FIFA 18 Wishlist

FIFA 18 Wishlist

Your FIFA 18 Wishlist

Write your ideas for FIFA 18 here, write about the things that you believe were missing in FIFA 17. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 18 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 18 and FUT 18 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. *Anfield main stand.
    *Liverpool attaching the Kop end in the 2nd half and not the 1st.
    *we should have more alternative commentary teams. Peter Drury, Jim Beglin and Jon champion. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith become too repetitive after a while.
    *contract details such as buyout clauses

    MANAGER MODE(this mode has so much potential, focus on it as well because there are some people out there who prefer it over your precious FUT. I have purchased every single FIFA game since 06 and the level in manager mode has not really gone that far) please add:
    *the Chinese super league(with their financial power in career mode)
    *the non leagues as it would add to the excitement in career mode and it would enhance the FA cup shocks, although this would require…
    *…more generic stadiums
    *we should also be able to move from your current stadium to a larger generic stadium and be able to name it.
    *changing the colour of your away and 3rd kit
    *choosing your sponsor like in fifa 08 and receiving bonuses
    *having backroom staff like in fifa 08
    *premier league 2 for youth players and the young reserves, the assistant coach or academy coach you hire from the “backroom staff” can take charge of the team, if the coach you hire has more stars in the “judgement” and “experience” bar the players will develop better.
    *when a player retires he should appear as an option to hire on the “backroom staff”
    *managers should change clubs, Wenger shouldn’t still be manager 15 years into manager mode
    *we should have the option to use the clubs real manager
    *press conferences need to be drastically changed
    *UEFA champions league
    *the manager should be able to negotiate a new contract with the club.
    *La Liga sponsorship
    *Realistic transfers: man utd should not sign Aubameyang, Lewandowski and Griezmann in the same transfer window.
    *request funds from the board

    I don’t understand why people want to be able to create their own player. You didn’t buy GTA and complain about creating your own character!!
    * just one thing,Kane should not sign for Sunderland

  2. Is it not possible to add “end of year kit creator” in career mode, the fact that you go on every year in career mode with the same kits, is just annoying, there should be a kit creator system that allows you to create “your” next season kit for your club, for exaple, when a season comes to an end, you go to “kits for next season” click on it, choose a kit sponsor, adidas, puma, Nike, Hummel, under armor etc. and see what type of pattern or kit styles they offer and choose one…edit colours to what you want, edit numbers,( badge and club sponsor can stay the same even) and then you do the away kit with same kit sponsor, choose your pattern and colour, if you want a third kit you can have it, then you click submit and there are your kits for next season, ( there is a video on YouTube that shows a possible way for doing this , ) can this please happen

  3. We need new English commentary and for MLS and USA national matches add ESPN commentary add the NASL so we can have those teams to play with and against in the US Open Cup and add the supporters Shield and for all the leagues get there real cups secure the licenses and add the conference north and south maybe Costa Rica Panama Honduras Serbia Albania Croatia Slovakia Montenegro Bosnia Ghana Angola Nigeria Niger Algeria Congo Burkina Faso Burundi Congo DPR Japan South Korea DRO Korea Thailand Indonesia Mylasia Iran Iraq Saudi Arabia Syria Qatar Uzbekistan. Classic USA kits maybe the 94 World Cup kits and add all the MLS stadiums add Sincil Bank Stadium!!. Make the international matches seem more like your playing with you country more I want more passion drums and stuff for the MLS games better press conferences more awards get the linceses and show more cut scenes when I sign new players cuts scenes there

  4. I think like on manger carrer mode it could be the same like player carrer like you can play like a player from the club you can play like for xsample you could do like a Dusan Tadich carrer southampton player mode i think so say you want to do a southampton carrer you could manage with Claude Pual i start with southampton first as i am a southampton fan and it continues from last seasen you could do a arsnall carrer mode and manige with Arsan vengar or i know he could be geting the sack but you could start the new sesen with the new maniger and your stats could be the same number of wins as what hes done with other clubs in reall life and so on and so on you could start next seasen with manchester city do the second sesen with Pep gardeola or manchester younited with josa Marinio or any team you want to be with you as there maniger that could be a great new feacher added to carrer mode sorry about my spelling EA fifa 18.

  5. Back on the old console you could download custom fan chants and really personalise the atmosphere at ANY stadium you wished. It was awesome hearing different atmospheres at different games, not just the big clubs. Surely EA sports could arrange a partnership with which would allow songs from every club to be downloaded and used for AN AMAZING UNIQUE fan experience in every game on career. This would be awesome!

  6. You should be able to do an intelligent season so the difficulty is amended depending who you play and when. For example a home game to someone in the bottom 3 during a clear week should be fairly easy but then a away game to the champions or your local rivals sandwiched between a crucial cup game should be automatically more difficult. Same as if your form is suffering as if a team has lost 3 on the trot then it’s always harder to turn it around rather than if you are on a 6 game win streak and everything is going for you.

    1. I can’t believe Sevilla have won Europa League three seasons in a row, yet their stadium is not on fifa! Especially after losing Camp Nou!

  7. I would like unleast one of this to be added from EA in FIFA 18:

    1) New National Leagues ( like Chinese league or Superleague Greece)
    2) 10 New National teams (Croatia,Albania, Iceland,Faroe Islands,Kosovo,Cyprus,Senegal,Ghana,Costa Rica,New Zealand)
    3)10 New Legend players in FUT (Zinedin Zidane/Michel Platini, Diego Forlan, Leonel Sanchez,Landon Donovan,Ferenc Puskas,Ghiggia,Sandor Kocis,Giorgos Karagounis,Just Fontaine, Park Ji Sung)
    4) Settings from EA servers for better online play withought Internet lagging especially in FUT
    5)Connection of the game with the upcoming FIFA World Cup (2018 Russia)

    I hope you find my ideas useful. Thanks a lot for your time.

  8. add more to manager mode like better press conference, able to transfer budget to neext season, have a choice of actions that come up and affect your relationship with team and fans like the older fifa games used to have, upgrade staff and stadium like older fifa games had also and perhap being able to customize jersey at least color just to change it up and not use same jersey for 15 yrs

  9. Fifa 18 should have more create a player options like adding tattos,face scans,customizable beards and more latest hairstyles.The manager mode from the last FIFA was great but i think that you should consider an in depth feel to it by adding price changes, hiring staff and adding a buy out clause option.And i would like to see players been able to create their own kit,stadium and changing locations for next seasons.I sometimes feel like commentary is a bit boring especially whn playing career mode can u plz improve it.
    During a match in real life you can see a change in a player’s performance if the team is playing well or badly and commentators should comment on the atmosphere of the fans during a match.

  10. This is something that I know a lot of people would like ea to do. This is a game mode were we can play FIFA street. They also should include in fut coins betting against opponents, that is if the player you are playing against agrees with it. Thank you of FIFA 17 it is great but I think they should add these things.

  11. league wishlist


  12. Another note to add is redue the national team logos & crest on the jerseys cause some in FIFA are really old and need to be mordern like I want Bulgarias 2017/18 home & away jerseys made by JOMA cause they are in the game already and keep them updated for every nation every year and add a ball a for every national team that they use every year I’m just tired of the same old flag and kits for Bulgaria they need updating I’m sure adding the JOMA kits would bring in more money to have a new sponsorship deal with them!!. Plus add the Bulgarian league they are good CSKA SOFIA 32 league titles and they are good in EUROPEAN competitions plus the 2 & 3 Ed best teams are really good would help get more Bulgarian people to play FIFA but fire me just updated a lot of the kits and crests for national teams now just like the top 10 national teams and like Switzerland

  13. What I would like is that it would be more nationals teams like Japan, Croatia, Algeria, Ghana… and the possibility of add a “Nations Cup”. And also it would be great that we could change the pants of the uniforms and the goalkeepers kits.

  14. – being able to compare players in your squad to those you have on your shortlist

    – coin toss at the start of the match to decide kick off/ends

    – MOTM at the end of the game done correctly and read out by commentators

    – end of year ceremonies and being able to interact with fans at press conference. Current set up of praise/motivate is really poor

    – fix the undershirt bug

    – penalty kicks

    – ability to edit kits in career mode. I understand sponsors and make have to stay but a change after a few seasons would be nice

  15. 1. An idea about including all FIFA nations with an option of Qualifying Rounds in all contintents (ok, not fully licensed), considering the World Cup next summer, would be great, 2. An extra community for friends with full statistics (teams, vs matches, wins, draws, losses) would be helpful for all of us and our companies…

  16. I think the Fifa 17 penalty kicks are really awful!
    I personally like the old set pieces !

    Character customisation in the Journey would be really great !

    It would nice if you include the shirt take off celebration if you score an important goal in the injury time !

    In career mode I want EA to remove the
    Homesick bug ! It’s so annoying.

  17. First of all i ‘d like to congratulate on the success of fifa 17.In fifa 18 few things should be added or upgraded.Here is the list :-

    1) More realastic player faces.
    2) More commentetors.
    3) I’m also a mobile gamer.I played every good soccer game out there.I played fifa 14,15,16. Fifa 14 is different and had good features.Fifa 15 is all about ultimate team.Fifa 16 is best in graphics no doubt.Fifa 17 absolutely fail.Peoples are playing because there are few soccer games which are playable.But your rival Konami has launched pes 2017 and it’s beautiful,best soccer game for mobile till now.Make the classic soccer game with good graphics but playable on minimum requirements.Fifa 16 is good but failed to hit for it high requirements.
    4) Add multiplayer via bluetooth or wifi in mobile.(offline)
    5) Add a new feature in player details ‘Rage’/’Self Control’. (If a player has ‘A’-he is very calm,dont get angry.if a player has ‘B’ status-means he is not that much calm.If a player has ‘C’- he get angry so easily.That’s how they react to a tackle or decision.)
    6) The player should have the ability to add his photo(instead of alex hunter face) in the journey mode.Not just as alex hunter,every player should live his inner football lengend life.
    That’s all i have in mind now.Keep up the good work.

  18. I would like to see my player career mode being more in detail by adding contract length,a buy out clause and ability to choose on how long ur loan speel is going to.
    Players should have their own style of play wether dey ar com or user,by addin different running style,AI players playing differently like their real life counter parts and i would like to see fans having banners if a teams valued player or best player,2 or chants for different teams adapting to the game.
    U must add change if commentary to make the game feel evn more real.PLEASE ADD THE SOUTH AFRICAN LEAGUE OR MORE TEAMS FROM SOUTH AFRICA.
    Maneger mode should be more like my GM in NBA2K17.That is all i hope u make FIFA 18 an evn more mindblwing experiance like in fifa 17 nd reduce ur error codes

  19. Hi guys

    I would like to suggest you add more commentators on Fifa instead of just Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. Personally I would like to feel like we are really in the EPL with commentary from the guys we here every week like Jon Champion, Peter Drury. These legendary Epl commentators captivate listeners beyond compare versus Martin Tyler. Listen to Peter Drury’ s commentary when Man City wo n the league versus QPR.

  20. Lo que me gustaría para fifa18 es poder modificar en cada partido tanto la camiseta como el pantalon individualmente. Esto ayudaria para diferenciar aun mas a los equipos en el campo de juego. Gracias!

    Automatically Translated:
    What I would like for fifa18 is to be able to modify both the shirt and the pants individually in each game. This would help to further differentiate the teams on the field. Thank you!

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