FIFA Mobile – Controls

FIFA Mobile Controls

FIFA Mobile controls – The complete control guide for FIFA Mobile (version 2018-2019).

FIFA Mobile Controls

Action Controls
Move Player

Hold and move the Virtual Stick in direction
Passing Press PASS button / Tap on a teammate or in space
Through Pass Press Through button / Tap in spaces
Pass and Go Double-tap on a team-mate or the PASS button to make a forward run after the pass
Shooting Tap or hold SHOOT button and aim with the Virtual Stick / Swipe the screen in direction (The faster you swipe, the higher the shot)
Chip Shot Tap and hold your finger on the Goal
Finesse Shot Curve while you swipe to shoot (Players with a high Curve attribute will be able to bend their shot more effectively)
Sprinting Hold SPRINT & SKILL button while on the ball
Switch Player Press SWITCH button or tap the player you want to control (When defending)
Skill Moves Tap SPRINT & SKILL button while dribbling
Tackling Hold SPRINT & SKILL button / Tap the opponent to have your player contain and tackle the ball
Auto-Tackle Tap and hold on your opponent’s player
Kicks To Shoot, swipe from the ball towards the goal (The speed of your swipe will determine the power and the shape will affect the spin). To pass, tap on a teammate or into spaces.
Corner Kicks Swipe from the ball towards the penalty box, the speed of your swipe will determine the height and the shape will affect the spin / To pass, tap on a teammate or into spaces.
Penalty kicks Swipe from the ball toward the side of the net (The faster you shoot, the stronger the shot will be)
Saving Penalty Kicks Swipe or tap towards a direction the you want your goalie to jump to
Autoplay Do not touch the Virtual Stick

FIFA Mobile Controls Settings

You can customise your control settings in FIFA Mobile under SETTINGS > PREFERENCES for the following options.

Option Description
Gestures Only (On/Off) When it’s on, Shoot, Pass and Through buttons are diabled. When it’s off, Shoot and Pass buttons are enabled in addition to Gestures.
Auto-Pass and Shoot (On/Off) When it’s on, players do dribble, pass and shoot without user input. When it’s off, players continue to dribble without user input.
Floating Virtual Stick (On/off) When it’s on, the Virtual Stick follows your finger. When it’s off, it is anchored to a location
Large Virtual Stick (On/Off) Allows you to have your Virtual Stick larger or smaller in size
Large Buttons (On/Off) Shows the buttons in larger size when it’s on – Recommended for small screens
Game Controls (Left/Right) Left: Virtual Stick on Left and other buttons on Right. Right: Virtual Stick on Right and other buttons on Left

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  1. How do I move my goalkeeper towards opposite strikers,I'm just stucked when they advance towards me. says:

    How do I move my goalkeeper towards opposite strikers, I’m just stucked when they are on the attack towards my goal post.

  2. I pressed and hold the shot button followed by 3 quick taps then i saw a low strong shot. I wonder if there are any other hidden tricks.

  3. What’s with the flick up before shooting!!! and sometimes before passing!! its so stupid! Does anyone know why it does that?

  4. Why doesn’t my offence move forward why they just stand at one place when I dribble with different player

  5. Is there no such thing as a through lob anymore?! I’ve tried engaging the through button, tapping into space, etc. and I still keep passing on the ground! Has anyone had success with through lobs?!

  6. How come other player run faster than mine everytime their got the ball even though my player overall n speed are higher? Shit. Somebody tell me why everytime I sprint, defenders keep catching up

      1. Why don’t my players move around on offense. It takes time to start when having to force move players into position.

    1. my players does the same thing. my team ovr is 107 and when playing against ovr95 they are faster than mine. so frustrating. my players are slow

  7. Weird controls.. When i want my player to kick or pass ball ahead, instead it passes behind.. This annoying thing has happened twice in front of open goal… This stupjs controls had made me lose 6-7 games in row..even to low ranked teams….. SO ANNOYING

  8. Hey guys I need some help with the England Part 3 I’m stuck at mission 1 “Avoid Opponents” does anyone know how to trick the goalkeeper? And get the ball in the Goal without shooting?

    1. why do you want to score without shooting ? while playing this you cannot use the buttons you can only swipe.
      if you want to score you have to swipe thats it

      1. How can i move my gk out on attack players?
        (Rush) i only have one big circle on skill button,in my fifa 20 mobile version….
        Is there an option to do it?

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