FIFA Mobile 20 – Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year in FIFA Mobile

Celebrate the year of the rat in FIFA Mobile by playing the Lunar New Year Event special rewards and Lunar players. Lunar New Year event is available on FIFA Mobile for two weeks from 27 January 2020.

  • Duration: 14 days (27 January – 10th February 2020)
  • Event Energy: Lunar Energy (refreshes 1 Energy unit per hour)
  • Max Energy: 12 Lunar Energy
  • Ads: 2 ads per 24 hours (10 Lunar Points each)

How to Play

Lunar New Year event is available under EVENTS screen.

Use the Lunar Energy in the Main chapter to play Skill Games and get Lunar Points. Use your Lunar Points in the Main and Side paths to claim rewards (Players, Zodiac Tokens, Lucky Coins and Resources). Use the Zodiac Tokens and Lucky Coins in their respective Chapters to claim Players and/or Resources. Log in everyday during this event to claim free Red Envelopes. Complete all quests and claim an 84 OVR Maxwel Cornet.


Lunar New Year has 4 chapters where you can play skill games and earn rewards such as coins and LNY special players. Here is the list of these chapters:


Spend Lunar Energy to play Skill Games in this chapter. These Skill Games will reward you with Lunar Points that can be spent in the Path. There will be Coins Packs that give you 20 Lunar Points per pack – there is a limit of 10 packs per week. Once you claim a player from one of the Side Paths, you can claim a LNY Logo. By completing the Main path you will get to choose a Choice Currency for a choice between a 91 Player, 1500 Skill Boosts or 3.000.000 Coins.

Below is the list of players you can get as rewards in this chapter:

  • LW: Cristiano Ronaldo (96) – Skill Boost: Dribbling
  • CM: Fabian Ruiz Pena (96) – Skill Boost: Box to Box
  • LM: Carlos Soler Barragan (92) – Skill Boost: Counter
  • RM: Giovani Lo Celso (91) – Skill Boost: Vision
  • CB: Caglar Soyuncu (90) – Skill Boost: Aggression
  • RB: Lukas Klostermann (88) – Skill Boost: Crossing
  • ST: Oliver McBurnie (86) – Skill Boost: Finishing
  • RW: Youcef Atal (84) – Skill Boost: Speed
  • ST: Yuining Zhang (82) – Skill Boost: Second Striker

Spend your Zodiac tokens to claim Zodiac Players and rewards. When you claim a Zodiac Player from this chapter, that rewards will be swapped out for Skill Boosts or coins. There is also a Zodiac Fortune Meter, once the meter is filled out you will be able to claim a Zodiac Player. Below is the list of reward players in the Zodiac chapter:

  • GK: Manuel Neuer (94) – Skill Boost: Reflexes
  • ST: Arkadiusz Milik (91) – Skill Boost: Shooting
  • CAM: Mesut Oezil (90) – Skill Boost: Counter
  • CB: Harry Maguire (88) – Skill Boost: Stopper
  • CM: Marek Hamsik (88) – Skill Boost: Captain
  • CDM: Idrissa Gueye (87) – Skill Boost: Interceptions
  • LW: Milot Rashica (86) – Skill Boost: Agility
  • CB: Dakonam Djene (85) – Skill Boost: Marking
  • LB: Alejandro Drimaldo Garcia (85) – Skill Boost: Balanced
  • RB: Mario Figueira Fernandes (84) – Skill Boost: Reactions
  • RW: Simone Verdi (84) – Skill Boost: Shotpower
  • ST: Andre-Pierre Gignac (83) – Skill Boost: Poacher
Red Envelope

You can earn Red Envelopes by logging in everyday and playing Skill Games. Three Red Envelopes can be claimed daily and you’ll earn 2 Red Envelopes on the 2nd, 5th and 8th Skill Game.

You’ll notice a three featured rewards on the left hand side that are hidden within the 24 Red Envelopes. These featured rewards refreshes every 24 hours. Once you have claimed one of these rewards from the Red Envelopes, a check mark will be displayed on the claimed featured reward.

Players can only be claimed once. Item positions are static and have an unlimited amount of claims. Refresh cycles do not apply to the Zodiac chapter. Below is the list of players you can claim from this chapter:

  • CAM: Lorenzo Pellegrini (91) – Skill Boost: Freekick
  • ST: Wesley Moraes Ferreira da Silva (90) – Skill Boost: Target Man
  • CB: Abdou Diallo (90) – Skill Boost: Physical
  • CDM: Tanguy Ndombele (89) – Skill Boost: Destroyer
  • GK: Rune Almenning Jarstein (88) – Skill Boost: Number 1
  • ST: Luca Waldschmidt (88) – Skill Boost: Finishing
  • LB: Ben Chilwell (86) – Skill Boost: Balanced
  • LW: Ignacio Piatti (86) – Skill Boost: Attacking
  • CM: Daniel Ceballos Fernandez (86) – Skill Boost: Captain
  • CAM: Alexandr Golovin (85) – Skill Boost: Ball Control
  • CB: Duje Caleta-Car (84) – Skill Boost: Tackling
  • ST: Kelechi Iheanacho (84) – Skill Boost: Poacher
  • RB: Denzel Dumfries (82) – Skill Boost: Defending
  • ST: Sunil Chhetri (81) – Skill Boost: Finishing
Lucky Shop

Every 12 hours a new set of offers will appear in the Lucky Shop that can be claimed using Lucky Coins. These offers contain a player from a previous event and 2 offers for Resources. These Resources include: Lanterns, Lucky Coins, Base Elite Players, Skill Boosts, Training XP and Coins. Right next to these offers you will find 5 Lucky Players. Use your Lucky Coins from the Main Path to claim Lucky Players, claim them all to unlock the Prime Icon Luís Figo offer.

Here is the list of the Lucky Players:

  • CB: Giorgio Chiellini (95) – Skill Boost: Holding
  • CAM: Dele Alli (94) – Skill Boost: Long Shots
  • GK: Samir Handanovic (92) – Skill Boost: Diving
  • CM: Athur Henrique Ramos Oliveira Melo (92) – Skill Boost: Passing
  • ST: Carlos Tevez (92) – Skill Boost: Second Striker

LNY Quests

There are quests to achieve during the Lunar New Year event. By completing these quests you can claim LNY player Cornet (RW – OVR 85).

  • Rat Pack – Open 3 Offers in the Lucky Shop
  • Zodiac Knight – Earn 5 Zodiac Reward
  • Lucky Player – Collect 1 LNY player in the Main chapter
  • Letter Carrier – Open 50 Red Envelopes
  • Red with Envy – Open 4 Player Prize Offer in Red Envelopes
  • New Year Celebration – Log in 7 Days in a Raw
  • Lunar Path – Complete the Skill Game in the Main chapter 5 times


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