FIFA Mobile – Football Freeze 2018

Football Freeze

Football Freeze event is now live in FIFA Mobile and it’s available until Jan 2nd, 2019.

Celebrate the festivities of the season with Football Freeze in FIFA Mobile. During Football Freeze event you can claim a free reward every day until January 2nd, 2019. Claim all 31 days of rewards to earn a free 84+ Freeze Player. If you miss a day, you can still purchase the reward as an offer instead.

New Football Freeze event in FIFA Mobile features seven chapters as follow:

  • Calendar
  • Thermometer
  • Snowflake 1
  • Snowflake 2
  • Holiday Cheer
  • Snowmen
  • Frozen Gifts
  • Snowflake 3
Football Freeze Calendar

The Holiday Calendar offers daily free gifts for 31 days. What you need to do is go there and claim your free gift everyday. Don’t miss out a reward, because if you do you can’t get the missed free gift for free anymore, but you can purchase it instead.


To start, you need to go to Thermometer Chapter, which rewards you your choice of Cold or Hot points that you can use in the Snowflake Chapters. Every 8 hours, you can choose between earning Hot or Cold Points. In addition, you can earn additional Snowballs by watching ads there.

Hot and Cold Points can be used in the Snowflake Chapters to progress through various points.

Using Snowballs you can decorate different Snowmen and earn special rewards.

Snowflake 1 & 2

In Snowflake Chapters you will be able to earn different items for the rest of the Event, items like as Frozen Gifts, Holiday Cheer and etc.

Use your Hot and Cold Points from Thermometer Chapter to deplete Skill Games and Matches. Snowflakes are a good source of obtaining Holiday Cheer, needed for the Holiday Cheer Chapter.

Holiday Cheer

This chapter will feature a Christmas tree with lights and garland hung across. As you play through the Snowflake Chapters and earn more Cheer, different Rewards will “light” up for you to claim. Progress through all of the Snowflake Events to light up the entire tree and unlock Frozen Star Master Alexis Sanchez.

Throughout Football Freeze event, you will have an opportunity to open Frozen Gifts, each with a variety of rewards, including the potential for an additional Frozen Star Master Player Item and much more.

Obtain Holiday Cheer by engaging with the Football Freeze Event. The more Holiday Cheer you have, the more Rewards you can claim.


Within Snowman Chapter, you can build a Snowman using your gained snowballs or specific Snowmen items such as Hats, Scarves, and Buttons. Completing a Snowman will give you rewards, and by building specific Snowmen, you will be able to earn the ultimate prizes, the Snowman of the Match Masters.

You can redeem your Snowballs in one of the 18 different snowmen to claim a Reward. You can also use specific articles of clothing (e.g. Buttons, Scarves and Hats) to claim a Reward. Candy Canes can also be redeemed on the 19th Snowman for special rewards.

Frozen Gifts

You can spend your Gold, Elite and Master gifts here to claim up to 3 offers every day during Football Freeze event. Get more Gift Points in various Football Freeze Chapters such as Holiday Chapter, and Snowflake 1-3.

Every time you purchase a Frozen Gift offer you will get some Bonus Gift Points. Use your Points on the Bonus Gift Offer once it becomes available on Christmas Day (December 25th).

Football Freeze Players

Football Freeze players get new cards with boosted stats and OVR. These cards can be found in packs and can be redeemed as rewards. Here is the list of Football Freeze Players:

  • GK: Paul Lopez (87)
  • LM: Koke (87)
  • ST: Benzema (87)
  • CAM: Borja Valero (86)
  • CB: Barta (86)
  • LF: Taison (86)
  • CAM: Tadic (85)
  • CB: Škertel (85)
  • RM: Corona (85)
  • GK: Zoet (84)
  • RWB: Nélson Semedo (84)
  • ST: Santi Mina (84)
  • CDM: Demme (83)
  • RB: Mario Gaspar (83)
  • RW: Berghuis (83)
  • CB: Mbodji (82)
  • GK: Guilherme (82)
  • LWB: Oczipka (82)
  • LB: Durmisi (81)
  • ST: Roger (81)
  • CF: Windass (CF)
  • LW: Christodoulopoulos (80)

Football Freeze ends on Jan 2nd, 2018.

Football Freeze Packs

Football Freeze packs are available for a limited time in the Store. Below is the list of these packs:

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