FIFA 18 Wishlist

FIFA 18 Wishlist

Your FIFA 18 Wishlist

Write your ideas for FIFA 18 here, write about the things that you believe were missing in FIFA 17. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 18 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 18 and FUT 18 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. I think that Fifa could add Nacional and Peñarol to the Rest of the World team, they are only two teams but they represent the 90% of the uruguay population.Also should add the Stadium “Centenario”.

  2. Put new legends . Ferenc Puskas: 95 rated, roberto baggio: 93 rated
    Oh and everyone(retired) who ever has won the ballon’dor to be put up as a legend

  3. I was really shocked to find out that Mamelodi Sundowns FC is not included in the FIFA 17, its the biggest club in South Africa, it was even on the fifa club world cup in 2016, fifa has a problem in finding teams that fit in the Rest Of World category, please fix that problem

  4. First of all. Fifa is my all-time favorit game. Im 28 and alwayes played Fifa. Most of the time manager-career mode.

    1: Change it back as in the previous Fifa, so we again have the option to choose between our own customized formations when we are in a match. In 17 we only have the option of 1 customized formation during a match. If we get a red card during the match and wants to change the hole formation, we have to do the hole formation with every players position, every player role like center backs go up and attack at the end of the match. The Lb/Rb always overlap. The stricker is targetman and so on. We have to do it all over during a match if we want to change the formation. Big part of the game/match to have more than 1 pre-customized formation with player roles and stuff.
    ((Werry important I think in manager carrer))

    2: Lets have the option to set the goal keeper to move a little out from his goal-area so we can use him as a sweeper-keeper.. For example like Manuel Neuer.. The same place where we set the option for our strikers to be targetman, lb/rb to overlap every time.
    ((Werry important I think in manager carrer))

    3: Also in the previous Fifa’s we had the ability to have more than 1 “quick tactics” at the down-and-up arrow-buttons at the left on the joystick. Now we got ball-position, counter attack and so on. We start the match with our own customized “tactics”. But when we have chosen the “counter attack” we don’t have the option to change back to our own customized “quick-tactic”. I like to set it for counter attack when I have a corner agents me, and when my attack is done, I would like to have the option to change back to my own standard tactic again. We could do that in previous fifa’s. Big part of every managers tactic in real life. But keep the defending/attacking option on the right/left arrow-buttons to:)
    ((Werry important I think in manager carrer))

    4: Simple thing. Let’s get our own customized cornor’s and free kick’s back. To control when and where our players should run. Biiig part of almost every modern football teams today. Let’s be able to customize the running padern and so on. It would be cool if we also could chose/customize when we have to defend from corners and free kicks. Especially corners could be cool if we could choose how many of our players should be defending the corner. (My team in real life for example, uses EVERY player to defend corners)
    ((Werry important I think in manager carrer))

    5: Some others have the same wish as me. Let’s be able to make/create our own manager, the same way we create players. Still have the option to choose pre-created managers (as in 17) for those who don’t care about it, but fir the ones who care, let’s be able to create our manager:) And a little side-note: More movement/reactions and that kind of stuff from the manager on the sideline during the match.

    6: I almost every time move my team Fc. Copenhagen from Denmark over to the Championsship League in England (just under premier league) and when I win the championship league and move up. If I then qualifie for the champions league when/if I win the premier league the year after that, and I manage to win champions league and do that every year, and win the premier league to every year, I won’t get as mutch money as a big club would do if they win the same tournaments, course fc Copenhagen is a “small” club. It could be cool if every club could have more money when they win the league, the cup and champions league or the euro league. Even if it’s a small team who is winning. My team (fc Copenhagen) gets have a 55.000.000 euro budget I think for winning all tournaments, eventhoe that the winning money for Premier league is 125.000.000 euro. And when we/i win all tournaments I only get 55.000.000€. Where other teams have transfer money/budget up to over 100.000.000. I don’t get that with “small” teams, even if I’m winning all tournaments:)

    7: Now in Fifa 17 we have the option to “buy” capital/transfer money in the R3 menu (PlayStation). And we have the option to get money from the “boss” of the club. But that ain’t a lot of money. It could be cool if we could borrow or even better, Get a lot of money for our budget so we maybe can save up some for next season and get to buy worldclass players. The smaller teams won’t be able to buy a lot of expensive players with that small budgets, even if they win a lot of tournaments.
    ((Werry important I think in manager carrer))

    8: More stadiums. I know it is difficult to have a “create-your-own-stadium” option, so let’s just have more stadiums and also be able to choose the big stadiums around Europe. But more stadiums:) I miss a stadium like my favorite team (fc Copenhagen) have. Big closed square stadium for and example. 2 tribune behind each goal. 1 upper and 1 down tribune. The same at the sides. 1 upper and 1 down tribune for the fans. More stadiums.

    9: More lifelike fans. They still looks a little mechanic in the way they act. Fans is a big part of the atomsepher in a match I think,

    10: More songs/chants from the fans. Longer songs/chants maybe.
    We had in previous fifa’s the option to put in our own fan-chants. I have been spending a lot of time looking up videos from my team and clipping out the chants and put them in the game. We could chose songs/chants when our team where winning, losing, winning the league, song/chants for each player and so on. I think I had 40-50 different songs/chant. Not only 1 song/chant for winning, I think I had 2-3 different songs/chants for winning, losing, winning the league and so on. I even have found and putt in songs/chants for opponents teams.

    11: When players don’t feel like they are settle in, in the club, and they feel homesick or want to leave when thier contract ends and all that, it could be cool to have the option to persuade them to stay.

    12: When we have players on loan, from other clubs, it could be cool if the option of buying them, could be used during the season, outside the transfer-window, like in real life.

    13: To have the option to search for players who’s contracts almost are ending.

  5. I think that Fifa could add more leagues and more teams on rest of world. Also, EA should add the children who enter the pitch with the players in the start of the game. Journey for more years and more leagues could be added too. Some of the best women team and more women National teams could be added. More men National teams is as good as more leagues.

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