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  1. i catch the fifa code when it degrades the team to play worse. players are unresponsive. my players found runs, trapped well, played aggressive, and i scored 2 goals. then all of a sudden the whole team began playing like they didnt care. no runs, weak jostles, no acceleration, slow passing.

    you code the game to regress ability rather than make the opposition better. i know how i was playing. you are making my defenders perform worse so that i am scored on, because i was just playing great defence. now they dont even want to run. im watching a 90 acceleration defender who will not sprint anymore.

    i can read the game mechanics and i notice all the small errors of delay.

    *you are making a game inconsistent on purpose and everyone notices.

  2. The game is absolute garbage with women introduced in FUT,
    How on earthktkota jas better physical then most players,
    Has nothing to do with equality, make it optional at least, not buying the game if its keeps this bullshit
    They say what they say very real, no joke

  3. Gameplay has gone down the drain.
    Everyteam you play in any difficulty has constant pressure.cant get past midfield without 4 players on one. Then they break at 4 against 2 like prime Barcelona. Also the 500 shots get constantly saved by the 1million rated bot keeper. No shot goes in. Fitness full power tiki whatever it is doesn’t go in. But don’t worry they then counter and you go concede. Unable to dribble without a slower player just walking up and taking the ball away..
    For a simple copy and paste on gameplay it’s absolutely shocking. By far the worst I’ve ever experienced. And I’ve played since fifa 98.

  4. I just played trila version and it was disappointment for me. I’m Beşiktaş fan and since last year my team’s jerseys is not right. Our kit’s chest sponsor Rain logo is missing and still this year they didnt fix it as i see.If Ea not gonna fix it after full game i think i will directly refund the game and never buy anymore…

  5. By far one of the worst Fifas ever, ball moves really fast, don’t know if I’m play a football game or Sonic but the biggest joke is women mixed with men in FUT. Can’t believe that I’m saying this but efootball 2024 is a pretty solid football game right now when you compare with FC 24, it has really improved in since its horrendous releases in the last two years but it still doesn’t come even close to PES2021 which if you are a football game fan you should have go, trust me, I’ve been playing football games (all games – no sides) for over 30 years and nothing comes close to PES 2021 (specially if you use the realist mods).

    1. Games a joke and a laugh in the face to ecryone that’s has supported them for years. Was and ok game last year. Gameplay has gone absolutely diabolical.
      Even in low difficulty modes opposition team use constant press and goalkeepers are 1 million rated bots. Kids already went back to 23 as they can’t play it.
      Any pass through ball is always intercepted. Highly frustrating for games even in so called easy modes.

  6. You dirty money grabbing rats, cost of living crisis is at its peak an use r still making little kids gamble there money. Discusting that you have to pre order an buy the top edition to even play on the release date. Horrible company

  7. The ratings are stupid and why put male and female on the same team? Can’t wait until fifa comes up with something. There are female players with better shooting and physical stats smh lol.. I am going to buy and play it but female players are all going to be used I SBC smh.

  8. It’s a good game, but the graphics and gameplay have not changed, but I had a lot of fun with its career modes. Thank you

    1. Guyyys dont buy It its a sh*t of game like every year, this happen when american want tò make a football game , and every game finish 5-6 like basketball, its a kid game dont buy It

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