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  1. Firts, more leagues. In editing part of the Game, stadiums edition and the end of the problems to edit team’s equipations in next gen. More football life animations and others little things.

  2. See,What Makes You And EA(FIFA) Clash and Then Sometimes You Have A +Point Or EA.
    Enhancements That You Need To Make Are Probably:
    ->Make Pes 16 Good For All Latest Consoles(Xbox 360,PS3,PS4,Pc)I Have Included PS3 And PC Because Most Of The Population of The World Has Either A PS3 Or A Pc Very Few Have A PS4(Because Of It’s Price Tag)And Xbox 360 Is An Exception.
    ->Add A Wide Range Of Playing Modes Like Fifa Has Ultimate Team,Career Mode etc.
    This Increases The Intrest Of The People Who Play Football Games
    ->Add More Teams And Players.I Hope That You All Know That FIFA Has A Large Amount Of Teams And Players.I Know That It Costs A Lot More Money Than Usual For Konami But It Increases The Sales Value.
    ->Have A Good Looking Menu.Yes,I Know That It Sounds Lame But If You Do So You Get About 12% More Pes Players.
    ->Add More Options Like The Weather(Snow),Balls,Stadiums,Kits etc
    ->Improve The Graphics Make It Better Than Fifa. Again About 35% Of The Population Of Gamers Play Games On Their Graphics.
    ->Last But Not The Least Improve Your License Yes,I Have Seen Some Of My Friends Not Buying Pes Because Of Its Poor License Even If The Price Tag Is Lower.

    I Hope That You Understood What I Meant And For Further Assistance Please Email Me Or Write On My Youtube Channel Comedy Wild Gamer Or The Peacemaker.
    Thank You

  3. I played the first PES or winning eleven in ps1 until PES 2015 in ps4. Well done guys amazing job.
    * I wish we get Arcade mood like game in 90s maybe was virtual soccer, maybe this not easy to be done in 2016 as no time
    * give the English clubs the normal names not man red, should be man united etc…
    * I need different weather condition and more stadiums.
    * like games in 80s 90s show more the crowd and coach and their interaction during match or after scoot.
    * I don’t think it’s realistic to make the players tired after 45 minutes and they become too slow and even can’t kick a ball. In real games most of players ok until minute 90.
    * more stadiums, at least big teams and give it the name and its club.
    * some people they make huge crowd of players in midfield and game become too busy and strange that players go through players without clash! I think this is difficult part for programming as it will change the game little. These guys they use just 1-2 to bypass in ridicules way that’s not real even weak team should stop his.

    Well done and waiting the next release

  4. I want to have more control of the players. Make the movement more faster. I’m really PES 2015, it’s better than Fifa 15. Maybe it’s just a details, but it important, put the hair movement please and the t shirt too. Sorry for my English, I’m actually speak in French. Hope you’re understanding my message.

  5. Premier league licenses.
    Correct bugs with players scores (when you any of them in the same place he gets another score).
    Update commentaries.
    More “acrobatics” when shooting.

  6. Will be great to choose the game I whant to play when I created a Konami championship you had this option in other edition and be able to do it also online so I could make tournament with my brother I will also like the goalkeeper to be stronger in front off the R 2 for the rest I will like to thank you for one the the best football game I ever play.

  7. PES 16 wishlist

    1.PES 16 Neymar on cover PES 16
    2.PES 16 Indoor soccer option
    3.PES 16 tricks:bicycle kick,pancake
    rainbow,atw,hop the world
    4.Better AI and gameplay
    5.Better music tracklist
    6.Dutch commentary like Jack van Gelder
    7.Football players hearing talkin to players
    8.Football players fighting to each other
    9.Football players get a yellow card beceause
    they quarrel with arbiter
    10.Give coaches a red card if
    they quarrel with arbiter
    11.Goalkeep gets a yellow card if he
    waits to long for goalkick
    12.Crowd shines with lasergun to players
    13.Crowd throw things to football players
    14.Stricter arbiter to give a yellow card

  8. I am new to the PES series and I am loving PES 2015 but I would like to see improvements for the next version:
    -A lot more stadiums with state of the art scoreboards
    -A lot more real player faces added.
    -Better presentation and do something with the commentary
    team, please!!It is awful!!
    -Add the German Bundesliga and the MLS.
    -Ability to create your own stadiums as you see fit.
    -More uniform options
    -better goalkeeping, make them a little quicker.
    -Get the English premiere league license and their stadiums. The game would be a whole lot better with that license!
    -Revamp the master league, give it more options.
    -Different goal net types and more ball choices.
    -Flashier menus once you enter the ML ,or Champions league mode.
    -Crowds need to be upgraded to look more realistic.
    -We need to have control on how to celebrate a goal, like Fifa.
    -Different atmosphere and different reactions and celebrations when you score a winning goal, or crucial goal in stoppage time, etc…
    -real Managers and cut scenes of them on the sidelines, pacing, shouting instructions, reactions to goals scored ,etc…
    -handshakes with opposing players after a victory or defeat, etc…
    This game kicks ass out on the pitch but it looks like Konami forgot about everything else that goes along with the game of soccer!!

  9. 1.make the atmosphere more realistic like the pitch realism and fans(do something similar to fifa’s atmosphere)
    2.fix the body shapes (like make the waist area a little slimmer)
    3.more stadiums if you can
    4. expand on editing. like an option to create an emblem or sponsor name on the kit
    5. more skill moves
    6. Add handball option. (its in real life so why not put in your game. also fifa doesnt do it so….)
    7. add new balls
    8. more weather like snowy or windy conditions
    9. realistic player injuries other than leg parts and physio/ stretcher for when a player is injured on the field so that they can come on. YOU had it on older versions?
    10. fix some faces
    11. be able to do your own celebration like in fifa please!
    12. more leagues if you can
    13. hold on to those licences

    1. The gameplay is the best I have ever seen in a soccer game, i don’t know how they can improve much, maybe a little but it still kicks butt!

  10. Please,you guys should change the commentary in pes or have multiple of commentators to choose from.Also let all kits be correct and also let’s be able to change the jerseys,meaning matching of both the shirts and shorts by our self but with the real licensed kit.Don’t change the gameplay,pes 2015 has the best gameplay.Also let there be series of time. Both in the day and night for example,you can change the time of play say 12pm, 2pm,4pm, 6pm just like that.I love pes more with all this. Thanks

  11. I am malek from Tunisia,
    pes 2016 must :
    Add African clubs and CAF
    Tunisian league
    Snowy weather
    More staduims in my carriere
    delete the eredvise and choose bundesliga
    Bouroussia doertmund
    Scenarios in my career like 2k sports

  12. The Soundtrack You Must Input Is:
    1.Two Door Cinema Club-What You Know
    2.Foster The People-Pumped Up Kicks
    Thats Only My Wish….

  13. Pes 2015 was a great game,but there are some improvements that should be done.

    Increase the intensity when playing a match like controversial fouls,counter attacking etc.
    Coms should not rarely commited fouls
    The atmosphere should be dynamic like players at the bench doing warm-ups,managers directing players on the pitch,sports medic carrying a stretcher.
    (Broadcasting depictions)
    Jon Champion and Jim Beglin comments must be high standard like the ones we heard on tv.
    Replays should be as same on tv’s.
    Manager’s and fans’ reaction should be include on replays.
    Bring back entrance scene.
    (Other features)
    be the referee.
    injured players should not be injured only on their legs,they should be injured on other parts like face,back bone etc.
    Bring back stadium editor.
    Added options to arrange friendlies during the pre-season in ML.
    be the football council.

  14. Iv all ways been fifa cause of ultimate team and pro clubs but the ea servers and the new update on UT spoil so if pes do this on the next game then i will buy

  15. hello

    I am Alireza from IRAN

    I’ve got some suggestions for PES 2016
    If you do it will be more realistic and beautiful game & The game will be more attention and admiration

    Offers :

    1- Added HAND FOUL
    2- More real injury (Bleeding & … )
    3- Login stretcher to the ground to take the injured
    4- Added New Balls ( Brazuca & … )
    5- Added technique ( rabona )
    6- Snowy weather and snow sitting on the floor
    7- Control ball handling

    thank you

  16. Pes also needs not to dwell on the past to much its called pro evolution soccer needs to move on and quick to catch FIFA up. I’ve been playing Iss pro to Pro evo from 1997 and have bought every every edition of the game and would so much like to see the game back at the top. Comon PES.

    Too much old PES in the new PES series, celebrations, pitch colours and design, kit designs, stadiums needs an in depth editor and kit editor needs to be more in depth. A change in tempo would be a great asset to a football game, being able to change your game from being slow passing possession game to quick counter attacking needs to do that and look that way, just don’t get that feeling in PES or FIFA. Variation in goals and netting types colours etc… Realism is a must for next gen FIFA lead PES by a country mile at moment lets get PES back in front again licensed teams never bothered PES fans back in the day PES always won FIFA on it realist look and feel to the playability.

  17. I have to say one of the biggest things that lets PES 2015 on next gen consoles PS4/XB1 is the awful turf colour and grass realism. I can live with lack of stadium choice at moment but grass colour in daylight looks grey instead of lush green. Spoils it for me little things like that spoil game. And players jumping over every challenge instead of jumping to the side to avoid a challenge. Not enough of avoiding challenges for me. Best PES yet lots of catching still to go, to catch FIFA yet.

      1. No Indian super league is better of all league even world cup FIFA because most of the people watch Indian super league than the FIFA world

  18. Bring back an optimized version of the PES 2013 gameplay and REMOVE FAKE CLUB NAMES!!! Also more stadiums can be added and the master league mode must be made more realistic (so that messi cannot be worth around 50 million). Theres much work to be done to bring back pes to the top

  19. Please I would like to see epl kits and true names not(london fc).as well as should not be slow than game play.more stadiums be included.otherwise my complements other areas in pes15.I’m enjoyng a lot…..

  20. Lokomotiv Moskow
    Spartak Moskow
    Borussia Dordmun
    Borussia Mönchengladbach
    Fifa Club World Cup
    Belgium League Fully Licenced

  21. I play fifa but the main reason why is because none of the players look like themselves in real life and the names of the clubs need to be in it, come on if I wanted to played as Chelsea I don’t want it to be called London blue.

  22. Pes should have some of pes 21012 and 2013 more stadiums bring back the magic of pes because since 2014 came out a lot of stuff change.
    Please pes work a little harder on pes 2016 and surprise me!!!

  23. Please improve barging the players in pes 2016 because in pes 2015 players cant barge each other. Make defending better because players just run past defenders no matter ho2 hard you try to tackle. All im saying is to make pes 2016 like how pes 2013 was on ps3. That was probably the best pes game ever. Please bring back those classic pes games back to life. I loved every pes game up until pew 2014 came out. Please konami dont let ea take you over. You can beat fifa because the pes game is ours!!!

  24. Pro evo 2016 should be a game changer for the soccer fans, First the Ai should be improved to teams playing there own unique style that they usually play in real life in superstar level,jockeying and taking should be improved to where the whole team can press up to stop time wasting and win the ball quicker,The game needs to be speed up to real specification ,don’t know if it’s just me but it tends to lug a lot when tackling,tacking a shot and some times dribbling, they need to buy the rights to classic players and the premiere English league,career mode improvement needs more things to do like real club management, need to choose sponsor, ticket prices at the gate, adjust grass level,we need to beat fifa this year Pro.

  25. 1. Better AI. 2. Pitch Texture, grass colour needs changing. 3. Tackling needs tweaking players seem entangle and are slow to recover stumbling over. 4. Better kit editor and stadium editor. More realism is needed in PES 2016.

  26. AI needs addressing, Pitch looks need address is PS4 version cloud of grass is suspect. Tackling players need tweaking, Bering able to ride tackling with the press of a button would be nice, more crowd shots, more controversial offside and fouls decisions. Shooting to strong needs a tone lighter. Better stadium kit choice editor if you’re not gonna put more licenced clubs in the game. And where is the ball hitting the woodwork noise effect gibe.

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