FIFA 18 Soundtrack Wishlist

FIFA 18 Soundtrack

Your suggestions for FIFA 18 Soundtrack

Which songs and music tracks you would like to have in FIFA 18 Soundtrack? Show EA which songs and artists you would like to would like to listen to when you play FIFA 18 game.

Post your favorite songs and artists list including their Youtube video links here. We will list the “most wanted” on this page to let EA developers know what FIFA fans would prefer to have in the next FIFA game.

Use the form below to share your favourite music list:

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  1. If possible here is my top 5 of possible ideas to go with Fifa 18:
    K’naan: Wavin’ Flag (classic and most amazing song please if possible at least this one)
    Linkin Park: Numb
    Skillet: Monster (with growl)
    Trust Company: Downfall
    Deadmau5: Moar Ghost ‘n’ stuff (Hard Intro Mix 2011)

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