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FIFA 18 Leagues

Which leagues you would like to see in FIFA 18?

Here you can vote for the leagues you would like to see in next year’s FIFA game, the FIFA 18. Show EA Sports which leagues should be officially licensed in the next FIFA 18.

Drop your vote here at this page for your favorite league. Is your favorite league isn’t in the vote list? Don’t worry, you can ask us to add it to this list.

You can also write your ideas and wish list for FIFA 18 at

Which Leagues to be Licensed for FIFA 18?

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280 thoughts on “Vote for FIFA 18 Leagues

  1. Why do you don’t add a league like Bulgarian League ? They are such great footballers. For example, Jonathan Cafu, the striker of Ludogorets is on Everton, Leicester, West Ham, Porto and more teams short list.
    We have teams like CSKA,Levski which in the past beat teams like Barcelona, Liverpool, Bayern Munich and others famous teams.

    Vote for Bulgarian League please !

  2. Everybody knows that the best ⚽️ in the planet comes from South America; that’s why European leagues are always looking there for players. The best forward line, Barcelona’s is formed by 3 South Americans (Messi, Neymar, Suárez).
    It would be terrific to create some kind of South American tournament, with the most traditional teams from each country, such as Alianza Lima (Perú), Barcelona SC (Ecuador), Bolívar (Bolivia), Boca Jrs. (Argentina), Caracas FC (Venezuela), Cerro Porteño (Paraguay), Colo Colo (Chile), Flamengo (Brazil), Millonarios (Colombia) and Peñarol (Uruguay).
    You could use a tournament format like the “Copa Libertadores”, so you can include more teams from Brazil/Argentina and fewer from the rest of countries. Thus, include teams as River Plate, Independiente, Fluminense, Palmeiras, Universidad de Chile, Olimpia, Atlético Nacional de Medellín, Emelec, Universitario, etc.

  3. Why do you don’t add a league like Romanian League ? They are such great footballers. For example, Denis Alibec, the striker of Steaua Bucharest ( FCSB ) Is on Crystal Palace, Newcastle, AS MONACO, RSC Anderlecht and more teams short list.
    I hope you will consider that. Thanks, or maybe put Steaua Bucharest and Viitorul Constance on rest of world teams.
    Thanks . I am from Nice, France

  4. I really think it will be a great idea to add Liga 1 ( Romanian Leaque ) FIFA18. It is a really cool leaque. For example the winner was decides in the last match and the runner-up had the same points. Although, Steaua Bucharest ( FCSB ) won Champions Leaque in 1986 against FC Barcelona at penaltyes and in 1989 it was again in the final, but lost with 4-0 against AC MILAN. I really hope you will consider this suggestion.

    1. In my opinion the best choose would be Romanian Leaque. I know Steaua Bucharest ( FCSB ) from the match against Chelsea and also Man.City. Also i heard that they won Champions Leaque agains FC Barcelona. Unless you put Romanian Leaque in the list, it would be nice to put Steaua Bucharest ( FCSB ) and Viitorul Constanța on rest of the world. Thanks… Just to know i am from England, London.

  5. That’s football, south asia ,south africa ,arabian teams ,have to be there ,for the price you sell the game you need to be more respectful with supporters and gamers all over the world ,we are tired with bundesligua ,first league,liga etc..
    I want to see more about japan ,china ,egypt,israel ,greek , russia ,poland ,etc…
    After many years ,just graphics have been enhanced not team ,football is an international sport ,so you have to be more open minded .And you have to work on more better speeches in more different languages .Sorry for the country or team i haven’t posted here you deserve to be in fifa 18.But life is about copyright and money so i don’t expect much more about Fifa 18 that’s a pity.

  6. I think the Egyptian league needs a chance…the Egyptian national team has won three consecutive african cups and beat Italy when they were world champions in the confederation cup and was in the finals in this year’s Africa cup of Nations, yet the Egyptian league was never featured in the game

  7. Me ajustaría que allá todas las selecciones de fútbol de Sudamérica con sus ligas y copas totalmente licenciadas además de que que se mantengan las mismas licencias y además aumentar la liga de Gales con su copa y todas las ligas y selecciones del este Asia como Hong Kong China y Taiwan ah y Japón Japón y Corea del Sur además de aumentar el campeonato canadiense y la nasl y la selección selección de Canadá totalmente licenciadas y también también me gustaría las ligas y selecciones de Egipto, Argelia Marruecos, Palestina,Israel, Jordania, Australia, Nueva Zelanda, Irlanda del Norte, Irlanda, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Qatar, Uae, Arabia saudí, República Dominicana y Costa Rica todo totalmente licenciado y las que ya tienen licenciarla si totalmente y mantener las que tiene y aumentar todos todos los estadios totalmente licenciados de por lo menos todas las ligas del continente americano totalmente licenciados

  8. That is not fair enough ’cause there’s some countries have 2nd and 3rd league and on the other side some countries have not a national team.
    So you should design one league for every country.
    Thank you for all your efforts.

  9. It is unfair. The greek league has teams that go on champions league and europa leage it needs to be added it has bigger teams

    1. I agree with you my friend.I’m greek ,I don’t know for you, and i’m big fan of PAOK FC. My league is in the 20 famous leagues in the world. We have 5 teams which they go. For 1 reason to Champions and Europa League qualifiers and for a 2 reason, if ALL OF THEM PASS TO the groups we have finally 5 GREEK TEAMS IN THE EUROPE.It is worth noting how a few of my teams are now in the 2nd League but before they Downgraded they were GREAT TEAMS IN THE EUROPE WITH big hits,greek titles and cups and much more.I can say that leagues like romanian,south africa, scottish, ukrainian, 3d bundesliga and REST OF WORLDS LIKE :APOEL,DIANAMO ZAGREB, LUNDOGOREGTK,PARTIZAN, RED STAR, ASTANA had to be in FIFA YEARS AGO but also a lot of stadiums had too and as well greek description. I say that cause you know greek is the MOST DIFFICULT LANGUAGE IN THE WORLD hahahaha but it’s the third,or second official language in the world. The electronic game Pro Evolution Soccer ,which is awful a lot of people in Greece buy it cause it has greek description but now nobody buy it cause it’s AWFUL FOR FOOTBALL AND IT HAS NO ANY GREEK TEAM. That I had to say and if anyone want to informed there is a video in YouTube search it FIFA 18 NEW LEAGUES AND YOU WILL SEE WHICH PROBABLY LEAGUES AND TEAMS IN REST OF WORLD WILL BE IN THE NEXT FIFA

      1. Also Steaua Bucharest ( FCSB ) They won Champions Leaque against FC Barcelona in Spain !!! They have really cool players. In my opinion Romanian Leaque and Greek Leaque are must to add leaque. Do you agree, bro ?

  10. Make more Woman National Teams: Japan, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Russia, North Korea, Bhutan, Panama, Iran and others…

  11. Vote Scottish 2nd league we have quality players such as grant Holt (hibs) Stevie mallan (st mirren). St.mirren are the best

  12. This has turned into a population contest. However, India’s two leagues have 10 or less teams each, too few really when more prestigious clubs are yet to be added.

    I say no more 2nd or 3rd leagues until other nations are included. We do need more diversity though. Playing the Asian Champions League would be awesome.

    I would pick the Greek, Turkish and Chinese Super Leagues, maybe South Africa and New Zealand, possibly Czech and Iran to round things out. Hopefully 2 Asian and 2 European leagues, with one miscellaneous country for good measure.

    1. So what if we have less teams??….we also want to play with our teams in the game…we hve legendary clubs like mohun bagan fc and east bengal…and its our right to vote for our League,u can’t decide that its a population contest or its about the love fr the game and the wish to play with our clubs in it..

      1. Fair enough. In the end many players will be disappointed since not all of the leagues above can or will be included.

        Hopefully PES picks up some extra licenses for teams and stadiums. I’m still surprised FIFA snatched up the J-League from a Japanese developer, that was quite the coup.

        I think one new league per continent would be most welcome and definitely achievable. We need to make sure EA sees this poll before the next game is released.

        1. Gundam, totally agree with you. Every continent should have atleast 2 league. By the standard of Asia, only J-league & Chinese league deserves the place. Indian league is more like a popularity contest for the Indians. After all they have more population than any other Asian country!

          1. Europe- a lot
            Asia- Korea S., Japan, (ISL) (CSL) Saudi Arabia, Australia
            Africa- South Africa (not even complete…)
            N. America- Mexico, United States
            S. America- Colombia, Brazil (kind of), Argentina, Chile

            Conclusion: STOP VOTING FOR UEFA LEAGUES

  13. Pour moi la ligue chinoise est très importante car il y a de plus en plus de grands joueurs qui partent chaque année en Chine

  14. Fifa, I think ISL – Indian Super League should be given a chance to be featured in FIFA 18. In recent times ISL has became one of the most watched leagues all over the world. Infact, as a result INDIAN team has also played well in recent times and its FIFA ranking is going up day by day.Giving chance to ISL will give a boost to fans all over the world

    1. fifa should do africa a favour. make something for africa. i dont care which one you put. saudi arabia was great and japan league was good too. but maybe from the guys who stay there.

      i am a south african fifa gamer. and would like seing my country league in the game.

      1. Yes, some african countries must feature in FIFA 18 like RSA,MOZAMBIQUE IM A MOZAMBIACAN I WANT ALSO MY COUNTRY TO HAVE MOZAMBIQUE LEAGUE.

  15. Bonjour je voudrais avoir le championnat grec sur fifa 18 car sa fait longtemps qu’on n’a pas vue de nouveau championnat européenne Merci beaucoup à vous

  16. Vote for the Portuguese 2 division it has some of the best crest and it has lots of pontetial to be one of the best 2th division leagues and for career mode it’s a great way to build a team like Porto benfica sporting lisboa or braga there’s a lot of quality players with potential from the likes of ronaldo messi and ects… Thanks

  17. Para mim gostava bastante que a EA acre sentasse 3 ligas que eram a liga Chinesa, a Grega e também a Segunda Liga Portuguesa.
    O Porquê:
    Liga Chinesa, porque com as novas contratações Carlitos Tevez, Hulk, Oscar, Paulinho e etc. a liga chinesa devia ser acre sentada ao FIFA 18.
    Liga Grega, eu sei que não à lá grande entrece na Liga Grega mas era uma liga experimental para aqueles que gostam de experimentar coisas novas porque também o Olympiacos aparece muitas vezes no Resto do Mundo e acho que está na altura de o Olympiacos sair do Resto do Mundo.
    Segunda Liga Portuguesa, não por eu ser português que quero esta liga é porque imaginem quero começar uma nova carreira com sei lá o Portimonense para chegar a Liga NOS e ser campeão e também porque já existe a muito tempo a Liga Portuguesa e está na altura de acresentarem a Segunda Liga de Portugal.

  18. Hey FIFA i think maybe you should feature africa best teams in one league like the top 10 best africa teams be together in one league africa All-Stars maybe

  19. Fifa, I think ISL – Indian Super League should be given a chance to be featured in FIFA 18. In recent times ISL has became one of the most watched leagues all over the world. Infact, as a result INDIAN team has also played well in recent times and its FIFA ranking is going up day by day.
    Giving chance to ISL will give a boost to fans all over the world.

  20. Greece! We haven’t got good politicals but we have very good football and we need all our teams in FIFA 18. Please, vote Greek League!

  21. Qué regrese el centro de creación en fifa 18 ps3, licencias de todos los torneos. Todas las selecciones y ligas.

  22. There is not clubs from africa anymore .. add the best teams in africa or the top 10 like al ahly (egypte) etoile sahel ( tunisia ) tp mazembe ! ..

  23. I would like thevery South African league because Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates both had been there since 2007 but with no other teams from RSA….

  24. I wold like to tell you plz plz add morrocain team to the international teams morocoo morroco for ever morroco from africa

    1. I like afc champion ship and I like all the league in asia lie iran uae iraq and… and I like perspolice esteghlal al vahde lekhvia and … and I wish irainian league in fifa 18

  25. Yes, more National Teams: Bhutan, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Belarus, Mongolia, Usbekistan, Comores, Liberia, Curacao, Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Antiqua & Barbuda, Azerbaidjan, Yemen, Liban! A Modus with National Teams of the World!

    1. They dont creat iranthe best team of asia for 5 years. In fifa ranking they in 28 place and now you want zimbave soodan

      1. Eey man,Mr mind your words,all the nations are loving their nations.plz vote for your nation.don’t tell about our nations

  26. Please! I beg you! Add the Bulgarian league or only Ludogorets. Ludogorets has been in CL twice! And Europa league also! If the others teams in the league don’t deserve to be in FIFA Ludogorets does! And don’t forget the amazing performence of Vladislav Stoyanov vs Ronaldo and Portugal!

  27. -no 2nd leagues before adding as many 1st european/ south america/asian leagues as possible.
    -more cups
    -co op cups
    -comparing ratings in coop games between the two players !!!

  28. Tbh i dont like the votes for India and China. But it’s population, and I can’t criticize. Also, GREENLAND IN FIFA 18 LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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