FIFA Mobile – Treasure Hunt Sahara

Treasure Hunt Sahara

Treasure Hunt Sahara event is live on FIFA Mobile from 5 to 19 July 2019. By playing this event you can accumulate resources through activities.

Sahara Chapter

There are 3 separate activities you can participate in Treasure Hunt Sahara event:

  • Skill Game
  • Matchplay
  • VSA Match

Daily activities (top nodes in image above) all cost stamina to engage, and there’s an increase in stamina cost per node that resets daily. Challenge nodes (lower nodes in image above) cost Exploration tickets (more below about this). In the above image, you can see the stamina costs. You can play as many of these events as your stamina allows. The stamina increase follows this pattern:

  • 2 stamina
  • 4 stamina
  • 6 stamina
  • 8 stamina
  • 10 stamina

Each node has it’s own stamina counter, so if you take VSA matches to 10 stamina and haven’t played a skill game, your skill game will still only cost 2 stamina. If you then max your skill game to 10 stamina, you can continue to play if you choose, the cost just stays at 10 stamina until the next daily reset. Upon successfully completing these activities you will earn Treasure Hunt resources:

  • Exploration Tickets
  • Journal Pages
  • Hidden Artifacts
  • Bazaar Coin

Upon earning Exploration tickets, you will then be able to engage in the Challenge Nodes. Challenge nodes are tougher matches, and you can play as many of these you want depending on the amount of Exploration tickets you have. There are 3 challenge nodes and they are as follows:

  • Node 1: 20 exploration tickets to play, starts at 45:00 vs a 90 OVR team, and rewards 5 Hidden Artifacts
  • Node 2: 30 exploration tickets to play, starts at 45:00 vs a 100 OVR team, and rewards 10 Hidden Artifacts
  • Node 3: 30 exploration tickets to play, starts at 45:00 down 0-2 vs a 120 OVR team, and rewards 20 Hidden Artifacts and 1 Glyph Fragment
Bazaar Coin

A Bazaar Coin allow you access to the Bazaar for 1 hour. Bazaar Coin have a chance of dropping from the activities above (both activities and challenge nodes!), and once you enter the Bazaar, you have the option to purchase special skill boost offers! A summary of the various activities you can engage in:

Treasure Hunt Sahara
Prime Icon

The last part of the Sahara Chapter allows you to exchange 200 Glyph Fragments for a Glyph, and then you can exchange 4 Glyphs for Prime Icon Okocha. There are other ways to earn Glyphs and Glyph Fragments. We will also be adding exchange nodes at a future date that allow you to exchange extra fragments and glyphs. So stay tuned!

Treasure Map Chapter

The Treasure Map Chapter is where you will spend your Journal Pages. You will use your Journal Pages to open a Treasure Chest which may or may not contain buried treasure. If you do not get a treasure, you can keep opening a chest until you get the buried treasure! It costs 10 Journal Pages to open a Treasure Chest. Here are the possible rewards from the chest:

Treasure Hunt Sahara

Hidden Artifact Chapter

The Hidden Artifact chapter works similar to the H2H/VSA reward structure. You will earn Hidden Artifacts which will accumulate and unlock tiers of rewards. Your count of Hidden Artifacts is a running count and will not reset after you claim a reward. There are many rewards to be claimed. The chart below should help show what you can achieve:

Treasure Hunt Sahara

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