FIFA 22 – Match Highlights

FIFA 22 Match Highlights

Match Highlights feature allows you to watch your matches highlight replays after completing a match. Match Highlight option is available in all FIFA 22 game modes.

Match Highlight is accessible in menu after finishing a match. Match Recap feature is also available under Match Highlights which shows you a cinematic compilation of your match highlight moments.

How to Record Your Match Highlights

Saving your match highlights and replays is not available in the game. Depending on your platform, you need to do the recording from your platform operating system. Below is a guide to recording your FIFA 22 match highlight on all platforms.

PlayStation 4

To record your game’s highlight scenes on PS4, press SHARE button on PS4 controller once your highlight replay is completed. then select “Video Clip” from the sidebar, then your video clip will be saved in your “Capture Gallery” app. You can also upload your video clip to Youtube directly.

Xbox One

To record your gameplay highlights on Xbox One, double tap on the Xbox button, then select “Snap an App” option from the sidebar and then further select “Game DVR”. This will save your video in your Xbox One storage. You can also share your video to Youtube from there.

PC Windows

To record your gameplay highlight on Windows, you need to record your video by a third-party video recorder application such as Free Cam or ShareX software.

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  1. Hello team, I can’t find my goals highlights of the first half after the game is over, I can only view the highlights of the second half. How could I fix that ? Thanks

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