TOTS Warmup Series – FIFA 23

TOTS Warmup Series - FIFA 23

The FIFA 23 TOTS Warmup Series began on Friday, April 21st, 2023 and runs through April 28th, 2023. 

The Team of the Season Warmup Series event features special SBC puzzles that will help you gain rewards such as players and packs in order to get ready for the main FIFA 23 TOTS promo event.

Here the content during the TOTS Warmup Series event:

  • Daily Upgrade SBCs
  • TOTS Warmup Cup
  • Daily 10 Coin Packs in the Store
  • The Return of the Daily Login SBC

Squad Building Challenges

Here is the list of FUT TOTS WARMUP SERIES exclusive SBCs that are available during this event.

SBC Expiry Reward
81+ x11 Bundesliga Upgrade2023-04-28
85+ Player Pick2023-04-29
75+ x11 Ligue 1 Upgrade2023-04-28
Mixed Leagues Upgrade2023-07-23
Premium Mixed Leagues Upgrade2023-07-23
Prime Silver Upgrade2023-07-23
81+ x11 LaLiga Upgrade2023-04-28
86+ Double Upgrade2023-04-28
81+ x11 Premier League Upgrade2023-04-28
90+ Prime, TOTY or FUT Birthday Icon Upgrade2023-04-30
TOTS Daily Login Upgrade2023-05-19
82+ x10 Upgrade2023-05-19
83+ Upgrade2023-04-28


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