FIFA 22 Public Co-Op Match

FUT Public Co-Op Mode

Public Co-Op is a new friendly match mode in FUT where you can play online co-op matches with other users from the FUT Community.

To play public co-op friendly match, you need to go to Friendlies > Play Online and select Public Co-Op option. Then, you are required to select a squad you like to use for your match from the given squads. Once your squad is selected, you will join a match with someone who has selected the same squad or with a different squad if there are no matches. After selecting you co-op partner.

FUT Public Co-Op Squads Selector

The matches under this mode will be played using Classic Match ruleset against other public co-op pairs.

What Can You Get by Playing Public Co-Op Mode?

The benefits of playing this game mode are:

  • Completing Public Co-Op Objectives and earning rewards
  • Earning FIFA match coins
  • Improving your gameplay skills and co-op matches

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    1. You can’t used your own team. Only you can choice the one that you find there. If you want to play co-op in your own division you have to have friends already added and then you can invite them to joins you

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