FIFA Mobile 17 – Carniball


FIFA Mobile is celebrating Carnival Party with a limited time Seasonal Program. From today (Feb 23) until March 6, you will find special Packs and Live Events (with the chance to unlock up to seven Carniball Master Player Items) in FIFA Mobile game.

What offers the Carniball Program in FIFA Mobile?

  • Live Events – There is a series of Carnival-themed in FIFA Mobile Live Events until March 5, 2017. Play Carniball Live Event matches to earn Confetti Tokens with the chance at receiving a Carniball Player. The Masked Party Live Event rewards you with a Mask from one of five different countries. Use those masks to the unlock and complete the different Carniball Master Player Items.
  • Carnival Packs – During the of Carniball event, open Country-specific Party Packs to receive Mask and Confetti Tokens, with a chance of also finding Carniball-themed Players. Open the “Party Starter” Pack to receive your first Carniball Broken Mask Player, then complete their Plan to unlock a Masked version, which features boosted stats. During Carniball, our “Daily Free Pack” will contain up to five (5) Confetti Tokens with a chance to also receive a random Mask Token. It is possible to receive Confetti Tokens in any Pack while Carniball is taking place.
  • Carnival Masked Master Players – Find Broken Mask Player Items in specially marked Packs or in the Market. Combine the Broken Mask Player Item with Confetti and Country-specific Mask Tokens to complete a Plan that unlocks a boosted Masked Master version of the player, check in-game for the exact requirements for each Player’s Plan.
  • Carnibal Legends – Use Masks to complete the Carniball Master Plan and unlock a 96-OVR RM Player Item. Check in-game for the exact requirements necessary to complete this Plan.
  • Carniball Plans – There are several Plans available to help you in unlocking the different Carniball Players. Be sure to visit the Seasonal Section of the Plans Menu to see what these are and what they need & their rewards.

All Carniball Party related Live Events, Packs, and Plans in FIFA Mobile last until March 6, 2017.


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