FIFA 23 Volta Arcade

FIFA 23 Volta Arcade mode

Volta Arcade is a new co-op mode in FIFA 23 Volta where you can compete with other three players in a series of arcade mini-games and receive rewards such as Volta Coins and Season XP. Volta Arcade is open on weekends only for everyone.

How to Play

Volta Arcade is available in FIFA 23 Volta Football game mode on weekends. You need to change your mode to Volta Arcade in the main menu by pressing Triangle/Y. Then, enter teh Volta Arcade and wait until you party up with three players, including your friends. There will be a 2 minute countdown for a party to get ready, a minimum three players is required to start the party. Once it is ready, you will be sent to play three mini-games.

Volta Arcade Games

At launch, there will be eight Party Games accessible, with more to come in the future. The first eight are as follows:

Game Req. to Win

Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way to victory in teams of two in this mini game. You can earn points by kicking footballs at your opponents.

15 Points
Foot Tennis

In this 2v2 game option, you can volley, lob, and smash the ball back and forth with style. Test your accuracy and use clever lobs to fool your opponents, or set up a surprise header for a teammate. Just make sure the ball doesn’t touch the ground twice or you’ll lose the game.

10 Points

Lava Disco

In this game, you need to claim white tiles on the floor and get points by dribbling over them. Every player takes their place in the centre of a square pitch. The pitch will be covered with white tiles. Players must tread on them and claim them as their own in a race. A new set of white tiles will appear once all of the tiles have been claimed. When the timer runs out, the player with the most tiles wins.

Player with most tiles

Quick Strike

Score as many goals as you can on the highlighted goals as quickly as you can. Every player begins in the centre of a goal ring. One to four goals will light up after a few moments. To collect as many points as possible, score in one of these goals as rapidly as feasible. After eight rounds, the player with the most points wins.

Player with most points

Wall Ball Elimination

Kick the ball off the wall as rapidly as you can on your turn, as indicated by a circular turn-timer emerging under your feet, to avoid elimination. You’re out if your underfoot turn-timer runs out! The order of elimination determines how many points are awarded. After three rounds, the player with the most points wins.

Player with most points

Team Keepaway

Keep possession of the ball, use Skill Moves to defeat your opponents, and collect trophies to earn points for your side and take control of the pitch in a 2v2 keepaway game. To win each round, take control the entire pitch or the bulk of the pitch as time runs out. The winner is determined by the best of three rounds.

Player by best of 3 rounds

Target Gallery

To score points in this game, hit as many moving targets as possible. Rings (fewest points), giant player cutouts, and golden single-player cutouts are the three sorts of targets with three different values (most points). To win, score as many points as possible before the timer runs out.

Player with most points

Corner Scramble

To score points here, fight for loose balls and deposit them in your corner goal. In the middle of the pitch, one to four balls will spawn each “round.” Race against the clock to gather all of the balls and score as many as possible in your designated goal. When the timer runs out, the player with the most balls wins.

Player with most collected balls


Check out the frequently asked questions about Volta Arcade. If your question is not listed here, you can ask and share it with us using the comments form.

When is Volta Arcade available to play?

Volta Arcade mode is available only on weekend.

Do I need to qualify for Volta Arcade games?

No. Volta Arcade is available to play for everyone.

How many people/friend can join a party?

Volta Arcade is a 2v2. Therefore, 4 people (including you yourself) can play in a party.

How many users are needed to start a party?

A party in Volta Arcade mode can be created by minimum 3 users. A CPU AI will be placed in one of the teams when the party has only 3 users.

How many times I can play Volta Arcade on weekends?

There is no limitation, you can play as many times as you can.

How many games has a Volta Arcade party?

A party has 3 games to play.

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