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FIFA 18 Leagues

Which leagues you would like to see in FIFA 18?

FIFA 17 leagues list has been already revealed and only two new leagues are added to FIFA 17 while the FIFA fans were expecting even for more leagues. Here you can vote for the leagues you would like to see in next year’s FIFA game. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed in the next FIFA 18.

Drop your vote here at this page for your favorite league. Is your favorite league isn’t in the vote list? Don’t worry, you can ask us to add it to this list.

Which Leagues to be Licensed for FIFA 18?

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100 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 18 Leagues

  1. Para que nadie pelee… todas las ligas con sus respectivas divisiones y todas las copas existentes, además de todas las selecciones y los estadios en los que cada club y selección juegan.

  2. Yes, it’s time for INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE to come in as it has become popular in all parts of the world, the fut has to take this issue into consideration also the huge support of the fans Indian league should definitely a part of fifa 18. Also the commentary with all names pronounced, be a must. With the coming of this in fifa 18, it must be guaranteed success for your product as the population in India is high. So we are hoping for the best as fifa 18 would not disappoint us (fans).

    Vaishakh M
    KBFC fan

    1. You do realise that by voting for “Indian league”, you’re voting for the I-League and NOT the Indian Super League? So you won’t even find a Kerala team in FIFA 18.

      But thanks for your vote anyway. ☺

  3. I play UT and Career Mode and my wishlist includes

    1. Change kits after a few seasons or if promotion in career mode because it’s kinda annoying playing in the EPL with a championship kit.

    2. Bring back regular tournaments for online UT. The only tournament now is the Weekend league. But what if you want to play an online tournament during the week?

    3. MLS stadiums

    4. Being able to send players who are under 21 in career mode to the under 21 squad.

    5. Career mode superdraft inclusion for MLS

  4. the uruguayan league deserves to be in fifa 18 aswell as the leagues of venezuela, ecuador, bolivia,paraguay,
    including portuguese 2nd division as its about time they introduce new leagues which produce great players

  5. ISL should be added as well as Greek and Ukraine league. And in career mode they should make international competions in most continents. For example, Europe has: Champions cup, Euro cup and Supercup. Asia should have their own champions league, wich they have enough leagues to compete ( South Korea, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia and with the Indian as well). South America the same, Fifa should make their own generic version of Libertadores ( Colombia, Argentina , Brasil, Chile and add either Uruguay or Paraguay league ) I know its ask to much already, but in the end a Club World cup for the winners of each adding One of the African teams either Kaizer Chiefs or Orlando Pirates – for Oceania put wellignton Phoenix since they’re a New Zealand team). Its just an idea for people who enjoy Career mode, I hope some people think its an decent idea or at least a fundation to start. Peace e saludo a la gente latina

    1. Asia already have champions league and Cup, but it’s not popular and rated baf
      Once Indian team could play, this scenario will change

  6. Hi,

    I believe the welsh premier league would be a good addition to FIFA 18 alongside sending scouts to wales to find the next Gareth Bale, Aaron Ramsey, Joe Allen, Joe Ledley

    For a long time now all the the other home nations have been included except wales ignoring the fact that we are the highest FIFA ranked nation out of all the home nations, we made it to the semi-finals of euro 2016 and TNS of the Welsh premier league just broke a 44 year old world record previously held by Ajax, all that and still no inclusion would be a shame.

    1. Northern Ireland’s league hasn’t been added so not all home nations have been added but I agree with you the Welsh league should be added as well as the Northern Irish premiership so all home nations are represented.

  7. I do not think that adding Indian league in fifa18 will not affect gameplay and quality.
    All users will play with top teams from English spanish French Italian and German leagues.India has it’s football culture.The most viewers for leagues and international football matches are from india.
    Spanish league changed match time just for indian fans.The world is seeing India as a cricket nation.It is just because we have good team and fans.But cricket fans are lesser than football fans.

    1. No dude our India wll be accept all sprtz ..& big fans… Look at the Indian super legue isl final stadiam capasity u wll GT it…india wll support crkt fdbll & other sprtz in each verry wll…..

    2. I accept that Indian player’s quality are not up to European players, but you can expect India to be a power house of football in near future. ISL is grooming Indian player’s to an International standard.

      ISL is changing the football culture of india. If possible see the replay of ISL final in kochin. You can understand how India is accepting football. There are millons of people who love football more than cricket. FIFA understand this fact that is why they are conducting U18 football world cup in India. I can assure you that this is going be the best world cup in terms of fans support and infrastructure quality.

    3. You’re confusing India with China which is a much bigger football market. In India, people only follow the top EPL clubs and the top two La Liga clubs. In China, even Bundesliga and Serie A clubs have large fan bases. No one cares about the likes of AC Milan and Juventus in India whereas in China they’re huge.

  8. Guys I have a question. Is the indian league (mentioned above) ISL or I League? Pls answer so I can vote correctly and with pleasure

          1. top tier league ippozhum i League thanneya. Merging kazhinjaale ISL first tier aaku. Ivide Indian League ennudeshichirikkunnathu i League aanu. Athu kondanu Asian Champions League qualifier il Bengaluru FC mathsarikkane.

          2. No Broh … It has not yet come into real … The decision has been taken .. but it will come into effect only from 2018 or so .. I guess …
            The league mentioned here is I-League

      1. It’s I league ….it can’t be ISL ….coz ISL don’t follow FIFA rules and regulations …and firstly it’s not even a league

      1. EA sports will consider this survey. Two leagues were added in fifa17 by considering the survey of fifplay last year.

        1. നുമ്മ അല്ലേലും പണ്ടെ വേറെ ലെവലാ മച്ചാ…

          ഒരുത്തനേം വെറുതെ വിടത്തില്ല..

  9. My decision was to add Indian super league in FIFA 18.because it is the league which people watched more after Spanish, German,English……and first in asia

    1. People watched it more because India has more than a billion population.Indian league quality is much lower than other leagues that aren’t even in fifa 17 like Spanish 3rd,German 3rd,Greek,Romanian,Ukrainian and Czech.

      1. Indian League is completely different from Indian super league.

        Indian League is known as i-League
        Indian super League is ISL

        ISL has most number of audiences after Premier League,La liga.

        Watch youtube for record attendence for Kerala Blasters in ISL.
        ISL quality is so good and do not compare with Indian League.

        Know whats the difference before saying something.


      2. India is known as the Land of Cricket. More are fans of cricket. Fans with football in blood is just amazing in the land of cricket.

        1. I referred to Indian population to explain why so many people watch Indian league.The game will have success for Indians but it’s team quality level will not improve unless fifa includes the leagues i said above

          1. Dude China has the highest population in the world .Still it doesn’t have that many viewers as isl
            Also the people who come to the stadium have pure Passion for football
            Kerala blasters have an average attendance of 60,000 even though it is a poorly developed stadium unlike the European countries

      3. Then indian super league players are playing at spanish 1 st and 2 nd division teams….and some of the are in mls too….and most of them are playing in scottish 1 st division…

      4. Indian League is completely different from Indian super league.

        Indian League is known as i-League
        Indian super League is ISL

        ISL has most number of audiences after Premier League,La liga.

        Watch youtube for record attendence for Kerala Blasters in ISL.
        ISL quality is so good and do not compare with Indian League.

        Know whats the difference before saying something.
        But the game will become huge success if ISL is included . As you said India has more population…✌

    2. I still can’t understand why any of the Indian leagues should be included in FIFA 18.The leagues i referred above have better teams and football quality and FIFA is football not TV and views.

      1. # kostas Indian league and Indian super league are two different leagues in India.
        IndianSuperLeague is the most watched league in India.
        Concentrate a little bit ,before you answer queries.
        Kostas we feel you are a wise man . Choose wisely. Reply wisely too..

  10. I think Indian league deserves to be included, because it is one of the most viewed league after la liga, bundesliga, bpl…Also It is 1st viewd in asia.So please include Indian league.

    1. Ya
      Indian league is most watched league than other leagues after bpl laliga etc. .
      And fabulous audience like KERALA BLASTERS

    2. A major part is by Kerala Blasters FC
      The fans of KBFC are so amazing…
      So ISL should be there.. and so as Kerala Blasters

    3. Are u serious??? Did u just say Indian League aka i-league is most watched after EPL, La Liga etc….seriously u must be talking about Indian Super League (ISL) not Indian League aka i-league.
      Indian League (i-league) clubs like Mohun Bagan, Churchill Brothers, Aizawl Fc etc represents India in Asian Club tournaments while Indian Super League (ISL) clubs like Delhi Dynamos, Atletico Kolkata, Northeast United etc. Doesn’t have the right to represent AIFF or India under FIFA

  11. Hi, I love FIFA like everyone does I like everyone else would like to see their local league in the game and for that’s the Northern Irish League (Danske Bank Premiership). You have the Irish league in from the south of Ireland so why not add the north as well? IFA are trying to promote our league every year to get noticed in all kinds of ways, why not give them an opportunity for another way to be noticed for many years to come and get the full license to the Danske Bank Premiership and all the clubs? I for one would love to play as the current back to back champions Crusaders FC. Please give them a go.

    Thank you

    1. I don’t know why Irish league is in fifa (best irish team has 1,5 stars).But I think Northen Irish league is even worse

      1. Dude Irish league is so fun to play and im not irish or even from UK. For example take then as 1 star team in career mode and make them a great team, a team capable of fighting or Champions League aka Champions Cup. Peace

        1. Ok so let’s put more leagues with 1 star teams like Liechtenstein,Luxemburg,Andorra,Feroe Islands,Costa Rica,Paraguay etc. to take a team and improve it.Dude some leagues deserve to be in FIFA(Czech,Greek,Ukrainian,Croatian,Serbian and Romanian) but they are not.Leagues with bad quality don’t have to get banned from FIFA but at least they need to include the leagues I typed above because they are better than many leagues that are already included in fifa.
          (FIFPlay please pass my comment)

          P.S Sorry if I have some mistakes in my text (I’m not English)

  12. Hi,

    I think the South African league deserves to be included since it is ranked as the best in Africa.
    It’s time African leagues should also be included and not 3rd division leagues without a African 1st league.

    Please Let’s include the South African league into FIFA 18.


    1. Spanish 3rd,German 3rd,Italian 3rd and French 3rd,Greek,Ukrainian and Czech league are better than all African leagues and they are not even in fifa 17.

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