FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Web App

FUT Web App

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Web App is accessible from 19 September 2014. Click on the button below to access to the official FUT 15 Web App.

Access FUT 15 Web App

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38 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Web App

    1. it says I don’t have any bloody club when I had one last year on fifa 14 and I also had one on fifa 13 so fix your f***ing game out you pricks

  1. E.A sort your fling sh1tty game out 7 times I’ve won promotion and I get no coins no points no promotion but you still use my contracts get a f***ing grip and sort this s*** out

  2. keeps telling me Our servers are temporarily down while we work on making things better.

    Please come back later. whyyyy i wanna play so bad.

  3. When I click on it ses these 3 steps 1.Create a origin account or log into an existing one.
    2.Purchase FIFA 15 (Avaliable on XBOX ONE, PS4, XBOX 360, PS3 or PC.)
    3. FUT CLUB and SECURITY QUESTION to access FUT 15 Features.

    What does that mean????? Don’t let me play FUT Web app ;((( :((/ Please help I wanna playyyyy.

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