FIFA Mobile – Domination

FIFA Mobile Domination

Domination is an event in FIFA Mobile which includes Weekly and featured Domination Player chapters. By playing Domination player chapter you can earn a Domination player and level him up by playing Domination Weekly chapter and earning Domination XP and Skill Boosts.

To gain Domination rewards you have to win the Domination matches, that’s why it is called Domination.

Domination weekly match and rewards refresh every Monday.


Domination event features chapters which offer you rewards and Domination player cards.

  • Weekly
  • Featured Match (Neymar)

Domination Stamina

Purchase Domination Stamina from the first offer to play Domination matches. Winning matches will earn you Domination Points.

Domination Points

Spend Points on Domination XP and Skill Boost offers. These are used to level up your Domination Player.

Completion Rewards

If you manage to purchase all XP and Skill Boost offers in a single week, you’ll gain access to a bonus reward.

Weekly Chapter

By playing Domination Weekly chapter you can earn Domination XP and Skill Boosts and boost up your Domination player. Domination weekly chapter’s matches and rewards refresh every Monday.

Featured Match Chapter (Domination Player)

Featured match chapter includes a series of matches which offers you a Domination Player in the end as its rewards. Below is the list of these chapters:


Play through the featured matches to claim Domination Neymar for your club. Once you get him, you play level him up by playing Domination Weekly chapter and earning Domination XP and Skill Boosts.

Neymar chapter features 3 matches against PSG team where PSG’s OVR for its first match is 85, the second match 88 and the third one 92. You will be rewarded with a Domination Neymar card (LW – OVR 80).

Domination Players

Here is the list of Domination players available in FIFA Mobile version 2018-2019:

  • LW: Neymar (80)


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