).

Scouting with Tactical Vision

The Scouting system is also updated so you can find players who are a good fit for the tactical system you are attempting to adopt. So, in addition to the existing filters (position, age, and contract length), EA has included some new ones:

  • Tactical Fit – For each position on the field, each Tactical Vision is coupled with a set of essential Attributes. Your scouts will report back on players who stand out in those areas of their game using Tactical Fit.

For example, if you are looking for a Central Midfielder (CM) who can play Counter-Attack, your scouts will prioritize Agility, Stamina, Dribbling, and Acceleration, among other Attributes, whereas a Tiki-Taka CM will need good levels of Ball Control, Short Passing, and Positioning.

  • Overall Condition: This is a filter that defines the player’s quality, ranging from Backup to World Class.
  • Playstyles: Do you need a player with a specific PlayStyle? This is where you inquire.

Each squad is divided into four sections: attack, midfield, defence, and goalkeeping. All players, including senior and youth players, are assigned to their respective departments based on their pitch positions. In the Squad Hub and Youth Academy, for example, the Defensive Department will include players from the Left Wing Back (LWB), Right Wing Back (RWB), Left Back (LB), Right Back (RB), and Centre Back (CB) positions. Loaned out players are not assigned to a department.

Each coach must be allocated to a department in order for the players in that department to benefit from the coach’s knowledge and skills.

Coaches are divided into two categories:

  • Tactical Knowledge
  • Player Development
Coach Management

Depending on the needs of each club, you can select how to assign professional coaches to the club’s departments. However, each club has a restricted amount of vacant places for hiring coaches, which is mostly determined by the organisation’s stature (value). Extra coach spots are unlocked by the board year after year if you have a high management rating at the end of the previous season.

The list of available coaches on the market is updated on a regular basis. So, if you don’t discover the appropriate people to complete all available positions, you can come back later and look again.

Coaches can be freely moved across departments with no consequences in order to balance the dynamic Ideal Quality of each Department. They can also be released by the club to create place for a better available coach, although this will result in a severance compensation being paid, and the departed coach will not be eligible for hire again.

Gathering the optimal coaching staff, like assembling the perfect squad, requires expertise, patience, and time. It adds a new dimension to upgrading your club and allows you to experiment to find the perfect mix.

Training Plans & Programs

While a sound tactical plan is essential for success, it is only one aspect of the process of preparing for your next game. As a manager, you must continuously assess which players are best suited to carry out your instructions.

Team preparation is a season-long endeavour to achieve the proper balance between increasing players’ match Sharpness and assisting them in regaining their Fitness as quickly as feasible. It’s a challenge that the club’s entire staff works towards while accounting for things like suspensions, injuries, and calendar changes.

There are five different Training Plans to pick from, ranging from Performance to Energy. By selecting one of them for a player, the club personnel will know what they should be focused on for that player. Priorities will fluctuate throughout the season based on minutes played, natural fitness of each player, and the weight of your schedule for your entire team.

For example, when the season begins and the players return from their vacations, they are severely short in match practise, resulting in poor Sharpness. As the season goes, you’ll discover that you need to pay more attention to fitness levels if you want to have your best squad ready for that crucial match against your arch-rival.

Pre-match Preparation

Preparation for the Match

Regardless of the calibre of the teams involved, preparing your team to confront the opposition is an essential component of football. That is why EA revamped the matchday experience to better reflect the decision-making and, in particular, the in-depth preparation work that occurs in top-tier real-world football. The new Matchday Hub includes the pre-match report, dedicated training sessions, and press conferences, all of which help you defeat your next opponent

Pre-match Reports & Analysis

Every season brings you face to face with teams that use a variety of systems, formations, and pose a variety of dangers to your game plan. Important insights are provided into how your opponent is likely to play in pre-match reports. The opposition team’s information is presented as well, which includes:

  • Probable Line-up – the opponent’s expected formation, taking match availability into account, as well as details on the opponent’s Tactical Vision, including a description of their offensive and defensive methods.
  • Form of the opposing side over the last five matches and competition standing.
  • Threats from the opposition, divided into key attacking and key defensive players. These are opposition players to keep an eye out for and who may require special attention.
Match Ready Training

The Match Ready Training sessions are one-time drills that allow you to focus your team’s attention on a single aspect of the game, unlocking temporary PlayStyles for your players. The temporary PlayStyles awarded as rewards will be determined by the drill selected and the places of the players in the drill. The temporary PlayStyles are only available to players who are participating in the drill.

Assume you want to aerially dominate your next opponent in their box. Successfully completing the Game Crossing Scenarios drill will give your Strikers a Power Header PlayStyle and your Wingers a Winger PlayStyle.

Tactical View

Tactical View allows you to see the game from several vantage points. You may keep track on single players’ activities or receive a bird’s-eye view of the entire event. We’ve also included the ability to watch the game from the turmoil and dynamics of the touchline, just behind the manager.

You may move between views without pausing the game, and you can make quick tactical modifications as well as switch your game plan as the game proceeds.

Tactical View is extensively linked with the other modes of Manager Career experience. If you need to take matters into your own hands, you can do so via the pause menu. Or perhaps you’ve built up a comfortable advantage over your opponent and want to sit back and watch the rest of the game from Tactical View. You may also switch to Sim to speed up the final whistle.

Additional Improvements

Threre are number of apparel and accessory options for managers to include some popular items like hoodies, tracksuits, sweater-shirt combos, and spectacles.

Our kit template collection for Create Your Club has been enhanced to include a range of models with chest sponsors.

The AI’s decision-making process has also been changed when deciding whether or not to include a buy clause when you loan a player to them. We’ve built a points system that will assess the appropriateness of the buy clause depending on a number of parameters, including the player’s skill level and what percentage of the team’s transfer budget would be necessary to acquire the player. If the club lacks squad depth in that area or has a surplus of players in that field.

EA made an update to the AI shopping list logic to ensure that a club’s Board Priority for Youth Development influences how much they look for prospective players. Expect increased competition from clubs such as Manchester City and Real Madrid to attract future talents.

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