FIFA 23 FUT Draft

FUT Draft (FIFA 23)

FUT Draft, often known as Draft Mode, is a tournament mode in FIFA 23 that allows you to play a series of four matches either offline or online. To participate in a FUT Draft tournament, you must either purchase 15,000 FIFA coins or 300 FIFA points, or use a Draft Token.

How to Play

FUT Draft option is available in FUT 23 under the PLAY tab. A FUT Draft entry (offline or online) costs 15k coins or 300 FIFA points; if you have a FUT Draft token, you can also unlock it.

Following your entry, you will be prompted to select your game difficulty as well as your squad’s formation from a list of five options. Following formation selection, the first player decision is to choose a Captain from a pool of five superstars. Then you must complete the rest of your 23-man squad by selecting players for each position from a five-player random draw.

Finally, you need to select a manager from a pool of five managers at random. Throughout the series of matches, the formation, players, and manager you choose will be your default selections. Your squad’s Team Chemistry and Team Rating will have an impact on how you play on the field.

Competition Format

A FUT Draft competition series contains four knockout matches to play. You need a win to qualify to the next match, which means a loss will eliminate your team out of the series. The higher you go, the more stronger opponent you will face and the higher you finish in the competition, the bigger the rewards will be.


As you progress throughout the competition, you will earn better rewards. FUT Draft rewards are including packs, coins and Draft Mode Token. The best rewards are earned by winning four matches in a row. You will still get rewarded even if you lose your first match. In comparison to Single Player Draft Mode, Online Draft Mode is said to offer better rewards.

Offline Mode Difficulty

Before entering a Single Player Draft mode competition, you need to choose your game difficulty which will determine your competition prizes, the higher difficulty you choose, the better rewards you will earn at the end of the competition. Your game difficulty selection in Draft Single Player mode cannot be changed throughout the series of matches and it can fluctuate slightly for each match. Below is the list of difficulty selection including its difficulty breakdown information.

Difficulty Attacking Intelligence Reaction Speed Marking and Space
Beginner 10% 20% 15%
Amateur 20% 40% 30%
Semi-Pro 40% 50% 50%
Professional 50% 70% 60%
World Class 75% 80% 80%
Legendary 90% 90% 90%
Ultimate 100% 100% 100%

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