FIFA 23 Level Up Guide

A Guide to FUT Level Up

FUT Level Up adds an exciting new dimension to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, allowing you to unlock your players’ full potential. You may improve their attributes, develop their chemistry, and stand out on the pitch by accomplishing missions and unlocking enhanced versions. In FUT 23, embrace the challenge, strive for greatness, and dominate the competition with FUT Level Up.

Here is a complete guide to get engage with the FUT 23 Level Up promo campaign in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Exciting Upgrades and Unique Action Shots

Each FUT Level Up Player comes with a base version, and you can unlock their upgraded version by accomplishing objectives. Rating increases, better skill moves and weak foot abilities, and even Premium Chemistry are examples of these improvements. Furthermore, the improved players will have distinct action shots that highlight their defining moments on the pitch, making them even more visually appealing in your squad lineup.

Two Teams and Limited Availability

The Level Up Players will be issued in two waves, with limited availability. The first wave of FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is already online, and the second wave will be accessible on Friday, July 14th. It’s vital to note that FUT 23 Level Up base items will only be accessible for a short period in the player pool. So don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to obtain these essential things for your group.

Unlocking and Owning Upgraded Player Items

Unlocking and Purchasing Upgraded Player Items: After completing the objectives with the base version of a FUT Level Up Player, the upgraded version will be unlocked. It is vital to remember that the enhanced version will not be tradeable but will live in your club alongside the original version. This means you can reap the benefits of both versions while still having the freedom to use them in different matches and situations.

Expanded Content with FUT LEVEL UP Campaign

The Level Up campaign extends beyond upgraded players. You can expect FUT LEVEL UP themed content across various aspects of FUT 23. Engage in exciting Objectives and Squad Building Challenges specifically designed for the FUT Level Up campaign. These challenges will provide additional rewards and opportunities to further enhance your team.

Premium Chemistry: A New Level of Synergy

FUT Level Up introduces Premium Chemistry, an exciting addition to player items. Players with Premium Chemistry possess the same chemistry qualities as Heroes, in addition to their club link. This means that they will receive full chemistry when playing in their designated position and provide two League links instead of one, making them even more versatile and valuable in squad building.

FIFA 23 Level Up brings a thrilling opportunity for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players to elevate their game. Unlocking upgraded versions of your favorite players, enjoying Premium Chemistry, and experiencing unique action shots will add a new level of excitement and depth to your squad. Embrace the challenge, complete objectives, and take your players to the next level. Get ready to dominate the pitch and leave your mark in FUT with FUT Level Up event.


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