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  1. hello i want all the africans clubs
    and the arabic commentary
    words so little
    and the konami stadium mus erased

  2. Can the game play on Android please,if yes then in master league help us to amend something.For example if i knew a particular team is in need of a striker because they have sold there striker,no need of adding my own stiker to transfer list.i suppose to tell the team i will like him to go that will you buy or not because i love my ex players to play against me frequently and that can only happen if they stays in my league.


  4. Muchas jeldon cooper en la vuelta comentando, la cosa es clara y si llegan a lleer esto, recuerden que ahi un porcentaje de la humanidad que sigue jugando a la pes por una simple cuestion de que nos criamos con esta preciosa mierd***** y por eso es clarito que AHI QUE MEJORAR COSAS EVIDENTES , SEA COMO SEA LAS LICENCIAS TIENEN QUE ESTAR ( Y SINO SE LOGRA UN CLARO MANUAL DE USUARIO PARA PODER ENTENDER CADA CUADRO CON SU LIGA Y COSAS BASICAS PARA QUE TENGAN UN MINIMO DE REALIDAD PARA UN FANATICO ES LO MINIMO SU GENTE, SU HAMBIENTE, LA CANCHA Y LO PRINCIPAL LA PASION)
    pd*Me encantaria que vuelva esa opcion de elegir jugadores de varios clubes, contra lo mismo jugadores de varios clubes)

  5. Proposal for more control over the game:

    1. Be able to create new players during the time their careers progress (career mode).

    2. Be able to change players’ hairstyles, features and appearance during the time their careers progress (career mode).

    3. Be able to build new or alter the football stadium (career mode).

    4. Be able to make changes in leagues and tournaments. As examples; to change the Spanish league so that there are only 10 teams or change champions league so that the matches are played only one game and similar changes (career mode).

    5. Be able to change players’ positions.

    6. Being able to create a new team. (career mode)

  6. Plz fix the strips of the all international teams and plz fix the players of the classic teams . Tnx

  7. I wish they add option to make your commentary….record the names by your own voice at least…it,s my game let me make it in my way

    1. Mix and match commentary would also be nice
      example: You can have at least 3 commentators and put 2 of them together to get a unique commentary style, like A+B/A+C, so you won’t get the same old commentary

  8. Please,dear Konami,add Ukrainian Premier League(1st division),Ukrainian First League(2nd division),Ukrainian Second League(3rd division) in PES 2016!!! Thank you very much for your great hardworking and let‘s improve Pro Evolution Soccer together:)))
    P.S.: Dear gamemakers,please,return PES on Android OS:PES 2016 on Android will be
    real exciting simulator,will not it!??

  9. I think pes2015 is good game and there is no need to get lots of changes to the game so I think if you guys add bundesliga and goal celebrations like fifa and improve the movement of player in the pitch means smoother and softer and ball guarding against the defenders just like fifa and improve slowly movement and dribbling with ball
    the current game is great and don’t change it too much

  10. Try To Make It Smooth Play Like Fifa and the reaction should be more Active because in pes 2015 the reaction was in 2 sec after the ball had been taken away :/ + the main menu is awful the main menu of 2013 was the best 2013 still the best pes till now can u make it like 2013 or just improve the pes 2015 things to mkae it better or like fifa 16? + Try to make real faces but the only thing u have to improve is the gameplay :3 anyway wish you can do it (Y)

  11. Can add newspaper ads like in fifa.. and the controller customization should be in-game. i can’t assign spacebar.. i’ve played fifa for years and i like PES but this controller assignment is uneasy for me..

  12. I think they should implement a system where where when playing 2 player cooperative it gives a percentage on each players individual performance like sht’s on target pass completion and other stats so. This would allow for more competition between friends to see who’s playing the best good banter.

  13. I personally would like the manager mode to have more cut scenes , like press conferences , showing of new signings. I would also like the fans to be more responsive, for example the way they react to goals ,I noticed that both sets of fans celebrate each goal together rather than some being sad that their team conceded a goal.

  14. My suggestion is to improve pes 2016 myclub game mode, make it similar to fifa ultimate team mode. Make the items tradeable and add more players and clubs with real names. The current (pes 2015) gameplay is fine but needs lots of tuning and improvement.

  15. Hi,
    3-more stadiums
    4-premier league the real names like Chelsea not London
    5-African clubs are better than Asian clubs so put CAF
    6-Carrier mode good like nba2k15 with scenarios
    7-Tunisian league
    8-Borousia Dortmund

  16. don’t change the game too much as its very balanced. there is occasionally a problem in defence where neither player takes control and i concede some soft goals – think the AI could be tweaked here. also, on harder levels (superstar) it is nearly impossible to play a grounded through-ball without the opposition intercepting, even with a pirlo pinging it to ronaldo etc. fix that firstly.

    1. English Premier League strips and more faces. i suggest this would impact greatly on sales and might help outsell fifa for the first time in years? at the very least allow us on the pS4 to import images.

    2. atmosphere. the game of football is great but the games seem pointless. i suggest adding some problems with multi-choice answers A–D like in NHL 14 (if you ever played that). giving a bad answer might piss your player(s) off and giving a good answer could improve their form? also could relate to fans wanting you out or them chanting your name.

    3. the scouting system. scrap it. let me add 5 or 6 targets at the beginning of a transfer window and my chairman tell me yes or no in terms of finance. i finalise them in order. and wait to see which ones come off. i dont get more involved than that. also i tell players they can leave, then offers come in. good offers, s*** offers, but always offers. there will always be someone who wants your player even if its for a pittance.

    4. menus. sort them out. the main menu was fantastic. so carry that into the season instead of those horrible menus. and at no point am i interested in my clubs finances. in particular after every game. not my problem. i resent having to click X to move on after this non-event. put a CALENDAR on the main screen and allow me to SIM games up to a point. include info about the next opponents all one screen without me having to open menus. in short, when i finish a game i should have to click continue no more than twice to be at the screen where im selecting my team for the next game. if i want to look at how much revenue i earnt in the last game then i can open a menu and see for myself.

    5. injuries. NEVER EVER HAPPENS! i wouln’t mind an occasional injury to deal with. even if players got a knock in the game and had to be subbed. that must realisitcally happen in MOST football matches. i dont want broken limbs every game but something manageable surely?

    6. after a game either (randomly) a player wants a word, a press conference pre/post match, a message from your scouts/ backroom about players performance – and the ability to respond (see point 2).

    7. pre and post-match have man of the match. have the camera zoom in on him walking off the pitch or warming up taking shots at the keeper (again like in EA’s NHL). have the commentator mention him and his form, e.g. “scored a hat-trick last weekend”, “only needs two goals to reach 100 goals for the club”.

    8. more stats. set little targets like 100 appearances, youngest ever player, most goals scored for the club, played every game this season, scored 7 goals in 7 games etc. have a trophy for these.

    9. lastly. stop making the trophies such a bore and grind. i dont mind playing an occasional game in brazil or indonesia or wherever but a whole season in become a pro? ball ache. scrap those trophies and include the following:
    – play a game in brazil
    – play and win 30 Games of the Week (can include brazil and portugese leagues et al)
    – score a hat-trick with your pro
    – win the world cup/euros
    – win ANY league
    – win ANY domestic treble
    – achieve any 10 career targets (100 appearances, hat-trick, youngest player)

    Thank me later

  17. put the BPL and the bundesliga
    better commentator , stadiums licensed ,
    hair can make moves and put a hand ball foul
    The impact of a more realistic body , the position was shot while in the field
    more emotional players
    and create a more realistic crowd came like a song and hardline supporters

  18. Hah… Where to start

    Let me first say, great improvements for pes 15. However great improvements needed.

    The movement has to become more fluid (smooth). Eg. A player running seems to stutter before making the next movement instead of one movement continuing where one ends. The ball seems to always be going at one fixed pace. Rapidly speeding up and slowing down so better ball dynamics needed. It doesnt seem to matter too much how the players bodies are positioned when passing or shooting as they can still play as accurately and powerful as they please. Speed relativity has to be better… There is a definate differnce between how quickly some players can accelerate and the top speed they have. So if Im using Ronaldo I should be able to beat the likes of Pique with raw speed. U just do not get those driving runs. U actually go faster when not running.

    More tidy physical battles… Pepe should not run into Messi and stumble falling over his own leg while Messi remains rooted to thr spot as if nothing happened. The collisions have got to be more interactive and realistic.At the same time players who are tackled should not appear stunned but should be better at riding challenges and continue the attack when the ball is in reach (immediate reaction)

    Better pitches (enough said)

    Better closing down (off the ball pressing) There seems to be too at.times

  19. My Wish is Directioning To the Two thing of PES 16:
    1.Please Input Again Pes League & We League
    2.Try To Input the Trending Celebrity Song for Soundtrack Like Taylor Swift,meghan trainor Etc.Dont Forget to Input Indonesian Song For Your PES 2016,Cause our song is Passed to Inputed on Your Soundtrack,Pump Fiesta 2013 was input it,Why you not? Try to Input,Ok….

    1. 1.I dont think if celebrity songs,i mean songs with singers would be appropriate for pes or fifa,but energetic soundtracks may do the trick.
      2.having more national teams than fifa is an advantage for pes,but pes should care more about commentary in the game,more passionate and moving commantators like martin taylor may be the salvage,also the info about the players names is ought to be improved.

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