FIFA Mobile – Treasure Hunt Jungle (Amazon)

Treasure Hunt Amazon

Treasure Hunt Jungle (Amazon) event is available from 19 July to 2 August 2019 in FIFA Mobile. Similar to the Treasure Hunt Sahara, by playing the Jungle event you can earn rewards and special players in this event.

Below is the list of chapters of this event and all the details you need to know:

Amazon Chapter

Play this chapter’s activities and earn resources. Three activities and three challenge nodes are there to play in Amazon chapter: Skill Games, VS match and Matchplay.

Daily activities will cost stamina to play, and there is an increase in stamina cost per node that resets every day. Challenge nodes (lower nodes in image above) cost Excursion tickets (more below about this). You can play as many of these events as your stamina allows, the stamina increase follows below pattern:

2 stamina > 4 stamina > 6 stamina > 8 stamina > 10 stamina

A 30 Gem reward added for the first play each day to each tier of all 3 activities. Which means you will finish up getting about 450 gems daily if you complete all of the activities once – 15 total activities, 30 gems per node. Each node has it’s own stamina counter, so if you take VSA matches to 10 stamina and haven’t played a skill game, your skill game will still only cost 2 stamina. If you then max your skill game to 10 stamina, you can continue to play if you choose, the cost just stays at 10 stamina until the next daily reset. Once successfully completing these activities you will earn Treasure Hunt Jungle resources as follows:

  • Excursion Tickets
  • Research notes
  • Hidden Rarity
  • Treasure Stone

After earning Excursion tickets, you will then be able to engage in the Challenge Nodes. Challenge nodes increase in difficulty as you progress. Nodes 1 and 2 are unlimited play, and Node 3 is one win daily. There are 3 challenge nodes, and they are as follows:

  • Node 1: 20 Excursion Tickets to play, starts at 45:00 vs a 90 OVR team, and rewards 5 Hidden Rarity
  • Node 2: 30 Excursion Tickets to play, starts at 45:00 vs a 100 OVR team, and rewards 10 Hidden Rarity
  • Node 3: 30 Excursion Tickets to play, starts at 45:00 down 0-2 vs a 120 OVR team, and rewards 20 Hidden Rarity and 15 Relic Fragments. You can only get the 15 Relics once daily upon winning.

Treasure Stones allow you access to progress in the other chapter, the Temple Chapter. Here is a summary of the activities you can have:

Jungle Event

In the last part of this chapter you will be able to exchange 200 Relic Fragments for a Relic, as well as many other rewards including the grand prize of them all: 6 Relics for Prime Icon Ronaldinho.

Temple Chapter

This chapter brings you a new way to earn rewards. What you need to do is to correctly arrange your Treasure Stones in the right combination to unlock your treasure. If you don’t do so on your first try, your correct stones will remain placed, and you will need to acquire more to try to find the right combination.

After pressing “Start the Hunt”, your possible treasure will appear in the box shown above in the screenshot. You have the option to re-roll your reward if you want to try for something different. Here are the rewards for the Temple Chapter.

  • Reward: Rank 1 Item – Amount: 50
  • Reward: Common Boost – Amount: 2,000
  • Reward: Rare Boost – Amount: 1,000
  • Reward: Epic Boost – Amount: 400
  • Reward: Legendary Boost – Amount: 100

Treasure Map Chapter

In the Treasure Map Chapter you can pend your Research Notes to open a Treasure Chest which will contain a valuable treasure. It will cost you 10 Research Notes to open a Treasure Chest. Here are the possible rewards from the chest.

  • Training XP (20,000)
  • Coins (200,000)
  • Relic Fragment (x2)
  • Training X (250,000)
  • Hidden Rarity (x40)
  • 90+ Master Player (x1)
  • Prime Icon Player (x1)
  • Relic (x1)

Hidden Rarity Chapter

This chapter functions similar to the VS Attack / Head to Head reward structure. You will earn Hidden Rarity which will accumulate and unlock tiers of rewards. Your count of Hidden Rarity is a running count and will not reset after you claim a reward.

Here is a chart that should help show what you can achieve from this chapter:

Hidden Rarity Chapter Rewards

Treasure Hunt Jungle Players

Below is the list of special players you can redeem from Treasure Hunt Amazon event:

FIFA Mobile Amazon Players

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  1. Damn, i got 54 packs and what i saw is a mount of money and XP, this event is so hard to find 90+ players, BUT lucky, i found Dani Alves :’)

  2. What happens when you don’t get any treasure in treasure map chapter. We see those footprints.. but where does that lead?

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