FIFA Mobile 19 – Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year in FIFA Mobile

Celebrate the year of the pig in FIFA Mobile by playing the Lunar New Year Event and unlock specific Lunar Players, Points, XP, Coins and more.

Lunar New Year event is available on FIFA Mobile for 19 days from 2 to 18 February. LNY event’s activities in the Main chapter refresh every 8 hours.


Lunar New Year has 3 chapters where you can play skill games and earn rewards such as coins and LNY special players. Here is the list of these chapters:


By playing the Main chapter’s skill games and watch the ads you can earn Lunar Points and Red Envelopes. The main chapter’s activities refresh every 8 hours. Use your Lunar Points to purchase Lunar Offers which are available in the Main chapter. There are 30 Lunar Offers displayed on the Main chapter’s map.

These offers include coins, Lunar Points, Lunar Fu Points, Lunar Coins, Firecracker, Common Boosts, Training XPs and Elite Lunar Players.

Red Envelope

Spend your Red Envelopes that you gained from the Main chapter or from the Store, to open the Offers in the Red Envelope chapter. Contents of each offer are a mystery until you claim it. Offers refresh every 24 hours.

There are 3 Featured Rewards in this chapter. These rewards are hidden amongst the 25 Red Envelope Offers. Try to find them all before the 24 hour cycle ends.

You can unlock a Bonus Offer once you claim all 25 Red Envelopes in a single cycle.

Each cycle lasts 24 hours. There are a total of 17 cycles during this event.


In this chapter you can spend your Fu Points to claim a random Zodiac Player or item. After claiming a player, a new item will take its position.

Players can only be claimed once. Item positions are static and have an unlimited amount of claims. Refresh cycles do not apply to the Zodiac chapter.

Lunar New Year Players

Lunar New Year players are the players who were born in the Year of the Pig. LNY player cards have upgraded OVR rating and are available in FIFA Mobile packs and in the LNY event as rewards. Below is the list of these players:

  • RF: Quaresma (89)
  • CB: Matheiu (89)
  • RM: Dani Alves (88)
  • RW: Lozano (88)
  • RF: Quaresma (89)
  • LB: Grimaldo (87)
  • RB: Odriozola (87)
  • CM: Keita (86)
  • RF: Quaresma (89)
  • RB: Lichsteiner (86)
  • RWB: Hector Bellerin (85)
  • GK: Strakosha (85)
  • CDM: Weigl (84)
  • ST: Simeone (84)
  • CB: Dante (83)
  • ST: Traore (83)
  • CF: Van Persie (82)
  • CDM: Gbamin (82)
Zodiac Players

Zodiac players are players who were born in different zodiac years. These players are available as reward in the Zodiac chapter of the LNY event. Below is the list of these players:

  • CAM: Countinho (91)
  • LW: Mertens (91)
  • CB: Miranda (90)
  • RW: Douglas Costa (90)
  • LM: Manu Trigueros (90)
  • GK: Mandanda (89)
  • RM: Willian (89)
  • CB: Rugani (88)
  • CM: Goretzka (88)
  • ST: Girou (87)
  • CDM: Partey (87)
  • CB: Bender (86)

LNY Quests

There are quests to achieve during the Lunar New Year event. By completing these quests you can claim LNY rewards including players and coins. The reward for completing all of these quests is a Lunar Logo.

  • Luck Money! (Reward: Lunar Point x10) – Open all 25 Envelopes in a Single Cycle
  • Light Up The Sky! (Reward: Any Lunar Coin x100) – Start 5 Firecrackers
  • Zodiac Lineup! (Reward: Gold Lunar Player x10) – Have 1 Zodiac Player in your Lineup

Points & Coins

These are the points and coins you can earn in LNY event and use them to redeem your rewards:

  • Firecracker – Can be redeemed in the Store for the Firecracker Offer
  • Earn Coin – Can be redeemed in the Store for the Earth Offer
  • Fire Coin – Can be redeemed in the Store for the Fire Offer
  • Metal Coin – Can be redeemed in the Store for the Metal Offer
  • Water Coin – Can be redeemed in the Store for the Water Offer
  • Wood Coin – Can be redeemed in the Store for the Wood Offer
  • Lucky Coin – Can be redeemed in the Store for the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal or Water Offer


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