FIFA 19 Team of the Group Stage

FIFA 19 Ultimate Team - Team of the Group Stage

FIFA 19 Team of the Group Stage (UEFA Champions League Team of the Tournaments Group Stage) is available on December 7th, 2018.

FIFA 19 Team of the Group Stage is a promotional squad in FUT which is a selection of the best in-form players from the European clubs group stage’s competitions (UEFA Champions League and Europa League). There are also special themed Weekly Objectives and SBCs for Team of the Group Stage event.

FIFA 19 TOTGS player cards are available in FUT packs (during the TOTGS event) and in the Transfer Market.

The top football clubs in Europe have embarked on a journey to find the best side on the continent in the UEFA Champions League and Europa League 2017-2018. Some players have performed above the rest in the Group Stage of UCL and UEL, the full of these players to be available here.

FIFA 19 TOTGS Players

TOTGS Players



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