FIFA Mobile Rivalries

FIFA Mobile Rivalries Event

FIFA Mobile Rivalries event is coming to FIFA Mobile on 26 August 2021 and will be available for two week.

This event is to celebrate club football’s biggest matchups and winning FIFA Mobile rewards and Rivalries players.

  • Duration: August 26th – September 16th (21 Days)
  • Ads: 3 ads daily giving 4 Rivalries Points per ad
  • Daily Claim: Daily Login Reward (See section further below for details)
  • Event Player + Prime/Event Icon Chemistry: 40

To claim Rivalries Players in this program, complete Daily and Weekly Quests. As you strive towards obtaining Ultimate Rivalries Players, trade them in for SBCs for even bigger rewards. After that, you’ll participate in a three-part Challenge Mode, with several matchups to play over the week.

Rivalries Points are earned by completing daily and weekly quests. For extra Rivalries Points, compete in the Challenge Mode. Claim prizes from the Rivalries Pass, such as Rivalries Points. With your Rivalries Points, open Rivalries Player Packs. Players can be traded in for Ultimate Rivalries Points at SBCs. Use your Ultimate Rivalries Points on OVR Players 107 and 108.


You’ll notice that Rivalries follows a different format than most other events. You perform daily and weekly missions for Rivalries Points instead of expending event energy on daily skill games or matches.

Daily Quests Reward 1 Reward 2
Play 1 VS Attack Match 2 Rivalries Points 25 Rivalries Pass Score
Play 1 Head to Head Match 2 Rivalries Points 25 Rivalries Pass Score
Play 2 Skill Games or Seasons Matches 3 Rivalries Points 25 Rivalries Pass Score
Win 3 Division Rivals Matches 5 Rivalries Points
Score 10 Goals Anywhere 2 Rivalries Points 25 Rivalries Pass Score
Score 30 Goals Anywhere 3 Rivalries Points
Score 50 Goals Anywhere 4 Rivalries Points 25 Skill Boosts
Weekly Quests Reward 1
Win 25 Division Rivalries Matches 20 Rivalries Points
Score 400 Goals Anywhere 20 Rivalries Points
Claim Rivalries Pass Reward 10 Rivalries Points
Participate in Challenge Mode 10 Rivalries Points
Participate in 3 League Matches 15 Rivalries Points
Complete all the Weekly Quests 1 93+ Rivalries Player

After that, utilise your Rivalries Points to unlock Rivalries Player Packs. All Rivalries players can be sold at auction. There are two sorts of Packs, each with a distinct pricing and player OVR range, differentiated per league.

Coins are also a possible reward in Standard Packs.

There are packs for these leagues:

  • Premier League
  • Bundesliga
  • LaLiga Santander
  • Serie A TIM
  • Ligue 1
Pack Type Cost Player OVR Range
Standard Pack 25 Rivalries Points 96-104 OVR
Premium Pack 250 Rivalries Points 102-104 OVR

The pricing and OVR ranges for Rest of World Packs differ from those of the other league packs.

ROW Pack Type Cost Player OVR Range
Standard ROW Pack 15 Rivalries Points 93-100 OVR
Premium ROW Pack 150 Rivalries Points 99-100 OVR

Ultimate Rivalries

SBCs will accept your Rivalries Players in exchange for Ultimate Rival Points. Then you can use your Ultimate Rival Points on any of the 107 and 108 OVR Rivalries Players you want. All Rivalries and Ultimate Rivalries players are available for bidding right away. This means that in these SBCs, you can use Rivalries Players that you bought on the market.

Limit Req 1 Req 2 Req 3 Req 4 Req 5 Reward
3 8 Total Rivalries Players 6 Leagues minimum 4 Players minimum 98 OVR 2 Players minimum 99 OVR 1 Player minimum 102 OVR 15 Ultimate Rival Points
1 3 Total Rivalries Players 3 Leagues minimum 3 Players minimum 102 OVR 1 Player minimum 104 OVR 30 Ultimate Rival Points
Ultimate Rivalries Players Cost
3 107 OVR 40 Ultimate Rival Points
108 OVR 65 Ultimate Rival Poin

If you have too many Ultimate Rivals Points, you can trade them in for 15 Rivalries Points in return for 1 Ultimate Rivals Point at the store.

Rivalries Pass

To acquire Rivalries Pass Score and proceed through the Rivalries Pass, complete Daily Quests. Claim 150 Skill Boosts for every extra 300 Pass Score you achieve during the event once you reach the end of the Pass.


Increase your rewards by using more Rivalries Points and Ultimate Rivalries Points!

Rivalries Points Used Reward
15 50 Skill Boosts
25 25,000 Training XP
50 200 Skill Boosts
100 100 Common Shards
200 750 Skill Boosts
300 100,000 Training XP
400 1500 Skill Boosts
500 40 Rare Shards
650 1,000,000 Coins
800 2500 Skill Boosts
1000 30 Epic Shards
1250 4000 Skill Boosts
1500 102-104 OVR Rivalries Player
1750 30 Epic Shards
2000 10 Legendary Shards
Ultimate Rival Points Earned Reward
20 2500 Skill Boosts
50 Choice of one 97 OVR Event Icon*
250 Prime Icon 109 OVR CB Carles Puyol

*For 6,250 Gems or 2,500 FIFA Points, claim the other Event Icon.

Challenge Mode

In the new Challenge Mode, you must bring your “A” game! Every few days, a new gauntlet path appears to be completed. To begin your run, meet the team’s prerequisites and spend coins. To acquire Rivalries Points, you must win the matches. Your turn expires if you do not win the match. You can retry from the point where you were knocked out for 75 Gems or 30 FP.

The 3 types of Challenge Modes:

5 PvE Matches
  • Friday to Monday
  • 100,000 Coin Entry Cost
  • 30 Total Rivalries Points
  • 5 Rivalries Players in your active lineup
3 VSA Matches
  • Monday to Wednesday
  • 50,000 Coin Entry Cost
  • 18 Total Rivalries Points
  • Draws let you replay
  • Custom base player lineups (130 OVR teams)
3 PvE Matches
  • Wednesday to Friday
  • 50,000 Coin Entry Cost
  • 15 Total Rivalries Points
  • 5 Rivalries Players in your active lineup

Daily Login Bonus

Every time you join in to the Rivalries event, claim your daily reward here. Every day at 19:00 UTC, the reward becomes available. On Day 7, get a 93+ Rivalries Player! The prize path then resets to Day 1 after that. Because the course is not based on consecutive days, you will not lose your progress if you skip one.

FIFA Mobile Rivalries Players


By playing the Rivalries event on FIFA Mobile 21 you can gain Rivalries players. Here is the list of players:

OVR Player Cost
108 ST: Gabriel Jesus (RU15) 65
108 LM: Ansu Fati (RU15) 65
108 GK: Lloris (RU15) 65
108 CAM: David Silva (RU15) 65
108 LM: Hazard (RU15) 65
108 CB: Tomori (RU15) 65
108 RM: Lukebakio (RU15) 65
108 LB: Spinazzola (RU15) 65
108 CM: Verratti (RU15) 65
108 RW: Kadewere (RU15) 65
108 CDM: Uribe (RU15) 65
108 CB: Martinez (RU15) 65
107 CF: Firminho (RU14) 40
107 CB: Azpilicueta (RU14) 40
107 GK: Bounou (RU14) 40
107 ST: Gerard Moreno (RU14) 40
107 CM: Neuhaus (RU14) 40
107 CAM: Kamada (RU14) 40
107 ST: Dybala (RU14) 40
107 CM: Maggiore (RU14) 40
107 CB: Badiashile (RU14) 40
107 ST: David (RU14) 40
107 RB: Mario Fernandez (RU14) 40
107 LW: Chancalay (RU14) 40

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  1. I don’t like this rivalry chapter. It is just a s***. I have never seen a rubbish event. A person who is playing is expecting that whenever he click on he will get the player of his choice but no again and again giving the same player doesn’t worth. I have la liga players in my team and for the upgradation I want Portu (103) but instead of it 3 times I got Parejo (102) and the worst thing is unable to sell him. Fuck off !!!

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