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FIFA 23 Feedback

Have you had a chance to play FIFA 23 yet? What did you think of the game? Is there anything you’d like to share with the community as feedback or a comment?

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164 thoughts on “FIFA 23 Feedback & Reviews

  1. This game only for who spent thousands of dollars for packs, playing fifa for a long time and this year is so disappointing.
    I am opening hundreds of packs even rare and I am getting only common card.
    4 wins in draft, high rank in division/ champions and I got nothing!!
    Almost half year from the start and nothing special.
    there is something weird with the algorithm that they develop.
    I don’t know how this feedback will help but I am already exhausted so whatever.

  2. Game is absolutely poor, requested a refund back within a week of purchasing because I knew from day 1 the game was a joke been rushed out because it’s there last game, no thoughts for customers what so ever waste of £90 if you ask me robbed every single soul who has or is playing fifa 23 and to try an get in touch with someone from ea now is impossible complete waste of money would never purchase another ea product because of this game and I’ve been playing fut since 2014 never again believe me fooled me once but never ever again

  3. This game is horrible. From game in-game mechanics to horrible servers. Can’t wait for another company to have a go next year. It literally cannot get worse than this. I’d understand if it were some tiny company with a $50 budget but the amount of money they make from sales and micro transactions would be staggering. Horrible game and it’s leading me to believe EA is just a shitty company all round.

  4. Hallo Fifa Team,
    Ich will gar nicht auf pay2win und andere Mechaniken drauf eingehen. Das ist nun mal so.
    Ich empfinde es nur überaus belastend, dass die Fußball Rentner in das Spiel einbezogen werden. Wo ist der Sinn von Teamchemie und eventuellen “bonus” Boost, wenn man Spieler in das Game integriert die da nichts zu suchen haben. Diese Icon, Superhelden und andere Ausführungen sind in meinen Augen komplett fehl am Platz. Es ist zum Beispiel nicht möglich mit einem starken BL oder PL Team gegen ein Icon Team zu gewinnen. Die Hüter halten nahezu keinen Ball dieser Spieler. 30 Meter Außenrisst Schüsse sind da keine Seltenheit.
    Eigentlich geht es doch darum “Glück” zu haben wie Spieler zu Transferzeiten ihre Clubs wechseln und so werden Teams mal stärker und mal schwächer. Zumindest auf die Individualisten bezogen. Aber die ganzen, ich nenne sie “halbtote” ist völliger Quatsch und hat nichts mit Fifa zu tun. R9, Pele, Et’o und wie sie alle heißen, mögen gute Spieler gewesen sein aber die Ära ist nun mal vorbei. Und ich würde meine Hand dafür ins Feuer legen das jeder Fußballer der Topligen einen höheren Fitnesslevel hat als die aus vergangenen Tagen. Daher sind auch die Bewertungen der Icon und Spezialkarten nicht gerechtfertigt.
    Lasst sie in der Dreamsquad Liga spielen aber nicht in der Quali- und weekend league. Sonst brauch man keine anderen Spieler in diesem Spiel wenn das Team von jedem nur aus R9, Pele …… und so besteht und gerade mal die TOTY Truppe an das lvl ran kommt aber diese Chemie technisch überhaupt nicht zusammen passen.
    Ändert da bitte einiges, sonst ist der nächste Name Spacecowboys oder Undeadleague.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen Pew pew

  5. I am playing fifa from like 1998. This is the first one i am so dissapointed and frustrated in many ways. Mechanics are disaster. Literally disaster. Totally unrealistic game, I know if I want realistic game I would play football outside, i m fair, but this is too much…50 50 chances you will score from some bycicle kick from the corner kick, for example Messi can do it when Van Dijk is keeping him in the box, I mean come on. Shot is disaster. AI defence disaster. Every single thing in this game is disaster. I know that PSG is now your fav team, but come on, they are way too better in game than in real life. And whats wrong with you online players in Seasons???? IS PSG ONLY TEAM AVAILABLE TO PICK?? 9 out of 10 games i m playing against PSG, AND IT S REALLY KILLING MY VIBE FOR PLAYING, IT S OKAY YOU WANT TO WIN, BUT COME ON, HOW IS IT FUN TO PLAY OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITH THE SAME AND STRONGEST TEAM BY FAR IN THE GAME???

  6. This game is cancer ! Aside from your scripting and nerfing, you give these little non football pricks of kids advantage when abusing running in circles and r1/r2 dribbling ! Have you ever played football ? Or at least do you even watch it to make something like this usable in this game ? Who the fuck allowed this mechanic to be used ? Like who the fuck have you seen playing like this ? Fuck you and fuck whoever licensed you to release a game.
    Fucking konami fucked us or maybe your power of money fucked them. Their game at least was realistic with no nonsense mechanics

  7. This game is a joke!!!! How do I have a player at 92 pace and a Def at 84, I’m infront and pressing the run button and he would not run, come on!!!!! Other Player dnt have control over the ball and when I tackle my player run over the fucking ball, really?!!!!! I don’t have a problem if week team beat me because if u play better that ok but when u have the legendary player and everything go there way, that when I’m piss! Ball hitting my player and goes back to them, keeper cant save a simple goal. If I press the thru pass lob with some power it still pass the ball close to the defender and I gave it power. U ppl make the most fucking stupid fifa23 game.

  8. Took over a week to get a reply from ea help . Just to tell me no they can’t help .
    They named 1 sbc “three 83 x 11” for 20 tokens I did half of it . When I got enough tokens I went to do the other half but accidently did 83 x 11 Sbc for 10 tokens .

    They should be different kinds of packs so this mistake doesn’t happen .

    I have 10 tokens in half an sbc that I can’t complete. What a waste of time on game and trying to get answers on there help chat .

    Doubt I’ll buy another ea game if I’m honest.

  9. The expression on the players are constant and looks really trash. There should be different expression for like doing foul or celebrating a goal but its the same expression when angry or happy. The people in fans should at least be different rather than same 5 people multiplied. Have different fan people like creating like a real game scenario and implementing would make it much better as a whole game .The shooting control is wayy off and needs to be done something.

  10. I made it to division 8 on division rivals and there was no problems. Then half way in to completing division 8, my players with get out run by someone slower that my players. And if I want to pass it to my other player my player passes it to the opponent, when they’re near my players. And also my opponents can score against my goalie like if some chopped off my goalies arms off. It can’t save balls at all. If my opponents shoot the ball at the keeper it doesn’t save it, he drives and misses the ball entirely. Then there is a “special” shot for when you shoot the ball outside of the box. It glitches the goalie so it can’t save the ball. This game is so annoying with all these glitches. It seems like they gave up on Fifa 23 entirely.

  11. Fifa23 is poor. They need to do updates on how the players move, control the ball and the goal keepers saving and how jumpers tackle. All that is poor atm.
    The shooting is bad enough, u can’t aim, the balls just flys off and so much glitching..
    updates need to happen and fast. The Realistic of the game is so far away. I think 2022 was actually better then this year.
    Please sort out the players movement. They can’t move they fill like stick men. The ball control, the tackling, the shouting, the glitching. Basically the whole game. Do something.

    1. Hahaa yess agree am sick of conceeding wonder goals from like 30 yards out with the outside of the boot and overhead kicks from crosses lol games broke unless ya don’t know this shit x

  12. This game is straight up trash. I can just tell from the first few passes of the game that I’m going to lose or my players are fine up until the second half and then they turn into bronze players. Defensive AI is a joke, my entire defense just stands still and watches the ball roll past them or they literally move away from the opponent so they get an open shot, absolute joke lol. Passes are absolute dog cheeks, either too soft or they’re shot like a rocket, half the time it goes to an entirely different player. I’ve swapped through like 8-9 keepers cause they all flop when an icon or fut hero shoots the ball. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like fifa gives the advantage to less skilled players or they have already decided who is going to win the game in the first half. I can’t count how many times i’ve been on a fastbreak and the opponent slide tackles me from behind with their last defender and it results in a warning but when I slide tackle to block a potential shot on goal and the opponent trips on my player, its an automatic red and penalty. As well as the amount of times I’ve dominated the opponent in possession and shots just for me to lose the game cause my keeper flops on the easiest shots. I would not recommend this sad excuse for a fifa game to anyone and I have never felt the kind of anger and frustration from another game.

    1. Completely agree with everything you say mate. The game is just so set up for the top players. You dont stand a chance in FUT champs if your a lower division player. Im only Div 5 and its a constant struggle. Constantly paired against much better opponents. People will claim its skill issues and just get better, but not everyone is amazing at this game and are always going to be a certain level no matter how hard they try. Just make it more enjoyable for the lower division players, instead of constantly being matched up to top notch players. After all they have paid full price for this game and deserve to enjoy it. Onto Objectives and SBCs. They are so boring, barely ever anything to do on them. Just have more challenges etc to earn packs. All the SBCs are overpriced for the trash you end up getting. For example 100 rare players pack and you end up with 70% of players that are unusable or duplicates. And usually less than what you put into the bloody thing. Pointless. And dont get me started on squad battles. Boring, pointless for very little reward at the end. Im kind of glad its come to an end so i dont have to endure it anymore . EA just sort it out for the little time remaining of the game.

  13. When I pass to my players and somehow it pass to the opposition and when I shoot close range it hits directly to th e keeper when I have a 90+ player.It is a joke

  14. The FIFA franchise needs a “crowd intensity” setting. I’m playing the World Cup mode in FIFA 23 and the matches are so boring. The same intensity as an international friendly in my opinion. I believe EA did this with NBA Live 2010 where you can choose the crowd response in a regular season, playoffs or NBA Finals setting and I thought it was so cool. Please EA! That would make the experience a lot more enjoyable for me and I imagine lots of other FIFA gamers.

  15. This game is a joks rules are that broke on it. The game dont play well. Players block yet fall over goalkeepers are a joke couldnt catch a cold yet alone ball on here. Offsides are none existing

  16. Would be such a great game if they didnt rig the game to make you lose.
    You can feel the difference each game;

    One game your team will be amazing, feel great and move nicely.
    Some games your team will make proper runs forward and nice defensive moves with you controlling them.

    The next game you will hardly have control over your team.
    Players randomly run in a direction you moved but they dont stop and you cant control them.. happens randomly every few games or so.
    You notice from the start of a match if you are going to be beaten.
    Your players run slower, react way slower (1-3 seconds)
    Passing is always intercepted even sometimes the other team able to put their leg in a completely un-realistic angel to stop your pass or a massive dive while they are still standing.

    Nothing you can do about games where the other team passes it through your players without them interfering somehow?
    then the goals start to rain in for the other team as you have no defense and the game obviously wants you to lose.

    Why do you make a game that is rigged? it should be about skill.. if i am better i should win, not based on if the game wants to create a completely unrealistic and rigged experience from one game to the next.

  17. This game is trash my players get tired after 5 minutes and in halftime none can sprint or do much my 89 lacazette with 91 pace and a hunter gets overtaken by van dijk with 82 pace this game is litterally trash and my 91 casillas dont save anything everything goes in the goal and he have made 2 penalty kicks in my last 5 games

  18. You need to make the game better especially in career mode. The objectives are really difficult and nearly impossible some times. When playing goalie they expect to have a high rating which is hard to get because there is barely anything to do for a goalie to get a better rating. The rating expectation needs to be lowered, also when making mistakes the rating drops significantly. Even little mistakes like a bad pass which doesn’t affect anything. Also it drops significantly when you can’t block a 1 on 1 with a huge goal behind. If it gets to a 1 on 1 that is the defenses fault and should lower the rating of a goalie. This objectives also has significant affect with the manager rating which can stop the player from being on the starting 11. That needs to be changed. Another objective is save to goal ratio, if your on a good team with great offense and defense the ball is rarely shot at the goal and you can’t complete this objective and it lower your manager rating which again can affect the player from being on the starting 11 which stupid because they have not control of it and they are still being affected. The objectives are also the same which makes it harder when being a really difficult team or a really easy team. It should vary from the teams based on their overall skill and record so the objectives can be reasonably done. Overall if these changes happened it would make the game way better.

  19. Hi EA please improve your system otherwise end up with no players will buy your fifa product
    Just now i playing fut champions qualify i win 4-1 end than the opponent left the match but its show i nvr wim the game and i nvr receive any point to go through
    Totally unfair so disappointed with your game

  20. I bought Fifa 23 for player career mode. They introduced meaning for the wages, but so much potential for a few cut scenes when buying a house etc. were absolutely wasted. As was the potential for dealing with press conferences, agents and club moves. As others have said the AI is broken. Simple passes are always intercepted by AI above World Class. There is no point in playing player career on Legendary mode as the AI simply will not allow you to get the ball. If it does and you manage to pass it to a team mate, they will immediately pass it back to you when you’re marked, meaning you lose the ball straight away. Play as controlling only your pro, the in game objectives are related to team possession which exclusively out of your control meaning you can score a hattrick (on a low difficulty level) or get 3 assists in a game, but lose your place in the starting 11 because you didnt get 65% team possession or score with all of your shots on goal – simply illogical. Team selection for player career mode is, yet again a farce. The AI manager will have 87 Kroos, 90 Leão, 88 De Kaetelare on the bench but will consistently pick a 77 rated player in that position. Want to play for your country? Start on the bench and meet all of the objectives to earn a place in the national 11….until the next round of international fixtures where you have to start again. You might think being a 94 rated player would warrant a place in your national team 11…WRONG!!! AI will pick 76 rated Kaide Gordon over your 94 player. YET AGAIN EA DO THE BARE MINIMUM to bring out a new game. If I could get a refund I would. Truly PATHETIC quality assurance has been put in to the game.

  21. I’ve never seen a game of football like it what’s in fifa 22 and 23 they haven’t a clue pure s*** will there be a game thats actually worth the money. Will there be an actually fifa game what’s some what near real football without all the f*** ups in it

  22. Hi there, i dont mean to offend but the game is stupidly broken… Please fix it as many players abuse this game.. Slow players in fut are incredibly fast and would even catch up on my fastest players without a sweat and would easily take it off me aswell no matter what i do to avoid it. Ive even asked pros for help on tips but it hardly work.. Fix your game please, its annoying and angers so much players you wouldn’t imagine i felt i wanted to quit fut many times already because of how unfair it is, take action!

  23. Fifa is stupid.Everytime I pass to my player it passes to a ehole different player.When I aim for shots it goes different direction.when the opponent is atacking and im trying to defend the other players in my team just stand still and watch.Fifa is getting worst every year they make it worst.People buy it for the game modes or because the old fifa will have no players and no sbc to do thats why i think fifa 23 is a joke.STOP SPENDING $60

  24. Match making instellingen nog steeds niet goed afgesteld als je divisie 7 zit kom je er alleen uit als je minimaal beoordeling 88 hebt en dat gaat niet zonder pakketten te kopen via fifa punten kaarten komen niet overeen met wat er vermeld staat kreeg 3 pakketten waarvan bij alle 3 minimaal een speler van 84 of hoger algemeen zit kreeg ik 82 83 en 83 waar dan minimaal 84 in jullie kont zeker kut spel gekocht en gelijk weer verwijderd kut spel

  25. I’ve played fifa for a long time , online seasons is a joke , how do you keep letting the lesser player catch up and even win , I’m not a bad player but I do believe something changes in the game to allow the weaker team to win , also on be a pro it seems that every other team you play can score from anywhere and their keeper saves everything, stop with the catch up logic and let us play real football no team in real football scores from stupid flicks and turns ….. sort it out !!!

    1. Precies dit ja of matchmaking instellingen die niet kloppen laatste keer dat speelde zat ik toevallig tegen iemand die ik kende hij zit divisie 3 ik zit in 7 zo van hoe dan

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