FIFA 22 CONMEBOL Libertadores

CONMEBOL Libertadores FIFA 22

The CONMEBOL Libertadores (commonly known as the Copa Libertadores) is a South American yearly international club football competition. The following FIFA 22 game modes support this competition and its teams:

  • CONMEBOL Libertadores Mode
  • Career Mode
  • Kick Off Mode
  • FIFA Ultimate Team

CONMEBOL Libertadores Mode

CONMEBOL Libertadores tournament is available in FIFA 22 in PLAY menu.By participating in this competition tournament, you can choose your favourite club from the 32 available clubs, begin in the group stage, and lead your team to victory all the way to the final match.

Similar to UEFA Champions League and Career Mode, this tournament includes things such as statistics, fixtures, and a report, among others.

CONMEBOL Libertadores competition is only available offline.

Career Mode

CONMEBOL Libertadores is also available in the Career Mode. You can take your team to CONMEBOL Libertadores, CONMEBOL Sudamericana, and CONMEBOL Recopa glory in FIFA 22 Career Mode. With the integration of all three events, you may enjoy authentic competitive structures, branding, stadium decorations, dynamic news, UI, and more.

Kick Off

In the Kick off mode, you can play a match in CONMEBOL Libertadores. You can play in a single group stage match, a home and away match, a semi-final match, or the final match. You can also use the Exhibition Match to play a friendly match there.


All CONMEBOL Libertadores clubs and players are available in FUT 22. Special CONMEBOL Libertadores player cards are available in FIFA 22 Packs during the competition. Plus, Legendary Argentine playmaker Juan Román Riquelme as an ICON in FUT 22, alongside live content that gives you the ultimate connection to the CONMEBOL Libertadores.


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