Interview with Chromeo

Chromeo is a Canadian electrofunk duo (Patrick Gemayel and David Macklovitch), which is also famous for production and remix collaborations with artists like Lenny Kravitz and Feist.

Their third album, Business Casual has been released summer 2010, collaborated on 3 tracks on the new Christina Aguilera album.

Business Casual’s fourth track “Don’t Turn the Lights On” has been featured in EA Trax for FIFA 11. Thanks to Artwerk Music Studio, we had the opportunity to interview Chromeo and ask them some questions regarding gaming and FIFA …

Do you guys play video-games? What are your favorites games and is anyone of you a pro gamer?
Chromeo: Sometimes, but not as much as I used to. I used to kill it on those good old NES games like Punch Out, Metroid, Contra, Super Mario and my favorite Zelda, good times… The latest games I’ve tried that I really liked were Sonic Spinball, Skate it, Yahtzee, Rock Band, NBA Live 09 and FIFA.

Have you ever gotten feedback from a gamer who became a fan of Chromeo after hearing your songs in a game?
Chromeo: Yes, I’ve heard some gamers become a fan through both FIFA and NBA Live. It’s a great new avenue for artists to get their songs out there with such a fun product.

Have you ever considered writing a song especially for FIFA or any other video game?
Chromeo: I’ve never thought about it. But if I would, it would be a funk song for the workout videogames. That’s great. Fancy Footwork is kinda “a propos” for FIFA, you know.. speaking of feet…

Do you support any football team? Who are your favorite footballers?
Chromeo: Yes, Italy (I’m actually a quarter Italian). Gianluigi Buffon is the man.

Do you have any suggestions for FIFA 11 to submit to FIFPlay?
Chromeo: Yes a very good suggestion, you should add me as a secret character in the Italian team!


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