FIFA 18 Wishlist

FIFA 18 Wishlist

Your FIFA 18 Wishlist

Write your ideas for FIFA 18 here, write about the things that you believe were missing in FIFA 17. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 18 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 18 and FUT 18 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. Just been thinking

    *Wouldn’t it be better if we had a FUT Manager mode: in this mode you’d create a team with chemistry and formation like the actual FUT and then send your team to play someone else without you being in control just like in manager mode where you can just make subs and tactics.

    -So simply Manager mode in FUT mode. this way we can have online leagues a bit more competitive in regards to managing abilities and skills a little less with how you can play with them (all this without removing the actual FUT coz it also brilliant)

  2. I’ve been thru a lot fo comments here, and I really like what you lads have put together, spme great improvements that goes in my ideas directions as well.

    1) I think the mode that is calling for improvement is definitely CAREER MODE, no doubt, it’s what makes me play fifa in general, I feel like a lot of people feel the same.
    A) ADD continental competitions with more detail, doesnt need to be licensed, generic its fine with me since EA makes great generic stuff.FIFA has the perfect platform to make great things, just need some adjustments Example: ASIAN CHAMPIONS LEAGUE(leagues in Game :Saudi Arabia, Japan , South Korea, Australia~add:Chinese Super League because of the great financial power and good players and Indian League because Fifa has a lot of indian fans and to make the cup more extensive) , AFRICAN CLUB CUP(~ADD South African League & Egyption League, putting some other minor african teams on Rest Of the World, adding to the competition during career mode) , SOUTH AMERICA LIBERTADORES( doesnt really need that much improvement since you have main leagues-Brazil , Argentina, Chile and Colombia.~ADD top 2 teams from Uruguay/Paraguay in Rest of the World to make competition more extensive) , NORTH AMERICA ( you have 2 major league from continent USA(Canada) & Mexico witch its enough to make the competititon, if wanted/possible~ADD 1 or 2 caribbean teams to make more extensive but not necessary at all) EUROPE competitions is really decent so no improvement needed. To finish this great platform make CLUB WORLD CUP in witch the winners from all the continental Cups face each other + add either Wellington Phoenix ( New Zealand) in the game already, to represent OCEANIA.
    B) Tickets price, Sponsorship deals , stadium adjustments and staff – 2 of those have been in the game before and were great success, its not of a big deal but would be great to see it back in the game.
    C) Post-Match Interviews & Before match interviews : make the rivalry fire up before a match where the next champion of the league can be crowned, make managers fire up against eachother or take a stand of fair play, it would be up to you.
    D) Make fans react to team and league in general, big team is in bad shape make them criticize or small team is making great season and surprising everyone , make fans go crazy in social media (already in game, needs little bit improvement) or make generic TV News cut-scene.

    2)Customize Player : Fifa 17 has been the better year in that point, just make tattoos accessible and during Player Carrer mode make available a option to change hairstyle or facial hair .

    3)Boots and Catalogue update: doesnt need to have everything but make accessible a option to customize your shoes, for example fifa puts templates of the shoes/cleats Nike Mercurial, you should be able to pick color, same with other brands and styles.

    4) Stadiums: THE more important after career mode improvement, add oficial stadiums if not possible add more generic with variety stadiums. For example for career mode, if im managing Kaizer Chiefs ( South Africa) I want to feel that im in south africa, make the style of the stadium according to the continents, same as background.
    Already in game some generic stadiums are really good with that. Example : Estadio Presidente Lopes makes me feel like im in South America, because of the stadium itself and the background, house shape and stuff, palm trees etc..doesnt need to be super detailed just minimal detailed. ( Fifa 11arena mode was perfect where you could pick the continent and the background of arena would change the buildings, houses, billboards) etc..

    Its just some ideas,I feel like would be good to add to the game, most of it has been in the game somehow, just needs some improvement. Give me your feedback, your opinion its aprecciated, we all together come to a good resolution!

  3. I’ve been playing fifa game since i was 12 y.old.
    Fifa is nice game but then , it is normal for all gamers and game that they play.We not asking for 100% perfect but at least 80 to 90% should be fine by us.I only have a few thing to share & really really really hope so it can done in fifa 18.

    1) Tattoo
    We knew that fifa is for universal player no matter how old are you, what religion you are.It been played all across the world BUT we need a perfection for the game that we play as the same thing that we watched in our tv.Why only in fifa game that have a certain player with tattoo some of it have but not full as the real have.
    Why WWE and NBA game can do that thing.
    I know that maybe it is in fifa procuder but in order to satisfy your client which is we as the gamers , sometime you need to break the law.Go beyond , Upgrade your mindset tell all the bosses about this thing.For sure fifa will be the number 1 platform in soccer game instead of PES .

    2) Boots
    I been thinking that why certain of boots in fifa 17 look like garder boot.Example Nike hypervenom Rooney wear in fifa 17, its tickle me when i look at that boot its so not real and not 100% or 50% similar to the real one.For boot, i can give credit to PES 17.You guys go and check the different , in PES 17 the boot look more real and similar to the real one.On this part , fifa really really need to upgrade their system and eye.
    Not only hypervenom, go and check back all boot list that you have and compare them with PES 7 and the real one.

    3) Logo for League
    This is not big issue but when we talk about perfection, in fifa 17 the only perfection is the gameplay but when its come on kits.So poor, example like NEWCASTLE team in EFL than win and join back BARCLAY but if you check back.
    The logo on their shirt still EFL.What daaa.
    Cmon fifa, you are the one top company do the upgrade and changes about that thing.Its not only for that part, when it become in EFL CUP, EMIRATES CUP, EURO and so on.Do the changes on player shirt with specific league logo.

    4) MANAGER mode and OFFLINE
    The current manager mode is nice but not really nice, i can’t see any changes if we achieve their objective.Do something about that and also for offline gamers.FYI , not all people for across the world have internet in their house.Think about them eventhough we know that offline game didn’t give a profit for you guys but its look like you guys are selfish.sorry about that.

    5) KITS and SPONSOR
    THIS is the last one from me and i know that nlt only me that really wish this thing can happen.But everyone is give hope about this part, give us something that can us play and play and play never stop.
    Every new season, let us do the design of the kits which is fifa provide a few design like in FUT.
    sponsorship is depend on the sponsor or perfomance of that team.
    This thing also can make a maze impact for me on this.

    That all my opinion.really hope that someone can voice up about this or fifa staff read about this.


    1. when you transfer a player manually by going onto update squads>transfers, the game should act like the player went there for real. They can make templates, (this team) seal (this player) deal for (est. transfer value).


  4. Career Mode not being the same every single year. Make CM in FIFA 18 a complete renovation of the game mode please!

  5. I am a huge fan of your career modes and have been playing for about 7 years now and there are a few things that i reckon could improve the realisticness of the career mode.

    Manager mode:
    First is that you can customized your own manager, i love what you have added with fifa 17 but i just dont feel like it is me and the fact that sometimes you can come across the same faced manager all the time.

    Next i would like to see at the end of a season that you get sponsorship offers from real world organizations to help get money for transfer windows or player contracts, also at the end or beginning of a season the ability to customize a new kit.

    The ability to hire staff in your team like trainers.

    The youth development on fifa can play a big part in some clubs like Barcelona and over the last two games you havent really found a middle ground, in fifa 16 the youth players improved way to quick and was unrealistic and in fifa 17 the grow way to slow even when on loan to a lower club if you could find a middle ground or if the player is having a great season they improve alot and if its a shitty season the improve only alittle. Also when scouting youth players it sucks they you cant go all over the globe, adding more countries would be better.

    Other things you could add are press conferences that are live in a way would help, seeing fans responses to games they just watched or even seeing press conferences that your players or other managers have just had would also help to know how everyone is feeling at the club.
    Realistic transfers during the transfer window
    And bigger clubs buying high potential young players from lower league clubs.
    Offers from other clubs to become manager more regularly.

    Player mode:
    ADD RW AND LW! It sucks that you cant be an attacking winger like messi or neymar!
    Adding the ability to tell your manager that you are to tried to play the next match would be great.
    Press conferences like what i said before in manager mode

    If any of these could be added i would be so happy and im sure others will be too, cant wait for the new game to come out! Thank you

    Just thought of more things sorry.

    Manager mode:
    The ability to control who your staff is, so arrange contacts for assistant manager training staff and so fourth

    1. I agree with you Josh, I play Fifa mostly for career mode, not a big fan of Ultimate Team or online matches for obvious reasons. Of course I play here and there for fun, but thats not what makes turn on the playstation to play fifa. They been adding really slowly new inovations to career mode, they have had fifa on next gen since the 14th edition. Its been 3 more games and basically no improvements. In Player Career they should change a lot of thing, they should make it more like the journey, like social media, how fans react and other players and managers as well, and add cutscenes, I know its a custom made player but look at Saints Row, you get to make your own guy and never missed the story point on the game.
      About Manager mode you should definitely be able to create your avatar because it gets so repetitive and I see the same manager at least 20 times a season. Also, they should make more continental competitions, like in real life, when you win Champions League you get to play on Club World Cup, wich is amazing! who doesnt wnat to have a team being champions of the world?! I feel like they focus too much on online modes and piss on offline modes, which is sad

  6. 1. More national teams. 45 is too little to cover, and even so the focus is too much on Europe and South America. There are hardly any teams from other continents to go around (and even there are some leagues whose national team isn’t even represented in the game, which truly is a waste of database pooling). We’ll be having the World Cup next year, no need to cram all national teams like in the official WC game, but a healthy number of them wouldn’t hurt so the WC Qualifiers in Career Mode would be more comprehensive. Look at how Konami manages it with 81 national teams every year. They don’t all need to be licensed either, considering that EA always gets the kits right even when they make their teams generic. And the developers could divide them among their respective continental zones so it won’t become too tiring to shuffle through dozens and dozens of teams to find the one you want, like they did in FIFA 98 and 2002.

    2. Talk to athletes playing in Brazil so they will be properly represented in the game. If they demand more money (yes, some of them are true mercenaries, with little of the talent they think they have to back it up), keep them off the game and allow only the ones who are willing. Negotiate with the teams if you need to.

    3. Talk to Corinthians and Flamengo one more time. If they won’t agree to be in the game, just make them C. São Paulo and F. Rio de Janeiro (Corinthians had appeared as a generic team in FIFA 10 before, in fact).

    4. Add the Egyptian Premier League. EA must have realized by now that football games have a solid market in the Arab World, or else they wouldn’t have had the Saudi League in the game for five seasons now. Also, an African League would just be what FIFA needs to properly cover world football, and considering Egypt has two of the strongest and most traditional teams in the continent (which also happen to be bitter rivals), nothing better than taking advantage of this.

    5. Add the South African Premier League, just to have another African league in the game to contest continental competitions in Career Mode. Why South Africa? Simply because Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates have been in the game for quite a long time now, and they even had Mamelodi Sundowns (the current African champions) in a couple of entries way back.

    6. Add more clubs from different continents to the Rest of World block, so the aforementioned continental competitions can be more consistent. I mean, what fun is it to play a South American championship if you can’t play against teams from Uruguay, Ecuador or Paraguay, which all have different degrees of tradition in the Libertadores? Or the current UEFA Champions League season with some teams missing? It would also give depth to competitions in other continents, even if they come out greatly reduced from their real-life counterparts (such as with 16 teams – the top two from the in-game leagues, plus the others in ROW). The ROW block would have to be divided into continents, too, to support this.

    7. More female national teams so there will be a proper Women’s World Cup in the game (which is currently contested by 24 teams, not 12 or 14).

    8. Continue Alex Hunter’s story as he makes his name on the English Team. Looking back at it now, having the national team callup news at the end was the perfect sequel hook considering we’ll be having the World Cup next year. Imagine controlling Alex as he becomes part of a second triumph for England, right in the year of the World Cup (sure feels like a Roy of the Rovers script!). Sure, he’ll probably have to deal with Gareth Walker again, but that’s part of the job, right?

    I suppose that’s all, for the time being.

    1. I like your ideas Andy, I’ve been here fighting for that too, the more continental teams and competitions. For example Asian Champions League ( add Indian League), and African Champions League ( adding both SA and Egyptian Leagues) would be a good platform to make Club World Cup on Career Mode, making a great ending to a good season, assuming that you win national championship and of course continental cup, finishing with the joy of being the world champions.
      On other hand I do disagree with Women’s improvement. Why? I think fifa doesnt have the urge to focus too much on that for now, let them focus on major modes that really need improvement like Manager Career mode and Player Career mode, as well as adding more National teams and non european leagues. Surveys online and match database show that only 6% of the total matches are played with Women’s Teams.
      Just my opinion, really enjoyed yours, guess we all cant agree with everything

  7. In FIFA 18, I would like to see the South African League in the game. I’ve been playing the game for the past ten years and it saddens me to see the South African league not in the game as it is one of the best leagues in Africa, and the world. It would be a great thing for us all South Africans to have our own league, and get to play with with our very own known teams and players not just Orlando Pirated and Kaizer Chiefs. Please enphacize this to the FIFA Board, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Thank you

    1. True that my friend, Im not south african or african but having both South African league and Egyption league would be very good for the game. More variety when it comes to Career mode

  8. Can FIFA please bring back the Creation centre where you can create your own team for regular offline play such as for Career mode they had that option in the older FIFA Games but for Some Reason FIFA got rid of it.

  9. Hey!

    What I would love to see on Fifa 18 is more realistic features such as when you’re on manager mode you get the chance to be able to get new kits for every season, may that be a new sponsor and just a new design in the kit of your team just like the kits change in every season in real life,and also the chance to change hair styles in manager mode to make it more realistic as footballers nowadays are always having new hair cuts,so maybe make it so the manager players are more edible!

    Also another thing I would to see in Fifa 18 is an online manager mode, the same as offline but so that you can face your friends teams, that would be pretty cool instead of the usual offline mode.

    Oh and one more thing, LET US MANAGE WOMENS TEAMS! :))

    Thank you.

  10. Dis is more of a mega fifa then a fifa 18 idea. Im a favourite to manager career and it saddens me to player get old and useless so i thought it would be a awesome idea if fifa would like to implement a career mode where you can select in which year you can start managing.

    It is also a great idea becuase we can relive the legends we mis in football. Lets say i choose the year 2000 which can be the lowest year you can chose from managing. And fifa must then lets say in 2003 let ronaldo which was not avaidble before 2003 spawn in the game with his full high potensial and and his then primary position. The manager mode must last until 2050 and also would be great to like train players to play other position at a young age like if ronaldo start as a CAM throught training you can play him at ST LW RW CF and so on it is a bit expansive but personally i think it could be great to realive the past and decide a future . Alot of people i think would agree

  11. I want old features from fifa 09 back like upgradeable stadium ajustable ticket prices fan and player happiness meters and the 3 responce questons like the reporter after the press conference asks for off the books quote 1 was i already said my piece 2 was tell him we Shouldn’t have won or 3 say i like your tie eath 1 would affect different people like 1 gave you some integrity with the board 2 lost some and 3 gained fan happiness

  12. Tommatic_1 add me on ps4 for a game… If your good enough :p
    Would like to hear your feedback on my ideas.

    Career mode had been suffering for a while I hope these Ideas are implemented to bring back some life into a mode that represents football at its best!

    1) role as a manager:
    I believe the role is about decision making, consequences and reaction. Imagine a section that judges, rates and compares your ability to lead as a manager. Assess if your more attacking,defensive,the style you play,your ability to use finances, your ability to lead as a manager control,personalities and negotiate on deals. This will affect how your team, staff, crowd and directors react towards you.. And which clubs think your suited to them…A rewards points skill system where you can purchase attributes that help you improve your manager, I.e your winning of F.a cup gives you so many ep points/ you can also use your managers salery to buy these manager upgrades I.e ability to negotiate -10% more on contracts /+10% moral boost/ 5% more ex in defensive training drills _also give the ability to give half time team talks in dressing room, tell a player to raise it or shut them down on thier performance, and watch as different players temperaments react to your instruction..Player temperament another stat that needs to be added.

    Create player objectives, a more detailed system to judge your players performances.

    Direct set plays, bring out the OL’ chalk board and direct player movements

    Depending on the rating on your assistant coach, gives you advice on different players, what position they would be most suited , players to sub, suggested starting 11’s, it’s your choice to listen to thier judgement.

    I think a team chemistry of sorts should be implemented, not solely based on nationality, although teammates that speak the same language have higher chemistry, team mates that train together and have good understanding of Eachothers style of play and create good partnerships instead of players having the cheek to come and tell me as a manager not to play another player instead of them, SHUTAP before I bench you the whole season !!! Lol

    2) New overhauled interactive interface

    A manager hub of sorts where you walk around your club stadium, go to the finance mangers office to talk about club budget, seeing your players and staff walk around in this space, sitting down in board meetings and negotiations.. Also the ability to watch your players train… Watch them in practice matches.. Whilst your staff give you live updates on your players.. Little animations here and there. All of this instead of just pressing a button would be interesting and won’t take too much away from the game.

    Also live simulated matches , as you manage from the side lines if your tired of manually playing games..

    3)Outgoings, customisation, cut scenes

    Should be abit more challenging to run a club with more outgoings, but also ways to build revenue, upgrading stadium, sponsorships all the good stuff.

    Ability to customise kits and as the sponsorship logos to them.
    Ability go get old school / retro kits especially in ultimate team, e.g Arsenal’s jVC

    Buy better rated coaching, physio’s, doctors, youth team coach, ability to tell player to get to the gym and increase strength

    Control ticket prices and watch the crowd Capacity increase/decrease

    More leagues / African/Chinese/it’s about time you put the Ghana national team in for a team to get so far in the world cup and you choose India over them is just unforgivable!! If it’s not too much work see players aging… Add the old retired players into your staff to body team spirit/

    Not much to ask EYyy. Especially with your silly retail prices 🙂

  13. Hello FIFA 18 should have the option of adding original player faces as the PC …
    It is further manhood during the season change jerseys could be added to our catalog on taking over as updating foot and Lopy so the dress would be great to update Real Madrid have new jerseys but the console they had to wait until the fife 18 Next, I updated the goalkeeping rukavice.Bolo would be great if in FIFA 18 has added the option to choose the jersey keeper …. not only players and especially the crowd that Spain had genuine reaction of gOL and not as a fife 17 that we had to wait for the update to add … more more stadiums of Spanish as San Mamés Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Estadio El Madrigal and so now you could focus more on the Spanish league

  14. On the player career mode, PLEASE give us an option to have the player coming off the bench. I believe I’m not the only person who wishes to be in a situation where you step in to save your team.

  15. Dear Sir or Madam,
    FIFA 17 is a great game and my friend and I like it very much. But there are some disadvantages. I am sure that FIFA 18 will be better than FIFA 17, if:
    -you create some other national teams (Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iceland, Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Algeria and ets.),
    -user can create his own team and play with it in “Career mode” (like in fifa 13),
    -user can create new kits for the club he plays with during “Career mode”,
    -there are sponsors in “Career mode” (like in FIFA 13),
    -animated press-conferences or something like this in “Career mode”,
    -user can change players’ position in “Career mode”,
    -more realistic overalls. For example, Alan Dzagoev has 81 overall, but he plays in real world like his real world overall is 70.
    I think theese are the most important updates. I look forward enjoying FIFA 18 with some changes.
    Yours faithfully,

  16. i think fifa18 should have the function to play men’s international tournaments and should have all the real stadiums of the international team like wales international team they play at ivy lane on fifa but in the real world they play at the Cardiff city stadiums also I think they should have women’s clubs as wheal.

  17. This is Some of the things i would like to see for Career Mode:

    When it comes to transfer make it more dynamic. Give us the opportunity to ask a few questions to the players to see how they feel about the club, desired wages, desired position, opinion on manager etc.

    Contracts should have additional clauses like buy back clauses, etc.

    Instead of playing the career as a Coach maybe play it as a sporting director. Gives us the opportunity of actually hiring coaches like Arsene or Klopp. And if a player decides to retire give them the option to be some sort of assistant or a coach for the youth team.

    Add some more dynamic to the relationship with the players, show if they like or dislike each other, and have them come and complain to you asking for chnages to be done if they for some reason hate each other.

    Make the press confrrences more dynamic. Ask things that are relevant to the situation. Not just 3 questions.

    Pleasebplease please give us the ability to create our oen team. And this is a huge please. Let us create our own logos and uniforms or let us upload images.

    We need to be able to create our oen stadiums and we should also be able to make them better and bigger so that the team can have more revenue.

    Make the economic side of things more dynamic. Lets us have more controls on things that could actually bring more fans to the stadiums like promote special events etc. Nothing that needs it’s own animation but just give an option for example if you arsenal is playing Bournemouth at home and is not a big game. Choose to promote a bubble head night or something to have more fans go to the games.

    We need to be able to create our own team or with time if we choose an existing team. Have the ability to move to a different city and change the identity of the team.(wink wink)

    And last i think any stats from the season’s played should be saved and being abled to seen so you can see how many goals a player scored in the current season, in the previous season and how many goals that player has scored in it’s career. And also maybe have their own version of ballon d’or. If you have a player that had a good season over all do give them the chance and give us the chance to see some sort of recognition

  18. I think fifa 15 is still the best. The game play is much better , from then it didn’t feel right any more. Fifa 16 and 17 game play sucks, slow and it’s not fun to play anymore. I think for fifa 18 the main thing is game play!!!!!

  19. FIFA 18 has potential to be great but improvements can be done such

    The journeyshould not end
    The journey must have a gta,sims vibe you drive around town,drive to training get married get friends off season you get to go on holiday

    Have 100 international teams

  20. FIFA 17 is great but these are the things that we need.
    On ANY mode payers on your team should be able to grow in size, weight and strength and there should be a notable difference shown when playing matches.
    Commentators commentary should be able to update itself. Like when you have won for 6 consecutive games, the commentators will be able to recognise. This feature of commentator’s memory is there in FIFA 12,13,14,15,16 and 17, but in 18, after you play a season, the commentators should be able to notice:
    (a) the year (they can create templates… ah, in this previous _/_ season, this manager, _ _ was able to make the right transfers bringing.. _, _, _ and _ to the club, so it was a good year for the club.)
    (b) who was top scorer and assister last season. (they can create templates as in… _ was the top scorer/assister last season with _ goals/assists, he really contributed to _ FC in the _/_ season with his scoring/assisting ability.)
    (c) who topped the league (they can create templates as in… ____FC with their manager, __ _, performed well last season with ___ points, so it was a good season for them..
    (d) the new manager (they should be able to not talk about the previous manager and talk about how many times youve won the league and stuff like that.)
    (e) If you have games in hand
    Players should be able to change positions if you play them long enough in a single position. For example if you play Bale as a CAM for a month on manager mode, then CAM should be added to his list of positions, but if you play him as CAM for 2 months straight then his dominant position should be CAM while RW is pushed back.
    If players stay 10 years in one country without being called up for international games they should change nationality.
    Commentators and the news should also be able to notice, if a player is on loan at a club and then plays them.
    When you transfer players manually, by going onto update teams>transfers, you should be able to loan players.
    The pictures in the news should be taken at random points in matches like the way it is for NBA and PES. This feature is handy when you buy new players to your club and then after a match when it talks about your team winning a lot, it should maybe show a picture of your new team DURING a match.
    At the start of a match when its showing the starting 11, the teams should show like they do in real life, when it shows their name and their position, then they walk a bit forward to show their face. They should use people’s game bodies instead of filming the real bodies doing that. All they have to do is create the action, WALK FORWARD then attach it to every player when the starting 11 is showing.

    Also on player career, your pro should be able to train like in the journey and FIFA 2014 World Cup and so the accomplishment system should be abolished, you should also be able to choose a style of play so that if you want to be a FK specialist then you can be. The problem with accomplishments is you can only reach an overall of about 84 before cheating. The play styles should be
    FK Specialist
    Long Range Shooter


  21. FIFA 18 Customization Suggestions
    1) Create a Club with the ablilty of logo layering, kit creation, automatic or manual players creation, stadium creation, manager creation
    2) Create a League/Cup:
    – ability to create information about league or cup (name, country, logo layer, number of teams, type of competition, promotion/relegation function)
    – ability to add/replace/remove teams
    – ability to create matches
    – ability to modify current FIFA leagues
    – ability to enable this league in career mode

    FIFA 18 Career Mode Suggestions
    1) Youth Leagues Creation with the ability of transfers with main clubs
    2) Function of TV Call in all leagues if the final round of all leagues conducted in one day.

  22. 1) The most important improvement is transfer market on career mode, you should be able to turn it on/off or to have the ability to block some transfers like FutWalker said. It is horrible to play in big leagues because the other teams are always buying star players they don’t need, like for instance having 3 excellent goalkeepers.

    2) Another aspect that should be added is allowing you to change jersey numbers of the other team players, for example if a team buys a really good striker, you should be able to give him number 9 and don’t see him with 28 or something like that.

    Those changes should be easy to add, and they should give a more realistic approach to career mode.

  23. Career Mode needs to be updated
    1) Transfers- include buy-back clauses, minimum release fee for a player, there should also be more players available for free transfers at the end of season. The computer teams should offer palyers plus cash deals like user can do.
    2) Clubs should have more real life youth club players and those that do not make the grade at big clubs should be release and signed up by lower league teams to make it more realistic
    3) simple chairmen stats for tolerance and temperment should be avaialble, italian clubs should have chairmen that fire the coach if he loses several matches like Massimo Cellino at Leeds (the manager eater). Currently its too easy to continue as a manager if you dont meeet the on field expectations
    4) Crowds – if the season is going badly, the stadium should only be half full, for derby matches the atmosphere should be electric and should all depend on how a club is performing. Their should be more bad reactions for the crowd and booing if a team is playing badly.
    5) Training- you should be able with training to coach for example a left midfielder for a season with defensive attributes, so that he can become a left back as a new position

  24. Fifa 18 CM Wishlist
    1.More top managers should be added to the game with their face scanned.
    2. AI Managers can be sacked from their clubs if they fail objectives and go to different teams.
    3. Players that are retiring at the end of the season become managers. e.g Totti after retirement becomes manager of a random Serie B.
    4.Managers have ratings and potential. e.g Mourinho 90/95 and Koeman 85/90. AI teams can sign managers depending on rating.

    1.Add Youth leagues, a basic league of teams from your league playing only the youth. When you sign a youth player you can assign them to the youth squad instead of them staying in your reserves.
    2.More Youth scouts instead of only 3.
    3.Assign two scouts to more than one country.

    Finances: More ways to spend money I hate having 50 million left in the budget when I don’t need players.
    1.Expand the capacity of the stadium.
    2.More Scouts instead of 3.
    3.Buy a Youth stadium and facilities.
    4.Improve the training facilities.

    1.Add the notable national teams that still not in the game like Croatia,Nigeria.
    2.Champions League and Europa League.
    3.History of players stats and former clubs.
    4.Chinese Super League: There are too many high profile players playing the league in needs to be added.
    5. The ability to improve the number of stars for skills and weak foot: I hate getting a high potential youth players with 1star weak foot and 2star skills.
    6. The ability to train players into a different position.

  25. I don’t know what you think about my idea, but maybe it would be interesting the Career Mode have one more option to play it: The Coach Mode. In this mode, you would be only a coach working for a club. Then you don’t manage all the club; you only train and take the team to the achievements. If you aren’t well on club, the borad will fire you and you’ll look for another club or national team through offers avalible in the market.

    This new mode is like a Manager Mode, but you don’t have access to the club’s business with hiring of players and do other things inside the club. The club (or national team) is only going to bet in your work to help the team in the patch. You are just an employee, not the owner of the club.

    So, there will be three options of career to choose: Manager Mode, Player Mode and Coach Mode. Manager Mode represents the life of a president and you also can control your team during the matches normally, Player Mode represents the futebolistic life of a player and Coach Mode will can represent the life of a coach and his/her challenges.

    I think an interesting idea for next FIFA. Let’s bet it!

    Thank you for attention.

  26. 1 – kit creater for ALL clubs including Classic XI (I thought the brown and white looks symbolic) 2 – the ability to watch CPU vs CPU in tournament mode (in case u miss the Final but want watch it in all its glory, however u want it or where u want it! And mabey add a little extra for Final matches etc. Confetti on sides of the ground, and mabey bold writing on side of the pitch sayin your tournaments name perhaps) 3 – ability to add custom tattoos to created players, sleeves etc.. 4 – Stadium creator would be awesome I think. And 5 – More cut scenes and up lifting commentary for Final matches (Mabey get a close up of the cup when the games almost over plus emotional players and crowd behavior would add to the atmosphere of it all (ALL these options available for OFF-LINE also)

  27. Fifa 17 is a good game. Some of the changes I would like to see are as follows;
    1. Ball physics, feeling the power of a shot or pass, being able to bend the ball around defenders.
    2.Tactics, with ea sports partnering with the premier league. Id like to see better player and team ID.
    3. Presentation is great however why not take a page from 2k and ad in pre and post match interviews.

  28. Well, first of all I think that EA should add charachter customisation into Journey, since we were forced to play with Alex Hunter. Also ea should make it full this time. From playing football in the streets as a boy all the way to the ‘adios’ match after retirement. Also, we would like to know why such week and small national teams as Paraguay,Hungary and Venezuela make it into the game and Ukraine don’t (29 Place in world rating) Also, why are there no Ukrainian League since it won the poll few years ago.
    Also, realistic transfers are a big problem.
    For example: Manchester already bought Ibrahimovic,Abumeyang,Lewandowski heck, even Muller and still they want to buy Griezmann, I just don’t get it.

  29. Being a club manager in the journey mode with Similar reactions and include more leagues than the premier league include football league championship league one league two and national league

  30. FIFA 17 is great but there are still a couple things they could add like
    1)bring back the creation center or be able to create clubs ofline
    2) Be able to build or create custom stadiums
    3)create leagues or tournaments and be able to use them in career mode
    4)better rewards for winning premier divisions
    5)bring back the collection book and if you open a player in a pack you automatically get it in the collection book and if you complete a team you get a reward
    6)if you could use cutim players in the journey that would be great
    7) add more national teams like Iceland and maybe even smaller teams like montenegro,Lithuania,Liechtenstein,malta I mean the more national teams the more player in UT and that would make the game better they don’t all have to be in FIFA 18 its just a suggestion
    8) More leagues like the Chinese super leaugue, Brazilian league and not rest of the world
    9)have animated press comfrences/cut scenes in career mode like in pes
    10)better manager customization in career Mode
    11)have a face for every player when in menu’s because its annoying when players have no face

    That’s all the suggestions but I have tons more
    If ea would see that would be great Thank You

  31. Honestly, the Game is actually quite good at the moment.
    But we need improvements Like beign able to play with your own Created player on practice arena. That isnt Like that since back in fifa 15. Also the Game should be more customizable, for eg. Customized kits.
    Also a soundtrack with popular songs and maybe a new Game mode. All those Things would be great.
    I pretty much Look forward to SEE how fifa 18 Looks Like . Disclaimer:!!!dont get me wrong i know those features are not easy to add and btw fifa 17 is a Very decent Game!

  32. Would love to see a better control over your club in manager career- Having the ability to customize your kits and being able to upgrade your stadium. For games like derbys, and big cup matches to have a more intense atmosphere. Being able to set ticket prices and merchandise. Being able to locate how big your fan bases are in the rest of the world besides in your own country; for example you call up a few youth players from Sudan, and receive a sharp increase of support in that country- The Goal being to market your team globally.

    Improving the customization of your player characters. To many times know matter how much I tried all the players had the same generic look.

    Being able to create your own crest and kits in FUT.

    More National teams like Croatia, South Korea, Japan, etc.

    New leagues. The China league, Czech Rupublic, and Greek league, and also would love to see Woman have bigger role too. Maybe being able to manage a Woman’s national team or A woman’s league in career mode too.

    In the player career being able to demand higher wages and being able to negotiatiate your role and how much your wage will be.

    Journey mode to return with a continuation of Alex hunter or continue on with your very own customized character while having Alex Hunter as a teammate or a bitter rival you and your team must overcome through the course of the season.
    Would also love to see from rags to riches
    Story. And of course with it being 2018 and all; would love to see the cinematics of the world cups with the extra drama the journey mode to spice up the already tense matches.

  33. i think that EA should have every stadium on the game and the right stadium name so for example preston stadium is Deepdale but on fifa 17 its ivy Lane

    also i think that they should add every league in the real world into the game

    be ableto talk toshe manager

    maybe swap shirts at the end of the game

    the refs could be able to send managers off and make managers react to bad tackes ect

    if a player is injured and gets a broken tibia then be more realistic and get the physyo onto the pitch

    be able to name your own backroom staff

    in player careerbe able to get a girlfriend

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