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FIFA 18 Leagues

Which leagues you would like to see in FIFA 18?

Here you can vote for the leagues you would like to see in next year’s FIFA game, the FIFA 18. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed in the next FIFA 18.

Drop your vote here at this page for your favorite league. Is your favorite league isn’t in the vote list? Don’t worry, you can ask us to add it to this list.

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373 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 18 Leagues

  1. Diego Maradona (manager), Mirko Vucinic, Gyan Asamoah
    Omar Abdulrahman, Leonardo Perreira. And many good japanese, Moroccan and korean int. Players all of them playing in the UAE Premier League.

  2. in order to participate teams from countries just play a selection match between countries and the best footballteams from qualified country teams can play… just a thinking only

  3. We were in war from 1970 to 2015 please let us see and play IRAQI LEAGUE to forget all the sad moments let us be happy again

  4. Comon u only have 1 arab league cant u add the UAE league it has really good players even non arab players that are really good

  5. we should put all countries for international so everybody could be happy and all leagues for the leagues so it can be fair and equal and everybody will enjoy playing FIFA 18 and +

  6. I wanna see Bulgarian first league.
    Like all of u there i wanna see my country’s league but tell me why the fuck they will add more leagues like German’s 3rd turkish’s 2nd and more i think every country should have a league first and then they will add 2nd and 3rd and even more and can you tell me please why they will add india’s league this will destroy fifa- they are playing without football boots and they will watch each other 90 min like in their films!

    1. We r playing with boots bro, u dnt knw abt us
      The ISL is one of the most attended professional sports leagues in the world, with an average attendance of 26,741 for matches in the 2015 season. This is the third-highest of any domestic professional sports league in the world, behind the Bundesliga and the Premier League. Also, this is the highest in Asia. [8][9][10]

  7. Eu am 10 ani sunt de părere că ar trebui campionatele:Romania(de unde sunt eu),Grecia,Ucraina(unele),Croaţia(unele),Spania 3,Bulgaria(Ludogorets),Slovenia și poate Slovacia(Trencin) etc.Dar eu mă mulţumesc cu ţara mea Romania
    Vă rog cine vrea să voteze Romania

  8. What if only clubs from continental asia follow AFC League and AFC Cup next season. So there will be many new clubs from continental asia that will enter into the game.

  9. Hola , soy mexicano y a mi parecer , el juego deberia tener mas ligas sudamericanas, ligas como de Ecuador, Uruguay o Paraguay , deben poner las licencias de los equipos brasileños porque todos estan llenos de jugadores ficticios , tambien ligas europeas como Ucrania , Croacia, Grecia o Republica Checa o ligas asiaticas como de China, Emiratos Arabes o Qatar , en selecciones nacionales es increible que selecciones como Costa Rica, Croacia , Islandia, Nigeria, Ghana, Marruecos, Argelia, Tunez, Senegal, Ucrania, Eslovaquia o Bosnia-Herzegovina, Japon, Iran, Nueva Zelanda, Corea del Sur, Arabia Saudita, Qatar , Albania e Israel no aparezcan en el juego, faltan mas estadios alrededor del mundo y mejores animaciones de los aficionados, algunas veces aparecen hasta pixeleados incluso , a nivel clubes no estaria mal añadir de menos el mundial de clubes y mas torneos amistosos de pretemporada

  10. Hi guys
    I am fan of the FIFA and i want see the greek league in FIFA 2018. I hope to vote that because the greek league has historical teams like a Panathinaikos,Olympiakos,AEK,PAOK,Aris and more teams in short list. Also,we have great footballers like Marcus Berg from sweden,Esteban Campiasso,Alejandro Domínguez,Sergio Araujo from Argentina,Marko Marin from Germany etc.!!! So i hope to vote the Greek league!!!!
    Sorry for the bad english!

  11. Put Mexican 2nd league, why because there’s some teams with a lot of history there and people would play it even more trust me

  12. I WOULD LOVE THE URUGUAYAN LEAGUE TO BE ADDED ON !! It will be a massive increase in the selling of Fifa as a game and you’ll be able to compete against PES easily due to the inclusion of Uruguayan football

  13. hola, soy timmy, un niño de 14 años que le encanta jugar al fifa… lo juego desde que me regalaron el play, y lo disfruto mucho…me encanta cristiano y messi…siempre juego con el barca y con el real madrid…el manchester united tambien disfruto mucho el borrusia…bueno soy de ecuador, y me gustaria que pudieran poner la liga ecuatoriana, soy hincha del barcelona sporting club…soy del delfin tambien….hace poco me detectaron leucemia, y jugar fifa es lo unico que me calma el dolor de la quimioterapia…en el ultimo año fue el juego que mas jugue en la play junto con uncharted 4…en fifa mi modo de juego favorito es online y el modo carrera…el modo club pro tambien me encanta…ultimate team me he es difcil encontrar buenos jugadores…tambien me gustaria que si leen esta carta pusieran en el juego alguna cancion de panic!at the disco…o despacito de luis fonsi…es una buena canción…sin mas que decir gracias amigos de ea por tan hermoso juego…ustedes y el futbol me motiva a seguir un dia adelante

  14. Why do you don’t add a league like Bulgarian League ? They are such great footballers. For example, Jonathan Cafu, the striker of Ludogorets is on Everton, Leicester, West Ham, Porto and more teams short list.
    We have teams like CSKA,Levski which in the past have defeated teams like Barcelona, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and others famous teams.

    Vote for Bulgarian League please !

    1. Bulgaria League is one of the worst leagues. Bulgarian teams do not even play in the Champions league or the Europa League.

      1. Are you sure because in the last 3 years we have Bulgarian team who is playing in the champions League

  15. México empieza a ser potencia a nivel mundial merece tener a sus dos ligas asenso y primera división

  16. I want the Chinese league because I miss hulk, oscar, tevez, and lavezzi. Chinese League is the toughest league in Asian football.

  17. FIFA 18 ocupa poner atencion en Latinoamerica agregando ligas como la uruguaya, la peruana y la ecuatoriana. Tambien le hace falta torneos como Libertadores y CONCACAF Liga de Campeones. Estadios como el Maracaná, Estadio Universitario (Tigres UANL, Mexico), Estadio BBVA Bancomer (Rayados, Mexico), Mineirao (Cruzeiro, Brasil), Centenario (Uruguay). Ocupan agregar torneos internacionales de aqui como la Copa Oro y la Copa America.

    1. I agree with you my friend . I THINK FIFA NEEDS TO ADD MORE LATINAMERICAN LEAGUES .

    2. Soy de Mexico pero prefiero 1000 veces que FIFA 18 incluya una nueva liga latinoamericana antes que la Liga de Ascenso Mx (Mexican 2nd league)

    3. Concuerdo contigo, todo es Europa y más Europa, FIFA debe ver que hay otras ligas alrededor del mundo de buen nivel que merecen estar en el juego, como las de Sudamérica y norteamerica

  18. Why don’t you put more than two leagues?? It is unfair people who want to play manager career with their country’s championship cannot because FIFA has no time to make more leagues (hahahaha). Please put more leagues like Greek League, Cyprus League etc

  19. South African league please it really competitive, we as South Africans are tired of only having two SA teams “Kaizer chiefs and Orlando Pirates” can we have the whole league Please! here you can find players from South America and even Europe it a really awesome league trust me.

    1. I think it’s sad and disrespectful that their are no African leagues in fifa every continent is represented but not Africa it’s sad really

  20. I think it’s better to add the Israeli league, there are many people who want to play in this league and never could because never was the Israeli league in FIFA, and even if you make a league that has not yet been like the Israeli League, it will add more users and give you more money. Even if you do it only for the upcoming game it will happy many people who are waiting for it every year. Because there are people who would like to try to play career with groups or players they know, and they could never.

  21. Your comments …the league deserve recognition due to the fact that Fifa is sold in South Africa but we don’t live the thrill of playing my favourite local team of Mamelodi Sundowns

  22. Make a mode that there will be a story career mode and normal career mode and we can update the career to FIFA 19.

    And also include Indian league and improve the Indian team

  23. 1- add more east european league is better ( greek,romanian,ukrainian, bulgarian,hungarian, czech and cyprus) and a real uefa europa league and champions league is better for a real european compétition.. . For other league i think egypt league and chinese league is better.
    Yes please add czech league and real uefa league and chapions league teams…. In year 2016 is Sparta prague in EU league and in Fifa not … fuck this.

    1. I agree except one of all that is about chinese and egypt leagues!
      Also Fifa must be add the all players on free agent who playing in other worldwide leagues if wants see and play with hulk, tevez or others who plays in chinese league or arabic league.
      I think trap the all useless league. Add the new national team about iceland, ukraine, serbia, belarus, slovakia. Should add the team to rest of world which are eastern europe such as from ukraine(dynamo), romania(steaua), bulgaria(ludogorets), hungary(ferencvaros) belarus(bate) etc. with licenced and all players faces.

  24. Please add the Costa Rican UNAFUT Primera Division to fifa 18.

    COSTA RICA offers a number of great teams with excellent talent & is the 2nd if not 3rd best league in central & north america next to MLS & Liga MX

    A great pick to include the top 3 central/north american soccer leagues

  25. Que mierda les pasa como la liga india la peruana que asco liga china si por los jugadores que juegan allí pero habiendo otras grandes ligas fuera como la griega la israelí la ucraniana eligen la india y la peruana que les pasa …

    1. La liga peruana es la 19° Liga mas fuerte del último siglo, 5to puesto en Sudamérica, 2004 Cienciano del Perú campeón de la Copa Sudamericana, rompiendo con la hegemonía de Brasileños y Argentinos en Torneos Internacionales.

    2. China and India are 2 countries bigger than entire Europe. Its not bad to have a representation from those countries than adding some German 3rd league.
      3rd world countries should not have any representation? thats what you say? Shame!

      1. India doesn’t even have a league that competes in the asian champions league SMH who they don’t​ even play football at a high level I can understand with China indai would be a disrespect to fifa they should Iran league if they want more asian leagues but they really need a league from Africa

  26. I think the kuwaiti league should be added it has great talent like Bader almutawa, fahd alansary, feras al khatib, Al Rashidi, Nawaf Al Khalidi, and more. It’s competitive (fact: there are 2 champions of league because some people believe that kuwait SC won it, but others think that Kuwait SC has -3 points so Qadsia won it) that doesn’t happen in the bundesliga & Serie A (aka:- ☝️ ) & they have a great stadium called jaber stadium which holds 50.001 people
    So that me reasons to add the kuwaiti league

  27. Venezuela league por favor por la situación de aquí lo alegraría micho que ustedes agreguen la liga en el fifa 18

  28. Guys please the egyptian league , there are amyrid of promising egyptian players who play for teams in europe like ramadan , salah , trezeguet


  30. Por favor la Liga de Perú!!! He jugado fifa desde pequeño y me he tenido que conformar con los juegos de 2 soles donde aparecía la liga peruana en el ps2, por favor!!! Tienen muchos seguidores en Perú!!!

  31. For a better fifa i think:
    1- add more east european league is better ( greek,romanian,ukrainian, bulgarian,hungarian, czech and cyprus) and a real uefa europa league and champions league is better for a real european compétition.. . For other league i think egypt league and chinese league is better.
    2 – I think add more national team is great ( Croatia, Ukrainia, Georgia, Iceland, Armenia, Monténégro, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia….) and more stadium around the world ( european stadium, south American stadium, asian stadium..)
    3- I think evolve the story mode is very nice with a possible transfert and story mode in the 3 big european leagues. …
    4 – Add a evolving weather during the match is very nice too
    Ps I’m french

  32. Instead of a football league you could add the top 3 football teams of each selections from Conmebol, please. It would be marvelous

    1. I agree, they should put the top 3 teams from all conmebol leagues, specially Peñarol since its the champion of the century, 5 libertadores y 3 intercontinentales, y ahora me quieren clavar la liga israeli no seas malo


    There are many Ecuadorian players out in europe now plus we had IDV in the final of copa libertadores. If they don’t want to add the league then they should at least add the top 2/3 major clubs from every country that doesn’t have a league in south america.

    For Ecuador:
    Barcelona SC
    Liga de Quito/ Independiente de Valle


  34. I think it is very worthwhile to put the Israeli league in FIFA 18, because this league was never in FIFA and there are a lot of people who want to play with teams they know from Israel, and never had the opportunity to play with teams from Israel in FIFA.

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