FIFA 17 Feedback

FIFA 17 Feedback

FIFA 17 Feedback, User-Reviews and Comments

How did you find playing FIFA 17? Any comment or feedback that you want to share with our FIFA community?

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19 thoughts on “FIFA 17 Feedback

  1. I think FIFA ultimate team should show the players average rating for the amount of time he’s played in your team along with great details of his stats in games .. just kinda gives you a better way too manage and know when it’s time to sell a MF

  2. What’s going on with the own goals in fut? Own goals are being given on fair. Four example my striker shot at a goalie on a fut game and the goalkeeper slightly put his hands on the ball and the goal was awarded to the goalkeeper in other words I lost a goal tally on my striker.

  3. The player and manager career mode needs improving they added loads to pro clubs and that but the career modes just don’t feel interactive I wanna take interviews like hunter I wanna go nuts on the touchline like Mourinho fifa 17 is a start but I want to take a journey every season champions league interviews world cup talks with the manager make it feel like it’s my career rather than something to do when I’m bored. Make fifa more inspiring again like the older games

  4. This whole handicap on UT needs to go now!! Playing again CPU I understand but against other people! It’s so stupid! UT isn’t about skill anymore it’s about scoring when you have the handicap! And when literally every bounce comes off in favour of the player with the handicap it’s not hard!

    I literally just noticed it properly in the game Ive just played! I scored 2 goals literally cos the other players defenders refused to even go for the ball on one occasion and the other his defender tried to clear it and it literally hit me I was no where near him his player fell over and the ball went through the keepers arm!…

    I don’t want to win games like that! It’s not about how good you are it’s about handicap!

  5. Why can’t you have a story based manager mode where your objective is to take a conference non league club to the top of the premier league and champions league glory or become coach of your country? Also…how about adding stadium upgrades to career mode…what about adding hostile club takeovers…more world leagues should be included to create a realism that fans worldwide can relate to …how about an online mode for scouting unknown players,scouts or even managers…like in the real world and what about including testemonial matches!

  6. Yea, Frostbite does the most, but yea, this thing of Player scans really bugs me, I feel EA doesn’t really follow current football events, and they are unaware of the players that many people would enjoy playing with. Players like Radja Na├»ngollan for instance, and Rento Sanchez and The Atletico Madrid team as a whole I believe should get an update, seeing that they’ve been in 2 UCL finals in three years. The fact that they don’t have scans Nullifies the whole experience, and that I think Fifa should follow current competitions more, and scan the Players that perform, Hopefully EA does a rescan of all the Premier league players as most of them are outdated now, and that you do the Young Real Madrid Stars, Acensio, Vazquez etc. And the Atletico Madrid Team and Serie A players.

    1. And the graphics bruh… don’t even get me started wtf ! These faces !!! Who approved that ! idk who to fire… the person who made it or said yea.. that looks like Carrasco … someone else comment the funny looking MFS ya make so much money !! cmon !! it’s 2017 get it together

  7. FIFA 17 brilliant game as it’s rival PES 2017 is good. The Journey is brilliant would like to see more new features added to it where you create your own character and have a womens story modrle. For FIFA 18 I would like to see new leagues Chinese League and Montenegro League also would like to see more womens international teams and would like to see Womens Super League added in FIFA 18. Indoor 5 a side mode as well.

    Indoor 5 a side mode.
    Womens Club Teams for career mode.
    More international teams.
    More official liscensed stadiums.
    More playable characters with different story modes.

    Thats all.

  8. Goalkeeper looks sometimes weird and unrealistic, the way he saves the ball is like he is catching a fireball and he is scared to catch it, in some cinematic scenes also it looks like something wrong with him the way he reacts to his successful saves. Hope the coming patch can fix these issues.

  9. New penalty rewrite really sucks, it was fine before, i dont see any point changing something that was working very well.

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