FIFA 18 Wishlist

FIFA 18 Wishlist

Your FIFA 18 Wishlist

Write your ideas for FIFA 18 here, write about the things that you believe were missing in FIFA 17. Your creative ideas that could improve the upcoming FIFA game. Share your thoughts and suggestions by writing down your FIFA 18 wishlist here.

Let’s talk about your ideas, suggestions, concepts and comments for FIFA 18 and FUT 18 in the form given below. We will send your comments to the EA Sports developers.


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  1. Bonjour je voudrais que dans les ligues il y a

    La ligue grecques
    La 3ème ligue française
    La ligue israélienne
    La 3 ème ligue espagnol
    La 2 ème ligue suédoises
    La 2ème ligue turcque
    La ligue ukrainiens

  2. Please put half long sleeves that means long sleeves that player put them a little upper near their arms
    Like Ronaldo And ramos and bale
    Thanks for being patient

  3. More boots like classic ones
    Have player of the year like on pes
    The journey but with a player of choice
    Career mode have sponsors

  4. I would love to see online friendlies have the same settings as online seasons.. To many folks cheat and beef up their squads. I would love to see it only being played in online squad mode

    online friendlies should only be played in online squad mode only.. no ability to beef up players

  5. We need more boots!

    Classic boots for ICON players / Legend players need to be added.

    The stock EA boots are awful.

    We need Boots for each Icon players ERA. so dated back and matched to pictures so it’s more realistic.


    Heskey – Umbro boots
    Henry – two tons vapours

    New boots

  6. Fifa needs to add to rest of the world selection 1 team from every league I would like to see a Hungarian team in Fifa and many others .

    Also Fifa should add a club World Cup

    Fifa should add in manager mode other clubs offering jobs , not just national teams recruiting

  7. I was gutted that the Brazilian league didn’t have it real players in it. I used to be any team in manager mode and always buy the latest upcoming Brazilian talent. More country’s in the game would be good like Ghana, Croatia, Serbia and More African teams.

    A great new idea would be to add the legends at free agents that you can buy in the first season of manager mode. The free agents section didn’t have any good players that you could buy once in manager mode.

    1. I want a
      Referee mode
      Create a club
      Create a stadium
      Create a tournaments
      Realistic coach actions
      New system of penalty shootouts
      Realistic grass
      Goalkeepers realistic actions

  8. First:

    For Swiss league, would be Great if 3 or 4 clubs could take the place of the last team at the end of the season and to choose the team it could beaucoup a playoff Between the 4 teams

    I would purpose :

    Neuchâtel Xamax, Genève Servette, FC Schaffhouse, FC Vaduz.

    Other thing the possibility to create the face of the trainer, his age and his clothes with more possibilities than FIFA 17

  9. Been playing since 1998 retro as! Kit creator! Kit creator! Kit creator.. Pleeeeeeease!! Ability to watch CPU vs CPU in custom tournament mode (in case u miss the Final but want to watch it in all its glory however, where, and how long you want the halfs, weather, kits.. etc) Added cut-scenes for Finals matches with different commentary actually making it sound like a Final. Confetti mabey.. Ability to have name of your tournament painted on side of the pitch and all the signs around the arena. Created player tattoos (sleeves etc..) Please FIFA it’s time to bring these creation zone options back!!

  10. I would love more career mode updates. Better and more realistic transfers. A more realistic approach to being a manager. Cutscenes after a game. More variety in chants and celebrations in winning cups. Being able to modify and create kits. Special events for derbies would be a cool edition. More stadiums and more league additions.

  11. All I would really want instead if some new dynamics or whatnot, I’d rather add a few teams to the Rest of World, to spice up and immerse the player more into Career mode’s ‘Champions Cup’ And ‘European Cup’
    As I find it increasingy boring seeing the same teams from the same leagues cmeting in them year after year, adding more teams could also have a immersive Champions Cup and European cup qualifications. These are the teams I’d LOVE to play as in FIFA 18.

    WIth these few teams the games wull automatically be much more immersive and interesting!

  12. Here are a few things I’m hoping for this fall for FIFA 18…
    1. First and foremost, please Please PLEASE allow us to save more than three tournaments at a time!! This gives us a lot more variety, flexibility and re-playability. I myself, in the past, used to create Serie A, La Liga and EPL season tournaments, along with Champions League, Euro and World Cup tournaments. This way I could bounce back and forth between different tournament types and teams. I don’t see why EA would want to limit our ability to play their game?
    2. I would also like to see a slider for referee strictness. I can go multiple games without even getting a yellow card, much less a red card.
    3. I would really also like to see an accumulation of fatigue over the course of a continuing season or tournament. Add some realism by making me have to juggle my lineup and having to manage resting my players at times.
    4. Lastly, I would like to see more variations on kit accessories, different colored undershirts, etc.

  13. 1. Frauen-Bundesliga
    DFB-Pokal Frauen
    FA Women’s Super League
    FA Women’s Cup
    FA Women’s Premier League Cup
    Primera División Femenina (Espagne)
    Division 1 féminine (France)
    Coupe de France féminine
    Women’s Professional Soccer (États-Unis)

  14. Fifa 18 should make a caf champions league and a fifa world cup for teams not national teams which be played at the beginning of the season after winning the copa europe

  15. I think you should put Premier League 2, so young players could have minutes, in career mode. I also think that they should put the Club World Cup. I also believe that there will be selections for the UEFA UNDER21 Championship to be created.
    I also think that in career mode, give the option that with the salary that the coach wins, donate to the club.
    And also that of the option to create teams and leagues.

    Yo creo que deberían poner la Premier League 2, para que los jugadores jóvenes pudiesen tener minutos, en el modo carrera. También creo que deberian poner la Copa Mundial de Clubes. También creo que se pongan selecciones para que se cree la UEFA UNDER21 Championship.
    En el modo carrera que con el dinero que le pagan al entrenador, que diera la opción de donarlo al club.

  16. I know this is too late to suggest for fifa 18 but maybe you could take this into consideration for maybe FIFA 19 anyways, my idea was kinda like a kinda similar to the 2k my career (not to take away an idea or anything) but you customize your player, start him off in high school, the progress to college, then eventually get a pro contract and it’d be up to you guys to determine what you would do after that, also I it would be nice if this was perhaps a separate mode just in case people rather play the same old player career mode instead of the full career experience. And the reason why I believe this is a great idea is that it gives everyone that plays it a perspective of what some if not most pro athletes have done or gone through. Although the whole concept doesn’t even have to go through college you guys could make it to where, based off of your performances you could get recognized by Pro Clubs and join their academy and eventually the Senior team.
    In Conclusion, I’ve been having this idea on my mind a lot recently and I figured that I should at least through this idea out there. And hopefully is this message is ever read that it could enlighten a light bulb in the heads of the developers.


  17. This is my wishlist of legends
    1. George Best
    2. Luis Enrique
    3. David Beckham
    4. Romario
    5. Giovannni Rivera
    6. Didi
    7. Ziko
    8. Ryan Giggs

  18. I think FIFA 18 should have more women’s leagues rather than increasing the men’s leagues. On the other hand FIFA could make a football game with just the women’s leagues and tournaments in the game.

  19. The song “Con dinero Baila el perro“ by the Mexican punk rock band “De nalgas“ would perfectly fit into a culturally wide-spread soundtrack of FIFA 18. Hope you take this into consideration.

  20. Yep that’s is what I think of fifa in the coming years and as for fifa 18 they should add those scenes where players coming out of the bus if it a big match.they should make the players to wear those kits jerseys when entering the pitch holding childrens hands and those scenes were players coming to the pitch for the second half should be shown.

    They should do it like this:

    When playing exhibition matches….
    u should pick ur team then the game starts showing the stadium a fans going to the stadium if ur playing at 13:00 -16:00 then they show players coming off the bus then showing them training on the pitch and showing the stats of the great players of each team then u select your scheme after that head to the dressing room to choose the jersey then the match starts with the tunnel scene then showing the beautiful life like crowd then the players go to the pitch holding hands with children and officials.

    Players should run like they do in real life for instead leonel messi , he is fast and the ways he runs with the ball is different and he curls his goals differently and he is the only player who can do multiple faints without failing .

  21. For career mode they should definetly add club records so when you start a career there are all the past records that the club already has which gives you a chance to set new records such as top goal scorer or most appearances etc. This will be good because it means you can start a legacy at a club and bring in young players to be legends of the club; this also means more targets to try and achieve over the season.

  22. 1. Showing a short cutscene on the ‘the best player of the year and Europe’s best player’ ceremony.
    2. The possibility to enjoy the ‘club world cup’ tournemnts.
    3. Showing the departure and retirement momnet of players and the farewell ceremony with fans in the stadium.
    4. A cutscene on introduction ceremony of the newly joined players to the club and cheering of fans.

  23. Pls can you make it that you can upload your own music to the game by via phone or downloading on internet I hope this can be done because it will be a game for the history books…

  24. I want players like Messi to have heir own style of running. I feel that many players run the same way in FIFA 17, therefore having no identity.
    Make Barca fans shout MESSI MESSI, and I want fans to be more active and chant more. more posters that get held by fans. Make children walk the players on tournaments. Make me FEEL the game. better graphics. FIFA should make better grass and more ads in stadium (not only EA SPORTS and Youtube, add other things that add variety) Add more heated fights. Brutal injuries ( cuts, bruises) and injured players should not just walk away like nothing happened) get medical emergencies. I wanna hear cristiano yell SIIII and players shout. No offence but celebrations are muted and not heated.

  25. I’ve had this thought for a while and thought it would be a good idea if you have a split screen career mode, where you could play with friends or family on a device and you managed separate teams, you’d be in the same career and would, if you had teams in the same league, play a game against each other, I thought it’d be cool for this multiplayer career mode

  26. Maybe add a goal celebration were you celebrate with the fans like running over to them instead of stopping at the advertisement boards also if you score a late/equalizing goal making the crowd react more/louder to them and please please please fix the keepers they save shots which can never be saved yet let it absolute pea rollers

  27. No huge thing but i would like to see that you can mix shorts and jerseys. Like M. United normally plays in red shirt, white shorts, but can also use black shorts when putting on the red shirt. In other words the possibility to combine home and away kits, like many teams in real life does.

  28. Je voudrais un mode carrière arbitre
    Ce qu serait cool c est que tout les clubs ayent leur stade et entraîneur

    Automatically Translated:
    I would like a referee career mode
    What would be cool is that all clubs have their stadium and coach

  29. In manager career mode i will loved to add youth league for example liverpol U-20 (to be the manager of this team and the professional team) and add a position training for example from LW to CAM. In player career mode it will be great to start from a team U-20

  30. In career mode when you want to retire, they should add like a ceremony. Especially if you’re loyal to the club you stayed at. For example, what they did for Totti. Or when you win player of the month or something, it will be nice to get a cinematic for it as well. It will even be nice to have something like the Ballon d’or.

  31. Can there be an option on a manager career mode to choose who you play in a pre season friendly because there are certain teams I would like to play on career mode but I never get the chance to. Plus I would like to bring back the option to ask for funds on career mode this would make the game a lot better.

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