FIFA 18 Wishlist

FIFA 18 Wishlist

Your FIFA 18 Wishlist

Write your ideas for FIFA 18 here, write about the things that you believe were missing in FIFA 17. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 18 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 18 and FUT 18 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. I would like an option where you could pick between being the current manager and creating a new manager. If it’s gonna stay like it is right now atleast make more options of new faces/new styles. What i was thinking was just adding the top tier teams managers. So that if you choose Chelsea you get the option of being Antonio Conte. If you choose Manchester United you can be José Mourinho. You could also add some of the top managers in the game that you could’ve picked so that i could pick Jürgen Klopp for an example to be manager of Real Madrid.

  2. Obviously late as its already been realsed and doubt and update could include this but maybe get early idea for fifa 19. How about a trophy cabnet, so carrying on with one career and trying to conquor all leagues both on manager and player. As at the moment you cant see really what youve won with what club, just that you have so many domestic titles, personal awards, etc. Could be an idea to add to the career mode. Jay

  3. Add a feature where for a set amount of coins depending on the event you can buy into watching a real time fifa game between two people. could be futchamps could just be div 1, imagine if you could spectate that game in a seat number at the stadium, just like in real life…. you could blend in with the home fans or dress your individual in your favourite club kit and be visible during the course of the game to other spectators who are also hiding within the crowd. AND, any game You spectate where the home team wins on the stadium you have selected as your home ground, free 5k gold pack as your reward permitted you watched the entire length of the game from start to end. someone get back at me

  4. I would suggest that FIFA to include news of clubs and players in form of a website and also include videos in the websites. Other than that also include other sources of the news such as Sky Sports, CNN, BBC sports, ESPN and many more worldwide sports news sources. Otherwise I love the upgrade you made to the player career mode. Thank you.

  5. FIFA 19 must include kit creator where you edit any kit in any league to your liking.
    FIFA 19 must include Chinese Super League
    The Journey 3 Alex Hunter goes to China , Alex ‘s Grandad Jim becomes his new agent after a media scam in the papers Facebook and Twitter gets leaked humiliating Alex and his reputation . Harold Alex’s Dad resigns as his agent but what Alex doesn’t know is that his rival Gareth Walker plotted the scam to ruin Alex’s career , Alex can hire security guards , buy his own mansion , buy his own car , choose his own accessories for his property , choose his own WAG, buy his own car, private jet , helicopter e.t.c.
    FIFA 19 must include editing and creating female players and their appearances i.e hair styles , bra size, eye and hair colour e.t.c.
    The Journey 3 ending Alex marries his WAG .
    New International teams Azerbaijan , Venezuela , Egypt , Malta , Syria , Cyprus , Moldova , Lithuania , Bolivia , Ghana ,Trinidad ,Israel and Bulgaria
    Offically Licensed UEFA Champions League , Europa League , World Club Championship , Carabao Cup

  6. My request is really simple, could we please play career mode, but choose whether we have half seasons or not?

    For example play the entire league with transfers and normal transactions but choose whether you play that over the course of a full season (38 games) or half a season (19 games). In my opinion in would definitley make gameplay for end users a lot quicker and more enjoyable as they can progress through years easily (seeing how players develop) without having to play 38 games a season.

  7. Player development within Ultimate Team.

    Ultimate team is hugely popular and enjoyable but I really feel it is missing a key aspect that contributes to how rewarding and addictive it could become. Career mode allows you to take your youth players from your favourite team and develop them into well rounded 1st team players.

    The satisfaction developing these players brings peoples minds back to the real game and lets your imagination run wild with how good your favourite players could be in the future. The frustrating thing about this is that career mode does not allow the same social reward that comes with playing online.

    I really feel we need to find a way to combine player development with UT. I am not sure the best way to do this but would really appreciate any thoughts or ideas?

    Training included?
    Cards that level up after use?

  8. I love how FIFA 18 has done to the career mode negotiations. I was hoping they would do the same in press conferences before matches/ after signing a player to your club. That sort of cinematic scene is awesome. Thank you.

    1. Persepolis FC (THE most popular asian team) > Stadium: Azadi Stadiam
      Esteghlal FC (One of the most popular asian teams) > Azadi stadium
      The Derby between this two is so Famous and 90% of Iranian People are fans of this two
      Iran’s national football team which is in FIFA WC2018 and its rank in the world is 25 and its the first national team in asia (stadium: azadi stadium again!)
      many of its players play in persepolis and esteghlal
      EA can easily add this tree teams and their stadium and get the attention of ALL Iranian players (actually 2 eams because with esteghlal and persepolis , the national team is ready !)

  9. Improve the player career mode so you can customize you player with new haircuts and tatoos, do more things like talking to your manager, select which team you want to go, have press conferences, go to awards, etc.. Include more important national teams (at least the top 50 in the FIFA Ranking), have the rights of the Champions League and other important tournaments, have the licence of the Camp Nou again and include the game face feature again

  10. online seasons and co-op seasons should have statistics.. much like the game stats
    av possession
    goals scored/conceded
    which players scored (leader board)
    if co-op then which actual player scored using which team player(e.g. George – Ronaldo)
    in co-op a leader board with your partner to see passes made and % made, goals scored
    goals scored from set plays

    also. if a game session is lost due to a bad connection on either side. it should not go down as a loss for either player as they didn’t quit. or maybe the persons who’s connection wasn’t the problem should get the win but the other player the record stays the same. surely the system can tell the difference between a console being switched off or game being quit to a bad connection ruining a otherwise perfectly fine game

    but mainly stats for online seasons please 😀

    1. even when switching between different teams there should be a leader board
      neymar – 10 goals
      messi – 15 goals
      pogba -4 goals 3 assists

      so you can see who you play best with, which players and teams suit the players style of play

  11. Hola la verdad me gustaría ver el estadio de el Guadalajara y q ubiera más estadios mexicanos cambio de comentaristas de latino América Mario Kempes y Fernando palomo aburren les falta más intencidad al narrar los clásicos y más q nada el fútbol te envuelve más cuando hay buenos narradores y otra cosa publicidad en las barras de peblicidad el ver el solo FIFA te devuelve ala realidades todo gracias

    Automatically Translated:
    Hi, I really would like to see the Guadalajara stadium and there are more Mexican stadiums. Latin American commentators Mario Kempes and Fernando Palomo are bored they lack more intentions when they tell the classics and more than anything, football gets more involved when there are good storytellers and another thing advertising in the bars of peblicidad seeing the only FIFA returns you to the realities all thanks

  12. We should be able to pick the skin, of the current manager in career mode. For example play with the wenger skin, when you play with arsenal in career mode.

  13. Dear ea:
    Plase make Vodafone park stadyum at fifa 19 and bjk fans chants
    You now bjk “Come to Beşiktaş”instagram comments record

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