Tips & Trick for FIFA 23 TOTS

FIFA 23 Team of the Season Tips

As FIFA 23 TOTS (Team of the Season) event approaches, users all over the world are preparing to make the most of it. Here are some tips and hints to help you get the most out of your FIFA 23 TOTS experience.

Save your Packs

Prior to the TOTS event, save your packs so that you can open them during the event. This raises the likelihood of packing a TOTS player.

Learn About the Schedule

Make sure you’re familiar with the TOTS timetable so you can plan accordingly. The schedule is available at our TOTS page.

Play the Warmup Series

The TOTS WARMUP SERIES starts one week prior to the TOTS main event. Make sure you follow the Warmup Series event details and complete the SBCs published during this preparation event.

Keep an Eye on the Market

The transfer market will be quite active during the TOTS event. Players will be buying and selling aggressively, so keep a watch on the market and try to benefit by buying cheap and selling high.

Complete the TOTS SBCs

Throughout the event, EA Sports will release numerous TOTS SBCs (Squad Building Challenges). These might be an excellent way to obtain TOTS players and other incentives.

Play FUT Champions

The FUT Champs (Weekend League online games) awards will be improved during the TOTS event. Play as many games as you can and strive for the greatest possible rank.

Don’t Panic Buy

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of TOTS and acquire players on the spur of the moment. Be patient and wait for the best opportunity to make your purchases.

Take Use of TOTS Cards

TOTS cards are usually the finest cards in the game. Build a powerful squad around them to take advantage of them.

Be Patient

TOTS 23 is a long event, so be patient and take your time. Don’t feel like you need to complete everything in the first few days. Pace yourself and enjoy the event at your own pace.

Team of the Season is a great event in FUT that offers players numerous possibilities to strengthen their teams, collect awards, and have fun. You can maximise your TOTS experience and make the most of the event by following these tips and methods.

Remember that TOTS is a long event, so pace yourself, keep up with the newest developments, and, most importantly, have fun! Whether you bring a TOTS player or not, enjoy the event and use it to try out new players, improve your abilities, and connect with the FIFA community.


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