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EA help and support service is available for FIFA 23 game. This service is accessible 24/7 online through EA website as live chat and messaging as well as on Twitter.

To contact EA Help directly, go to

You can contact EA Help on Twitter at

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  1. Hey i have some problems not being able to claim my rewards i am rank gold 2 on centurions century of wins but i cant claim any rewards from the previous ranks and this one and i would really like the packs and coins can anyone help me solve this problem

  2. Am trying to do the odegard abc but it keep say ea connection servers bad and I refresh the fame and still dpes not let me fix that

  3. I am having problem to launch the FIFA 23 Game after playing 50 hours on it. The error says “The cloud storage for this game exceeds 1GB. Launch using local data, etc..” Please give me a solution for this ASAP.

    I am on the verge of blacklisting FIFA 23. Please help resolve this at the earliest.

  4. There is a bug that publicity next to the field not letting players to enter into the field again without letting you to play the game for a long time

  5. i person had enter to my account and recently and quick sale all my player and send the coins to him self and then i got banned from the transfer market

  6. Fifa 23 kann nicht gestartet werden und es kommt immer der Error “The application encountered an unrecoverable error”
    Bitte helfen !!

  7. Every time I go to launch the game, I get an error. “Failure during update process” on the EA anti cheat. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled, reboot PC, please help

  8. Every time I go to launch the game, I get an error. “failure during update process” on the EA anti cheat. I’ve looked up and tried all the fixes online, uninstalled and reinstalled, reboot PC, everything I can think of and it’s still not working. Please help

  9. Whenever i play pro clubs with specifically 3 people and 3 people only, one of the players who is not captain does not get into the game. This happens about 90% of the time. It makes no sense and please fix this. Its ruining pro clubs. If my club has 3 people on and want to play either one of us has to not play or we dont play at all. FIX PLEASE!!!

  10. hi I just bought FIFA 2023, and it’s not working, and I’m tired of all this problem. So please. Can someone help me to. Start playing.

    The Issue is anytime I launch the fifa 23 game, It would display a Pop-up about anti cheat and nothing happens after then. I’m tired of all these stress. I need someone to reply back to me as soon as possible or else I would sue the company.

  11. I did a fut hero pack in ultimate team but I already had over 30 packs saved so the hero pack isn’t shoeing, how do I fix that

    1. Hallo kann mir jemand bitte helfen ich kann nicht mehr spielen sobald das Spiel zu Ende ist werde ich vom ultimate rausgeschmissen und bekomme eine Niederlage obwohl ich gewonnen habe

  12. I have a problem with opening fifa 23. Every time I open fifa 23 it opens like the first time. It always shows me tutorial like I am playing for the first time and it doesn`t save my progress except my ultimate team. Pls help me its very irritating.

  13. When I am Trying to open FIFA 23 then it is creating a dump file named HYP218B.tmp

    How Can I Fix This Problem?

  14. My brother just spent fifa points on my account whilst i was out all day today and spent the coins on packs again. i really needed the money for college books
    he’s only 4 he doesn’t understand

  15. Hello,
    I am on a decent gaming laptop… and bought fifa on it but the fps is very very bad… but on fifa 22, (Which i bought on the same launcher and same laptop) I was getting very good fps with little to no issues / fps drops but its not the same on fifa 23… I don’t know if its a issue from my end or if I need to turn on some setting… Thank you!

    1. Cant finish the 83+ pack from firstowner fiesta friendlies, 0 games left, refresh after 4 days, but then is fiesta already gone. Suposed to be like that?
      Than you for the explanation

  16. My custom tactics dont work
    I tell a player to stay where he is and they are changing by themselves in games
    For example i tell pedri to stay in CM and he is running and acting as a prime Pele so annoying when im winning but th game decides to hit me with the inverted challenge where everything become messed up
    unfair if everyone is able to use get in behind and stay back while attacking but mine are doing a 1 – 1 – 8

  17. Respect FIFA! I bought fifa ultimate edition 99€ FIFA POINTS are there, but not the otw card. Is there anything you can see to give me what I should have received?

  18. Hallo habe gestern eine Sbc abgeschlossen auf dem Handy und versehentlich meine halbe manschaft (eder militao,cancelo,Alaba,LLoris und Nkunku weggeschickt besteht die Chance das ich sie wieder bekomme ?

  19. My friend encountered a bug, he can play UT Volta normally, but he can’t log into pro club, To find the reason, he redownloaded the game and still encountered the same situation. Then he changed his account and logged in successfully. So we believe we are experiencing a game bug that we are not capable of fixing and would like your help.

  20. I have a problem in Division Rivals matches.When the match start,i can’t controll my players,they are running,shooting,passing alone.When i play squad battles,friendly games it’s works perfectly.This issue apear just in division rivals game.Anyone who has same issue?How i can fix it?

  21. The game is working fine no issues with the game
    On my fifa23 Mobil app I can’t use the transfer market I don’t no why can you help

  22. Helloo im having problem with launching the gake and then if it launchs i have a problem with the personal settings that i cant save the game will tell me unabel to save personal settings

  23. Hello I’m not able to see the tactics (offensive defensive ) during the game when I press the harrows. Any suggestions ?

  24. I started my ultimate team on the web app but it didn’t save my progress when I log on to fifa and I didn’t get a few things I should of gotten because i bought ultimate addition

  25. Hi, I’m from Israel and bought fifa 23 ultimate presale.
    can you please tell me if Russian language included there?

    1. Hello team ,

      I recently purchased fifa 23 and Im playing at the seasons devisions in past 2 days on two occasions I was winning the games with a big score and my opponents decided to forfeit the game .

      Unfortunately I didn’t get any points and the game was not even recorded in my stars I know that in previous fifa versions you can aways claim the result if somebody decides to leave just because it’s losing the game .


      1. Hi
        I have some screen issue in FIFA 23,
        Whenever I start the game I get a small square ⬛ black box on the left of my screen.
        It’s very irritating now please help on this issues.

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