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Player Career - EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports FC 24 Player Career Mode allows you to create your own professional player (known as Pro) and work your way up through the football world, going from a nobody to a club legend. Eventually, you may choose to retire and continue as a manager.

FC 24 features Player Agents in Player Career mode, offering you the option to chart your own trajectory and seek your dream move. By engaging the PlayStyles, you will be able to create a completely unique individual, with attributes that influence both on- and off-field behaviours.

The new Focus Camera feature puts you right in the middle of the action, allowing you to experience the game like never before. Furthermore, brace yourself for a variety of exciting dynamic moments, such as Open Top Bus Parades and Awards Events, which will add to the game’s thrill.

FC 24 Career mode also features the Ballon d’Or, which you can achieve to become a legend in this career game mode.

Below is the list of all new features available in the EA FC 24 Player Career mode

Player Agent

The Player Agent allows you to go deep into the world of transfers, contracts, and the various twists and turns that will determine your career across multiple seasons. The Player Agent will accompany you on your journey, commenting on your successes and failures and, most significantly, assisting you in shaping your future by negotiating with clubs regarding potential transfers and contracts that will shape your career.

Shaping Your Path

Negotiations are an important aspect of the Player Agent. Even if you are guaranteed another season at your current club, you must always plan ahead. Your progress is reviewed at the end of each season, and this determines whether your Club wants to keep you in their team or whether you will have to explore for other chances.

You can chart Your Career Path by selecting a desired team or looking to join one of the clubs recommended to you by your Player Agent.

Target Team

A Target Team is a Club that you can choose as your next professional move. Club objectives are tracked during the season, and if you successfully achieve them, you will be eligible to join that club. You can only have one Target Team active at any given time, however you can change the target at any time during the season.

The Agent will assist you in evaluating your Target squad selection, and if you aim too high, they will offer a stepping-stone club that could serve as a bridge between your present squad and the Target Team.

Sometimes teams may not want to sign you because their budget is not flexible enough, they do not require someone for your specific position, or their profile does not match your playing style. Teams may alter their minds as you progress, and you may be able to join them in future seasons.


As the season progresses, your trusted Agent selects possibilities that are specifically tailored to your performance and career advancement.

The Agent monitors your performance throughout the season, making relevant club recommendations that are more than just transfer opportunities. By completing the Agent’s objectives, you will gain access to Clubs that can serve as stepping stones to greater and better things.

These suggestions are intended to advance your career by directing you to superior teams while taking regional context and wage potential into account. The Agent also makes recommendations depending on your current performance before the end of the season, ensuring you always have options for next season. The Agent even notifies you of that team’s Tactical Vision, so you know what to expect on the pitch when you eventually make the transfer.

Objective Generator

Each Club in the game has a set of conditions that must be accomplished in order to either join a new club or keep your present contract with the team you are playing for – those requirements are objectives that are active for the duration of the current Season.

The prestige of the League to which the Club belongs, its Star Rating, and financial well-being all influence objectives. On top of that, there is the most essential factor: your financial expectations, stated in a weekly income that you hope to earn when you switch teams or begin the following season at your current club.

Based on these characteristics, objectives are developed and classified as mandatory or optional:

  • Mandatory Objectives must be met before a Club will consider working with you. They are the absolute bare minimum for signing a new contract or keeping your current position.
  • When you wish to earn additional money, you can use Optional Objectives. Completing these, in addition to the Mandatory Objectives, raises the weekly compensation offered by the club.

The tactical style of the Club and your position determine what the Mandatory and Optional Objectives are. For example, if your club prefers more dynamic, fast-paced football, expect more Objectives like pass & go’, whilst clean sheets and ball control will be more crucial for clubs who favor a more defensive approach.

Always Plan Ahead of Time

It is critical to plan ahead of time so that your career develops in the direction you choose. You can set your financial needs for your Current, Target, and Recommended Clubs throughout the Season with the help of the Agent.

The agent will need you to lock down your goals at the end of the season, therefore you will not be allowed to change your pay any further. It is a smart idea to plan your next move ahead of time so you have more options for where you want to play next season while also maximizing your financial potential.

Weekly Wage Estimate

In terms of salary (Weekly Wage), each Club will offer a varied range based on the same parameters that were used to generate the Objectives. In general, a better team from a better league can offer greater financial terms, but they will have higher expectations of your performance. The aggregate ranking of the players is also considered. The more developed you are, the greater your earning potential.

If you are unable to meet all of the Objectives, the Club may still wish to sign a contract with you, albeit at a lower wage. It is also worth noting that if you outperform significantly, the Club may not wish to completely compensate for the additional objectives.

On Loan

Your current club will monitor your progress and ask you to achieve targets in order to continue playing there. You can negotiate a higher compensation to advance your career, but you must maintain your performance over the Club’s minimum wage criterion. If the Mandatory Objectives for the Current Club are not met at the end of the Season, you may be able to go on loan.

If you agree, you will be transferred to another club to prove your worth before returning to the original club to complete your career.

If you do not, you will be forced to find another club and sign a contract.

Free Agent

If your contract with the Current Club is about to expire, you can either renew it if the Club is happy with your performance or hunt for a new club as a Free Agent. Joining a Club as a Free Agent adds to the weekly income, therefore planned transfers can be financially advantageous.


Player Personality 2.0

The Player Personality system in FC 24 has been improved which allows you to determine how your player develops. You will be able to apply a PlayStyle, a unique booster that will modify how you behave on the pitch, to each of the 7 levels of Personality. What PlayStyles you can assign are determined by the distribution of Personality Points among the existing Personalities – Maverick, Heartbeat, and Virtuoso. The more you devote to cultivating one personality type, the more PlayStyles you will receive from that type.


When you reach the final level of Personality, if one of the Personality types becomes extremely dominant, you will be able to transform one of your equipped PlayStyles into a powerful, more polished version known as a PlayStyle+.

Focus Camera

The new focus camera in FC 24 career mode will prioritise keeping your player visible on the screen while still keeping an eye on the ball.When you approach the opponent’s box or perform critical movements like dribbling or jockeying, the FC 24 camera will zoom in to accentuate the significance of your efforts.

These Focus upgrades are accessible on all platforms, and they have been applied to the default camera of each console generation. Legacy Focus camera will be accessible on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch, while Tactical Focus camera will be available on PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X/S.


FC 24 career features new items in player career mode that have been commonly requested by the community. Here the personalisation items added to this version of the game:

  • Tattoos
  • Face Guards
  • Goggles

Training Updates

There are two enhancements to our quality of life in EA FC 24 Player Career:

  • You can now take part in training sessions before each match. Because you’ve advanced to the next match, you don’t have to worry about missing a training session.
  • As you participate in the training sessions, you will gain Personality Points to help you progress as a player.

Dynamic Moments

There are more cinematic moments and scenes that celebrate achievements in the FC 24 career mode. These includes:

  • Ballon d’Or event ceremony
  • The open top bus trophy parade will mark the end of a season in which you assisted your team in winning at least one trophy, including all of the prizes you have earned.
  • The Manager of the Year and Player of the Season honours will be presented in lavish galas to their respective champions. Ensure your squad puts in excellent performances throughout the season to win the award, or cheer on your players from the stands as they take the coveted trophy at the end of a season.

The new Dynamic Moments will only be accessible in Manager and Player Career on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.


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